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26656: PANUNZIO, CONSTANTINE - The Deportation Cases of 1919-1920
011722: PAOLINO, THOMAS J - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Theory, Technique, Therapeutic Relationship
004181: PAOLINO, THOMAS J. JR - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
020619: PAPE, FRANK C, ILLUS BY - Thais, by Anatole France
007721: PAPP, PEGGY, ED - Family Therapy: Full Length Case Studies
000471: PAPPENHEIM, DR. MARTIN - Neurosen Und Psychosen Der Weiblichen Generationsphasen
25055: PAPUS - The Tarot of the Bohemians. Absolute Key to Occult Science
24976: PARACELSUS, THEOBRASTUS - The Prophecies of Paracelsus. Magic Figures and Prognostications
011719: PARENS, HENRI, AND LEON J. SAUL - Dependence in Man
020757: PARISI, JOSEPH, AND STEPHEN YOUNG - Dear Editor. A History of Poetry in Letters. The First Fifty Years...
25116: PARKER, ALBERT - Negroes in the Post-War World
009989: PARKER, GWENDOLYN M - Those Same Long Bones
011662: PARKER, BEULAH - My Language Is Me
019390: PARKER, PAT - Movement in Black. The Collected Poems of Pat Parker. 1961-1978
021252: PARKER, CHAN, AND FRANCIS PAUDRAS - To Bird with Love
011332: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - A Half-Century of Conflict
26477: PARRY, IAN; KIRK, RICHARD - Socialism and Black Liberation. The State of the Union
26547: PARSONS, ALBERT, ET AL - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Eleventh of November Memorial Edition. . Souvenir Edition of the Famous Speeches of Our Martyrs, Delivered in Court...
25718: PARSONS, LUCY - Life of Albert R. Parsons with Brief History of the Labor Movement in America
25713: PARSONS, ALBERT, ET AL - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Eleventh of November Memorial Edition. . Souvenir Edition of the Famous Speeches of Our Martyrs, Delivered in Court...
016950: PARSONS, LUCY - Freedom, Equality & Solidarity. Writings and Speeches 1878-1937
000325: PARSONS, USHER, MD - A Lecture on the Connexion... Between the Brain and Stomach...
000326: PARSONS, USHER, MD [1788-1868] - The Importance of the Sciences of Anatomy and Physiology...
017547: LAKEFRONT PARTNERSHIP - Chicago Celbrity Chefs
015659: NEW YORK STATE COMMUNIST PARTY - Negro History Week 1951
015660: NEW YORK STATE COMMUNIST PARTY - Negro History Week 1952
24249: PASCAL, DR. - Das Sexuelle Problem in Der Modernen Litteratur
25867: PASCHKE, ED (BRUICK, GOUGLAS W. ; SHARP, KEVIN (EXHIBITION ORGANIZERS) - Ed Paschke. Drawings from Chicago Collections
25866: PASCHKE, ED - Ed Paschke 28. 4 - 6. 6 1981
020779: PASKAUSKAS, R. ANDREW, ED - The Complete Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Ernest Jones 1908-1939
004127: PASOTTI, ROBERT N - Monarch Notes on the Major Works of Sigmund Freud
24900: MARTINES DE PASQUALLY [C. 1727-1774] - Traite de la Reintegration Des Etres Crees Dans Leurs Primitives Propietes, Vertus Et Puissances Spiritualles Divines
22242: PASSERON, RENE - French Prints of the 20th Century
016770: PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Poetry of Boris Pasternak
25334: PASTOUREAU, HENRI; PASTOUREAU, MICHEL (HERALDIC ILLUS) - L'Orne Litteraire No. 10 le Surrealisme... 20 Ans Apres
24691: PATRI, GIACOMO (ILLUS) - How to Organize the Job. A Handbook for Stewards
000329: PATRICK, JOHN J. R - Dental Fallacies
010941: PATTERSON, JAMES - Pop Goes the Weasel
017423: PATTERSON, HARRY - Dillinger
006778: PAUL, ELLIOT - That Crazy Music
011720: PAUL, LOUIS, ED - Psychoanalytic Clinical Interpretation
020692: PAULING, LINUS - Every Test Kills. A Nobel Scientist Speaks
24684: PAULL, IRENE, ED. ; FOSSUM, SYD (ILLUS. ) - We'Re the People
23293: PAVLOV, IVAN PETROVITCH - Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes
018791: PAXTON, TOM - Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs
018790: PAXTON, TOM - Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs
007635: PAYKEL, E. S - Handbook of Affective Disorders
016556: PAYNE, LAURENCE - Too Small for His Shoes
007094: PAYTON, LEW - Did Adam sin? Also Stories of Negro Life
24207: PAZ, OCTAVIO - Piedra de Sol. The Sun Stone
25145: PEABODY, ELIZABETH PALMER - Reminiscences of Rev. Wm. Ellery Channing, D.D.
019270: PEARCE, MICHAEL - A Dead Man in Trieste
005903: PEARSON, GERALD H. J, ED - A Handbook of Child Psychoanalysis
008659: PEARSON, NATHAN W - Goin' to Kansas City
017753: PEARSON, NATHAN W, JR - Goin' to Kansas City
021511: PECKHAM, BRIAN - History and Prophecy. The Development of Late Judean Literary Tradition
25339: PEDERSEN, DAGNY; BOYD, NEVA L. - Folk Games and Gymnastic Play for Kindergarten Primary and Playground
012977: PEDERSON, STEFI - Psychoanalysis in Our Time
021642: PEEL, ROY V - The Political Clubs of New York City
022060: PEFFERS, HOPKINS STOLPE - Aurora-Elgin Area Street Cars & Interurbans. The Third Rail Line, Volume 3
016617: PELECANOS, GEORGE R - King Suckerman
25838: LE PELLEC, YVES, EDITOR. - Entretiens 34. Beat Generation
016901: PELLETT, ROY - The Best of Jazz Score
019755: PEMA, JETSUN - Tibet. My Story
24775: PENMAN, SHARON KAY - Here Be Dragons
26208: PENNEY, DAVID W. - Native Arts of North America
26723: CHIEF JOSEPH OF THE NEZ PERCE - Surrender Speech of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
007059: PERETTI, BURTON W - The Creation of Jazz. Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America
24646: PERETTI, BURTON W - The Creation of Jazz. Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America
019148: PERETTI, BURTON W - Jazz in American Culture
000141: PEREZ, JAMES WENCESLAS - The Brain of Burt Green Wilder
23860: PERKINS, USENI EUGENE - Papa's Child. The Story of Etta Moten Barnett
020617: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The American Twins of the Revolution
019882: PERKINS, CARL, WITH RON RENDELMAN - Disciple in Blue Suede Shoes
23285: PERLS, FREDERICK S. (FRITZ) - Gestalt Therapy Verbatim
24904: PERNETY, DOM ANTOINE-JOSEPH - Dictionnaire Mytho-Hermetique
005792: PERRIN, , F.A.C. & DAVID BALLIN KLEIN - Psychology, Its Methods and Principles
22241: PERRUCHOT, HENRI (YVETTE ALDE, ILLUS. ) - Sous la Lumiere Noire (Nouvelles Inedites)
015594: PERRY, PETTIS - White Chauvinism and the Struggle for Peace
24033: PERRY, E. A, - American Authors and Their Homes
017612: PERRY, BRUCE - Malcolm. The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America
015166: PETERS, PAUL, AND GEORGE SKLAR - Stevedore
020049: PETERS, ELLIS - Rainbow's End
017934: PETERS, EDWARD - Strategy and Tactics in Labor Negotiations
018476: PETERSEIL, GEDALIA - Tell It from the Torah, I and II
010644: PETERSEN, R,&STILLMAN, R - Pcp. Phencyclidine Abuse: An Appraisal
002220: PETERSEN, ROBERT C, ED - Marihuana Research Findings: 1980
018573: PETERSEN, ARNOLD, & OLIVE M JOHNSON - The Virus of Anarchy
015783: PETERSON, ROGER TORY - Birds over America
23831: PETERSON, OSCAR, WITH RICHARD PALMER - A Jazz Odyssey. The Life of Oscar Peterson
24143: PETRAKIS, HARRY MARK - Lion at My Heart
021133: PETRETTI, ALLAN - Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide 8th Edition
013222: PETRO, SYLVESTER - The Labor Policy of the Free Society
22565: PETRONE (ANDRE DERAIN, ILLUS) - Le Satiricon
019804: PETTIGREW, JOHN, & JAMIE PORTMAN - Stratford. The First Thirty Years
007722: PEVZNER, M. S - Oligophrenia: Mental Deficiency in Children
23948: PEYTON, ELIZABETH; OBRIST, HANS ULRICH - Elizabeth Peyton. Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation with Elizabeth Peyton. A Selection from Marcel Proust by Edmund White
005256: PFISTER, OSKAR - Love in Children
005279: PFISTER, OSKAR - Some Applications of Psychoanalysis
009186: PFISTER, OSKAR - Some Applications of Psycho-Analysis
24246: PFISTER, DR. O. - Vermeintliche Nullen Und Angebliche Musterkinder
24251: PFISTER, DR. OSKAR - Elternfehler
000062: PFISTER, OSKAR - The Psychoanalytic Method
005850: PFISTER, OSKAR - The Psychoanalytic Method
020803: PFISTER, JOEL, NANCY SCHNOG, EDS - Inventing the Psychological. Toward a Cultural History of Emotional Life
24248: PFISTER, DR. O. - Der Psychologische Und Biologische Untergrund Des Expressionismus
000150: PHILIPPE, O. P, M.-D - Aristoteles. Bibliographische EinfHrungen in Das Studum Der Philosophie 8
018509: PHILLIPS, UTAH, ET AL - Rebel Voices. Songs of the Industrial Workers of the World
015794: PHILLIPS, ALLAN, ET AL - The Birds of Arizona
000648: PHILLIPS, E. LAKIN, & DANIEL N. WIENER - Short-Term Psychotherapy and Structured Behavior Change
26842: PHILLIPS, JANE - Mojo Hand
005748: PHILLIPS, DANIEL E - The Value of Psychology to Society and to the Individual
006252: PHILLIPS, CARYL - A State of Independence
010472: PHILLIPS, E. LAKIN, & DANIEL WIENER - Short-Term Psychotherapy and Structured Behavior Change
005515: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - How Mickey Made It
017671: PHILLIPS, CABELL - The 1940s. Decade of Triumph and Trouble
019389: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Pan and the Twins
015829: PIAGET, JEAN - Six Psychological Studies
015949: PIAGET, JEAN - The Construction of Reality in the Child
005854: PIAGET, JEAN - The Construction of Reality in the Child
005855: PIAGET, JEAN - The Child's Conception of the World
014714: PIAGET, JEAN - Biology and Knowledge
017061: PIAGET, JEAN - Experiments in Contradiction
005195: PICHLER, HANS - GrundzUge Einer Ethik
23041: PICKARD, TOM - Shriekfuck Issue of Molecular
007440: PICKFORD, R. W - The Analysis of an Obsessional
25690: PICTON, NINA - The Panorama of Sleep, or Soul and Symbol
012979: PIERCE, FREDERICK - Dreams and Personality
25898: PIERCE, BESSIE LOUISE - As Others See Chicago. Impressions of Visitors, 1673-1933
26272: PIERRE, JOSE (PREFACE) - Violette Nozieres. Poemes, Dessins, Correspondence, Documents
021239: PIERRE, JOSE - Position Politique de la Peinture Surrealiste
019842: PIERS, GERHART, AND MILTON B. SINGER - Shame and Guilt. A Psychoanalytic and a Cultural Study
009246: PILCZ, ALEXANDER - Spezielle Gerichtliche Psychiatrie Fur Juristen Und Mediziner
001330: PINCKNEY, DARRYL - High Cotton
26758: PINEL, PHILIPPE - A Treatise on Insanity
010099: PINTO, VINCENT - Soldiers and Strikers
25056: PIOBB, P. -V. - Formulaire de Haute Magie [Cover: Pratiques de L'Enseignement Esoterique]
24323: PITTENGER, ROBERT E. ; HOCKETT, CHARLES F. ; DANEHY, JOHN J - The First Five Minutes. A Sample of Microscopic Interview Analysis
016851: PIZZETTI, I AND H COCKER - Flowers a Guide for Your Garden
021729: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
022062: PLACHNO, LARRY - Sunset Lines. The Story of the Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railroad, Volume I
018720: PLACKSIN, SALLY - American Women in Jazz
016570: PLATH, DAVID W, ED - Aware of Utopia
25946: PLATO. (HAMILTON, EDITH; CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON, EDS.) - Plato. The Collected Dialogues
011357: PLAUT, JAMES S - Oskar Kokoschka. Forty-Eight Plates in Photogravue Eight Plates in Color
014445: PLEASANTS, HARRY - The Great American Popular Singers
015607: PLOSS, HERMAN HEINRICH, ET AL - Femina Libido Sexualis
26881: PLOWDEN, DAVID - Steel
021767: POCHMANN, HENRY A - New England Transcendentalism and St. Louis Hegelianism
25651: PODMORE, FRANK - Mediums of the 19th Century
017101: PODRABINEK, ALEXANDER - Punitive Medicine
23663: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; THOMPSON, G. R. , EDITOR - Edgar Allan Poe: Essays and Reviews
22579: POE, EDGAR ALLAN (CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, TRANS. ) (MICHEL CIRY, ILLUS. ) - Trois Histoires Extraordinaires
22325: POE, EDGAR ALLAN (CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, TRANS. ) (LEONOR FINI, ILLUS. ) - Oeuvres Imaginatives Et Poetiques Completes de Edgar Allan Poe
22320: POGGE (UZELAC, ILLUS. ) - Contes Libertins
25000: POHL, FREDERIK - The Way the Future Was. A Memoir
23909: POKEMPNER, MARC (PHOTOGRAPHS) ; SCHORLAU, WOLFGANG (TEXT) - Down at Theresa's... Chicago Blues
004177: POLANSKY, NORMAN, ET AL - Damaged Parents. An Anatomy of Child Neglect
018133: POLE, WILLIAM - The Theory of the Modern Scientific Game of Whist
25631: POLLACK, PETER - The Picture History of Photography
26101: POLLACK, NORMAN - Southern Populism
005909: POLLACK, OTTO, ET AL - Social Science and Psychotherapy for Children
22648: PONCHON, RAOUL (DIGNIMONT, ILLUS. ) - La Muse Gaillarde
22723: PONCHON, RAOUL (LUCIEN BOUCHER, ILLUS. ) - La Muse Au Cabaret
021040: POND, STEVEN - Head Hunters. The Making of Jazz's First Platinum Album
020032: POPE, ANTOINETTE & FRANC - Antoinette Pope School Candy Book
018764: POPE, DUDLEY - Governor Ramage, R.N.
007569: POPPER-LYNKEUS, JOSEF - Phantasien Eines Realisten
25842: PORCHIA, ANTONIO; MERWIN, W. S. (TRANS. ) - Voices
25399: PORT, WEIMAR (WLLIAM LEWIS JUDY) - Chicago the Pagan
019540: PORTER, ELIOT - Antarctica
015426: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - Noon Wine
019534: PORTER, ELIOT - Birds of North America. A Personal Selection
018850: PORTER, ROY, WITH DAVID KELLER - There and Back
22380: POSADA, JOSE GUADALUPE, ILLUS (HANS F. SECKER, INTRO. ) - Jose Guadalupe Posada
010209: POSPIELOVSKY, DIMITRY - Russian Police Trade Unionism. Experiment or Provocation?
017097: POST, FELIX - Persistent Persecutory States of the Elderly
26169: POST, LOUIS F - The Prophet of San Francisco. Personal Memories & Interpretations of Henry George
021550: POSTL, CHARLES - How to Streamline Your Figure
015369: POSY, ARNOLD - Israeli Tales and Legends
26663: POTOFSKY, JACOB S - Financial Report of Chicago Clothing Workers General Strike 1915-1916
012980: POTTER-EFRON, RONALD T AND PATRICIA S - Anger Alcoholism and Addiction. Treating Individuals, Couples and Families
016082: POTTER, SENATOR CHARLES E - Days of Shame
22671: POULAILLE, HENRY (PIERRE LECONTE, ILLUS. ) ; FARGUE, LEON-PAUL (DIGNIMONT, ILLUS) - Le Pain Quotidien; Presentation de 1900
23548: POUND, EXRA - Drafts & Fragments of Cantos CX-CXVII
017223: POUND, EZRA - The Cantos of Ezra Pound
23598: POUND, EXRA - Drafts & Fragments of Cantos CX-CXVII
003827: POUSTOCHKINE, C - Het Vraagstuk Der Jazzmuziek
26506: POWDERLY, T. V - Thirty Years of Labor
012248: POWDERLY, T. V - Thirty Years of Labor
25629: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY; PORTER, ELIOT (ILLUS) - Down the Colorado. Diary of the First Trip Through the Grand Canyon
23661: POWELL, DAWN - Dawn Powell: Novels 1930-1942
021206: POWELL, RICHARD - The Soldier
23662: POWELL, DAWN; PAGE, TIM, EDITOR - Dawn Powell: Novels 1944-1962
021314: POWERS, RICHARD - Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
014184: POWLEDGE, FRED - Black Power, White Resistance
26362: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Small Gods. A Discworld Novel
017889: PRATHER, MARLA, AND CHARLES STUCKEY - Gauguin. A Retrospective
010179: PRATSON, FREDERICK - Land of the Four Directions
018931: PREIS, ART - Labor's Giant Step. Twenty Years of the Cio
018158: PRESCOTT-WALKER, R - The Wade Collectors Handbook
018615: PRESNELL, DON, AND MARTY MCGEE - A Critical History of Television's the Twilight Zone 1959-1964
23937: PRESS, BILL - Toxic Talk. How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves
005732: PRESSMAN, ROBERT, & RODIE SIEGLER - The Independent Practitioner. Practice Management for the Allied Health Pra
019348: PRESTON, WILLIAM, JR - The Ideology and Techniques of Repression
019192: PRESTON, JACK, AND MRS. E G ROBINSON - The Desert Battalion
015573: PREVERT, JACQUES - To Paint the Portrait of a Bird
25424: PREVOST, JEAN - Tentative de Solitude
010687: PRICE, M. PHILIPS - The Old Order in Eudrope and the New Order in Russia
22130: PRICE, MARGARET - The Negro Voter in the South
020766: PRICE, SAMMY - Boogie-Woogie Land
019714: PRICE, MARGARET - The Negro Voter in the South
018864: PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - Jazz on Records
017687: PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - Chasin' the Bird. The Life and Legacy of Charlie Parker
22963: DI PRIMA, DIANE - So Fine
020888: PRINCE, MORTON - The Dissociation of a Personality
020184: PRINCE, MORTON - Clinical and Experimental Studies in Personality
000441: PRINZHORN, HANS - Charakterkunde Der Gegenwart
011607: PRINZHORN, HANS - Gesprach Uber Psychoanalyse Zwischen Frau, Dichter Und Arzt
25827: (UPDIKE, JOHN) PRITCHARD, WILLIAM H. - Updike. America's Man of Letters
021628: PRITZKER, BARRY - Ansel Adams
014701: PROGOFF, IRA - Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny
014048: WLS NATIONAL BARN DANCE PROGRAM - Souvenir Program / Wls / National / Barn Dance
008860: PRONZINI, BILL - Invitation to Murder
021670: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Heart Songs and Other Stories
021315: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Postcards
020057: PROULX, ANNIE - Brokeback Mountain
005832: PROVENCE, SALLY, ED - Infants and Parents. Clinical Case Reports
011455: GROUP FOR THE ADVANCEMENT PSYCHIATRY - Psychiatry and Public Affairs
007416: GROUP FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PSYCHIATRY - The Psychic Function of Religion in Mental Illness
014869: CHICAGO INSTITUTE FOR PSYCHOANALYSIS - The Influence of Psychologic Factors Upon Gastro-Intestinal Disturbances
24221: PUFFER, J. ADAMS - The Boy and His Gang
020370: PUIG, MANUEL - The Buenos Aires Affair
020368: PUIG, MANUEL - Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages
007244: PURDY, JAMES - On Glory's Course
26051: (HOOVER, J. EDGAR) PURVIS, JOSEPH D. - The Era of J. Edgar
000402: PUSCHMANN, DR. THEODOR [1844-1899] - Richard Wagner. Eine Psychiatrische Studie
012985: PUTNAM, DAVID - A Text-Book of Psychology for Secondary Schools
018327: PUTNAM-JACOBS, MARY - "Common Sense" Applied to Woman Suffrage
000591: PUTNAM, JAMES JACKSON - A Memoir of Dr. James Jackson Putnam
24626: PUTNAM, J. J. - Addresses on Psycho-Analysis
003311: PYNCHON, THOMAS - The Secret Integration
23524: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Entropy
021818: QADRI, SOHAN - Seeker. The Art of Sohan Qadri
26095: QUARLES, BENJAMIN (FOREWORD) - Black Americans in Congress 1870-1977
24030: QUASIMODO, SALVATORE - The Tall Schooner
018548: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Doctor of Pimlico
018882: QUIN, MIKE - The Enemy Within
013823: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Object Lessons
22705: RABELAIS (DUBOUT, ILLUS) - Gargantua Et Pantagruel (Volumes I and II)
018124: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M - The Legacy of Polish Jewry 1919-1939
25207: RABOTEAU, ALBERT J. - A Fire in the Bones. Reflections on African-American Religious History
22627: RACINE, JEAN (JEAN HUGO, ILLUS. ) - Phedre
021883: RACKER, HEINRICH - Transference and Counter-Transference
25048: RADCLIFFE, CHARLES, ET AL. - Anarchy. A Journal of Anarchist Ideas 51 Blues, R 'n' B, Pop, Folk
23065: RADCLIFFE, CHARLES, ET AL. - Anarchy. A Journal of Anarchist Ideas 51 Blues, R N' B, Pop, Folk
020224: RADEK, KARL - Proletarian Dictatorship and Terrorism
016235: RADKO, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Radko. The First Decade 1986-1995
003481: RADO, SANDOR - Adaptational Psychodynamics
020644: RAEBURN, MICHAEL, ED - Salvador Dali: The Early Years
018809: RAFTEGARD, BO - The Kenny Dorham Discography
021393: RAHV, PHILIP - Image and Idea
021229: CHICAGO AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY - Rules for the Government of the Operating Department
020185: RAIMANN, DR. EMIL - Die Hysterischen Geistesstorungen. Eine Klinische Studie
22350: RAINOV, BOGOMIL (ILYA BECHKOV, ILLUS) - Portrait de Ilya Bechkov
017647: RAINWATER, LEE, ET AL - Workingman's Wife. Her Personality, World and Life Style
021431: RAKHMANOV, NIKOLAI - Saint Petersbourg
007602: RAMANA, C. V. ; BOSE, G. ; FREUD, SIGMUND - On the Early History and Development of Psychoanalysis in India
24408: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR. - Where the Music Started
25228: RAMSEY, FREDERIC - Been Here and Gone
25229: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR. - Where the Music Started
019120: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR - Been Here and Gone
020898: RAND, NICHOLAS, AND MARIA TOROK - Questions for Freud
020717: RAND, NICHOLAS, AND MARIA TOROK - Questions for Freud
23872: RANDALL, DUDLEY - More to Remember
23873: RANDALL, DUDLEY - After the Killing
007120: RANDEL, WILLIAM PIERCE - The Ku Klux Klan. A Century of Infamy
25655: RANDOLPH, P[ASCHAL] B[EVERLY]; CLYMER, R SWINBURNE, MD (NOTES) ; CLYMER, EMERSON, (FOREWORD) - The Immortality of Love. Unveiling the Secret Arcanum of Affectional Alchemy
25676: RANDOLPH, P[ASCHAL] B[EVERLY] - After Death: The Disembodiment of Man. The World of Spirits, Its Location, Extent, Appearance; the Route Thither; Inhabitants; Customs; Societies; Also Sex and Its Uses There, Etc. Etc.
011792: RANGELL, LEO - The Mind of Watergate
26699: RANK, OTTO - The Trauma of Birth
003626: RANK, OTTO - Der Mythus Von Der Geburt Des Helden
009096: RANK, OTTO - Eine Neurosenalyse in Traumen
26700: RANK, OTTO - The Myth of the Birth of the Hero. A Psychology Interpretation of Mythology
000494: RANK, OTTO - Die Don Juan-Gestalt
000526: RANK, OTTO, AND HANNS SACHS - Die Bedeutung Der Psychoanalyse FuR Die Geisteswissenschaften
000575: RANK, OTTO - Das Trauma Der Geburt
000579: RANK, OTTO - Der KUnstler...
26692: RANSOM, KIM - Welcome to the Black House
014872: RAPAPORT, DAVID, ED - Organization and Pathology of Thought. Selected Sources
015957: RAPAPORT, DAVID, ED - Organization and Pathology of Thought
015960: RAPAPORT, DAVID - The Collected Papers of David Rapaport
010459: RAPAPORT, DAVID - Diagnostic Psychological Testing
017112: RAPAPORT, D, R. SCHAFER, & M GILL - Manual of Diagnostic Psychological Testing
019253: RAST, JOEL - Remaking Chicago. The Political Origins of Urban Industrial Change
020305: RASTAL, BENJAMIN MCKIE - The Labor History of the Cripple Creek District
25888: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - Cross Creek Cookery
22461: RAWSON, GEOFFREY, ED. (PROF. MICHAEL LEWIS, NOTES & GEOFFREY WALES, ILLUS. ) - Nelson's Letters from the Leeward Islands and Other Original Documents in the Public Record Office and the British Museum
019591: MAN RAY - Self Portrait
019058: RAY, SANYAJIT - The Unicorn Expedition and Other Fantastic Tales of India
017302: RAYMOND, JACK - Show Music on Record. The First 100 Years
012701: READ, HERBERT, ED - Surrealism
26427: READ, OLIVER, AND WALTER L. WELCH - From Tin Foil to Stereo. The Evolution of the Phonograph
000834: REALE, PAOLA - La Psicologia Del Tempo
003736: REALE, PAOLA - La Psicologia Del Tempo
011302: THE REALIST - A Broken Run Beginning with 16 (March 1960) and Ending with 103 (Jan Feb 87
23177: RECK, FRANKLIN M - The Dilworth Story
004230: REDDING, SAUNDERS - The Lonesome Road
021936: REDEKER, HANS - Michael Parkes. Paintings-Drawings-Stonelithographs 1977-1992
018417: REDFERN, DAVID - David Redfern's Jazz Album
007400: REDLICH, FREDRICK, & DANIEL FREEDMAN - The Theory and Practice of Psychiatry
000464: REDLICH, FRITZ - Rauschgifte Und Suchten
005956: REDLICH, FREDRICK, AND DANIEL FREEDMAN - The Theory and Practice of Psychiatry
009792: REED, ISHMAEL - The Last Days of Louisiana Red
010589: REED, ISHMAEL - Flight to Canada
007292: REED, ISHMAEL, ED - 19 Necromancers from Now on
019802: REED, ALMA M - The Mexican Muralists
23850: REED, ISHMAEL - Shrovetide in New Orleans
018490: REES, MARTIN, ED - Universe. The Definitive Visual Guide
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007680: SNOW, LAWRENCE H - Contemporary Psychiatry
019618: SNOWDON - Snowdon. A Photographic Autobiography
019498: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - The Master Jewelers
021688: SNYDER, FAIRMONT - The Lovely Garden
019918: SNYDER, MIDORI - Winter Wheat
26057: SNYDER, RACHEL LOUISE - What We'Ve Lost Is Nothing
017153: SOBEL, J, ET AL. - A Southern Celebration. Charleston & Savannh Proclaimed
23044: SOBELL, MORTON - The Facts in the Case of Morton Sobell
012744: SOBELL, MORTON - On Doing Time
018884: AMERICAN RED CROSS SOCIETY - The War-Time Manual
017649: AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY - American Jewish Desk Reference
005248: SODDY, KENNETH, ED - Mental Health and Infant Development, Volumes 1 and 2
000738: SOLBRIG, A - Verbrechen Und Wahnsinn
000820: SOLOMON, LAWRENCE, & BETTY BERZON, EDS - New Perspectives on Encounter Groups
000794: SOLOMON, IRVING - The Encyclopedia of Evolving Techniques in Dynamic Psychotherapy
23289: SOLOMON, DAVID, ED. - The Marihuana Papers
24648: SONNIER, AUSTIN M, JR - Willie Geary "Bunk" Johnson. The New Iberia Years
26178: SORDEN, L. G. - Lumberjack Lingo
22622: SOREL, CHARLES (SCHEM, ILLUS. ) - La Vraie Histoire Comique de Francion
26950: (CORTEZ, CARLOS) SORELL, VICTOR ALEJANDRO; WEITZ, ROBERT L. ET AL. - Carlos Cortez Koyokuikatl: Soapbox Artist and Poet
26686: SOUCHY, AUGUSTINE - The Workers and Peasants of Russia and Ukraine. How They Live?
26563: SOUSLEY, CLARENCE - Tales of the Tramp
018166: SOWA, HELEN CHASTAIN - Louise Moillon. Seventeenth Century Still-Life Artist
22972: SOYINKA, WOLE; GATES, LOUIS, OTHERS. - Black World. August, 1975 Focus on Education
23271: SPADY, JAMES G., ET AL - Indigene. An Anthology of Future Black Arts
010692: SPALDING, RT. REV. J. L - Socialism and Labor and Other Arguments
021918: SPALDING, HUGH M - Encyclopaedia of Business Law and Forms
019874: SPALDING, REV. J. L - Socialism and Labor and Other Arguments

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