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000509: BELLAK, LEOPOLD, WITH PERI FAITHORN - Crises and Special Problems in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
005786: BELLAK, LEOPOLD, ED - Schizophrenia. A Review of a Syndrome
007670: BELLAK, LEOPOLD, ED - Schizophrenia. A Review of the Syndrome
000265: BELLAK, LEOPOLD - The Broad Scope of Psychoanalysis. Selected Papers
019636: BELLAK, LEOPOLD - Manic-Depressive Psychosis and Allied Conditions
25084: BELLAMY [EARNSHAW}, MARION - Edward Bellamy Today
24560: BELLAMY, EDWARD - The Blindman's World
25373: BELLMER, HANS - Hans Bellmer. Graphic Work
23475: BELLOW, SAUL; WOOD, JAMES, EDITOR - Saul Bellow: Novels 1956-1964
23710: BELLOW, SAUL; WOOD, JAMES, EDITOR - Saul Bellow: Novels 1944-1953
23596: BELLOW, SAUL - The Theft
011779: BELMAKER, ROBT, & HM VAN PRAAG, EDS - Mania. An Evolving Concept
019239: BELOW, FREDDY - Publicity Photo, 3« X 5«, Showing Below at the Microphone & Drums
016223: BELZONA - Single Leaf, 8 X 8«", Folded Once for Mailing
015546: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - The Golden Basket
22732: BENAROS, LEON (CARLOS ALONSO, ILLUS) - Romancero Argentino
26906: BENAYOUN, ROBERT - Erotique Du Surrealisme
24829: BENCHLEY, PETER - The Girl of the Sea of Cortez
011773: BENDER, LAURETTA, ED - Paul Schilder on Psychoses
23244: BENDER, LAURETTA - Aggression, Hostility and Anxiety in Children
014511: BENDINER, ELMER - The Bowery Man
011438: BENEDEK, THERESE - Insight and Personality Adjustment
012807: BENEDEK, THERESE - Psychoanalytic Investigations
014690: BENEDEK, THERESE - Psychoanalytic Investigations
014855: BENEDEK, THERESE - Psychosexual Function in Women (Studies in Psychosomatic Medicine)
25759: BENEDICT, JEFF - Poisoned. The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat
021851: BENES, DR. EDVARD - Nazi Barbarism in Czechoslovakia
26210: BENES, REBECCA - Native American Picture Books of Change. The Art of Historic Children's Editions
007867: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - The Ballad of Wm. Sycamore / a Portrait of a Southern Lady
26852: BENJAMIN, WALTER - Charles Baudelaire: A Lyric Poet in the Era of High Capitalism
26940: BENJAMIN, JESSICA - The Bonds of Love. Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and the Prob Lem of Domination
26861: BENJAMIN, WALTER; DEMETZ, PETER (ED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTON BY) - Reflections. Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings
26113: BENNETT, LERONE, JR. - Wade in the Water. Great Moments in Black History
019467: BENNETT, JEAN FRANCES - Silhouette Cutting
24225: BENSON, RAYMOND - Double Shot. James Bond
010098: BENSTON, MARGARET - The Political Economy of Women's Liberation
011306: BENTALL, J. O - Leaflet, 6 X 9, This Is Leaflet No. 1 / the Resources of the World
005334: BENTLEY, MADISON, & E. V. COWDRY, EDS - The Problem of Mental Disorder
019381: BENTLEY, ROBERT - Here There Be Dragons
007061: BERENDT, JOACHIM E - The Jazz Book. From Ragtime to Fusion and Beyond
016830: BERENDT, JOACHIM E - The Story of Jazz
009282: BERENDT, JOHN - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
24628: BERES, DAVID - Communication in Psychoanalysis and in the Creative Process: A Parallel
011529: BERESFORD DAVIES, E, ED - Depression. Proceedings of the Symposium Held at Cambridge... 1959
007493: BEREZIN, MARTIN A; CATH, STANLEY H. - Geriatric Psychiatry. Grief, Loss, and Emotional Disorders in Aging Process
021552: BEREZNIAK, LEON A - The Theatrical Counselor
005917: BERG, CHARLES - Deep Analysis
005705: BERG, RICHARD, ET AL - Screening for Brain Impairment
26044: BERG, ELIZABETH - The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted
000707: BERG, CHARLES - The First Interview with a Psychiatrist
001749: BERGER, VICTOR, ET AL - 100 Years--for What?
003474: BERGER, MILTON M, ED - Beyond the Double Bind
010397: BERGER, MILTON M, ED - Beyond the Double Bind
010447: BERGER, MILTON M, ED - Videotape Techniques in Psychiatric Training and Treatment
001048: BERGER, VICTOR - Berger's Broadsides
021502: BERGER, EDWARD, ET AL, EDS - Annual Review of Jazz Studies 10 1999
001750: BERGER, VICTOR, ET AL - In the District Court... The United States Versus Victor L. Berger... .
019697: BERGER, VICTOR - The Family Letters of Victor and Meta Berger. 1894-1929
018539: BERGER, VICTOR - The Working Class Must Have Its Own Party to Give Expression to Its Own...
017309: BERGH, JOHS - Norwegian Jazz Discography 1905-1998
23279: BERGLER, EDMUND - One Thousand Homosexuals Conspiracy of Silence, or Curing and Deglamorizing Homosexuals?
23219: BERGLER, EDMUND - Selected Papers of Edmund Bergler
000051: BERGLER, EDMUND - Kinsey's Myth of Female Sexuality
010625: BERGMAN, PETER M - The Chronological History of the Negro in America
25829: BERGREEN, LAURENCE - Capone. The Man and the Era
000178: BERGSON, HENRI [1859-1941] - EinfHrung in Die Metaphysik
26957: BERINSTAIN, VALERIE, ET AL - Great Carpets of the World
26001: BERKMAN, ALEXANDER - Now and After. The Abcs of Communist Anarchism
25996: BERKMAN, ALEXANDER - The Kronstadt Rebellion
26618: BERKOWITZ, EDITH (COMPILER) - [Song Book]
25401: BERKOWITZ, LEONARD, ED. - Roots of Aggression. A Re-Examination of the Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis
26956: BERLANT, ANTHONY AND MARY HUNT KAHLENBERG - Walk in Beauty the Navajo and Their Blankets
26332: BERLIN, EDWARD A - King of Ragtime. Scott Joplin and His Era
020992: BERLINER, PAUL F - Thinking in Jazz. The Infinite Art of Improvisation
011032: BERLOWITZ, M, & F CHAPMAN, JR. EDS - The United States Educational System: Marxist Approaches
021622: BERNAL, IGNACIO - One Hundred Masterpieces of the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology
015809: BERNARD, BRUCE - Photodiscovery. Masterworks of Photography 1840-1940
005178: BERNARD, L. L - Instinct. A Study in Social Psychology
24636: BERNFELD, SIEGFRIED - Trieb Und Tradition IM Jugendalter. Kulturpsychologische Studien an Tagebuchern
003644: BERNFELD, SIEGFRIED - Sisyphos Oder Die Grenzen Der Erziehung
000303: BERNFELD, SIEGFRIED - Sisyphos Oder Die Grenzen Der Erziehung
25357: BERNHEIM, H[IPPOLYTE] - Suggestive Therapeutics. A Treatise on the Nature and Uses of Hypnotism
005971: BERNHEIM, KAYLA, AND ANTHONY LEHMAN - Working with Families of the Mentally ILL
007660: BERNSTEIN, JERROLD G - Clinical Psychopharmacology
012571: BERRY, CECILIA RAY - Folk Songs of Old Vincennes
22691: BERRY, ANDRE (SYLVAIN SAUVAGE, ILLUS. ) - Florilege de la Poesie Amoureuse Du XII Au XVIII Siecle Tomes I & II Moyen Age Et Renaissance and Age Classique
017765: BERRY, JASON, ET AL - Up from the Cradle of Jazz. New Orleans Music Since World War II
020353: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet
021743: BERTO, FRANK, ET AL - The Dancing Chain. History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle
009929: BERTON, RALPH - Remembering Bix
012100: BERTON, RALPH - Remembering Bix
019307: BERTON, PIERRE - Pierre Berton's Canada. The Land and the People
22308: BERTRAND, LOUIS (SUREDA, ILLUS. ) - Nuits D'Alger
25064: BERZEVICZY, ALBERT DE - Le Surnaturel Dans le Theatre de Shakespeare
22302: BESANCON, DOCTEUR JULIEN (DUBOUT, ILLUS) - Les Jours de L'Homme. Le Visage de la Femme. Ne Pas Dételer Trilogie
000778: BETLHEIM, S - L'Importance Des Reves Pour la Connaissance Du Transfert en Groupe
000756: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Individual Autonomy and Mass Controls
000622: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Truants from Life
000754: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Mental Health and Current Mores
009118: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO, & MORRIS JANOWITZ - Dynamics of Prejudice
009089: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - The Children of the Dream
011806: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Dialogue with Mothers
000750: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - A Psychiatric School
000751: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Educational News and Editorial Comment: German Schools Revisited
000755: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Schizophrenia As a Reaction to Extreme Situations
010335: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - A Home for the Heart
010333: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Love Is Not Enough
000753: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Violence: A Neglected Mode of Behavior
004185: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Freud's Vienna and Other Essays
25083: BICKEL, LOTHAR - The Unity of Body and Mind
016963: BIDDLE, ANTHONY J. DREXEL - Shantytown Sketches
010452: BIEBER, IRVING, ET AL - Homosexuality. A Psychoanalytic Study
014024: BIED, DAN - Dan Bied's Jazz Reader
014404: BILLINGS, JOHN D - Hardtack and Coffee
26158: BIMBA, ANTHONY - The Molly Maguires
25707: BINET, ALFRED; FERE, CHARLES - Animal Magnetism
020602: BINET, ALFRED - The Psychology of Reasoning
020192: BINET, ALFRED - The Psychic Life of Micro-Organisms
009251: BINGER, C. A. L, ET AL - Personality in Arterial Hypertension
011585: BINGER, C. A. L, ET AL - Personality in Arterial Hypertension
010427: BINSWANGER, HERBERT - Der Objektverlust. Ein Beitrag Zur Neurosen- Und Psychosenlehre
020906: BINSWANGER, LUDWIG - Sigmund Freud. Reminiscences of a Friendship
26896: BIRD, MARY CAROL, ED. - International Guide to Literary and Art Periodicals
022038: BIRDSALL, BYRON - Byron Birdsall's Alaska and Other Exotic Worlds
014736: BIRDWHISTELL, RAY L - Kinesics and Context
017212: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - The Auerbach Will
013727: BISHOP, R, & P COBLENTZ - American Decorative Arts. 360 Years of Creative Design
019309: BITTERMAN, REBECCA - China: One Hundred Treasures
007362: BJERRE, POUL, MD - The History and Practice of Psychanalysis
23877: BLACK, TIMUEL D. , JR. (JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN, FOREWORD; STUDS TERKEL, FOREWORD) - Bridges of Memory. Chicago's First Wave of Black Migration
010466: BLACK, PERRY, ED - Drugs and the Brain
25602: BLACKSTONE, ORIN - Index to Jazz I-IV
25072: BLAKE, JAMES VILA - Discoveries
26568: BLAKE, EUBIE - The Eighty-Six Years of Eubie Blake (Double Lp)
22466: BLAKE, WILLIAM (JOHN MIDDLETON MURRAY, NOTE) - Visions of the Daughters of Albion
018675: BLAKELY, ROBERT J - Earl B. Dickerson. A Voice for Freedom and Equality
24433: BLANCHARD, CHARLES A. , DD - Modern Secret Societies
005087: BLANCK, GERTRUDE AND RUBIN - Ego Psychology II
23816: BLAND, ELEANOR TAYLOR - Dead Time
017697: BLAND, ELEANOR TAYLOR - Dead Time
021061: BLAND, ALDEN - Behold a Cry
019268: BLECHMAN, R. O - The Juggler of Our Lady
019237: BLENKINSOPP, JOSEPH - Sage, Priest, Prophet. Religion and Intellectual Leadership in Ancient Isra
003852: BLESH, RUDI - Combo Usa
000976: BLESH, RUDI - Combo
015262: BLESH, RUDI - Shining Trumpets
015261: BLESH, RUDI - This Is Jazz
012574: BLESH, RUDI - Combo Usa
002062: BLESH, RUDI - Combo Usa
012000: BLESH, RUDI - This Is Jazz
020604: BLEULER, EUGEN - Textbook of Psychiatry
000053: BLITZSTEIN, DOROTHY - Psychoanalysis Explained
011664: BLOCH, HERBERT, AND ARTH NIEDERHOFFER - The Gang. A Study in Adolescent Behavior
017096: BLOCH, SIDNEY, AND PETER REDDAWAY - Psychiatric Terror. How Soviet Psychiatry Is Used to Suppress Dissent
24771: BLOCK, HERBERT - Herblock's State of the Union
25644: BLOOD, BENJAMIN [PAUL] - The Philosophy of Justice between God and Man, Being an Attempt to Show from a Candid Examination of the Scripture and the Powers of Entities, That the Existing Philosophy of Religion, Both Calvinist and Arminian, Is Opposed to the Bible and to Reason
26536: BLOOD, BENJAMIN PAUL - The Poetical Alphabet
25680: BLOOD, BENJAMIN - Optimism--the Lesson of Ages
23469: BLOOM, HAROLD; ZUBA, JESSE, EDITORS - American Religious Poems
000443: BLUHER, HANS - Traktat Uber Die Heilkunde Insbesondere Die Neurosenlehre
009229: BLUEMEL, C. S - War, Politics and Insanity
005401: BLUEMEL, C. S - The Troubled Mind. A Study of Nervous and Mental Diseases
24253: BLUHER, HANS - Familie Und Mannerbund
003449: BLUM, HAROLD, ED - Psychoanalytic Explorations of Technique: Discourse on the Theory of Therap
009265: BLUM, GERALD S - Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality
005811: BLUM, LUCILLE HOLLANDER - Reading between the Lines
003783: BLUM, GERALD - Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality
23277: BLUM, RICHARD H. , AND ASSOCIATES - I: Society and Drugs II: Students and Drugs
010460: BOCKAR, JOYCE A - Primer for the Nonmedial Psychotherapist
22994: BODENHEIM, MAXWELL; HECHT, BEN - Miinna and Myself // the Master Poisoner, a Play
000779: BOEHM, FELIX - Reactiv-Depressive Personlichkeiten
007350: BOEHM, FELIX - Formen Und Motive Der Anthropophagie
018021: BOGDANOVICH, PETER - Who the Devil Made It
26129: BOGGS, JAMES - Manifesto for a Black Revolutionary Party
015295: BOGLE, DONALD - Brown Sugar. Eighty Years of America's Black Female Superstars
25114: BOHANNAN, WILLIAM E - A Letter to American Negroes
019423: BOHANNAN, WILLIAM E - A Letter to American Negroes
020714: BOHLEN, H. DAVIS - The Birds of Illinois
26070: DU BOIS, W. E. B. - Black Reconstruction
26657: DU BOIS, W. E. B. - Behold the Land
24205: BOITARD, M. (JANIN, M, INTRO. ) - Le Jardin Des Plantes Description Et Moeurs Des Mammiferes de la Menagerie Et Du Museum D'Historique, Descriptive Et Pittoresque
23879: BOLDEN, TONYA - Wake Up Our Souls. A Celebration of Black American Artists
26892: BOLDEN, TONYA - Tell All the Children Our Story. Memories and Mememtos of Being Young and Black in America
011254: BOLES, ROBERT - Curling
23999: BOLIG, JOHN - The Victor Black Label Discography 22000, 23000, 24000, V-38000, V-38500, and V-40000 Series
021334: BOLIG, JOHN R - The Victor Black Label Discography 20000-21000 Series
019998: BOLIG, JOHN R - The Victor Black Label Discography 18000-19000
25729: BOLIG, JOHN R. - The Bluebird Discography, Volume 1. 1800, B-4900, B-5000, and B-6000 Series
24352: BOLIG, JOHN - The Victor Black Label Discography 22000, 23000, 24000, V-38000, V-38500, and V-40000 Series
003510: BOLLAND, JOHN, AND JOHN SANDLER - The Hampstead Psychoanalytic Index
003511: BOLLAND, JOHN, AND JOHN SANDLER - The Hampstead Psychoanalytic Index
015990: BONAPARTE, MARIE - Female Sexuality
012814: BONAPARTE, MARIE - Female Sexuality
014852: BONAPARTE, MARIE - Female Sexuality
019850: BONAPARTE, MARIE - Five Copy-Books
019625: BONAPARTE, MARIE - Aus Der Analyse Einer Mutterlosen Tochter
014631: BOND, JOHNNY, ET AL - Hillbilly Hit Parade of 1943
24281: BONE, JANET - The Thompson Indictment
016273: BONNER, Z. L. (AND JAMES C. DICKERSON) - Usher's Handbook
22968: BONNER, MARITA (JOYCE FLYNN, AND JOYCE OCCOMY STRIKLIN, EDS.) - Frye Street & Environs. The Collected Works of Marita Bonner
25979: BONNER, JUKE BOY - Autograph Letter, Signed
25980: BONNER, JUKE BOY - Autograph Letter, Signed
008573: BONTEMPS, ARNA - Chariot in the Sky. The Story of the Jubilee Singers
22976: BONTEMPS, ARNA; RODGERS, CAROLYN, OTHERS. - Black World. September, 1971 Annual Poetry Issue
022080: BONTEMPS, ARNA - The Story of George Washington Carver
018024: BONTEMPS, ARNA, ED. - Hold Fast to Dreams
011572: BOOIJ, JOH - Psychosomatics. A Series of Five Lectures
26315: BANTAM BOOKS - Time for a Look at a New Bantam Book. Poster 11 X 14"
25726: BOONE, DIANA, AS TOLD TO MICHAEL A. BLACK - Growing Up Black in the Jim Crow South. My Family Secrets
26258: BOR, VANE; RISTIC, MARKO - Anti-Zid. Prilog Za Pravilnije Shavatanje Nadrealizma
25316: BORDE, RAYMOND (FILM) ; BRETON, ANDRE (TEXT) - Pierre Molinier
25323: BORGES, JORGE LUIS; RIKKI (DUCORNET) (ILLUS) - Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
020372: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - The Gold of the Tigers. Selected Later Poems
020042: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - Selected Poems
010364: BORING, EDWIN G - History, Psychology, and Science: Selected Papers
003747: BORIS, HAROLD N - Passions of the Mind. A Third Principle of Mental Functioning
007340: BORIS, HAROLD - Sleights of Mind
019402: BORYCZKA, RAYMOND, & LORIN LEE CARY - No Strength without Union. An Illustrated History of Ohio Workers
021774: BOSCH, HIERONYMUS - Jerome Bosch
22451: BOSCO, HENRI (MAY NEAMA, ILLUS. ) - Sylvius
22448: BOSCO, HENRI (D. GALANIS, ILLUS. ) - Sylvius
004176: BOSSELMAN, BEULAH CHAMBERLAIN - Neurosis and Psychosis
014737: BOSSELMAN, BEULAH CHAMBERLAIN - Self-Destruction. A Study of the Suicidal Impulse
011715: BOSSELMAN, BEULAH - Neurosis y Psicosis
003782: BOSSELMAN, BEULAH CHAMBERLAIN - Neurosis and Psychosis
010500: BOSZORMENYI-NAGY, I. * J L FAMO, EDS - Intensive Family Therapy. Theoretical and Practical Aspects
26845: BOTKIN, B. A - The American Play-Party Song
25930: (MAN RAY) BOUHOURS, JEAN-MICHEL; HAAS, PATRICK DE (CURATORS) - Man Ray. Directeur Du Mauvais Movies
003777: BOULTON, AGNES - Part of a Long Story
22414: BOURET, JEAN (LOUIS NEILLOT, ILLUS. ) - Eloge de Louis Neillot
005798: BOUSFIELD, PAUL - The Elements of Practical Psycho-Analysis
24800: BOUTON, JIM - Ball Four Plus Ball Five, an Update, 1970-1980
011554: BOUVET, PIERRE - The Fighting Instinct
24980: BOWEN, MARJORIE (PSEUDONYM OF GABRIELLA M. V. CAMPBELL LONG) - Kecksies and Other Twilight Tales
26354: BOWEN, HENRY C., ED. - The Independent (Volume XXVI, No. 1331) June 4, 1874
009126: BOWERMAN, WALTER G - Studies in Genius
009117: BOWERS, MARGARETTA K, ED - Introductory Lectures in Medical Hypnosis
021528: BOWERS, NEWTON L, JR, ET AL - Actuarial Mathematics
23257: BOWLBY, JOHN - Separation Anxiety: A Critical Review of the Literature
24330: BOWLBY, JOHN - Loss: Sadness and Depression
017069: BOWLBY, JOHN - Separation Anxiety and Anger
018130: BOWLE, JOHN - Napoleon
23701: BOWLES, PAUL - Paul Bowles: The Sheltering Sky; Let It Come Down; the Spider's House
23708: BOWLES, PAUL; HALPERN, DANIEL, EDITOR - Paul Bowles: Collected Stories & Later Writings
017209: BOWMAN, JOHN, AND JOEL ZOSS - The Pictorial History of Baseball
017207: BOWMAN, JOHN, AND JOEL ZOSS - The Pictorial History of Baseball
23900: BOYD, VALERIE (HURSTON, ZORA NEALE) - Wrapped in Rainbows. The Life of Zora Neale Hurston
26691: BOYER, JOHN W. - The University of Chicago. A History
25193: BOYER, PAUL; NISSENBAUM, STEPHEN - Salem Possessed. The Social Origins of Witchcraft
005069: BOYER, L. BRYCE, & PETER GIOVACCHINI - Psychoanalytic Treatment of Schizophrenic and Characterological Disorders
012109: BOYLE, JAMES - The Minimum Wage and Syndicalism
24577: BOYLE, JAMES - The Minimum Wage and Syndicalism
019789: BOYLE, PAUL, ED - Cassandra at His Finest and Funniest
23558: BOYLE, KAY - Fifty Stories
013675: BRACKER, JURGEN,& CARSTEN PRANGE, EDS - Alster, Elbe and the Sea
25945: BRADBURY, CHARLES - History of Kennebunk Port from Its First Discovery by Bartholomew Gosnold, May 14, 1609 to A.D. 1837
019007: BRADDY, HALDEEN - Cock Ofthe Walk. The Legend of Pancho Villa
015460: BRADLEY, GEORGE K - Northern Indiana Railway
013085: BRADLEY, LONNIE - Off the Battlefield of War on the Battlefield of Destitution
010626: BRADY, JUDGE PAUL L - A Certain Blindness. A Black Family's Quest for the Promise of America
24460: BRAEME, CHARLOTTE M. (CHARLOTTE MARY BRAME, 1836-1884) - [5 Pamphlets] the Coquette's Victim; Coralie; the Tragedy of the Chair Pier; My Mother's Rival; Marion Arleigh's Penance
018129: BRAIDER, DONALD - Solitary Star. A Biography of Sam Houston
007455: BRAIN, W. RUSSELL - Mind, Perception and Science
011718: BRAIN, LORD - Diseases of the Nervous System
014672: BRAITHWAITE, R. B - Scientific Explanation
016943: BRAMSON, ROY - Highlights in the History of American Mass Production
020882: BRAMWELL, J MILNE - Hypnosis. Its History, Practice and Theory
021191: BRANCH, TAYLOR - Parting the Waters. America in the King Years 1954-63
020467: BRANDAU, ROBERT - De Meyer
019088: BRANDL, DR. RUDOLF - Blitz German. A Military Language Guide for Invasion and Occupation
020453: BRANDT, BILL - Behind the Camera. Photographs 1928-1983
015389: BRANEN, JEFF, AND HENRY SAWYER - Is You Hisn or Is You Mine?
015385: BRANEN, JEFF - Denison's Minstrel Opening Choruses and Finales / Plantation
017035: BRANHAM, V, & S KUTASH - Encyclopedia of Criminology
021128: BRASHARES, JEFFREY - Through the Heart of Ohio. The Columbus, Delaware and Marion Electric Co
011868: BRASHLER, WILLIAM - Josh Gibson. A Life in the Negro Leagues
020298: BRASSEY, THOMAS - Work and Wages
015053: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Mediterranean
022028: BRAUN, MARTA - Picturing Time. The Work of Etienne Jules Marey 1830-1904
020352: BRAVO, MANUEL ALVAREZ - Manuel Alvarez Bravo
22813: BRAYBROOK, ROY - Harrier and Sea Harrier
22262: BRECHT, BERTOLT (HANSEN-BAHIA, ILLUS. ) - Songs Aus Der Dreigroschenoper
003738: BREGER, LOUIS - Function of Dreams
005938: BREGER, LOUIS, ET AL - The Effect of Stress on Dreams
020589: BREGGIN, PETER, AND DAVID COHEN - Your Drug May Be Your Problem
25685: BREINBURG, PETRONELLA - Legends of Surinam
020916: BRENNEIS, C. BROOKS - Recovered Memories of Trauma: Transferring the Present to the Past
24329: BRENNER, CHARLES - Psychoanalysis or Mind and Meaning
23811: BRETELL, RICHARD R. (TEXT) ; (CLEMENTS, GEOFFREY AND FINN, DAVID, PHOTOGRAPHS) - An Impressionist Legacy. The Collection of Sara Lee Corporation
24410: BRETHOUR, ROSS (MURPHY, ROSE, 1913-1989) - A Rose Murphy Discography [Cover Title: A Bio-Discography
25384: BRETON, ANDRE - Les Pas Perdus
25383: BRETON, ANDRE; ERNST, MAX (FRONTISPIECE) - Manifeste Du Surrealisme / Poisson Soluble / Nouvelle Edition Augmentee D'Une Preface Et de la Lettre Aux Voyant
25366: BRETON, ANDRE - Les Vases Communicants
25367: BRETON, ANDRE - Position Politique de Surrealisme
25429: BRETON, ANDRE - Entretiens (1913-1952) Avec Andre Parinaud Et... .
25358: BRETON, ANDRE - Flagrant Deli. Rimbaud Devant la Conjuration de L'Imposture Et Du Truquage
25365: BRETON, ANDRE - Le Revolver a Cheveux Blancs
25361: BRETON, ANDRE; SOUPAULT, PHILIPPE - Les Champs Magnetiques
25330: BRETON, ANDRE - Situation Du Surrealisme entre Les Deux Guerres
25360: BRETON, ANDRE; ELUARD, PAUL - L'Immaculee Conception
26519: BRETON, ANDRE; DUCHAMP, MARCEL (ORGANIZERS) - Le Surrealisme en 1947
25382: BRETON, ANDRE - Nadja
22560: RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE (SUZANNE BALLIVET, ILLUS) - Monsieur Nicolas Ou le Coeur Humain Devoile
015005: BRETTON, HENRY - The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah
015569: O'BRIAN, JOHN LORD - National Security and Individual Freedom
014764: BRICKLIN, BARRY, ET AL, EDS - The Hand Test
23460: BRIDSON, D. G. (WYNDHAM LEWIS) - The Filibuster. A Study of the Political Ideas of Wyndham Lewis
22152: O'BRIEN, JAMES - A History of the New Left, 1960-1968
26289: O'BRIEN, DAN - Buffalo for the Broken Heart. Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch
005808: BRIERLEY, MARJORIE - Trends in Psycho-Analysis
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021027: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of British Jazz
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017796: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of Jazz
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021991: CLUTTON, C & G DANIELS - Watches
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016427: COSS, BILL, ED - Jazz 1957
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26729: CRAGG, WILLIAM R. - Heroic Couplets. Stories of Boyhood, Stories of War
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26020: CREELEY, ROBERT - Robert Creeley Reads
24326: CREWS, FREDERICK, AND HIS CRITICS - The Memory Wars. Freud's Legacy in Dispute
020797: CREWS, FREDERICK, AND HIS CRITICS - The Memory Wars. Freud's Legacy in Dispute
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000323: CROCE, BENEDETTO - Aesthetic As Science of Expression and General Linguistic
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25647: CROOKES, SIR WILLIAM - Researches Into the Phenomenon of Modern Spiritualism
26209: CROSBY, HARRY W. - Cave Paintings of Baja California. Discovering the Great Murals of an Unknown People
016600: CROSBY, BING - Pictured on 33rpm Record Cleaner, Decca Advert
24666: CROSS, AMANDA (CAROL G. HEILBRUN) - Death in a Tenured Position
021468: CROW, MICHAEL - The Bite
021465: CROW, MICHAEL - Red Rain
26304: CRUIKSHANK, JAMES A. - Spalding's Winter Sports
020688: CRUSE, HAROLD, ET AL - Marxism and the Negro Struggle
23791: CUDAHY, BRIAN J. - Destination Loop the Story of Rapid Transit Railroading in and Around Chicago
019825: CUMMINGS, E. E - E.E. Cummings Reads
021298: CUMMINS, JOAN - Indian Painting from Cave Temples to the Colonial Period
26365: CURRY, BILL - Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle
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23227: CUTLER, IRVING - The Jews of Chicago. From Shtetl to Suburb
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018389: CUTLER, CARL C - Greyhounds of the Sea. The Story of the American Clipper Ship
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010667: DARROW, CLARENCE, ET AL - Why I Am an Agnostic [W. Why I Am a Jew, Catholic, Protestant]
018288: DARROW, CLARENCE S - Farmington
22682: DAUDET, ALPHONSE (PIERRE VIDAL, ILLUS. ) - La Comtesse Irma
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016937: DAUMIER - Lawyers and Justice
006877: DAVENPORT, GUY - The Medusa
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014600: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B - Three Centuries of American Antiques
018298: DAVIDSON, AUDREY, AND JUDITH FAY - Phantasy in Childhood
25639: DAVIES, JOHN - Phrenology Fad and Science a 19th Century American Crusade
013403: DAVIES, LINDA - Nest of Vipers
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020238: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - A Mixture of Frailties
014515: DAVIS, JIMMIE - Song Folio
015601: DAVIS, BENJAMIN J - Against Tokenism. Must Negro Americans Wait Another Hundred Years
015599: DAVIS, BENJAMIN J - The Negro People in the Struggle for Peace and Freedom
015598: DAVIS, BENJAMIN J - Upsurge in the South. The Negro People Fight for Freedom
015597: DAVIS, BENJAMIN - The Path of Negro Liberation
23856: DAVIS, ANTHONY (MUSIC) ; DAVIS, THULANI (LIBRETTO) - Amistad Sourcebook
26659: DAVIS, BENJAMIN (INTRO. ) - The Ingrams Shall Not Die. Story of Georgia's New Terror
25722: DAVIS, ANDREW JACKSON - The Diakka and Their Earthly Victims, Being an Explanation of Much That Is False and Repulsive in Spiritualism
26632: DAVIS, ANGELA - Blues Legacies and Black Feminism
020801: DAVIS, RUSSELL H - Freud's Concept of Passivity
018930: DAVIS, HORACE B - Shoes. The Workers and the Industry
018716: DAVIS, FRANCIS - In the Moment. Jazz in the 1980s
24418: DAVIS, DANIEL S. - Behind Barbed Wire. The Imprisonment of Japanese Americans During World War II
000083: DAWSON, E. RUMLEY - The Causation of Sex
22991: DAWSON, FIELDING - Backtalk
019921: DAWSON, JEAN - The Boys and Girls of Garden City
22992: DAWSON, FIELDING - The Dirty Blue Car a Long Story
007877: DAY LEWIS, C - C Day Lewis Yale Series of Recorded Poets
021189: DEANDREA, WILLIAM - Killed in Paradise
005749: DEARBORN, GEORGE VAN NESS - How Bodily Training Trains the Mind
25938: DEARBORN, J. W.; BRADBURY, JAMES W., ET AL. - A History of the First Century of the Town of Parsonfield, Maine, Incorporated Aug. 29, 1785, and Celebrated with Impressive Ceremonies at North Parsonfield, August 29, 1885
021957: DEARDEN, HAROLD - The Science of Happiness
021283: DEAVER, JEFFERY - The Burning Wire
26149: DEBS, EUGENE - Eugene V. Debs' Canton Speech
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020799: DECKER, HANNAH S - Freud in Germany
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021054: DELANY, SAMUEL R - Mad Man
23095: DELAUNAY, CHARLES, ED. - Jazz Hot --- Group of Six Issues
011211: DELAUNAY, CHARLES - Hot Discography
008792: DELILLO, DON - Underworld
26084: DELILLO, DON - Libra
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020037: DELILLO, DON - Underworld
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012604: DELL, FLOYD - The Ballad of Christopher Street
021977: DELL, FLOYD - Upton Sinclair. A Study in Social Protest
25851: DELL, FLOYD - Looking at Life
022073: DELLINGER, DAVE - More Power Than We Know
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005681: DEMARTINO, MANFRED F, ED - Human Autoerotic Practices
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008987: DEMEUSY, BERTRAND, AND OTTO FLCKIGER - Arnett "the Wild Man of the Tenor Sax" Cobb [Discography]
24464: DEMING, BARBARA - Prison Notes
019267: DEMING, BARBARA - I Change, I Change
24576: DEMPSEY, JOHN MARK - The Light Crust Doughboys Are on the Air
009245: DEMPSTER, JAMES H - Medical Writing. Some Notes on Its Technic
016846: DENNIS, NIGEL - A House in Order
26453: DENSLOW, RAY VAUGHN - Territorial Masonry. The Story of Freemasonry and the Louisiana Purchase, 1804-1821
014009: DEPARIS, WILBUR - Publicity Photo, 8 X 10, Playing Trombone, 3/4 Body Shot
22798: DEPASTINO, TODD - Citizen Hobo. How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America
021775: DEPERO, FORTUNATO - My Own Futurism
019432: DEPEW, HON. CHAUNCEY - Speech of Hon. Chauncey Depew Lld at the Congress of the Railway Employees
019883: DERBER, MILTON - Labor in Illinois. The Affluent Years 1945-1980
017915: DERESHINSKY, RALPH M, ET AL - The Nlrb and Secondary Boycotts (Revised Edition)
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005810: DEUTSCH, FELIX, AND WILLIAM F. MURPHY - The Clinical Interview
012838: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Confrontations with Myself
012837: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Psycho-Analysis of the Neuroses
005741: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Neuroses and Character Types
004147: DEUTSCH, HELENE - The Psychology of Women. A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
015911: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Psychology of Women
015931: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Psycho-Analysis of the Neuroses
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005800: DEUTSCH, FELIX, ED - On the Mysterious Leap from the Mind to the Body
007446: DEUTSCH, ALBERT, ED - Sex Habits of American Men. A Symposium on the Kinsey Report
005169: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Psychoanalyse Der Neurosen
010526: DEUTSCH, FELIX - The Clinical Interview
000514: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Psychoanalyse Der Weiblichen Sexualfunktionen
005802: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Neuroses and Character Types
005829: DEUTSCH, HELENE - The Psychology of Women
005145: DEUTSCH, HELENE - Neuroses and Character Types
000089: DEUTSCH, FELIX - Applied Psychoanalysis
007415: DEUTSCHE, JEAN MARQUIS - The Development of Children's Concepts of Causal Relations
26748: DEVEREUX, GEORGE, ED. - Psychoanalysis and the Occult
010381: DEWALD, PAUL A - Learning Process in Psychoanalytic Supervision: Complexities & Challenges
24455: DEWEY, JOHN, ET AL. (PRELIMINARY COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY) - The Case of Leon Trotsky. Report of Hearings on the Charges Made Against Him in the Moscow Trials
004131: DEWEY, JOHN - Impressions of Soviet Russia and the Revolutionary World
021982: DEWEY, JOHN - Education and Social Change
22126: DEWEY, JOHN - Truth Is on the March Report and Remarks on the Trotsky Hearings in Mexico
26571: DEWITT, DURWARD G. - Co-Op Song Book
010289: DEXTER, DAVE, JR - The Jazz Story
021546: DEXTER, DAVE, JR - Jazz Cavalcade
017700: DHONDY, FARRUKH - C.L. R. James. A Life
020146: DIAMOND, SOLOMON, ED - The Roots of Psychology. A Sourcebook in the History of Ideas
26883: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - A Rich Full Death
26408: DICKERSON, JAMES L. - Just for a Thrill. LIL Hardin Armstrong First Lady of Jazz
013828: DICKERSON, ALBERT, ED - Orozco. Frecoes at Dartmouth
021551: DICKINSON, DON - One Thousand Best Books
26361: DICKSON,. LEONARD EUGENE - History of the Theory of Numbers, Vols 1 - 3 Complete
25955: DIEHL, GASTON (LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD, TRANS. ) - The Moderns. A Treasury of Painting Throughout the World
26359: DIES, MARTIN - The Communist Threat to America
007331: DIETHELM, OSKAR - Treatment in Psychiatry
018023: DIETZ, NETTIE FOWLER - A White Woman in a Black Man's Country
25596: (DILLARD, ANNIE) DILLARD, R. H. W; GARNETT, GEORGE; MOORE, JOHN REES (EDS) - The Sounder Few. Essays from the Hollins Critic
021183: DILLARD, ANNIE - Holy the Firm
020798: DILLER, JERRY VICTOR - Freud's Jewish Identity. A Case Study in the Impact of Ethnicity
015355: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - The United Front
022015: DINGMAN, LARRY - American Decorated Covers 1890-1930
26897: DISERENS, CHARLES M. - The Influence of Music on Behavior
021805: DISNEY, WALT - Mickey Mouse in Color
017295: DISNEY, WALT - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs
018933: DITTMER, JOHN - Local People. The Struggle for CIVIL Rights in Mississippi
25251: DIXON, ROBERT M W, AND JOHN GODRICH - Blues & Gospel Records, 1902-1943

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