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PASTPAGE066497I: UNKNOWN - Modern Cooking Is Electric Cooking
PASTPAGE073950I: UNKNOWN - Early American Maps and Views
PASTPAGE090510I: UNKNOWN - New York Illustrated
PASTPAGE089362I: UNKNOWN - History of England for Young People: From the Conquest by Julius Caesar to the Present Time
PASTPAGE068906I: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Low Temperatures and Electric Power Transmission Motors, Transformers, and Other Equipment Cryogenics and Properties of Materials
PASTPAGE089858I: UNKNOWN - Papers Relating to Foreign Affairs, Accompanying the Annual Message of the President to the First Session 39th Congress. Vol 1
PASTPAGE089741I: UNKNOWN - Prayers for Children
PASTPAGE089764I: UNKNOWN - Pocket Library of the World's Essential Knowledge. Volumes I Through X. Complete Set
PASTPAGE089765I: UNKNOWN - Wit and Humour Birthday Book
PASTPAGE090456I: UNKNOWN - The Story of Jesus for Children
PASTPAGE088913I: UNKNOWN - Olympia 1936. 2 Volumes Complete Winter & Summer Olympic Games: Die Olympischen Spiele in Berlin Und Garmisch-Partenkirchen
PASTPAGE089475I: UNKNOWN - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Official Collectors Edition
PASTPAGE089871I: UNKNOWN - Mercury Owner's Manual 1967
PASTPAGE066858I: UNKNOWN - A Child's Story of the New Testament in Words of One Syllable with thirty-nine illustrations
PASTPAGE089578I: UNKNOWN - Fair Thoughts
PASTPAGE075360I: UNKNOWN - Peasant Life: Sketches of the Villagers and Field-Labourers in Glenaldie -- Second Series
PASTPAGE089852I: UNKNOWN - Bedtime Stories
PASTPAGE088465I: UNKNOWN - A Children's Treasury of Poetry and Rhymes
PASTPAGE073891I: UNKNOWN - Shanghai - Street Guide
PASTPAGE073890I: UNKNOWN - Beijing - Street Guide
PASTPAGE066257I: UNKNOWN - A Light to the World
PASTPAGE048921I: UNKNOWN - Manuel Bromberg Retrospective 1938-71 Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture at the Art Gallery of the State University College New Paltz, N.Y.
PASTPAGE088884I: UNKNOWN - Young America: Stories and Pictures for Young People
PASTPAGE089859I: UNKNOWN - Papers Relating to Foreign Affairs, Accompanying the Annual Message of the President to the First Session 39th Congress. Vol 2
PASTPAGE089870I: UNKNOWN - Cadillac Owner's Manual 1969
PASTPAGE070423I: UNKNOWN - Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 - Employment Safety and Health Guide - Law and Explanation - P.L. 95-164 - November 9, 1977
PASTPAGE089025I: UNKNOWN - The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Christmas Carol
PASTPAGE089473I: UNKNOWN - The Official System of Contract Bridge
PASTPAGE066312I: UNKNOWN - Zimbabwe People's Army - the First Published Statement by Zipa, the New Zimbabwe Liberation Force.
PASTPAGE066311I: UNKNOWN - Zimbabwe People's Army - the First Published Statement by Zipa, the New Zimbabwe Liberation Force.
PASTPAGE089835I: UNKNOWN - The Cazenovian: 1926 Yearbook
PASTPAGE089186I: UNKNOWN - Brief Magazine - December 1952, Vol I, No. 1 (First Issue)
PASTPAGE089146I: UNKNOWN - Compact Magazine - First Issue, Vol. I, No. 1, July 1951
PASTPAGE089145I: UNKNOWN - Check: The Illustrated Digest - March 1951 Vol I #1
PASTPAGE090465I: UNKNOWN - Night Before Christmas to Color
PASTPAGE088910I: UNKNOWN - New York at the World's Columbian Exposition
PASTPAGE089234I: UNKNOWN - Little Snowdrop and Other Stories
PASTPAGE089613I: UNKNOWN - The Big Book to Grow on
PASTPAGE089834I: UNKNOWN - Mother Goose No. 343 "Linenette
PASTPAGE068103I: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Radioisotopes and Radiation in Dairy Science and Technology
PASTPAGE070393I: UNKNOWN - Preparation and Use of Instructional Modules in Driver and Traffic Safety Education
PASTPAGE088794I: UNKNOWN - Basic Bonsai Student Workbook
PASTPAGE089405I: UNKNOWN - The White Mountains of New Hampshire: The Land of Scenic Splendor
PASTPAGE088643I: UNKNOWN - National Dictionary of the English Language - Based on the Principles Established by Noah Webster and Including a Practical Guide to Business English - Self-Pronouncing - New Edition
PASTPAGE089706I: UNKNOWN - Colombus and the Discovery of America; Compiled from Authoritive Sources.
PASTPAGE089590I: UNKNOWN - Mcclure's Magazine Vol XLII November to April 1913-1914 (Bound Volume of Six Monthly Issues)
PASTPAGE082525I: LAURIAN UNNEVEHR; NANCY HIRSCHHORN - Food Safety Issues in the Developming World World Bank Technical Paper No. 469
PASTPAGE081629I: JOHN UNTERECKER - Notes to First Edition of Voyager: A Life of Hart Crane
PASTPAGE071976I: PHILIP UNWIN - The Printing Unwins - a Short History of Unwin Brothers - the Gresham Press - 1826-1976
PASTPAGE076238I: HARLAN UPDEGRAFF - The Origin of the Moving School in Massachusetts Columbia University Contributions to Education - Teachers College Series No. 17
PASTPAGE080406I: JOHN UPDIKE - The Music School: Short Stories
PASTPAGE073309I: MILTON J. ESMAN & NORMAN T. UPHOFF - Local Organizations - Intermediaries in Rural Development
PASTPAGE078247I: MARGARET M. BLAIR & GIRISH UPPAL - The Deal Decade Handbook
PASTPAGE065322I: LENT D. UPSON - Practice of Municipal Administration
PASTPAGE074025I: WILLIAM B. UPTON, JR. - Landforms and Topographic Maps: Illustrating Landforms of the Continental United States
PASTPAGE074024I: WILLIAM B. UPTON, JR. - Landforms and Topographic Maps: Illustrating Landforms of the Continental United States
PASTPAGE052660I: FERNANDO JAVIER URQUIJO - Seine-Normandie - de L'Usage de L'Eau
PASTPAGE078245I: JAMES USHER - Clio" or, a Discourse on Taste
PASTPAGE085863I: THE STAFF OF COMPOST SCIENCE/LAND UTILIZATION - Biogas and Alcohol Fuels Production - Proceedings of a Seminar on Biomass Energy for City, Farm, and Industry
PASTPAGE086070I: MINNIE L. UTLEY - Yesterday and Tomorrow
PASTPAGE083933I: JOHN M. KINGSOLVER & SUZANNE W. T. BATRA & JOYCE A. UTMAR - A Selected Bibliography of Insect-Vascular Plant Associational Studies - Bibliographies and Literature of Agriculture Number 27
PASTPAGE063063I: V., COTTAM, R. - Diary from France
PASTPAGE062691I: V., COTTAM, R. - White Heat
PASTPAGE062564I: SPOTTS, SPOTTS, JAMES V. AND CAROL A. - Use and Abuse of Amphetamine and Its Substitutes - Research Issues 25 - Dhew Publication No. (Adm) 80-941
PASTPAGE064659I: V., RICKENBACKER, EDWARD - Fighting the Flying Circus
PASTPAGE086273I: JEFFERSON COUNTY CAMP U. C. V. - Military Operations in Jefferson County Virginia (and West Virginia) - 1861-1865
PASTPAGE090105I: DENISE VAILLANT - Education Reforms and Teachers' Unions: Avenues for Action Fundamentals of Educational Planning - 82
PASTPAGE075627I: HARRI VAINIO; FRANCA BIANCHINI (EDITORS) - Iarc Handbooks of Cancer Prevention: Volume 5 - Sunscreens
PASTPAGE085285I: V. P. SHEVELKO & L. A. VAINSHTEIN - Atomic Physics for Hot Plasmas
PASTPAGE067877I: S. VAJDA - The Mathematics of Experimental Design: Incomplete Block Designs and Latin Squares
PASTPAGE090579I: POLINA VAJDMAN; LJUDMILA KORABEL'NIKOVA; VALENTINA RUBCOVA (EDS.) - Thematic and Bibliographical Catalogue of P.I. Tchaikovsky's (P.I. Cajkovkij's) Works
PASTPAGE085445I: MARK J. VALENCIA - A Maritime Regime from North-East Asia
PASTPAGE078648I: STEVENS H. CLARKE; ERNEST VALENTE, JR.; ROBYN R. MACE - Mediation of Interpersonal Disputes: An Evaluation of North Carolina's Programs
PASTPAGE083216I: KIM VALENTINE - Teen-Age Distance Running
PASTPAGE076007I: DAN VALENTINE, JR. - They Sleep on Boot Hill
PASTPAGE063439I: VALERIE, MONAHAN, - An American Postcard Collector's Guide
PASTPAGE069020I: BARBARA G. VALK, ED. - Collection Development: Cooperation at the Local and National Levels Papers of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials
PASTPAGE083315I: ROBIN R. VALLACHER; DANIEL M. WEGNER - A Theory of Action Identification Basic Studies in Human Behavior
PASTPAGE081158I: RUDY VALLÉE - Let the Chips Fall
PASTPAGE082503I: VIKTOR J. VANBERG - The Constitution of Markets: Essays in Political Economy
PASTPAGE066290I: LOUIS JOSEPH VANCE - The Romance of Terence O'Rourke, Gentleman Adventurer
PASTPAGE056373I: MARGARET VANDERCOOK - The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest
PASTPAGE089412I: MARGARET VANDERCOOK - The Ranch Girls Pot of Gold
PASTPAGE089782I: JOHN W. VANDERCOOK - Black Majesty: The Life of Christophe King of Haiti
PASTPAGE078549I: JAMES A. VANDERPOOL - People in Pain: A Guide to Pastoral Care
PASTPAGE069210I: T. ROSKA & J. VANDEWALLE, EDS. - Cellular Neural Networks
PASTPAGE072052I: BEN R. VARDAMAN; GRIFFIN M. LOVELACE - Making the Sale: Beginning the Sale, the Presentation, and Closing the Sale
PASTPAGE086904I: J. C. SOMOGYI & RUSCHLIKON-ZURICH & G. VARELA - Nutritional Deficiencies in Industrialized Countries - Bibliotheca Nutritio El Dieta - No. 30
PASTPAGE088482I: R. S. VARGA - Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory in Numerical Analysis - Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics - 3
PASTPAGE074996I: K. SZÉCHY & L. VARGA - Foundation Engineering - Soil Exploration and Spread Foundations
PASTPAGE087273I: N. B. VARGAFTIK - Tables on the Thermophysical Properties of Liquids and Gases - in Normal and Dissociated States
PASTPAGE081276I: ETHEL AYERS VASS - A Mountain Lass - My Journey Through Life
PASTPAGE074089I: D. F. WALKER & J. T. VAUGHAN - Bovine and Equine Urogenital Surgery
PASTPAGE074039I: LEOPOLDO F. MONTES & J. THOMAS VAUGHAN - Atlas of Skin Diseases of the Horse - Diagnosis and Treatment in Equine Dermatology
PASTPAGE078918I: HERBERT M. VAUGHAN - From Anne to Victoria: Fourteen Biographical Studies between 1702 and 1901
PASTPAGE074090I: D. F. WALKER & J. T. VAUGHAN - Bovine and Equine Urogenital Surgery
PASTPAGE074270I: JAMES D. VAUGHAN; ET AL. - Victory Voices - for Sunday-Schools, Singing-Schools, Revivals, Conventions and General Use in Christian Work and Worship
PASTPAGE076940I: S. J. VAUGHN - Printing and Bookbinding for Schools
PASTPAGE060325I: JACK VAUGHN - The Game Room: The Adventures of General L.A. Starr in the White House
PASTPAGE085429I: CARL G. VAUGHT - The Journey Toward God in Augustine's Confessions - Books I-VI
PASTPAGE086477I: A. C. DE BREYCHA-VAUTHIER - Sources of Information - a Handbook on the Publications of the League of Nations
PASTPAGE079310I: MICHAEL VAVRUS - Transforming the Multicultural Education of Teachers: Theory, Research, and Practice Multicultural Education Series
PASTPAGE074623I: GIAMPAOLO DE VECCHI - I Filoni Basici Ed Ultrabasici Dell'Altipiano Di Tonezza (Alto Vicentino)
PASTPAGE077231I: GEORGES VÉDIER - Origine Et évolution de la Dramaturgie Néo-Classique - L'Influence Des Arts Plastiques En Italie Et En France: Le Rideau, la Mise En Scène Et Les Trois Unités
PASTPAGE080685I: CAROL L. NEUMAN DE VEGVAR - The Northumbrian Renaissance - a Study in the Transmission of Style
PASTPAGE077296I: ANDRÉ VEINSTEIN - Du Théatre Libre Au Théatre Louis Jouvet -- Les Théatres D'Art a Travers Leur Périodique (1887-1934)
PASTPAGE084029I: OLE VALDEMAR VEJBAEK - Seismic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution of the Lower Cretaceous in the Danish Central Trough Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse - Serie A - Nr. 11 -- Miljøministeriet -- Geological Survey of Denmark
PASTPAGE084026I: OLE VALDEMAR VEJBAEK - Seismic Stratigraphy and Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins Around Bornholm Southern Baltic Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse - Serie A - Nr. 8 -- Miljøministeriet -- Geological Survey of Denmark
PASTPAGE085282I: JULIA KING & LAILA MILETIC-VEJZOVIC - The Library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf - a Short-Title Catalog
PASTPAGE083915I: ALBERT KOLB & JEAN MULLER & ALBERT RONSIN & ÉMILE VAN DER VEKENE - Répertoire Bibliographique Des Livres Imprimés En France Au Seizième Siècle - Bibliotheca Bibliographica Aureliana XXXVI
PASTPAGE081994I: GÁBOR VÉKONY - Dacians-Romans-Romanian
PASTPAGE084852I: V. I. NEKORKIN & M. G. VELARDE - Synergetic Phenomena in Active Lattices - Patterns, Waves, Solitons, Chaos - Physics and Astronomy - Springer Series in Synergetics
PASTPAGE083733I: BRADFORD H. CHALLIS & BORIS M. VELICHKOVSKY - Stratification in Cognition and Consciousness - Advances in Consciousness Research
PASTPAGE086539I: J. DAVID VELLEMAN - The Possibility of Practical Reason
PASTPAGE089609I: CLARKE VENABLE - All the Brave Rifles
PASTPAGE083128I: JERRY VENCILL - Old Jonah's Book of Tales: A Collection of Folk Tales and Mountain Stories As Told by Old Jonah, the Last of the Clinch Mountainmen
PASTPAGE084864I: SITA VENKATESWAR - Development and Ethnocide: Clonial Practices in the Andaman Islands
PASTPAGE074135I: PEIRRE VENNETIER - Atlas de la République Populaire Du Congo
PASTPAGE062921I: COMITAS, RUBIN, VERA AND LAMBROS - Ganja in Jamaica: The Effects of Marijuana Use
PASTPAGE062384I: COMITAS, RUBIN, VERA AND LAMBROS - Ganja in Jamaica: The Effects of Marijuana Use
PASTPAGE083833I: TOM VERDUCCI - Inside Baseball: The Best of Tom Verducci
PASTPAGE085048I: MARION VERHAALEN - Canmargo Guarnieri, Brazilian Composer - a Study of His Creative Life and Works
PASTPAGE070288I: PETER J. VERHOVEN; DONALD E. HAWKINS - Obtaining Funds for Therapeutic Recreation and the Creative Arts Therapies: A Manual for Therapeutic Recreation Personnel, and Music, Art, Psychodrama and Dance Therapies
PASTPAGE072418I: WILLIBRORD VERKADE - Yesterdays of an Artist-Monk
PASTPAGE084494I: GIJS J. O. VERMEER - 3-D Seismic Survey Design Geophysical References, Vol. 12
PASTPAGE082806I: JAAP VERMEULEN; TONY WHITTEN - Biodiversity and Cultural Property in the Management of Limestone Resources: Lessons from East Asia Directions in Development
PASTPAGE087669I: ELMON L. VERNER - Current Administrative Problems - Athletics - Health Education - Physical Education - Recreation
PASTPAGE078653I: JULIA VERNON; FRANCIS REGAN (EDITORS) - Improving Access to Justice: The Future of Paralegal Professionals - Proceedings of a Conference Held 19-20 February 1990
PASTPAGE058366I: VERNON, WOOTEN, - A Sketchbook of Williamsburg: Pen & Ink Drawings of Historic Williamsburg, Virginia
PASTPAGE080197I: TOM VERNON - Gobbledegook: A Critical Review of Official Forms and Leaflets and How to Improve Them
PASTPAGE079207I: GLENN M. VERNON - Sociology of Death: An Analysis of Death-Related Behavior
PASTPAGE070279I: ANN VERNON - Help Yourself to a Healthier You: A Handbook of Emotional Education Exercises for Children
PASTPAGE090035I: J. E. N. VERON - Corals in Space and Time: The Biogeography and Evolution of the Scleractinia
PASTPAGE074328I: EVA VERONA - Corporate Headings: Their Use in Library Catalogues and National Bibliographies - International Federation of Library Associations
PASTPAGE080650I: GIULIA VERONESI - Style and Design 1909-1929
PASTPAGE072809I: JAN VERSTEEG - Color Atlas of Virology
PASTPAGE072754I: A. J. G. VERSTER - Old European Pewter
PASTPAGE079446I: G. N. A. VESEY - The Embodied Mind
PASTPAGE090667I: FRANS VESTER - Flute Music of the 18th Century: An Annotated Bibliography
PASTPAGE081570I: PAUL VEYRIRAS - Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861)
PASTPAGE087815I: PHILIPPE R. BOULLE & JEAN CARRIERES & ELIE CHAREST & GENE MARCIL & GUY-FRANCIS VELLA & MARC A. VEZINA - Heavy Gear - Into the Eye of the Storm - Rulebook - the Science Fiction Roleplaying & Tactical Game
PASTPAGE068546I: JEAN VIAL - Les Instituteurs Douze Siecles D'Histoire
PASTPAGE081581I: JEAN-PHILIPPE VIAL; ISRAEL ZANG - Unconstrained Optimization by Approximation of the Gradient Path Center for Operations Research & Econometrics - CORE Discussion Paper No. 7513, June 1975
PASTPAGE087537I: AUGUSTE VIATTE - L'Extreme-Orient Et Nous - Problemes Actuels 6
PASTPAGE062747I: STAFF, PAWLAK, VIC AND DO IT NOW - Drug Abuse: A Realistic Primer for Parents or, Things You Should Know About Drugs After Reading the Scare Pamphlets
PASTPAGE080208I: STEVEN VICKERS - Timex Sinclair 1000 User Manual
PASTPAGE086753I: DOROTHY S. VICKERY - Memoirs of Europe After World War II 1945-47
PASTPAGE066317I: J. T. HENSHAW - A VICTIM - Tricks of the Touts A true tale of how I slipped one over on the race horse crooks at Niagra
PASTPAGE062459I: VICTOR, WEINBERG, - One Time, Maybe: A Collection of You
PASTPAGE063934I: VICTOR, CALEF, - Scientific Proceedings Panel Reports - Psychological Consequences of Physical Illness in Childhood
PASTPAGE080699I: MARIUS VICTORINUS - Theological Treatises on the Trinity
PASTPAGE068479I: ELSPETH MIDDLETON & MURIEL RANSON CARTER & ALBERT VIERIN - 100 to Dinner Better Cooking for Clubs, Camps & Resorts, Institutions, Industrial Plants, and All Public Dining Places
PASTPAGE083732I: WARREN VIESSMAN, JR. & TIMOTHY D. FEATHER - State Water Resources Planning in the United States
PASTPAGE069681I: JOSEPH A. VIGNONE - Collective Bargaining Procedures for Public Library Employees: An Inquiry Into the Opinions and Attitudes of Public Libraries, Directors and Board Members
PASTPAGE072782I: TYRONE L. VIGO - Textile Processing and Properties - Preparation, Dyeing, Finishing and Performance Textile Science and Technology 11
PASTPAGE075275I: DANIEL VILFROY - War in the West: The Battle of France, May-June, 1940
PASTPAGE074938I: PASQUALE VILLARI - The Two First Centuries of Florentine History
PASTPAGE071007I: EMILE VINCENT - Mollusques Des Couches a Cyrenes (Paleocene Du Lumborg) Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 43
PASTPAGE073272I: A. VINET - Pastoral Theology; or, the Theory of the Evangelical Ministry
PASTPAGE073029I: GERHARD VINNAI - Football Mania: The Players and the Fans; the Mass Psychology of Football
PASTPAGE061951I: VIOLI, PAUL - Some Poems
PASTPAGE079980I: PATRICIA H. VIRGA - The American Opera to 1790 Studies in Musicology, No. 61
PASTPAGE081484I: H. N. VISSER - The Geology of the Koedoesrand Area, Northern Tranvaal: An Expanation of Sheets 35 and 36 (Keodoesrand) Union of South Africa, Department of Mines, Geological Survey
PASTPAGE090028I: J. H. VISSER; A. K. MINKS (EDS.) - Insect-Plant Relationships: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium
PASTPAGE081485I: SHIV VISVANATHAN - A Carnival for Science: Essays on Science, Technology and Development
PASTPAGE077438I: SHIV VISVANATHAN - Organizing for Science: The Making of an Industrial Research Laboratory
PASTPAGE082061I: S. VISWANATHAN - The Shakespeare Play As Poem: A Critical Tradition in Perspective
PASTPAGE048645I: PHILIP VITALE - Movable-Bed Laboratory Experiments Comparing Laboratory Stress and Energy Flux Factor As Predictors of Longshore Transport Rate
PASTPAGE088217I: CATHERINE FARVACQUE-VITKOVIC; LUCIEN GODIN; HUGUES LEROUX; FLORENCE VERDET; ROBERTO CHAVEZ - Street Addressing and the Management of Cities Directions in Development
PASTPAGE049289I: ARTHUR J. PRANGE & M. M. VITOLS - Cultural Aspects of the Relatively Low Incidence of Depression in Southern Negroes
PASTPAGE049290I: ARTHUR J. PRANGE & M. M. VITOLS - Jokes Among Southern Negroes: The Revelation of Conflict
PASTPAGE089465I: THOMAS J. VIVIAN - The Fall of Santiago
PASTPAGE082051I: JAMES A. VLASICH - A Legend for the Legendary: The Origin of the Baseball Hall of Fame
PASTPAGE068554I: THOMAS VOCINO AND RICHARD HEIMOVICS, EDS. - Public Administration Education in Transition
PASTPAGE076367I: JUDITH E. VOELKI - Risk Management in Therapeutic Recreation: A Component of Quality Assurance
PASTPAGE054705I: HAROLD N. VOGEL - The Co-Op Apartment - a Guide for Buyers & Owners
PASTPAGE072407I: HARRY V. VOGT - By Force of Impulse: An Original Drama, in Five Acts
PASTPAGE072100I: J.C. VOIGT, M.D. - Fifty Years of the History of the Republic in South Africa (1795-1845) in Two Volumes Volume I
PASTPAGE075472I: MELVIN J. VOIGT; GERHARD J. HANNEMAN - Progress in Communication Sciences, Volume I
PASTPAGE070114I: J. C. VOIGT - Fifty Years of the History of the Republic in South Africa (1795-1845) Vol. II
PASTPAGE085367I: BRUNO VOITURIEZ - The Changing Ocean - Its Effects on Climate and Living Resources - Ioc Ocean Forum IV
PASTPAGE066939I: A. VOLBORTH - Coal Science and Chemistry - Coal Science and Technology 10
PASTPAGE079968I: SHIJURO OGATA; PAUL VOLCKER; ET AL. - Financing an Effective United Nations: A Report of the Independent Advisory Group on U.N. Financing
PASTPAGE077333I: JOSEPH F. VOLKER - The University and the City
PASTPAGE072168I: JANUSZ SYMONIDES & VLADIMIR VOLODIN, EDS. - A Guide to Human Rights Institutions, Standards, Procedures
PASTPAGE048615I: VOLTAIRE - Voltaire - Für Wahrheit Und Menschlichkeit, Seine Schriften Ausgewählt Und Eingeleitet
PASTPAGE068064I: PETER K. LIEBENOW (HERAUSGEGEBEN VON) - Das Künzelsauer Fronleichnamspiel
PASTPAGE089060I: FRANK C. VOORHIES - Mrs. Mcpiggs of the Very Old Scratch - a Half Grown Novel
PASTPAGE076300I: ALICE MARIA VAN DE VOORT - The Teaching of Science in Normal Schools and Teachers Colleges Teachers College, Columbia University Contributions to Education, No. 287
PASTPAGE077069I: SIJNA DE VOOYS - The Psychological Element in the English Sociological Novel of the Nineteenth Century
PASTPAGE084912I: ANTHONY J. LA VOPA - Fichte - the Self and the Calling of Philosophy, 1762-1799
PASTPAGE083029I: SARAH VOSS - What Number Is God?: Metaphors, Metaphysics, Metamathematics, and the Nature of Things
PASTPAGE073949I: R. K. SHIDELER & J. L. VOSS - Management of the Pregnant Mare and Newborn Foal
PASTPAGE073964I: E. L. SQUIRES & V. M. COOK & J. L. VOSS - Collection and Transfer of Equine Embryos - Animal Reproduction Laboratory - Bulletin No. 1
PASTPAGE090314I: D. VOTH; P. GLEES (EDS.) - Diseases in the Cranio-Cervical Junction: Anatomical and Pathological Aspects and Detailed Clinical Accounts
PASTPAGE090252I: JULIAN DE VRIES - The Black Spear
PASTPAGE070892I: VICTOR H. VROOM - Work and Motivation
PASTPAGE087829I: NIKOLA VRTIS - Men in Black - the Director's Guide
PASTPAGE070141I: COMMITTEE ON TECHNIQUES FOR ASSESSING GROUND WATER VULNERABILITY - Ground Water Vulnerability Assessment Contamination Potential Under Conditions of Uncertainty
PASTPAGE058757I: CLAUDIA D. VURNAKES - Language Arts Centers: Riddles & Rhymes
PASTPAGE071946I: DR. PRAMOD VYAS - Dawning on the Capitol U.S. Congress and India
PASTPAGE087741I: ANDREI Y. VYSHINSKY; JESSICA SMITH (ED.) - The U.S. S.R. And World Peace Essay Index Reprint Series
PASTPAGE063719I: W., FISHWICK, MARSHALL - Popular Culture: Cavespace to Cyberspace
PASTPAGE063454I: W., DONSBACH, KURT - Dr. Donsbach Tells You What You Always Wanted to Know About Herbs - Revised
PASTPAGE063412I: W., LEIBBRAND, - Archipelagos, 1960
PASTPAGE063400I: W., GUERINI, EDMUND - Evolution in the Afterlife: The Extended Concepts of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
PASTPAGE063203I: W., CASTLE, DREW - Problems in Blueprint Reading: The Selvidge Series of Instruction Manuals
PASTPAGE062673I: W., BATTEAU, ROBERT - Flashback
PASTPAGE062376I: KIRKPATRICK, CHAUNCEY, HAL W. AND LAURENCE A. - Drugs and You (with a Discussion of Tobacco and Alcohol)
PASTPAGE061967I: W., POWELL, ERIC F. - Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs
PASTPAGE055157I: DOTT. LEIBRAND W. - Schellings Bedeutung F.D. Moderne Medizin
PASTPAGE064702I: W., BATTENHOUSE, ROY - Marlow Tamburlaine: A Study in Renaissance Moral Philosophy
PASTPAGE064442I: W., ABSE, DAVID - Early Phases of Ego-Structure Adumbrated in the Regressive Ego States of Schizophrenic Psychosis and Elucidated in
PASTPAGE064270I: W., HOUCK, PETER - Duty, Honor, Country: The Diary and Biography of General William P. Craighill, Cadet at West Point 1849-1853
PASTPAGE064269I: W., HOUCK, PETER - Duty, Honor, Country: The Diary and Biography of General William P. Craighill, Cadet at West Point 1849-1853
PASTPAGE067148I: EUGENE L. WACHSPRESS - A Rational Finite Element Basis
PASTPAGE087127I: CARL S. WACHTEL - How to Live 24 Golden Hours a Day
PASTPAGE076098I: BEN K. WADA; JAMES L. FANSON; KORYO MIURA (EDITORS) - First Joint U.S. / Japan Conference on Adaptive Structures - November 13-15, 1990 - Maui, Hawaii, U.S. A.
PASTPAGE073627I: SIEGFRIED HEIER & RACHEL WADDINGTON - Grid Integration of Wind Energy Conversion Systems
PASTPAGE085471I: SUSAN SNOW WADLEY - Raja Nal and the Goddess - the North Indian Epic Dhola in Performance
PASTPAGE087527I: A. E. WAFFLE - The Lord's Day: Its Universal and Perpetual Obligation, a Premium Essay - Green Fund Book No. 3
PASTPAGE082129I: F. VON M. WAGENER - Engineering Construction on Dolomite: Work Submitted in November 1982 As a Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of CIVIL Engineering, Unviersity of Natal
PASTPAGE087057I: H. D. WAGENER - The Citadel: Monograph Series: Number X - Petrology of the Adamellites, Granites and Related Metamorphic Rocks of the Winnsboro Quadrangle, South Carolina
PASTPAGE067759I: D. J. THEO WAGENER; GEERT H. BLIJHAM; JAN B. E. SMEETS; JACQUES A. WILS (EDITORS) - Primary Chemotherapy in Cancer Medicine: Proceedings of an International Symposium on Chemotherapy Preceding Surgery or Irradiation in Cancer Medicine Held in Valkenburg a/D Geul, the Netherlands, January 31-February 2, 1985
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PASTPAGE090517I: FRANCIE WOLFF - Give the Ballot to the Mothers: Songs of the Suffragists -- a History in Song
PASTPAGE051779I: HARRIS WOLFSON - Cigar Connoisseur: Foreplay & Reference Guide
PASTPAGE076990I: JANE WOLLMAN - Computer Workplace: Ergonomic Design for Computing at Home
PASTPAGE055032I: J. WOLPE - Psychotherapy - the Nonscientific Heritage and the New Science - Reprinted from Behaviour Research and Therapy
PASTPAGE049696I: JOSEPH WOLPE - New Therapeutic Methods Based on a Conditioned Response Theory of Neurosis Article reprint from Zeitschrift fur Psychologie Band 169 Heft 3-4 .
PASTPAGE076278I: ROLAND E. WOLSELEY - Careers in Religious Communications
PASTPAGE070957I: G. E. W. WOLSTENHOLME; JULIE KNIGHT (EDITORS) - Progesterone: Its Regulatory Effect on the Myometrium - Ciba Foundation Study Group No. 34
PASTPAGE054695I: WOMEN, MABSCOTT METHODIST - Family Favorites-Mabscott United Methodist Church
PASTPAGE065108I: WONES, DAVID R. - Sonnets for a Christian Year
PASTPAGE083321I: ALFRED KWOK-KIT WONG - Optical Imaging in Projection Microlithography Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering Volume TT66
PASTPAGE078701I: YOUNG-TSU WONG - Rejuvenating a Tradition: Reform and Revolution in Modern China Asian Thought and Culture - Vol. III
PASTPAGE075312I: SHUE TUCK WONG - Perception of Choice and Factors Affecting Industrial Water Supply Decisions in Northeastern Illinois Department of Geography Research Paper No. 117
PASTPAGE087074I: CAROLINE WAGNER & IRENE BRAHMAKULAM & D. J. PETERSON & LINDA STAHELI & ANNY WONG - U.S. Government Funding for Science and Technology Cooperation with Russia - Science and Technology Policy Institute
PASTPAGE067819I: A. P. CRACKNELL & K. C. WONG - The Fermi Surface - It's Concept, Determination, and Use in the Physics of Metals
PASTPAGE081302I: ELLA-MEI WONG - Yum Cha - Dim Sims & Other Chinese Delights
PASTPAGE061456I: DAVID WOOD - Armed Forces in Central and South America: Adelphi Papers No. 34 - April, 1967
PASTPAGE059087I: EDMUND RANDOLPH & LEIGHTON WOOD, MANCHESTER LODGE, NO. 14 - Allegiance: Program Sesqui-Centennial, Manchester Lodge No. 14 A.F. & A.M. / Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
PASTPAGE079282I: VIVIAN LEE POATES WOOD - Poulenc's Songs: An Analysis of Style
PASTPAGE072591I: ROBERT WOOD - Private Pay for Public Work: Performance-Related Pay for Public Sector Managers
PASTPAGE076520I: WILLIAM ALLEN WOOD - After-Dinner Speeches and How to Make Them
PASTPAGE086779I: EDWARD COPE WOOD - Death - the Gateway to Life - Evidences of Personal Immortality
PASTPAGE083649I: ERNEST WOOD - An Englishman Defends Mother India: A Complete Constructive Reply to "Mother India
PASTPAGE079291I: G. A. WOOD - Virus & Virus-Like Diseases & Non-Infectious Disorders of Small Fruits in New Zealand The Royal Society of New Zealand, Bulletin 33
PASTPAGE066848I: CLEMENT WOOD - Dreams and How to Understand Them
PASTPAGE072053I: RALPH L. WOOD; WILLIAM L. FLETCHER - How to Sell Your Services: Sales Management, How to Sell Your Services
PASTPAGE083559I: RICHARD G. WOOD - Stephen Harriman Long, 1784-1864: Army Engineer, Explorer, Inventor Frontier Military Series VI
PASTPAGE083033I: KELSEY WOOD - Troubling Play: Meaning and Entity in Plato's Parmenides
PASTPAGE068957I: ELIZABETH INGERMAN WOOD - Report on Project History Retrieval Tests and Demonstrations of an Optic-Coincidence System of Information Retrieval for Historical Materials
PASTPAGE083418I: LAJOS HANZO & R. CLARE A. SOMERVILLE & JASON P. WOODARD - Voice Compression and Communications
PASTPAGE087147I: GEORGE EDWARD WOODBERRY - Studies of a Litterateur
PASTPAGE081548I: GEORGE E. WOODBERRY - The Life of Edgar Allen Poe: Personal and Literary with His Chief Correspondence with Men of Letters - Volume I
PASTPAGE081547I: GEORGE E. WOODBERRY - The Life of Edgar Allen Poe: Personal and Literary with His Chief Correspondence with Men of Letters - Volume II
PASTPAGE074132I: M. WOODBINE - Antibiotics and Antibiosis in Agriculture - with Special Reference to Synergism
PASTPAGE090166I: MARDA WOODBURY - Selecting Materials for Instruction -- Vol. 3: Subect Areas and Implementation
PASTPAGE081138I: ELTON N. WOODBURY - Butterflies of Delmarva
PASTPAGE090094I: MARDA WOODBURY - Selecting Materials for Instruction -- Vol. 2: Media and the Curriculum
PASTPAGE090090I: MARDA WOODBURY - Selecting Materials for Instruction -- Vol. 1: Issues and Policies
PASTPAGE083392I: DOROTHY WOODMAN - The Making of Burma
PASTPAGE076746I: MAXIE NAVE WOODRING; VERA SANFORD - Enriched Teaching of Mathematics in the High School: A Source Book for Teachers of Mathematics Listing Chiefly Free and Low Cost Illustrative and Supplementary Materials
PASTPAGE076771I: MAXIE NAVE WOODRING; RACHEL THERESA BENSON - Enriched Teaching of English in the High School: A Source Book for Teachers of English, School Librarians and Directors of Extra-Curricular Activities Listing Chiefly Free and Low Cost Illustrative and Supplementary Materials
PASTPAGE059493I: HUBERT C. WOODS - Up-and-Down Inventor
PASTPAGE086311I: JAMES W. SAMES III & LEWIS C. WOODS, JR. - Index of Kentucky & Virginia Maps 1562 to 1900
PASTPAGE071815I: RICHARD D. WOODS - Reference Materials on Latin America in English: The Humanities
PASTPAGE071289I: J. DOUGLAS WOODS; DAVID A. E. PELTERET - The Anglo-Saxons: Synthesis and Achievement

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