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PASTPAGE063159I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Tenses
PASTPAGE063136I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Uniform Opinions
PASTPAGE063135I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Skins
PASTPAGE063134I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Face to Face
PASTPAGE063133I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Cannibals
PASTPAGE063132I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Blues
PASTPAGE063129I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Spices
PASTPAGE063128I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Pieces
PASTPAGE062924I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - As If the Street Could Die
PASTPAGE062920I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Time and Trouble
PASTPAGE062919I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - The Berkeley Bead Game
PASTPAGE062907I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Sense
PASTPAGE062906I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Concrete Meat
PASTPAGE062905I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Signs
PASTPAGE062902I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Blues
PASTPAGE062901I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - The Clown Jewels
PASTPAGE062900I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Spiels
PASTPAGE062355I: JULIA, VOSE, - Moved out on the Inside
PASTPAGE061996I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Tenses
PASTPAGE061995I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - The Clown Jewels
PASTPAGE064037I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Cannibal Crumbs: Street Selections 1982-1986
PASTPAGE064036I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Cannibal Consciousness: Street Selections 1976-1982
PASTPAGE064035I: JULIA, VINOGRAD, - Street Mystery
PASTPAGE062354I: JULIE, SIEGEL, - Pose Poems
PASTPAGE062235I: JULIE, MULIK, - Poems by Julie
PASTPAGE086384I: HWA YOL JUNG - The Foundation of Jacques Maritain's Political Philosophy - University of Florida Monographs - Social Sciences - No. 7, 1960
PASTPAGE079728I: COURTNEY JUNG - Then I Was Black: South Afican Political Identities in Transition
PASTPAGE066611I: H. JUNG; H. FENDEL; C. KARL (HRSG.) - Neueste Ergebnisse über Betamimetika - 4. Internationales Symposium, Aachen 1985
PASTPAGE072994I: PAUL JUNIČRE; M. SIGWALT - Aluminium: Its Applications in the Chemical and Food Industries
PASTPAGE060088I: JUNIOR, ALLAN - Sir Walter Scott: A Centenary Memento in Scene and Story
PASTPAGE085052I: KATHLEEN D. MORRISON & LAURA L. JUNKER - Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia - Long-Term Histories
PASTPAGE062281I: JUNO - Just for Kicks
PASTPAGE080897I: FRANK JUPO - Count Carrot
PASTPAGE053989I: JUSSAWALLA, DR. J. M. - The Key to Nature Cure
PASTPAGE082996I: MEHEROO JUSSAWALLA - Bridging Global Barriers: Two New International Orders: Nieo, Nwio Papers of the East-West Communication Institute No. 19
PASTPAGE062510I: JUSTICE, THE PRESIDENT'S COMMISSION ON LAW ENFORCEMENT ANDADMINISTRATION OF - Task Force Report: Drunkenness - Annotations, Consultants' Papers, and Related Materials
PASTPAGE052310I: JUSTICE, BLUE, RICHARD N., ROXANN VAN DUSEN, JULIE JOHNSON, AND JUDITH - Health Care in Nepal: An Assessment of A.I. D. 's Program A.I.D. Evaluation Special Study No. 70
PASTPAGE074494I: THE PROGRAM ON INFORMATION JUSTICE AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY - Protection for Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Under State Law and Its Impact on Use by Nonprofit Institutions: A 10-State Analysis
PASTPAGE082521I: J. ZINN-JUSTIN - Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena International Series of Monographs on Physics, no. 77
PASTPAGE077307I: S. M. JUSU - First Aid in Some Accidents
PASTPAGE077310I: S. M. JUSU - First Aid in Some Sicknesses
PASTPAGE060601I: K., ROTH, JOHN - Private Needs, Public Selves: Talk About Religion in America (Series: Public Expressions of Religion in America)
PASTPAGE060600I: K., ROTH, JOHN - Private Needs, Public Selves: Talk About Religion in America (Series: Public Expressions of Religion in America)
PASTPAGE060599I: K., ROTH, JOHN - Private Needs, Public Selves: Talk About Religion in America (Series: Public Expressions of Religion in America)
PASTPAGE060598I: K., ROTH, JOHN - Private Needs, Public Selves: Talk About Religion in America (Series: Public Expressions of Religion in America)
PASTPAGE057517I: KAUFFMAN, SAWHILL, B. K. AND S. A. - Phase Transitions in Logic Networks
PASTPAGE056235I: BLOOMER, ROBERTS, JOSEPH K. AND ROBERT O. - Catalogue of Topographic and Geologic Maps of Virginia
PASTPAGE052567I: WOOD, REID, GEORGE K. AND RICHARD D. - Ecology of Inland Waters and Estuaries
PASTPAGE064439I: K., FITZPATRICK, THOMAS - Architecture for Rehabilitation
PASTPAGE087477I: SHARMAN KADISH - Bolsheviks and British Jews: The Anglo-Jewish Comunity, Britain and the Russian Revolution
PASTPAGE083333I: GEORGE MCTURNAN KAHIN - The Asian-African Conference -- Bandung, Indonesia, April 1955
PASTPAGE084825I: PAUL W. KAHN - Putting Liberalism in Its Place
PASTPAGE056696I: KAHN, MICHAEL A. - Sheer Gall
PASTPAGE073595I: DR. WOLFGANG KAHN - Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasonography
PASTPAGE076963I: EMIL KAHN - Workbook for Conducting: The Complete Guide to the Elements of Conducting Orchestras, Bands, and Choruses
PASTPAGE083579I: LOTHAR KAHN - Mirrors of the Jewish Mind: A Gallery of Portraits of European Jewish Writers of Our Time
PASTPAGE075024I: LYNN SANDRA KAHN - Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to Conflict Management
PASTPAGE074040I: ROBERT F. KAHRS - Viral Diseases of Cattle
PASTPAGE084335I: ROGER J. P. KAIN; JOHN CHAPMAN; RICHARD R. OLIVER - The Enclosure Maps of England and Wales, 1595-1918: A Cartographic Analysis and Electronic Catalogue
PASTPAGE067651I: UWE KAISER - Link Theory in Manifolds Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1669
PASTPAGE069654I: E. T. KAISER; F. J. KÉZDY (EDITORS) - Progress in Bioorganic Chemistry - Volume One
PASTPAGE071207I: MARK ELI KALDERON - Moral Fictionalism
PASTPAGE083410I: YEHOSHUA KALISKY - The Physics and Engineering of Solid State Lasers
PASTPAGE062159I: KALLAS, ANTHONY C. - Rock River Suite
PASTPAGE081241I: HOWARD P. KALLEN - Handbook of Instrumentation and Controls: A Practical Design and Applications Manual for the Mechanical Services Covering Steam Plants, Power Plants, Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Ventilation Systems, Diesel Plants, Refrigeration, and Water Treatment
PASTPAGE084753I: E. KALLWEIT, M. HENNING, E. GROENEVELD (EDS) - Application of Nmr Techniques on the Body Composition of Live Animals
PASTPAGE087790I: MICHAEL WM. KALUTA - Mage - Images of Ascension
PASTPAGE056812I: KAMAL, AHMAD - The Sacred Journey Being Pilgrimage to Makkah: The Traditions, Dogma, and Islamic Ritual That Govern the Lives and the Destiny
PASTPAGE070087I: M. V. KAMATH - The United States and India 1776-1976
PASTPAGE050738I: SUBBARAO KAMBHAMPATI - Recent Advances in Ai Planning: A Unified View - Tutorial Ma2 Seventeenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
PASTPAGE076918I: LOTHAR KAMPMANN - Creating with Crayons Art Media Series
PASTPAGE061798I: KANDINSKY, CARLA - Nekkid Ladies & Other Fair Attractions
PASTPAGE056321I: KANE, HENRY - The Moonlighter
PASTPAGE069539I: MIMI HĹKANSON; MARLENE ENGELBREKTSSON (EDITORS) (REDAKTION) - Bohuslän Konst ĺrsbok 1995 - ĺrgĺng 17 - Bronsĺlder
PASTPAGE073458I: PAUL B. KANTOR - Objective Performance Measures for Academic and Research Libraries
PASTPAGE065082I: KAPFF, PR„LAT - Gebet-Buch
PASTPAGE072431I: ANDRZEJ KAPISZEWSKI - Native Arab Population and Foreign Workers in the Gulf States
PASTPAGE086492I: ROBERT L. KAPITZKE - Religion, Power, and Politics in Colonial St. Augustine
PASTPAGE081397I: SANDRA NINA KAPLAN; SHEILA KUNISHIMA MADSEN - Think-Ins: An Approach to Relevant Curriculum, Stressing Creative Thinking and Problem Solving -- to Be Used for: Learning Centers, Independent Study, Enrichment Activities, Task Cards
PASTPAGE075303I: WILLIAM COHEN & JOHN KAPLAN - Bill of Rights Constitutional Law for Undergraduates
PASTPAGE082270I: ZACHARY A. KAPLAN; PETER KYLE; CHRIS SHUGART; ALAN MOODY - Developing Public-Private Partnerships in Liberia A World Bank Study
PASTPAGE074242I: IRVING KAPLANSKY - Linear Algebra and Geometry - a Second Course
PASTPAGE078675I: MARSHALL B. KAPP - Geriatrics and the Law: Understanding Patient Rights and Professional Resposibilities
PASTPAGE078426I: ETHAN B. KAPSTEIN - The Insecure Alliance - Energy Crises and Western Politics Since 1944
PASTPAGE071471I: NEOVI M. KARAKATSANIS; JONATHAN SWARTS (EDITORS) - Political and Military Sociology - an Annual Review - Volume 38, 2010
PASTPAGE082964I: THEODORE KARASIK - Azerbaijan, Central Asia, and Future Persian Gulf Security A Rand Note N-3579-AF/A
PASTPAGE072146I: ABRAM KARDINER - L'Individuo E la Sua Societŕ: La Struttura Della "Personalitŕ Di Base" Nelle Societŕ Primitive. Un Incontro Ormai Classico Tra Psicoanalisi E Antropologia Culturale.
PASTPAGE062947I: KAREN, BRODINE, - Slow Juggling
PASTPAGE062859I: (EDITORS), PATTEN, KARL AND ROBERT TAYLOR - West Branch: A Twice-Yearly Magazine of Poetry and Fiction - Number 13
PASTPAGE062615I: KARL, KOPP, - The Juggler - with a Photographic Essay by Michael Miller
PASTPAGE069224I: KARLA BERY, ET AL., ED. - Journal of Film and Video Volume 58 Numbers 1-4
PASTPAGE069223I: KARLA BERY, ET AL., ED. - Journal of Film and Video Volume 57 Numbers 1-4
PASTPAGE069278I: C.C. LAMBERG-KARLOVSKY - Archaeological Thought in America
PASTPAGE080752I: ÁBRAHÁM KÁROLYNÉ; EGEY EMESE - Learn from Me: An English Coursebook Written from the Christian Perspective
PASTPAGE083012I: ANATOLY KARPOV - Karpov on Karpov: Memoirs of a Chess World Champion
PASTPAGE087501I: ARNE KARSTEN; VOLKER REINHARDT - Kardinäle, Künstler, Kurtisanen: Wahre Geschichten Aus Dem Päpstlichen Rom
PASTPAGE087168I: PETER KARSTEN - Between Law and Custom - "High" and "Low" Legal Cultures in the Lands of the British Diaspora - the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, 1600-1900
PASTPAGE083448I: K. P. KARUNAKARAN - Continuity and Change in Indian Politics: A Study of the Political Philosophy of the Indian National Movement, 1885-1921
PASTPAGE076826I: DAVID KASER - Messrs. Carey & Lea of Philadelphia: A Study of the History of the Booktrade
PASTPAGE084940I: PER G. STENSLAND & LOWELL S. LEVIN & RICHARD V. KASIUS - The Milbank Faculty Fellowship - Preparing Leadership for Change in Community Health for the Americas, 1963-1973
PASTPAGE086300I: KARL KASPAR - Shops and Showrooms - an International Survey
PASTPAGE078347I: ILANA KASS - Soviet Involvement in the Middle East: Policy Formulation, 1966-1973
PASTPAGE082085I: SAM HENRY KASS - Lusting After Pipino's Wife: A Comedy in Two Acts
PASTPAGE086913I: PATRICIA L. KASSCHAN - Aging and Social Policy - Leadership Planning
PASTPAGE083032I: MARLEEN KASSEL - Tokugawa Confucian Education: The Kangien Academy of Hirose Tanso (1782-1856) Studies of the East Asian Institute, Columbia Unversity
PASTPAGE072570I: CRUCE HOFFMAN & ANNA-BRITT KASUPKI - The Victims of Terrorism - an Assessment of Their Influence and Growing Role in Policy, Legislation, and the Private Sector
PASTPAGE086747I: V. KATAYEV - The Cottage in the Steppe - a Novel
PASTPAGE085124I: H. I. KATIBAH - Other Arabian Nights
PASTPAGE081511I: GEORGE KATSIAFICAS - The Imagination of the New Left: A Global Analysis of 1968
PASTPAGE074943I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1925 - 69th Congress, 2d Session - House Document No. 643 - Part II - Nonmetals
PASTPAGE074949I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1920 - Part I - Metals
PASTPAGE074944I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1924 - 69th Congress, 1st Session - House Document No. 114 - Part II - Nonmetals
PASTPAGE074946I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1928 - 71th Congress, 2d Session - House Document No. 516 - Part II - Nonmetals
PASTPAGE084783I: PAUL R. KATZ - Images of the Immortal - the Cult of Lu Dongbin at the Palace of Eternal Joy
PASTPAGE077449I: MILTON KATZ - The Function of Tort Liability in Technology Assessment Harvard University Program on Technology and Society - Reprint Number 9
PASTPAGE074945I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1924 - 69th Congress, 1st Session - House Document No. 114 - Part I - Metals
PASTPAGE069711I: EDWIN P. ROOD & JOSEPH KATZ - Free-Surface Turbulence
PASTPAGE074948I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1928 - 71th Congress, 2d Session - House Document No. 516 - Part I - Metals
PASTPAGE070359I: AMY DYKEMAN & BILL KATZ - Automated Acquisitions: Issues for the Present and Future
PASTPAGE074947I: FRANK J. KATZ - Mineral Resources of the United States 1925 - 69th Congress, 2d Session - House Document No. 643 - Part I - Metals
PASTPAGE083582I: NATHAN KATZ; ELLEN S. GOLDBERG - The Last Jews of Cochin: Jewish Identity in Hindu India
PASTPAGE071392I: LOUIS H. KAUFFMAN; RANDY A. BAADHIO - Quantum Topology - Series on Knots and Everything - Vol. 3
PASTPAGE065037I: KAUFMAN, MILDRED - Demystifying Data: Data Use in State and Local Public Health Nutrition Programs
PASTPAGE065524I: CHARLES KAUFMAN - Symposium on 'Psycho-Analysis and Ethology' III. Some Theoretical Implication from Animal Behaviour Studies for the Psycho-Analytic Concepts of Instict, Energy, and Drive
PASTPAGE066741I: ROSALIE KAUFMAN - Young Folks' History - the Queens of England - Abridged and Adapted Form Strickland's Queens of England
PASTPAGE070036I: JOHAN KAUFMANN - Conference Diplomacy - an Introductory Analysis
PASTPAGE087109I: R. CRAIG NATION & MARK V. KAUPPI - The Soviet Impact in Africa
PASTPAGE055034I: JAMES G. KAVANAUGH, JR. - Some Aspects of Sensory Input Variation
PASTPAGE073484I: JAMES KAVANAUGH - Walk Easy on the Earth
PASTPAGE054959I: JEROME KAVKA, - Ego Synthesis of a Life-Threatening Illness in Childhood Reprinted from the Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
PASTPAGE083497I: HUGH KAY - Salazar and Modern Portugal
PASTPAGE086940I: JOSEPH H. KEENAN & JING CHAO & JOSEPH KAYE - Gas Tables - International Version - Thermodynamic Properties of Air Products of Combustion and Component Gases Compressible Flow Functions
PASTPAGE076112I: EDWARD JOHN KAZLAUSKAS - Systems Analysis for Library Microcomputer Applications
PASTPAGE081488I: DAVID W. KEAN - Ibm San Jose: A Quarter Century of Innovation
PASTPAGE069999I: HUGH F. KEARNEY - Strafford in Ireland 1633-41: A Study in Absolutism
PASTPAGE075657I: KENNETH B. KEATING - Government of the People
PASTPAGE070294I: FRANCIS J. KEEFE; JAMES A. BLUMENTHAL (EDITORS) - Assessment Strategies in Behavioral Medicine
PASTPAGE069609I: MICHAEL O'KEEFFE; ALEXANDRA NAVROTSKY (EDITORS) - Structure and Bonding in Crystals - Volumes I and II
PASTPAGE075214I: P. J. O'KEEFFE - In Memoriam: Rev. P.M. Flannigan
PASTPAGE085132I: HEE-SUNG KEEL - Understanding Shinran - a Dialogical Approach - Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions
PASTPAGE048385I: J. KEELE - Preliminary Report on the Clay and Shale Deposits of Ontario Memoir 142 No. 123 Geological Series-Canada Department of Mines
PASTPAGE079765I: ERNEST KEEN - A Primer in Phenomenological Psychology
PASTPAGE064373I: KEISUKE, KUWATA, - Guitar Solo Memory
PASTPAGE062558I: KEITH, MCBRIDE, MICHAEL - Understanding the Weed: Facts, Fancies, and Fallacies on Marijuana
PASTPAGE087850I: WILLIAM H. KEITH, JR. (ED) - Battle Technology - the Magazine of Combat in the 31st Century - Issue 0202
PASTPAGE087851I: WILLIAM H. KEITH, JR. (ED) - Battle Technology - the Magazine of Combat in the 31st Century - Issue 0102
PASTPAGE064030I: KEITH, COHEN, - Natural Settings
PASTPAGE087388I: SHIGERU KASAHARA & ART KEITH - Coaching Techniques for Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling
PASTPAGE087849I: J. ANDREW KEITH - 2300 Nyotekundu Sourcebook - Mining Outposts in a Deadly Star System
PASTPAGE067301I: LESLIE KEITH - In Spite of Herself: A Story of Love and Sacrifice - Once a Week - Semi-Monthly Library, Vol. X. , No. 16, Feb. 11, 1893
PASTPAGE075422I: ROBERT KEITH - The Tightwad: A Comedy in Three Acts
PASTPAGE084782I: WILLIAM A. KELEHER - Violence in Lincoln County 1869-1881
PASTPAGE071875I: JESSE R. KELLEMS - New Testament Evangelism a Series of Addresses on Evangelistic Preaching, Music and Methods
PASTPAGE067894I: ROY KELLER - Basic Tables in Chemistry
PASTPAGE077720I: PHYLLIS KELLER - Getting at the Core: Curricular Reform at Harvard
PASTPAGE070124I: DONALD R. KELLEY - The Politics of Developed Socialism - Contributions in Political Science, Number 149 The Soviet Union as a Post-Industrial State
PASTPAGE069457I: KIM E. KELLEY - Continuing Education: Issues and Challenges Papers from the Conference Held at Moraine Valley Community Colleg, Palos Hills, Illinois, U.S. A. August 13-16, 1985
PASTPAGE082108I: LUCILE KELLING - Contemporary Poetry The University of North Carolina Library Extension Publication -- Vol. IV, No. 3, April, 1938
PASTPAGE081261I: ELIJAH KELLOGG - The Mission of Black Rifle; or, on the Trail The Forest Glen Series
PASTPAGE081628I: TIM KELLY - The Time Machine
PASTPAGE069430I: DEREK KELLY - A Layman's Introduction to Robotics
PASTPAGE087253I: ROBERT KELLY - Theme and Variations - a Study of Linear Twelve Tone Composition
PASTPAGE076850I: JAMES FITZMAURICE-KELLY - Spanish Bibliography Hispanic Notes and Monographs, Bibliography Series II
PASTPAGE076957I: WILLIAM W. KELLY - Ellen Glasgow: A Bibliography
PASTPAGE065717I: ROBERT F. KELLY - Effect of Internal Temperature, Pumping, and Antibiotics on Spoilage of Hams Given a Dry Salt Cure
PASTPAGE065718I: ROBERT F. KELLY - Effect of Internal Temperature, Pumping, and Antibiotics on Spoilage of Hams Given a Dry Salt Cure
PASTPAGE065713I: R. F. KELLY; J. P. FONTENOT; PAUL P. GRAHAM; W. S. WILKINSON; C. M. KINCAID - Estimates of Carcass Composition of Beef Cattle Fed at Different Planes of Nutrition
PASTPAGE065714I: R. F. KELLY; J. P. FONTENOT; PAUL P. GRAHAM; W. S. WILKINSON; C. M. KINCAID - Estimates of Carcass Composition of Beef Cattle Fed at Different Planes of Nutrition
PASTPAGE085738I: EMERSON CROSBY KELLY - Encyclopedia of Medical Sources
PASTPAGE071147I: MARTYN KELLY - Mining and the Freshwater Environment
PASTPAGE059335I: KELSEY, ALICE GEER - Seven-Minute Stories for Church and Home
PASTPAGE076196I: JENNIFER L. KELSEY - Epidemiology of Musculoskeletal Disorders Monographs in Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Volume 3
PASTPAGE056298I: KELTIE, CLIFFORD, HUGH, C.M.G., EDITED BY J. SCOTT - The Story of Exploration Further India
PASTPAGE079600I: W. DAVID KELTON; JEFFREY S. SMITH; DAVID T. STURROCK; ALEXANDER VERBRAECK - Simio & Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications
PASTPAGE086192I: DAVID KEMP - The Skiers' Song Book
PASTPAGE086095I: DAVID KEMP - The Skiers' Song Book
PASTPAGE063008I: KEN, WESTON, - Some Poems
PASTPAGE061816I: GUICE, ROLSTON, KEN AND BUTCH - Bad Medicine for Dr. Drugs: To Avenge a Friend, Teenage Superheroes Tackle the Syndicate
PASTPAGE080957I: LYLE H. KENDALL, JR. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the W.L. Lewis Collection -- Part One: Manuscripts, Inscriptions, Art
PASTPAGE078358I: JANE C. KENDALL; JOHN S. DULEY; THOMAS C. LITTLE; JANE S. PERMAUL; SHARON RUBIN - Strengthening Experiential Education Within Your Institution
PASTPAGE081428I: BAYNARD H. KENDRICK - The Iron Spiders A Dell Mystery, No. 50
PASTPAGE078103I: I. L. KENEN; ELMER BERGER; ALLEN POLLACK; CHRISTOPHER MAYHEW - A Just Peace in the Mideast: How Can It Be Achieved? Rational Debate Seminars
PASTPAGE071318I: HUA LOO KENG - Introduction to Number Theory
PASTPAGE066576I: KENILWORTH - The Waverly Novels - Two Volumes in One
PASTPAGE069340I: JOHN KENLON - Fires and Fire-Fighters
PASTPAGE083685I: MELVIN A. KENNE - Eating the Fruit
PASTPAGE080201I: GEORGE E. KENNEDY; TRACY T. MONTGOMERY - Technical and Professional Writing: Solving Problems at Work
PASTPAGE074786I: EILEEN T. KENNEDY; BRUCE COGILL - Income and Nutritional Effects of the Commercialization of Agriculture in Southwestern Kenya International Food Policy Research Institute Research Report 63
PASTPAGE081626I: JAMES KENNEDY - Poems on Scottish and American Subjects
PASTPAGE075787I: LIAM KENNEDY; PHILIP OLLERENSHAW (EDITOR) - An Economic History of Ulster, 1820-1940
PASTPAGE080137I: HUGH KENNER - The Mechanic Muse
PASTPAGE062710I: KENNETH, LUMPKIN, - Gather the Ashes
PASTPAGE079528I: PADRAIC KENNEY - Rebuilding Poland - Workers and Communists, 1945-1950
PASTPAGE085418I: ANTHONY KENNY - Aquinas on Being
PASTPAGE061840I: KENT, NELSON, - The Straight Man
PASTPAGE074201I: BYRON E. SHORT & HARRY L. KENT, JR. & BURNETT F. TREAT - Engineering Thermodynamics
PASTPAGE069914I: LEONARD S. KENWORTHY - Studying Africa in Elementary and Secondary Schools - Third Edition
PASTPAGE070204I: W. D. COLLINS & E. W. LOHR & K. T. WILLIAMS & H. S. HALLER & O. C. KENWORTHY - Chemical Character of Surface Waters of Virginia Bulletin No. # Commonwealth of Virginia State Commission on Conservation and Development - Divistionof Water Resources and Power
PASTPAGE080315I: EZEKIEL BORING KEPHART - Apologetics, or a Treatise on Christian Evidences
PASTPAGE084149I: LAWRENCE KEPPIE - Understanding Roman Inscriptions
PASTPAGE086821I: ALFRED A. KERN - Court Street Methodist Church 1851-1951
PASTPAGE074846I: ANNE KERNALEGUEN - Clothing Designs for the Handicapped
PASTPAGE086191I: OTTO F. KERNBERG - Ideology, Conflict, and Leadership in Groups and Organizations
PASTPAGE065910I: REV. JAMES KERR - A Treatise on the Mode of Baptism
PASTPAGE077626I: HOWARD KERR; JOHN W. CROWLEY; CHARLES L. CROW (EDITORS) - The Haunted Dusk: American Supernatural Fiction, 1820-1920
PASTPAGE080441I: EDDIE KERR - Tie It to the Moon
PASTPAGE072772I: ALLISTER KERSHAW - A History of the Guillotine
PASTPAGE056676I: KERTESZ, (EDITOR) STEPHEN D. - The Fate of East Central Europe: Hopes and Failures of American Foreign Policy
PASTPAGE075597I: LARKIN KERWIN - Atomic Physics: An Introduction
PASTPAGE065908I: H. M. RIGGLE & B. E. KESLER - The Riggle-Kessler Debate - a Public Discussion between Elder H.M. Riggle, of Akron, Ind. (Church of God) and Elder B.E. Kesler, of Puxico, Mo. (Church of the Brethren)
PASTPAGE082908I: INEKE VAN KESSEL - Beyond Our Wildest Dreams": The United Democratic Front and the Transformation of South Africa Reconsiderations in Southern African History
PASTPAGE084456I: HERBERT L. KESSLER - Spiritual Seeing: Picturing God's Invisibility in Medieval Art The Middle Ages Series
PASTPAGE087310I: COUNT HARRY KESSLER - Walther Rathenau - His Life and Work
PASTPAGE064994I: KESSNER, DAVID M. - Contrastes in Health Status Volume 1 - Infant Death: An Analysis by Maternal Risk and Health Care
PASTPAGE073744I: JOSEPH KESTIN, ED.-IN-CHIEF - Sourcebook on the Production of Electricity from Geothermal Energy
PASTPAGE083277I: DIRK M. KESTNER; JENNIFER GOUPIL; EMILY LORENZ (EDITORS) - Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer
PASTPAGE086472I: JOHN VOGT & T. WILLIAM KETHLEY, JR. - Virginia Historic Marriage Register - Pulaski County Marriages, 1839-1857
PASTPAGE086608I: KENNETH LAINE KETNER - A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce with a Bibliography of Secondary Studies - Bibliographies of Famous Philosophers
PASTPAGE081543I: LARRY KETRON - Rib Cage: A Play
PASTPAGE071646I: LARRY KETRON - Eudora Welty's the Hitch-Hikers - Adapted for the Stage
PASTPAGE085837I: JOSEPH F. KETT - The Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties - from Self-Improvement to Adult Education in America, 1750-1990
PASTPAGE069694I: S.F.A.KETTLE - Symmetry and Structure
PASTPAGE084221I: H. VAN KEULEN; J. WOLF (EDS.) - Modelling of Agricultural Production: Weather, Soils and Crops Simulation Monographs
PASTPAGE066336I: ELLEN KEY - The Torpedo Under the Ark "Ibsen and Women
PASTPAGE076536I: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - All This Is Louisiana: An Illustrated Story Book
PASTPAGE065283I: B. L. P. KEYES - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ceramic Technology Project Database: September 1993 Summary Report - Ornl/M-3155
PASTPAGE085395I: GEOFFREY KEYNES - A Bbiliography of George Berkeley - Bishop of Cloyne - His Works and His Critics in the Eighteenth Century
PASTPAGE068964I: ÁRPÁD KÉZDI - Handbook of Soil Mechanics - Volume 2 - Soil Testing
PASTPAGE068965I: ÁRPÁD KÉZDI - Handbook of Soil Mechanics - Volume 2 - Soil Testing
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PASTPAGE087751I: ROBERT J. KUNTZ - The Maze of Zayene - Part 4 - the Eight Kings - World of Kalibruhn Adventure
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PASTPAGE085431I: ALDO LEOPOLD - Game Management
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PASTPAGE077278I: CHARLETON MINER LEWIS - The Principles of English Verse
PASTPAGE080065I: ANTHONY LEWIS; HELEN LEWIS - Microcomputers and School Biology
PASTPAGE086905I: WILLIAM M. LEWIS, JR. - Zooplankton Community Analysis - Studies on a Tropical System
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PASTPAGE079051I: ERIC C. LEWIS - Magic to Entertain
PASTPAGE075173I: H. B. LEWIS; A. H. REBAR - Bone Marrow Evaluation in Veterinary Practice
PASTPAGE072815I: SAMUEL LEWIS - A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate, Market, and Post Towns, Parishes, and Villages, with Historical and Statistical Descriptions; Embellished with Engravings of the Arms of the Cities, Bishopricks, Corporate Towns, and Boroughs; and of the Seals of the Several Municipal Corporations - in Two Volumes
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PASTPAGE055410I: THE LIBRARIAN AND KEEPER OF THE PAPERS - British and Foreign State Papers 1814-1815
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PASTPAGE055408I: THE LIBRARIAN AND KEEPER OF THE PAPERS - British and Foreign State Papers 1812-1814 Volume I-Part I
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PASTPAGE062732I: LILI, ARTEL, - I Come from a Long Line of Tenants
PASTPAGE083568I: ALFRED M. LILIENTHAL - The Zionist Connection: What Price Peace?
PASTPAGE074285I: HALDOR LILLENAS - Glad Praise: A Collection of Songs and Hymns Suitable for All Religious Services
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PASTPAGE081425I: TERRI LINCOLN - The Happiest Hooker
PASTPAGE082941I: ERNIE LIND - The Complete Book of Trick and Fancy Shooting
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PASTPAGE068301I: BEVERLY LINDSAY, ED. - Comparative Perspectives of Third World Women the Impact of Race, Sex, and Class
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PASTPAGE084926I: RALPH PHILLIP BORDING & LARRY R. LINES - Seismic Modeling and Imaging with the Complete Wave Equation - Course Notes Series, No. 8 - Volume 8

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