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PASTPAGE066332I: JOHN COTTON DANA - A Plan for a New Museum - the Kind of Museum It Will Profit a City to Maintain No. 4 of the New Museum Series
PASTPAGE083914I: MOHSEN MANUTCHEHR-DANAI - Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
PASTPAGE083504I: KARL DÄNDLIKER - A Short History of Switzerland
PASTPAGE072455I: H. DANESHYAR - One-Dimensional Compressible Flow
PASTPAGE057418I: DANIEL, DEFOE, - Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (the Windermere Series)
PASTPAGE057200I: REDMAN-RENGSTORF, (COORDINATORS) HURLEY, DANIEL AND SUSAN - Steamboat Days on America's Rivers: An Activity Book for Educators
PASTPAGE052585I: DANIEL, TREIBER, - Frank Lloyd Wright
PASTPAGE083821I: E. VALENTINE DANIEL - Fluid Signs: Being a Person the Tamil Way
PASTPAGE064276I: AMEN, CASRIEL, DANIEL AND GROVER - Daytop: Three Addicts and Their Cure
PASTPAGE075629I: DANIEL P. JENNY, ET AL. (EDITOR) - Lightweight Concrete American Concrete Institute Publication SP 29
PASTPAGE069245I: GLYN DANIEL - A Hundred and Fifty Years of Archaeology
PASTPAGE086227I: LARRY J. DANIEL - Cannoneers in Gray - the Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee, 1861-1865
PASTPAGE083264I: DAVID E. DANIEL; ROBERT M. KOERNER - Waste Containment Facilities: Guidance for Construction Quality Assurance and Construction Quality Control of Linear and Cover Systems
PASTPAGE082342I: JOSEPH P. DANIELS - The Meaning and Reliability of Economic Summit Undertakings, 1975-1989 Foreign Economic Policy of the United States: Outstanding Studies and Dissertations
PASTPAGE072460I: PATRICIA E. NORRIS & LEON E. DANIELSON, EDS. - Economic Issues Associated with Nutrient Management Policy Proceedings of a Regional Workshop
PASTPAGE087313I: VICTOR J. DANILOV - Science and Technology Centers
PASTPAGE075296I: SVEN DANO - Industrial Production Models a Theoretical Study
PASTPAGE079689I: FRANZ DANZI - Sonate - B-Dur, B Flat-Major, Si-Maggiore Concertante -- Klarinett Un Klavier (Clarinet and Piano)
PASTPAGE082046I: M. A. DAOUD - Songs of Early Pentecostal Meetings: A Choice Selection of Songs That Are Spirit Inspired and with a Message
PASTPAGE081635I: OLIVE TILFORD DARGAN - Highland Annals Short Story Index Reprint Series
PASTPAGE067109I: HARRIS EDWARD DARK - The Wankel Rotary Engine
PASTPAGE067108I: HARRIS EDWARD DARK - The Wankel Rotary Engine
PASTPAGE082668I: RALPH G. DARLING - Wit & Wisdom: Simple Homespun Verse for Enjoyment and Inspiration
PASTPAGE048744I: ANN DARR - Cleared for Landing
PASTPAGE065847I: ANN DARR - The Myth of a Woman's Fist: Poems
PASTPAGE076473I: KATHY D. DARROW; MICHELLE LEE (EDITORS) - Shakespearean Criticism: Excerpts from the Criticism of William Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry, from the First Published Appraisals to Current Evaluations - Volume 51
PASTPAGE086802I: BHAGAVAN DAS - The Essential Unity of All Religions
PASTPAGE083556I: J. P. DAS; BINOD C. KAR; RAUNO K. PARRILA - Cognitive Planning: The Psychological Basis of Intelligent Behavior
PASTPAGE082059I: J. HENRY DASENBROCK - To the Beat of a Different Drummer: A Decade in the Life of a World War II Conscientious Objector
PASTPAGE077362I: THOMAS E. DASHER - William Faulkner's Characters: An Index to the Published and Unpublished Fiction
PASTPAGE084716I: SUSHANTA DATTAGUPTA; SANJAY PURI - Dissipative Phenomena in Condensed Matter: Some Applications Springer Series in Material Science, 71
PASTPAGE082450I: MERVIN DAUB; P. BRUCE BUCHAN - Getting Down to Business: A History of Business Education at Queen's, 1889-1999
PASTPAGE082766I: JAMES H. DAUGHTRIDGE - Rocky Mount: A View from the Head
PASTPAGE074531I: FRANK DAUSTER - Xavier Villaurrutia - Twayne's World Authors Series - a Survey of the World's Literature - Mexico - 159
PASTPAGE082844I: JULIE DAVANZO; JEAN-PIERRE HABICHT - What Accounts for the Decline in Infant Mortality in Peninsular Malaysia, 1946-1975? A Rand Note -- N-2166-WB/RF/FF -- June 1984
PASTPAGE070164I: CHAS. B. DAVENPORT - Guide to Physical Anthropometry and Anthroposcopy - Eugenics Research Association Handbook Series, I
PASTPAGE083345I: P. M. MICHÈLE DAVIAU - Houses and Their Furnishings in Bronze Age Palestine: Domestic Activity Areas and Artefact Distribution in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages JSOT / ASOR Monograph Series, No. 8
PASTPAGE075698I: MARTIN DAVID; TIMOTHY SMEEDING (EDITORS) - Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being National Bureau of Economic Research - Studies in Income and Wealth - Volume 50
PASTPAGE073410I: D. J. DAVID; H. B. STALEY - Analytical Chemistry of the Polyurethanes, Volume XVI, Part III High Polymers: A Series of Monographs on the Chemistry, Physics, and Technology of High Polymeric Substances - Volume XVI, Part III
PASTPAGE063520I: DAVID, HANNA, - Second Chance: A Modern Look at Alcoholism
PASTPAGE062464I: DAVID, MATLIN, - Fontana's Mirror
PASTPAGE062360I: DAVID, FRANKEL, - A David Frankel Sampler: Poems & Such
PASTPAGE062347I: DAVID, HIGHSMITH, - The Chatterley Stanzas
PASTPAGE061859I: DAVID, LEE, - Driving and Drinking: A Poem
PASTPAGE061456I: DAVID, WOOD, - Armed Forces in Central and South America: Adelphi Papers No. 34 - April, 1967
PASTPAGE059948I: DAVID, WISE, - The Spy Who Got Away
PASTPAGE059472I: DAVID, TRAVERS, - Preparing Design Office Brochures: A Handbook
PASTPAGE056253I: DAVID, BALDACCI, - Absolute Power
PASTPAGE085971I: HENRY P. DAVID - International Resources in Clinical Psychology - Mcgraw-Hill Series in International Development
PASTPAGE064401I: DAVID, SHAKOW, - The Contributions of the Worcester State Hospital and Post-Hall Clark to Psychoanalysis
PASTPAGE063739I: DAVID, SHAKOW, - Contributions from Schizophrenia to the Understanding of Normal Psychological Function
PASTPAGE081715I: LYNNE CATHERINE DAVID - A Brief History, Development and Methodology of the Jin Jing Gong Shí Sì Shì: A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
PASTPAGE063738I: DAVID, SHAKOW, - Thoughts Second and Sober on Education in Clinical Psychology
PASTPAGE075910I: JEAN DAVID; ROBERT MARTIN (DIRECTEURS) - Etudes de Statistique Linguistique Recherches Linguistiques - III
PASTPAGE070380I: MARTIN HEIDENHAIN DAVID - Family Composition and Consumption - Contributions to Economic Analysis XXV
PASTPAGE086369I: ZAVEN N. DAVIDIAN - Economic Disparities Among Nations - a Threat to Survival in a Globalized World
PASTPAGE077813I: KEITH DAVIDS; GEERT SAVELSBERGH; SIMON J. BENNETT; JOHN VAN DER KAMP (EDITORS) - Interceptive Actions in Sport: Information and Movement
PASTPAGE083060I: DAVID B. DAVIDSON - Computational Electromagnetics for Rf and Microwave Engineering
PASTPAGE078066I: J. DAVIDSON - Indo-China: Signposts in the Storm
PASTPAGE084313I: JOYCE DAVIDSON - Phobic Geographies: The Phenomenology and Spatiality of Identity
PASTPAGE049288I: OTTO BILLIG & JOHN GILLIN & WILLIAM DAVIDSON - Aspects of Personality and Culture in a Guatemalan Community: Ethnological & Rorschach Approaches
PASTPAGE070479I: ALASTAIR DAVIDSON - The Communist Party of Australia - a Short History Hoover Institution Studies: 26
PASTPAGE085188I: RONALD M. DAVIDSON - Indian Esoteric Buddhism - a Social History of the Tantric Movement
PASTPAGE070311I: W. WATKIN DAVIES - How to Read History
PASTPAGE070145I: A. F. DAVIES - Private Politics A Study of Five Political Outlooks
PASTPAGE074015I: H. R. J. DAVIES - Tropical Africa: An Atlas for Regional Development
PASTPAGE068572I: WAYNE K. D. DAVIES; DAVID T. HERBERT - Communities Within Cities: An Urban Social Geography
PASTPAGE082878I: C. T. DAVIES - The Horse and How to Care for Him: How to Choose a Horse, Tell His Age, Feed, Stable, Harness and Train Him, and Keep Him in Good Health
PASTPAGE059983I: DAVIS, BRIAN BOOKER & BEN - Death Valley Free Prison: A Campaign Sourcebook for Cyber Space
PASTPAGE056342I: DAVIS, CURTIS CARROLL - Chronicler of the Cavaliers -
PASTPAGE086445I: RICHARD BEALE DAVIS - Francis Walker Gilmer: Life and Learning in Jefferson's Virginia
PASTPAGE070334I: ARTHUR N. DAVIS - The Kaiser As I Know Him
PASTPAGE082764I: PAUL DAVIS - A Bright Defiance and Other Poems
PASTPAGE085895I: ANNIE J. RANDALL & ROSALIND GRAY DAVIS - Puccini & the Girl - History and Reception of the Girl of the Golden West
PASTPAGE073674I: ELIZABETH VAN WIE DAVIS - China and the Law of the Sea Convention Follow the Sea
PASTPAGE084668I: NATALIE ZEMON DAVIS - The Gift in Sixteenth-Century France
PASTPAGE081937I: JIM DAVIS; MIKE FENTZ - Garfield: MIX or Match Storybook -- More Than 200,000 Comical Combinations!
PASTPAGE077844I: CHARLES T. DAVIS; MICHEL FABRE - Richard Wright: A Primary Bibliography A Reference Publication in Afro-American Studies
PASTPAGE078965I: JIMMY DAVIS - One Balloon Zoo
PASTPAGE082765I: ALBERT BELISLE DAVIS - Virginia Patout's Parish Louisiana Literature Poetry Chapbook No. 2
PASTPAGE083044I: PAUL K. DAVIS; JOHN ARQUILLA - Thinking About Opponent Behavior in Crisis and Conflict: A Generic Model for Analysis and Group Discussion A Rand Note
PASTPAGE084116I: TIM DAVIS - Geotechnical Testing, Observation, and Documentation
PASTPAGE069758I: HOWARD V. DAVIS - Frank Parsons: Prophet, Innovator, Counselor
PASTPAGE082150I: W. PHILLIPS DAVISON - User's Guide to the Rand Interviews in Vietnam: A Report Prepared for the Advanced Research Projects Agency R-1024-ARPA, March 1972, Revised November 1972 -- AD-741300
PASTPAGE086164I: HUGH DAVSON; KEASLEY WELCH; MALCOLM B. SEGAL - Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Cerebrospinal Fluid
PASTPAGE056630I: DAWE, LOUISE BELOTE - Christ Church-Lancaster County, Virginia 1732 and the Life Around It
PASTPAGE080621I: ASHLEY DAWSON - Mongrel Nation- Diasporic Culture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain
PASTPAGE084531I: FABIAN W. BRUSKEWITZ & MONSIGNOR JAMES D. DAWSON - Catholic Schools in the Lincoln Diocese
PASTPAGE048383I: K. R. DAWSON - A Comprehensive Study of the Preissac-Lacorne Batholith Abitibi County, Quebec Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 142
PASTPAGE086570I: SAMUEL EDWARD DAWSON - The Saint Lawrence - Its Basin & Border-Lands - the Story of Their Discovery Exploration and Occupation
PASTPAGE069842I: B. E. DAWSON - Energy in Chemistry An Approach to Thermodynamics
PASTPAGE086452I: FRANCIS W. DAWSON - Reminiscences of Confederate Service 1861-1865 - the Library of Southern Civilization
PASTPAGE085139I: TONY DAY - Fluid Iron - State Formation in Southeast Asia
PASTPAGE086511I: JERRY DAY - Voegelin, Schelling, and the Philosophy of Historical Existence
PASTPAGE081234I: RICHARD DAY; WILLIAM HOPPER - Vincennes - Images of America
PASTPAGE072851I: JAMES M. DAY - Maps of Texas 1527-1900 - the Map Collection of the Texas State Archives
PASTPAGE061428I: DAYLE, BRENNAN, JAN & FLAGG, ANN & LEONARDI, LISA & TIMMONS, - From Your Friends at the Mailbox - Busy Kids Circle Time - Preschool-Kindergarten
PASTPAGE086059I: JON P. DAYLEY - Tzutujil Grammar - University of California Publications in Linguistics - Volume 107
PASTPAGE058398I: DE, TREVINO, ELIZABETH BORTON - Leona a Love Story: Uncorrected Proof
PASTPAGE085216I: MARGARET DEACON - Scientists and the Sea 1650-1900 a Study of Marine Science
PASTPAGE085161I: ISTVAN DEAK - Beyond Nationalism - a Social and Political History of the Habsburg Officer Corps, 1848-1918
PASTPAGE068308I: B.M. DEAKIN AND C.F. PRATTEN - Effects of the Temporary Employment Subsidy
PASTPAGE084655I: MICHAEL DEAL - Pottery Ethnoarchaeology in the Central Maya Highlands - Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry
PASTPAGE061460I: DEAN, RUSK, - Organizing the Peace: Department of State Publication 8163
PASTPAGE061459I: DEAN, RUSK, - The Rights of Men and Nations: Department of State Publication 8401
PASTPAGE057913I: DEAN, HEINBERG, - The Offense & Defense of Business: Simple, Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Sales, Cut Costs and Save Money. Plus, the Business
PASTPAGE056976I: DEAN, PATRICIA - The Official Identification Guide to Early American Furniture
PASTPAGE087039I: CAROLYN J. DEAN - The Self and Its Pleasures - Bataille, Lacan, and the History of the Decentered Subject
PASTPAGE078393I: G. W. DEAN; M. C. WELLS (EDITORS) - The Case for Continuously Contemporary Accounting Accounting History and the Development of a Profession
PASTPAGE080476I: CATHERIN E. DEAN - Bacon's Castle, Surry County, Virginia: Apva - Preservation Virginia
PASTPAGE086127I: BERYL DEAN - Designing Ecclesiastical Stitched Textiles
PASTPAGE068307I: PHYLLIS DEANE - The First Industrial Revolution
PASTPAGE071258I: SEAMUS DEANE - A Short History of Irish Literature
PASTPAGE076077I: JOHN DEARDEN - Cost Accounting and Financial Control Systems
PASTPAGE084870I: IAN J. DEARY - Looking Down on Human Intelligence - from Psychometrics to the Brain - Oxford Psychology Series - No. 34
PASTPAGE076732I: JOHN DEATHRIDGE - Wagner's Rienzi: A Reappraisal Based on a Study of the Sketches and Drafts
PASTPAGE064926I: DEAUX, ROLAND - Introduction to the Geometry of Complex Numbers
PASTPAGE070976I: HUBERT ROBERT DEBAUCHE - Etude Sur Les Mymarommidae Et Les Mymaridae de la Belgique (Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea) Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 108
PASTPAGE086707I: NEILSON C. DEBEVOISE - A Political History of Parthia
PASTPAGE068167I: ANTHONY DEBONS; WILLIAM J. CAMERON (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Information Science - Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Study Institute on Perspectives in Information Science Held in Aberystwyth, Wales, Uk, August 13-24, 1973
PASTPAGE079190I: LOUIS A. DECARO, JR. - On the Side of My People: A Religious Life of Malcolm X
PASTPAGE085777I: SUZANNE M. DECRANE - Aquinas, Feminism, and the Common Good - Moral Traditions Series
PASTPAGE085652I: PETER DEDEL - Johannes Brahms: A Guide to His Autograph in Facsimile - Mla Index and Bibliography Series, Number 18
PASTPAGE086165I: PETER DEDEL - Johannes Brahms: A Guide to His Autograph in Facsimile MLA Index & Bibliography Series, Number 18
PASTPAGE080611I: RICHARD DEEG - Finance Capitalism Unveiled - Banks and the German Political Economy
PASTPAGE087193I: PAUL J. DEEGAN - Shooting in a Game
PASTPAGE082689I: DAWN LANDRETH DEEL - A New Dawn: Journey of Faith
PASTPAGE081743I: SAM DEEP - Smart Moves in 6 Minutes: Lessons in Leadership from Asksamdeep. Com -- Volume 1
PASTPAGE087192I: U.S. OFFICE OF CIVILIAN DEFENSE - Training Courses for Civilian Protection - Enrolled Volunteer Groups
PASTPAGE086719I: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - Know Your Communist Enemy - Communism in the U.S. A. - 2
PASTPAGE069148I: DANIEL DEFOE - A Tour Thro' London About the Year 1725
PASTPAGE066480I: DANIEL DEFOE - A Journal of the Plague Year Written by a citizen who continued all the while in London
PASTPAGE072881I: ORIS H. DEGENKOLB - Concrete Box Girder Bridges
PASTPAGE079748I: CHRISTINE A. DEGREGORIO - Networks of Champions - Leadership, Access, and Advocacy in the U.S. House of Representatives
PASTPAGE080500I: JACQUELINE DEGROOT - Climax - an Erotic Thriller and a Sizzling Romance
PASTPAGE065630I: JOSEPH DEHARBE - Kleiner Katholischer Katechismus - Neuste Bearbeitung Für Die Vereinigten Staaten Nordamerikas, Deutsch - Englisch
PASTPAGE077031I: STEVEN DEHAVEN - The Logic Course
PASTPAGE082988I: GUILLERMO DE LA DEHESA - Nine Common Misconceptions About Competitiveness and Globalization Group of Thirty - Occasional Paper No. 73
PASTPAGE083972I: ROBERT T. DEHOFF; FREDERICK N. RHINES (EDS). - Quantitative Microscopy McGraw-Hill Series in Materials Science and Engineering
PASTPAGE075256I: FR. DEIBEL - Volksbücher Der Kunst: Ludwig Dettmann - Mit 30 Abbildungen Darunter 7 in Farbiger Wiedergabe (EinschließLich Des Umschlagbides)
PASTPAGE075175I: F. JOSHUA DEIN - Laboratory Manual of Avian Hematology
PASTPAGE066628I: ROBERT G. DEISSLER - Turbulent Fluid Motion
PASTPAGE065811I: DENNIS DEITZ AND FAMILY - Moms: Memories of Madeline
PASTPAGE085522I: J. DENNIS DEITZ - The Flood and the Blood: The Paint Creek Flood, July 10, 1932
PASTPAGE085512I: J. DENNIS DEITZ - The Search for Emily: CIVIL War and Western Historical Novel
PASTPAGE085519I: DENNIS DEITZ - The Greenbrier Ghost #2 and Other Strange Stories
PASTPAGE080749I: ELIZABETH DEJEANS - The Romance of a Million Dollars
PASTPAGE081764I: J. DEJERINE; E. GAUCKLER - The Psychoneuroses and Their Treatment by Psychotherapy
PASTPAGE059701I: DELAFIELD, COLONEL R. - Report on the Art of War in Europe in 1854, 1855, and 1856
PASTPAGE077088I: E. M. DELAFIELD - The Provincial Lady in Wartime
PASTPAGE086888I: PAUL DELAHAY - Double Layer and Electrode Kinetics
PASTPAGE076793I: J. -P. DELAHAYE - Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence
PASTPAGE084261I: DENIS DELAIR; CHARLOTTE MATTAX (TRANSLATOR) - Accompaniment on Theorbo and Harpsichord: Denis Delair's Treatise of 1690 Publications of the Early Music Institute
PASTPAGE075788I: MARK W. DELANCEY; PETER J. SCHRAEDER (COMPILERS) - Cameroon World Bibliographical Series Volume 63
PASTPAGE085388I: CRAIG DELANCEY - Passionate Engines - What Emotions Reveal About Mind and Artificial Intelligence
PASTPAGE082721I: MARGARET DELAND - R.J. 's Mother and Some Other People
PASTPAGE069455I: JACK J. DELANEY - The Media Program in the Elementary and Middle Schools Its Organization and Administration
PASTPAGE076812I: ROBERT FINLEY DELANEY - The Literature of Communism in America: A Selected Reference Guide
PASTPAGE075728I: FRANÇOIS DELAPORTE - Disease and Civilization: The Cholera in Paris, 1832
PASTPAGE086815I: PIERRE DELATTRE - Tales of a Dalai Lama
PASTPAGE083949I: R. FOULCHÉ-DELBOSC - Bibliographie Hispano-Française, 1477-1700
PASTPAGE074112I: D. P. WOODRUFF & T. A. DELCHAR - Modern Techniques of Surface Science
PASTPAGE086277I: STAFF OF THE CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES - The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia 1982-1995
PASTPAGE085643I: K. PEEVA & B. DELIJSKA - Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Science and Mathematics - in English, German, French and Russian
PASTPAGE076671I: NICHOLAS J. DELILLO - Object-Oriented Design in Java Using Java. Util
PASTPAGE068133I: FLOYD DELL - Women As World Builders: Studies in Modern Feminism
PASTPAGE058739I: CARSON-DELLOSA - Making Books for Winter
PASTPAGE058621I: CARSON-DELLOSA - Exploring Multicultural Literature, Grades 1-4
PASTPAGE058187I: CARSON-DELLOSA - Hidden Pictures
PASTPAGE075964I: JOHN DELMONTE - Metal-Filled Plastics Reinhold Plastics Applications Series
PASTPAGE074704I: ROBERT DELORT - Le Moyen Age - Histoire Illustrée de la Vie Quotidienne
PASTPAGE076698I: I. S. DEMA - Nutrition in Relation to Agricultural Production: A Manual for Extension Supervisors in Agriculture, Home Economics, Rural Health, Community Development and for Workers in Other Fields Related to Nutrition in Nigeria and the Countries of West Africa
PASTPAGE074660I: JOHN M. DEMAN - Principles of Food Chemistry
PASTPAGE073304I: JOHN DEMAN - Principles of Food Chemistry
PASTPAGE071004I: F. DEMANET - Les Lamellibranches Du Marbre Noir de Dinant (Viseen Inferieur) Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 40
PASTPAGE077473I: MARIE-DANIELLE DEMÉLAS - Nacimiento de la Guerra de Guerrilla: El Diario de José Santos Vargas (1814-1825)
PASTPAGE072079I: JAMES P. CHAPLIN & ALINE DEMERS - Primer of Neurology and Neurophysiology
PASTPAGE076324I: DAVID DEMERS - Global Media: Menace or Messiah?
PASTPAGE079715I: ANDREAS DEMETRIOU; CONSTANTINOS CHRISTOU; GEORGE SPANOUDIS; MARIA PLATSIDOU - The Development of Mental Processing: Efficiency, Working Memory, and Thinking Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Serial No. 268, Vol. 67, No. 1, 2002
PASTPAGE075017I: JEAN MARTIN-DEMÉZIL - Au Temps Des Dames de Chenonceaux: Spectacle Nocturne de Son Et de Lumière - Photos Noir Et Couleurs Et Réalisation de Sylvain Knecht: Photographe, Reporter, Illustrateur -- a Tours -- Programme Officiel
PASTPAGE077288I: CECIL B. DEMILLE - The Autobiography of Cecil B. Demille
PASTPAGE070487I: HORACE G. DEMING - In the Realm of Carbon - the Story of Organic Chemistry
PASTPAGE065174I: DEMING, BARBARA - Two Essays: On Anger / New Men New Women - Some Thoughts on Nonviolence
PASTPAGE085290I: VLADIMIR V. ANNENKOV & GEORGE J. DEMKO - The Art and Science of Geography - U.S. And Soviet Perspectives
PASTPAGE061781I: DEMLINGER, IRENE - What You Didn't Hear When I Wasn't Saying Nothing
PASTPAGE055829I: COL. RAY BOWERS & JACK SHULIMSON & OSCAR FITZGERALD & VINCENT DEMMA - Seminar on Vietnam War Histories-Sources and Plans 25 May 1976
PASTPAGE083156I: MELODY DEMPSEY - The Forest Portal
PASTPAGE077385I: JAMES M. DEMSKE - A Promise of Quality: The First 100 Years of Canisius College
PASTPAGE084516I: SYLVIE COURTINE-DENAMY - Three Women in Dark Times - Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil - or Amor Fati, Amor Mundi
PASTPAGE078144I: A. LEIGH DENEEF; M. THOMAS HESTER (EDITORS) - Renaissance Papers - 1978
PASTPAGE078158I: A. LEIGH DENEEF; M. THOMAS HESTER (EDITORS) - Renaissance Papers - 1979
PASTPAGE079532I: PATRICK J. DENEEN - The Odyssey of Political Theory - the Politics of Departure and Return
PASTPAGE086320I: JULIE DEAN ROSATI & THOMAS A. DENES - Field Evaluation of Port Everglades, Florida, Rehabilitation of South Jetty by Void Sealing - Repair, Evaluation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Research Program - Technical Report Remr-Co-15
PASTPAGE070271I: ERIC DENHOFF; LEO STERN - Minimal Brain Dysfunction: A Developmental Approach
PASTPAGE079920I: ANTON I. DENIKIN - The Career of a Tsarist Officer - Memoirs, 1872-1916
PASTPAGE085859I: EDISSON DENISSOW - Entstehen Und Vergehen - Fur Zwei Schagzeuger - for Two Percussionists
PASTPAGE086572I: ARDA DENKEL - Object and Property - Cambridge Studies in Philosophy
PASTPAGE076844I: FRANK DENMAN - The Shaping of Our Alphabet: A Study of Changing Type Styles
PASTPAGE064978I: DENNING, PETER J. - Computing Surveys: The Survey and Tutorial Journal of the Acm - Volume 11, No. 1 - March 1979
PASTPAGE087747I: DONALD G. DENNIS - Fighter Tactics Manual - Silent Death - Annex - #7220 - a Training Manual for Fighter Combat in Silent Death
PASTPAGE074672I: WAYNE DENNIS - Children of the Crèche - the Century Psychology Series
PASTPAGE067394I: KHALIL DENNO - High Voltage Engineering in Power Systems
PASTPAGE062958I: DENNY, O'NEIL, - Iron Man: Shame of the City! - Vol. 1 No. 178, January, 1984
PASTPAGE086131I: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT, MERRILL LIBRARY, UTAH STATE LIBRARY - Name Index to the Library of Congress Collection of Mormon Diaries Western Text Society Series, Volume 1, Number 2
PASTPAGE057772I: DEPARTMENT, WAR - Marine Corps Manual - 1940 W/ Changes
PASTPAGE057488I: DEPARTMENT, U. S. NAVY - Annual Reports of the Navy Department for the Fiscal Year 1932
PASTPAGE057062I: DEPARTMENT, U. S. WAR - Technical Regulations - 1930-1933
PASTPAGE056491I: DEPARTMENT, WAR - Radio Fundamentals-War Department Technical Manual Tm 11-455
PASTPAGE058417I: DEPRE, PAUL - How to Ride Just About Everything (Except a Horse)
PASTPAGE086792I: STEFAN DERCON - The Impact of Economic Reforms on Rural Households in Ethiopia - a Study from 1989 to 1995 - Poverty Dynamics in Africa
PASTPAGE056606I: DEREK, COLVILLE, - Victorian Poetry and the Romantic Religion
PASTPAGE068910I: NORMAN W. DEROSIER, ED.-IN-CHIEF & DONALD K. TRESSLER - Fundamentals of Food Freezing
PASTPAGE083462I: J. DUNCAN M. DERRETT - The Hoysalas: A Medieval Indian Royal Family
PASTPAGE080235I: SCOTT S. DERRICK - Monumental Anxieties: Homoerotic Desire and Feminine Influence in 19th-Century U.S. Literature
PASTPAGE086516I: JAQUES DERRIDA - The Problem of Genesis - in Husserl's Philosophy
PASTPAGE075532I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume VII
PASTPAGE075533I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume VI
PASTPAGE075534I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume IX
PASTPAGE075529I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume VIII
PASTPAGE075536I: BRENDA DERVIN; USHA HARIHARAN (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume XI
PASTPAGE075531I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume V
PASTPAGE075530I: BRENDA DERVIN; MELVIN J. VOIGT (EDITORS) - Progress in Communication Sciences - Volume IV
PASTPAGE066622I: CHANDRAKANT S. DESAI - Elementary Finite Element Method
PASTPAGE066621I: CHANDRAKANT S. DESAI - Elementary Finite Element Method
PASTPAGE066620I: CHANDRAKANT S. DESAI - Elementary Finite Element Method
PASTPAGE072943I: CHANDRAKANT S. DESAI - Elementary Finite Element Method
PASTPAGE075226I: RENÉ DESCARTES; MADELEINE BARTHÉLÉMY MADAULE (EDITOR) - Discours de la Méthode Pour Bien Conduire Sa Raison Et Chercher la Vérité Dans Les Sciences -- Par René Descartes
PASTPAGE086479I: VINCENT DESCOMBES - The Mind's Provisions - a Critique of Cognitivism - New French Thought
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PASTPAGE079316I: P. E. DIGESER - Political Forgiveness
PASTPAGE083252I: DON DIGNAN - The Indian Revolutionary Problem in British Diplomacy, 1914-1919
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PASTPAGE080507I: BILLY DIXON - Patty Paper and the the Treasure Hunt
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PASTPAGE072246I: W. MACNEILE DIXON - The Fleets Behind the Fleet - the Work of the Merchant Seamen and Fishermen in the War
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PASTPAGE086184I: REBECCA BORDERS & C. C. DOCKERY - Beyond the Hill - a Directory of Congress from 1984 to 1993 Where Have All the Members Gone?
PASTPAGE086038I: ED DODD - Mark Trail's Camping Tips: A Treasury of Useful Information for the Camper
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PASTPAGE083172I: ANITA L. DODD; M. AMANDA LEE - Then & Now: Stafford County
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