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PASTPAGE082762I: BILL YANCY - Elvis Saves
PASTPAGE062084I: YANES, MOSES - A Traveling Song for the Soul - Special Private Edition - Limited Signed by Author #81 of 200
PASTPAGE072086I: CHING-KUN YANG - Meet the Usa Handbook for Foreign Students in the United States
PASTPAGE086597I: FENGGANG YANG - Chinese Christians in America - Conversion, Assimilation, and Adhesive Identities
PASTPAGE078367I: LEE C. GERHARD; P. PATRICK LEAHY; VICTOR JOHN YANNACONE, JR. - Sustainability of Energy and Water Through the 21st Century: Proceedings of the Arbor Day Farm Conference - October 8-11, 2000
PASTPAGE067872I: ZHANG YANZHONG; YAO YUFEN (EDITORS) - Digital Signal Processing System and Its Realization
PASTPAGE073327I: ROBERT C. THOMPSON & ADIL YAQUB - Introduction to Linear and Abstract Algebra
PASTPAGE072287I: JAMES W. BROWN & MAXINE K. SITTS & JUDITH YARBOROUGH - Eric: What It Can Do for You/How to Use It
PASTPAGE048256I: JONATHAN YARDLEY - Out of Step Notes from a Purple Decade Notes from a Purple Decade
PASTPAGE065562I: RAYMOND F. YATES - The Niagara Story: Pictorial Guide to Niagara Falls
PASTPAGE089544I: RAYMOND F. YATES - Under Three Flags: Western New York State from the Ice Age to the Atomic Age.
PASTPAGE072827I: DAVID YAUKEY - Fertility Differences in a Modernizing Country - a Survey of Lebanese Couples
PASTPAGE082792I: ABDO S. YAZBECK - Attacking Inequality in the Health Sector: A Synthesis of Evidence and Tools
PASTPAGE047399I: T. R. YBARRA - Young Man of Caracas
PASTPAGE079248I: DAVID YEARSLEY - Bach and the Meaning of Counterpoint New Perspectives in Music Theory and Criticism
PASTPAGE074192I: R. B. YEARSLEY; G. M. R. GRAHAM - Handbook of Computer Management
PASTPAGE090130I: RICHARD M. YEARWOOD - Land Subdivision Regulation: Policy and Legal Considerations for Urban Planning Praeger Special Studies in U. S. Economic and Social Development
PASTPAGE074513I: MARTHA M. YEE - Moving Image Materials: Genre Terms
PASTPAGE065604I: JOHN I. YELLOTT - Solar Energy Utilization for Heating and Cooling
PASTPAGE058322I: SUSAN YELVINGTON - Basic Skills Subtraction with Regrouping
PASTPAGE089969I: ANTHONY R. YEO; TIMOTHY J. FLOWERS (EDS.) - Plant Solute Transport
PASTPAGE067469I: BRENDA S. A. YEOH - Municipal Sanitary Surveillance, Asian Resistance and the Control of the Urban Environment in Colonial Singapore - Research Paper 47
PASTPAGE065973I: LAURA AUGUSTA YERKES - Recitations for Boys and Girls
PASTPAGE084910I: JENNIFER YHAP - Plotinus on the Soul - a Study in the Metaphysics of Knowledge
PASTPAGE088241I: SERDAR YILMAZ; JOZSEF HEGEDUS; MICHAEL E. BELL (EDS.) - Subnational Data Requirements for Fiscal Decentralization: Case Studies from Central and Eastern Europe WBI Learning Resources Series
PASTPAGE084329I: ÷Z YILMAZ - Seismic Data Analysis: Processing, Inversion, and Interpretation of Seismic Data Series: Investigations in Geophysics, Volume II
PASTPAGE084493I: ÷Z YILMAZ - Seismic Data Analysis: Processing, Inversion, and Interpretation of Seismic Data Investigations in Geophysics, Volume I
PASTPAGE067292I: FRANK YODER - The Faculty of the University of Chicago
PASTPAGE086612I: M. AVI-YONAH - The Jews of Palestine - a Political History from the Bar Kokhba War to the Arab Conquest
PASTPAGE090139I: SHOKO YONEYAMA - The Japanese High School: Silence and Resistance
PASTPAGE052243I: ZHANG YONGZU - Protected Areas in China, with Emphasis on Conserving Mountain Biodiversity East-West Center Working Papers - Environment Series No. 37, September 1994
PASTPAGE087002I: THE ART STUDENTS LEAGUE OF NEW YORK - The Kennedy Galleries Are Host to the Hundredth Anniversary Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by 100 Artists Associated with the Art Students League of New York
PASTPAGE085464I: ANDREA LAFORET & ANNIE YORK - Spuzzum: Fraser Canyon Histories, 1808-1939
PASTPAGE087131I: IAMES YORKE - The Union of Honour - the English Experience - Its Record in Early Printed Books Published in Facsimile - Number 148 - London 1640
PASTPAGE068916I: MARIANNE ODOM & GAYLON FINKLEA YOUNG - The Businesses That Built San Antonio
PASTPAGE081685I: BARBARA YOUNG - This Man from Lebanon: A Study of Kahlil Gibran
PASTPAGE066234I: ROBERT KENNEDY YOUNG - Tales of Tioga Pennsylvania and Its People
PASTPAGE079379I: ALAN YOUNG - Woke Me Up This Morning: Black Gospel Singers and the Gospel Life American Made Music Series
PASTPAGE083488I: GEORGE YOUNG - Portugal Old and Young: An Historical Study
PASTPAGE079973I: ARTHUR M. YOUNG - The Geometry of Meaning
PASTPAGE077103I: KARL YOUNG - The Dramatic Associations of the Easter Sepulchre University of Wisconsin Studies in Language and Literature, Number 10
PASTPAGE068908I: ROLAND S. YOUNG - Chemical Analysis in Extractive Metallurgy
PASTPAGE074478I: JOSEPH W. YOUNG - Head and Face Anthropometry of Adult U.S. Civilians
PASTPAGE088561I: W. S. CONNOR & SHIRLEY YOUNG - Fractional Factorial Designs for Experiments with Factors at Two and Three Levels- National Bureau of Standards - Applied Mathematics Series - 58
PASTPAGE089006I: DESMOND YOUNG - Rommel, the Desert Fox
PASTPAGE066475I: APULEIUS & ARTHUR M. YOUNG - Apuleius - Cupid and Psyche With introduction, notes and vocabulary
PASTPAGE090162I: EUAN YOUNG - Skua and Penguin: Predator and Prey Studies in Polar Research
PASTPAGE079589I: PERRY M. GOLDMAN & JAMES S. YOUNG - The United States Congressional Directories 1789-1840
PASTPAGE078433I: S. DAVID YOUNG - The Rule of Experts: Occupational Licensing in America
PASTPAGE087236I: MICHAEL MACHTEY & PAUL YOUNG - An Introduction to the General Theory of Algorithms - Theory of Computation Series
PASTPAGE069668I: JACK P. YOUNG; ROSALYN S. YALOW (EDITORS) - Radiation and Public Perception: Benefits and Risks - Advances in Chemistry Series 243 - Developed from a Symposium Sponsored by the Division of Environmental Chemistry at the 203rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Francisco, California, April 5-10, 1992
PASTPAGE085578I: MICHAEL W. YOUNG - Malinowski's Kiriwina - Fieldwork Photography 1915-1918
PASTPAGE075151I: ALEXANDER YOUNG - Mysteries of the Sun: Solar Electric Distribution and Sun Habitation
PASTPAGE073358I: JOHN R. YOUNG - An Experimental Inquiry Into the Principles of Nutrition and the Digestive Process
PASTPAGE086755I: FUNG-TAI YOUNG - The Guerrilla Warfare Support by the Chinese Communists in Southern Africa
PASTPAGE069773I: JOHN F. YOUNG - Robotics
PASTPAGE073857I: JAY A. YOUNG - Practice in Thinking: A Laboratory Course in Introductory Chemistry
PASTPAGE084509I: PAUL YOUNGER - Playing Host to Deity - Festival Religion in the South Indian Tradition
PASTPAGE077645I: ROBERT L. YOUNGS; CATHY HSIU HWA WANG - Scientific Writing in English for Chinese Authors
PASTPAGE075892I: GEORGE YULE - The Study of Language: An Introduction
PASTPAGE079195I: SALIH V. YUMLU - God, Evolutionary Theories, Global Economy and Ethics: Science and Ethical Principles Applicable to a New Theory of Evolution and Global Economy
PASTPAGE051861I: DR. HYE KOO (HENRY) YUN - Herbal Holistic Approach to Arthritis - Related Disorders with Synergistic Applications
PASTPAGE082818I: SHAHID YUSUF; M. ANJUM ALTAF; KAORU NABESHIMA (EDITORS) - Global Production Networking and Technological Change in East Asia
PASTPAGE082326I: SHAHID YUSUF; KAORU NABESHIMA - Two Dragon Heads: Contrasting Development Paths for Beijing and Shanghai
PASTPAGE082832I: SHAHID YUSUF; KAORU NABESHIMA - Tiger Economies Under Threat: A Comparative Analysis of Malaysia's Industrial Prospects and Policy Options
PASTPAGE082824I: SHAHID YUSUF; M. ANJUM ALTAF; KAORU NABESHIMA (EDITORS) - Global Change and East Asian Policy Initiatives
PASTPAGE050388I: YVONNE, WEST, - The Dolphin Pool
PASTPAGE062656I: Z., PERKOFF, STUART - How It Is, Doing What I Do
PASTPAGE081114I: SEPEHR ZABIH - The Mossadegh Era - Roots of the Iranian Revolution
PASTPAGE073615I: SAMIR S. SOFER & OSKAR R. ZABORSKY - Biomass Conversion Processes for Energy and Fuel
PASTPAGE074619I: HERMAN E. ZACCARELLI - Purdue Master Menu and Recipe File Special Diet Menu Selection
PASTPAGE082182I: K. C. ZACHARIAH; MY T. VU - World Population Projections 1987-88 Edition: Short- and Long-Term Estimates
PASTPAGE070205I: BARBARA JOHNSON & MARK W. ZACHER - Canadian Foreign Pollicy and the Law of the Sea
PASTPAGE090017I: SHELEMYAHU ZACKS - The Theory of Statistical Inference Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics
PASTPAGE069053I: SHELEMYAHU ZACKS - Stochastic Visibility in Random Fields
PASTPAGE078366I: DIANE ZAHM; PAUL CROMWELL (EDITORS) - Proceedings of the International Seminar on Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis -- University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida 1993
PASTPAGE088199I: SALMAN ZAIDI; ASAD ALAM; PRADEEP MITRA; RAMYA SUNDARAM - Satisfaction with Life and Service Delivery in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Some Insights from the 2006 Life in Transition Survey World Bank Working Paper No. 162
PASTPAGE074075I: J. F. WILLIAMS & A. ZAJAC - Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Dogs and Cats
PASTPAGE074076I: J. F. WILLIAMS & A. ZAJAC - Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Dogs and Cats
PASTPAGE090126I: ABE J. ZAKHEM; DANIEL E. PALMER; MARY LYN STOLL (EDS.) - Stakeholder Theory: Essential Readings in Ethical Leadership and Management
PASTPAGE085079I: VITALI ZAKRUTKIN - Floating Stanitsa
PASTPAGE065326I: G. A. ZAKRZEWSKI; DON MAZENKO; STANLEY T. PETERS; CHARLES D. DEAN (EDITORS) - Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering - 34th International Sampe Symposium and Exhibition - Volume 34, Book 2 of 2: Tomorrow's Materials: Today
PASTPAGE087402I: LEX ZALETA - Getting Down to Business - the Handbook of the Semi-Pro
PASTPAGE087177I: ALVIN ZANDER - The Purposes of Groups and Organizations
PASTPAGE083963I: FELIX ZANDMAN; SALOMON REDNER; JAMES W. DALLY - Photoelastic Coatings Society for Experimental Stress Analysis Monograph No. 3
PASTPAGE049954I: E. BALECH & S. Z. EL-SAYED & G. HASLE & M. NEUSHUL & J. S. ZANEVELD - Primary Productivity and Benthic Marine Algae of the Antarctic and Subantarctic
PASTPAGE049953I: E. BALECH & S. Z. EL-SAYED & G. HASLE & M. NEUSHUL & J. S. ZANEVELD - Primary Productivity and Benthic Marine Algae of the Antarctic and Subantarctic Antarctic Map Folio Series #10
PASTPAGE080568I: COOPER MEANS & BILLIE TAYLOR & ELLY ZANIN - Activities for the New Physical Education - a Resource Book for the Middle School Teacher
PASTPAGE087793I: DENNIS CRAIG & SCOTT GROVES & ALAN P. WIDTMANN & GLENN ZAROSKI - Omnigon - the Science Fiction - Fantasy Role-Playing Game
PASTPAGE067847I: R. Z. SAGDEEV & D. A. USIKOV & G. M. ZASLAVSKY - Nonlinear Physics - from the Pendulum to Turbulence and Chaos Contemporary Concepts in Physics Volume 4
PASTPAGE081677I: RICHARD ZBORAY; DAVID SACHS - Programs for Profit: How to Really Make Money with a Personal Computer A Byte Book
PASTPAGE068316I: SALVATORE ZECCHINI - Industry in Poland Structural Adjustment Issues and Policy Options
PASTPAGE071935I: ROY ROTHWELL & WALTER ZEGVELD - Industrial Innovation and Public Policy: Preparing for the 1980s and the 1990s
PASTPAGE069279I: NANCY I. ZEIDNER - Private Elementary and Secondary Education a Bibliography of Selected Publications
PASTPAGE071090I: BERNARD P. ZEIGLER - Theory of Modelling and Simulation
PASTPAGE071089I: BERNARD P. ZEIGLER - Theory of Modelling and Simulation
PASTPAGE071091I: BERNARD P. ZEIGLER - Theory of Modelling and Simulation
PASTPAGE074267I: SEYMOUR WARKOV & JOSEPH ZELAN - Lawyers in the Making
PASTPAGE076288I: ANNETTE ZELMAN - Teaching 'About Communism' in American Public Schools
PASTPAGE086628I: EDDY M. ZEMACH - Real Beauty
PASTPAGE085824I: KA ZENG - Trade Threats, Trade Wars - Bargaining, Retaliation, and American Coercive Diplomacy
PASTPAGE085122I: VIRGINIA FORD ZENKE - Midlife, Mid-Century, Mid-South
PASTPAGE080846I: LEWIS ZEREM; RAY CANTWELL - Superjet: A Spy-Ring Thriller
PASTPAGE068526I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Da Wright Sul Canal Grande Alla Chapelle de Ronchamp Volume Primo
PASTPAGE068528I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dalla Celebrazione Di Rossetti All'Opera Di Utzon a Sidney Volume Secondo
PASTPAGE068529I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dall'Expo Mondiale Di Bruxelles All'Inaugurazione Di Brasilia Volume Terzo
PASTPAGE068530I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dai Laboratori Medici Di Kahn Al Piano Di Tange Per Tokio Volume Quarto
PASTPAGE068531I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dal Concorso Di Tel-Aviv Al Piano Regolatore Volume Quinto
PASTPAGE068532I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dalla Scomparsa Di le Corbusier All'Habitat Di Montreal Volume Sesto
PASTPAGE068533I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architetturia Dalla Ricostruzione Di Gerusalemme Agli Scioperi Generali Per la Casa Volume Settimo
PASTPAGE068534I: BRUNO ZEVI - Chronache Di Architettura Indici
PASTPAGE078265I: SHU GUANG ZHANG - Economic Cold War - America's Embargo Against China and the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1949-1963
PASTPAGE084708I: BIN-CHENG ZHANG - Index of Economically Important Lepidoptera
PASTPAGE083263I: TIAN C. ZHANG; RAO Y. SURAMPALLI; KEITH C. K. LAI; ZHIQIANG HU; R. D. TYAGI; IRENE M. C. LO - Nanotechnologies for Water Environment Applications
PASTPAGE057512I: HUAIYU ZHU - On Information and Sufficiency
PASTPAGE090024I: JEAN ZIEGLER - Switzerland Exposed
PASTPAGE076171I: AVIS BOSSHART ZIEGLER - Patient Contact and Public Relations - Doctors' Administrative Program 1
PASTPAGE087136I: PETER A. ZIEGLER - Evolution of the Arctic-North Atlantic and the Western Tethys - Aapg Memoir 43
PASTPAGE073870I: JOHN M. ZIELINSKI - The Amish: A Pioneer Heritage
PASTPAGE071757I: O.C. ZIENKIEWICZ - The Finite Element Method in Engineering Science
PASTPAGE071758I: O.C. ZIENKIEWICZ - The Finite Element Method in Engineering Science
PASTPAGE081619I: RUDOLF ZIESCHE - Der Manuskriptnachlass Gerhart Hauptmanns -- Teil 2 - Gh Hs 231-470 -- Katalog Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz - Kataloge der Handschriftenabteilung -- Zweite Reihe: Nachlšsse - Band 2
PASTPAGE086912I: J. M. ZIMAN - Models of Disorder - the Theoretical Physics of Homogeneously Disordered Systems
PASTPAGE067175I: JOSE MARIA RODRIGUEZ & CLELIA ROSSI & SILVIO SALGARELLI & GIUSEPPE ZIMBONE - Architettura Come Semiotica - Appunti Per IL Fondamento Di Nuovi Strumenti Critici
PASTPAGE081190I: JOSEPH F. ZIMMERMAN - State-Local Relations - a Partnership Approach
PASTPAGE073955I: ANTONIO MORILLA & KYOUNG-JIN YOON & JEFFREY J. ZIMMERMAN - Trends in Emerging Viral Infections of Swine
PASTPAGE079377I: FRANKLIN E. ZIMRING - The Changing Legal World of Adolescence
PASTPAGE086804I: FRANKLIN E. ZIMRING - The Changing Legal World of Adolescence
PASTPAGE054363I: LAWRENCE ZINK - Fascinating Spirited Cincinnati from River Boats and River Town to Elegance and Presidents
PASTPAGE070066I: STEVEN D. ZINK - Guide to the Presidential Advisory Commissions 1973-84
PASTPAGE083168I: RICARDO ZINN - Argentina: A Nation at the Crossroads of Myth and Reality
PASTPAGE073333I: SIDNEY B. KATZ & JEROME T. KAPES & PERRY A. ZIRKEL - Resources for Writing for Publication in Education
PASTPAGE069770I: A. ZLATKIS; R. E. KAISER (EDITORS) - Hptlc - High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography - Journal of Chriomatography Library, Volume 9
PASTPAGE085062I: ARIE S. ISSAR & MATTANYAH ZOHAR - Climate Change - Environment and Civilization in the Middle East
PASTPAGE065448I: ZOKEISHA - 123 - a Tip-Toe Tall Book
PASTPAGE065447I: ZOKEISHA - ABC - a Tip-Toe Tall Book
PASTPAGE086232I: WILLIAM FRANK ZORNOW - Lincoln & the Party Divided
PASTPAGE071099I: G. ZOUTENDIJK - Mathematical Programming Methods
PASTPAGE071100I: G. ZOUTENDIJK - Mathematical Programming Methods
PASTPAGE083361I: MASARRAT HUSAIN ZUBERI - Voyage Through History -- in Two Volumes -- Volume I
PASTPAGE083256I: MASARRAT HUSAIN ZUBERI - Voyage Through History -- in Two Volumes -- Volume II
PASTPAGE077922I: J. J. ZUCKERMAN; A. P. HAGEN (EDITORS) - Inorganic Reactions and Methods, Volume 5 -- Formation of Bonds to Group Vib (O, S, Se, Te, Po) Elements (Part 1)
PASTPAGE090000I: BERT M. ZUCKERMAN; RICHARD A. ROHDE (EDS.) - Plant Parasitic Nematodes - Volume III
PASTPAGE079612I: MITCHELL ZUCKOFF; DICK LEHR - Judgment Ridge: The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders
PASTPAGE066383I: WILLIAM ZUILL - Horse Whips in High Places - the Turbulent Decade 1819-29
PASTPAGE078954I: PETR ZUMAN; RAMESH C. PATEL - Techniques in Organic Reaction Kinetics
PASTPAGE078953I: PETR ZUMAN; RAMESH C. PATEL - Techniques in Organic Reaction Kinetics
PASTPAGE080395I: GILLES LAPLAGNE & FREDERIC ZUMBIEHL - Felin in Action in Enemy Terrritory - Volume 2
PASTPAGE057462I: ELMO R. ZUMWALT, JR. - On Watch: A Memoir
PASTPAGE068180I: LOUIS A. ZURCHER, JR. & R. GEORGE KIRKPATRICK - Citizens for Decency: Antipornography Crusades As Status Defense
PASTPAGE084946I: SVETLANA ZVEREVA - Alexander Kastalsky: His Life and Music
PASTPAGE081487I: CHRISTINA ZWARG - Feminist Conversations: Fuller, Emerson, and the Play of Reading
PASTPAGE073569I: OSKAR ZWINSHER - Farbige Raumgestaltung: Farbwahl Und Anstrichtechniken
PASTPAGE073675I: JERROLD ZWIRN - Congrssional Publications and Proceedings Research on Legislation, Budgets, and Treaties Second Edition
PASTPAGE072308I: MANUEL ZYMELMAN - Occupational Structures of Industries

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