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9103: IRWIN, JOHN V; MARJORIE ROSENBERGER - Preparing and Presenting a Speech: From Modern Speech (Unit 3)
12760: ISAACSON, BEN; DEBORAH WIGODER - The International Jewish Encyclopedia (Touring Map Included)
20787: ISENBERG, IRWIN - Caesar
16266: ISHAK, BEATRICE W - Pediatric Pathology Excluding Tumors: Syllabus Part 1
2684: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - The World in the Evening
11640: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Exhumations
20361: ISIDORE, EPSTEIN - Judaism; a Historical Presentation
22070: THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL - The Arabs in Israel
19086: DISKIN ORPHAN HOME OF ISRAEL - Ancient Sites in Israel
22073: ISRAELI, YAEL - Ancient Glass, Museum Haaretz Collection
15231: ISRAELI, RAPHAEL - Fundamentalist Islam and Israel : Essays in Interpretation
21801: ISSA, YAYU, KIKAKU, AND OTHER JAPANESE PETS - Don't Tell the Scarecrow
16004: ISTVAN, SZAVA - Egyedul a Halal Ellen
22740: IVENS, DOROTHY - Glorious Stew
9088: IVERSON, WILLIAM J. ; AGNES L. MCCARTHY - Prose and Poetry: Journeys
21412: IVINS, HORACE F - Diseases of the Nose and Throat : A Text-Book for Students and Practitioners
21779: IVINSKAYA, OLGA - A Captive of Time (Review Copy)
20898: F. J. FOAKES-JACKSON - Josephus and the Jews: The Religion and History of the Jews As Explained By Falvius Josephus
17061: JACKSON, VALERIE P (EDITOR) - Breast Imaging
17673: JACOB, MAX; BLACK, MOISHE & MARIA GREEN - The Story of King Kabul the First and Gawain the Kitchen Boy Followed By "Vulcan's Crown"
13577: JACOB, BEN - Primary Bible History for Young Israel
15981: JACOBS, JIM; WARREN CASEY - Grease : Event Program (Playbill)
13925: JACOBS, TZVI - From the Heavens to the Heart (Charleston, Sc)
17627: JACOBS, RUTH HARRIET - Button, Button, Who Has the Button
22035: JACOBS, TZVI - Who's Gonna Save the World? (South Carolina History)
21994: JACOBSON, PAUL; WILLIAM REAVIS; JAMES LOGSDON - The Effective School Principal
15605: JACOBUS, LEE A. ; MARTIN, F. DAVID - The Humanities Through the Arts
18357: JACOBY, OSWALD & JOHN R. CRAWFORD - The Backgammon Book
16440: JAFFE, C. CARL - Medical Imaging, Vision, and Visual Psychophysics
18906: JAFFE, BERNARD; GLENN T. SEABORG (INTRODUCTION) - Chemistry Creates a New World
7748: JAFFE, RONA - After the Reunion
19658: JAKOBOVITS, IMMANUELJ - Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice
22582: JAMES, HENRY - The Aspern Papers and the Spoils of Poynton
19804: JAMES L. COLLINS, JR. - The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War Ii
13429: JAMES, EDWIN OLIVER - Comparative Religion: An Introductory and Historical Study
9169: JAMES, JANET - Wuthering Heights Cliffs Notes
15177: JAMES, P. D - The Children of Men
19083: JAMSA, KRIS A - Dos Power User's Guide
20521: JANE LIVINGSTON, INTRODUCTION; JOHN ALEXANDER - John Alexander: The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. , March 1-May 4, 1980
18621: JANEIRO, UNIVERSIDADE DO ESTADO DO RIO DE - Perspectivas Para a Economia Brasileira: Insercao Internacional E Politicas Publicas
20795: JANKOWITZ, MAX - A Bukh Tsum Lakhen
19640: JANOWSKY, OSCAR L (EDITOR) - The American Jew: A Composite Portrait
20270: JANSON, ANTHONY F - History of Art: Instructor's Manual
19209: JANSON, H. W. (EDITOR) - The Art Bulletin: September 1965, Volume Xlvii, Number 3
18170: JANUS, SAM - The Death of Innocence: How Our Children Are Endangered By the New Sexual Freedom
19059: JASCH, RICHARD & RICHARD JASCHKE - Arabic-English/English-Arabic Concise Romanized Dictionary
19687: JASTROW, MARCUS (COMPILER) - A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature - Two Volumes
6613: JASTROW, ROBERT - Red Giants and White Dwarfs Man's Descent from the Stars
22925: JASTROW, MARCUS (COMPILER) - A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature - Two Volumes
21218: JEANNE STAUFFER, EDITOR - Knitting Digest - January 2003
21217: JEANNE STAUFFER, EDITOR - Knitting Digest - March 2003
21216: JEANNE STAUFFER, EXECUTIVE EDITOR - Knitting Digest - May 2003 Australia's Wood History
21219: JEANNE STAUFFER, EDITOR - Knitting Digest - November 2002
21273: JEANNE STAUFFER, EXECUTIVE EDITOR - Knitting Digest - March 1999
20591: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Roan Stallion, Tamar and Other Poems
20474: JEFFS, JULIAN - The Dictionary of World Wines Liqueurs, and Other Drinks
15829: JELLIFFE, SMITH ELY - Diseases of the Nervous System - a Text-Book of Neurology and Psychiatry
21209: JEMIE, ONWUCHEKWA - Langston Hughes: An Introduction to the Poetry
19479: JENCKS, CHRISTOPHER ET AL - Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effect
20927: JENNER, EDWARD - An Inquiry Into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae
18215: JENSEN, OLIVER & RALPH BACKLUND & JANE WILSON - Horizon: Autumn 1966, Vol 8 #4
22982: CHILDREN'S VILLAGE OF JERUSALEM - Haggadah Shel Pesach: The Passover Haggadah
22503: JESSUP, RONLD - The Wonderful World of Archaeology
6448: JEWELL, DEREK - Frank Sinatra : A Celebration; with a Film Commentary By George Perry
15552: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - My Nine Lives - Chapters of a Possible Past
15671: JILL. D. SEELIG, VICE PRESIDENT - O: The Oprah Magazine October 2009 Jay-Z
20857: JIM SHOOTER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF; - D.P. 7, Volume 1 #2
23123: JIRI WEIL, EPILOGUE - I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Children's Drawings and Poems from Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, 1942-1944
11003: JOE ORLANDO, EDITOR - The Phantom Stranger #24
19415: JOE GRAVITT ARMSTRONG, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - 1979: New York Magazine - September 24, 1979 Peter Pan, Bob Dylan, the Plo
6768: JOEL CARMICHAEL, EDITOR - Midstream: A Monthly Jewish Review -- March 1979
16608: JOFEN, JEAN - Yiddish for Beginners
20800: JOHN S. HALLER, JR (EDITOR) - Caduceus: Winter 1996 Vol 12, No 3 When Did a Random Patient Benefit from a Random Physician
20002: JOHN HARRIS, H. V. KALTENBORN, RUTH PAINTER RANDALL, JOHN F. KENNEDY, GERALD DURRELL - The Best-in-Books: Close to the Wind, It Seems Like Yesterday, the Courtship of Mr. Lincoln, Profiles in Courage, My Family and Other Animals
22631: JOHN W. JOHNSON, EDITOR - Black World Magazine: Vol Xxv No. 3 January 1976 the Afro-American Stake in Africa By Former Congressman Charles C. Diggs
20804: JOHN S. HALLER, JR (EDITOR) - Interpreting Medical Artifacts (Cover)
20805: JOHN S. HALLER, JR (EDITOR) - Designing for Health Education and Health Care
21200: JOHNSON, JOHN H. (ED.) - Black World Vol. Xxv, No. 4, February 1976 Harlem Renaissance
21559: THOMAS H. JOHNSON (SELECTION AND INTRODUCTION) - Final Harvest: Emily Dickinson's Poems
18354: JOHNSON, ERIC F; KEVIN REICHARD - Advanced X Window Application Programming - the Basics and Beyond
21936: JOHNSON, GERALD W - The Pattern for Liberty: The Story of Old Philadelphia
18619: JOHNSON, UWE - Two Views
5280: JOHNSON, DALE E (EDITOR) - Microscopy and Microanalysis: Vol 4, #3, May/June 1998
19563: JOHNSON, HOWARD W. - Holding the Center: Memoirs of a Life in Higher Education
7432: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - The Cabinet
20869: JOHNSON, JUNE - 838 Ways to Amuse a Child: Crafts, Hobbies and Creative Ideas for the Child from Six to Twelve
18573: JOHNSON, RODNEY D. & BERNARD R. SISKIN - Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions: Teacher's Edition
15072: JOHNSON, MARTIN - Astronomy of Stellar Energy and Decay
12446: JOHNSON, UNA E; JEAN VALLERY-RADOT - Drawings of the Masters: 2 Volumes French Drawings and 20th Century Drawings
21207: JOHNSON, JULIAN; KIRBY, CHARLES K - Surgery of the Chest
16883: JOHNSON, ROSSITER (EDITOR) - Little Classics. Exile. First Volume
21615: JOHNSTON, ALVA - The Legendary Mizners
23025: JON BRADLEY SNYDER, EXECUTIVE EDITOR - Star Wars Kids: The Magazine for Young Jedi Knights: Issue #4 Obi-Wan Patom Fighter, Cover
12224: JONAS, CARL - Jefferson Selleck
3294: JONES, HARRY W, E. ALLAN FARNSWORTH, WILLIAM F. YOUNG, JR - Contracts: Cases and Materials
11451: JONES, BRUCE - Alien Worlds #5
21756: JONES, LEROI - Black Music
22652: JONES, CLIFF B. - Software Development: A Rigorous Approach
16961: JONES, JEREL - Pipeline: Exposing the Darkness
18130: HAYES SCHOOL PUBLISHING CO; EARL J. JONES (DESIGERN) - Adventures in Craftwork: Correlating Activity Projects
21846: JORDAN, NEIL - Night in Tunisia, and Other Stories
21164: JORDAN, CATHLEEN (EDITOR) - Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine: April 1983 Oscar Wilde: The Canterville Ghost
5172: JORDAN, CATHLEEN (EDITOR) - Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine: May 1995 - Vol 40, No 5
22779: JOSEPH, STEPHEN M. - The Me Nobody Knows, Children's Voices from the Ghetto
19419: JOSEPH MEYERHOFF, PRESIDENT - Baltimore Symphony Orchestra: Sergiu Comissiona, Music Director (Veronia Tyler)
22934: JOSEPH HERTZ, BHRMAN - Sayings of the Fathers Or Pirke Aboth
9392: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus: The Jewish War
20160: JOWETT, B (TRANSLATOR) - The Dialogues of Plato (2 Volumes)
15345: JOY, CHARLES R - Music in the Life of Albert Schweitzer
2894: JOY, CHARLES R - Emerging Africa: An Introduction to the History, Geography, Peoples, and Current Problems of the Multi-National African Continent on Its Way from Colonialism to Independence
22830: JUDAH HA-LEVI; AVROHOM DAVIS, TRANSLATOR - Fundamentals of the Kuzari
21260: JUDD, J. HEWITT - United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces, Fifth Edition
21253: JUDD, J. HEWITT - United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces
1265: JUDSON, HORACE - The Techniques of Reading: An Integrated Program for Improved Comprehension and Speed
20609: JUDSON, WILLIAM - Alice and Me
18528: JULIAN, JAMES L - Practical News Assignments for Student Reporters
20499: JULIAN BROWN, EDITOR - Variety Action Movies: Illustrated Reviews of the Classic Films
14624: JUNG, PINCHOS - The World Is My Teacher: An Imaginative, Refreshing Application of Torah Thinking to Modern Life for All Who Are Young in Spirit
21678: JUNGREIS, ESTHER - "the Church and the Jew" : A Candid Look
17067: JUNQUEIRA, - Basic Histology
19999: JUSTMAN, M - Fun Unzer Alten Ocer
18991: KACMAR, CHARLES J - On-Line Systems Design and Implementation Using Cobol and Command Level Cics
3834: KAEL, PAULINE - I Lost It at the Movies Signed By John Waters - See More Info
18166: KAELLIS, RHODA - The Last Enemy
21741: KAFKA, FRANZ - Amerika
21197: KAFKA, FRANZ - Parables and Paradoxes, Parabein Und Paradoxes German/English
21800: MANAGING EDITOR NEIL KAGAN - Time-Life Early Learning Program - Guess Who
20156: KAHAN, ABRAHAM - Palestine: A Bazukh in Yohr 1925 Un in 1929
21111: ABRAHAM KAHAN - Bleter Fun Mein Leben
20999: J. KAHAN (YAAKOV KAHAN) - Unter Di Sovyetishe Himlen : Iberlebungen Fun Tfiseh, Lager Un Fun Der Sovyetisher Fray
17325: KAHAN, MOSHE (EDITOR) - Yiddishkeit : The World Torah Review - Issue Twenty Four (24)
23132: KAHAN, AHARON YISRAEL - The Taryag Mitzvos: A New, Concise Compilation of All 613 Commandments Culled from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic Souces
17279: KAHAN, MOSHE (EDITOR) - Yiddishkeit : The World Torah Review - Issue Twenty Five (25)
18086: KAHANA, AVRAHAM - Mahazor Mishle Yehuda: Im Perush Ivri Toytsh Be-Shem Peninim Yekarim U-Ma'aseh Alfes, Nusah Ashekenz: Yom Kippur (Yom Kippur Mahzor)
22715: KAHANA, KALMAN - Daughter of Israel: Laws of Family Purity
23068: KAHANE, MEIR - Never Again! a Program for Survival
12232: KAHANE, BINYAMIN ZEV - Darka Shel Torah
20380: KAHANE, MEIR - Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews
8937: KAHANE, MEIR - Israel: Revolution Or Referendum
17958: KAHANE, MEIR - The Voice of Judea: December/January 2000-2001 Special Edition: Tribute to Rabbi Meir Kahane
18927: KAHANE, MEIR - Nothing But the Truth (Russian Version)
23082: KAHANE, BINYAMIN ZEV - The Writings of Rav Binyamin Zeev Kahane
17465: KAHANE, MEIR - The Voice of Judea - October 2002
16996: KAHANE, MEIR - Never Again - Separate Color Photo Included
18443: KAHANE, MEIR - Why Be Jewish? Intermarriage, Assimilation and Alienation
19613: KAHANE, MEIR - The Story of the Jewish Defense League
19899: KAHANE, MEIR - Rabbi Kahane Speaks: 1933-1990
18513: KAHANE, MEIR - The Story of the Jewish Defense League
23092: KAHANE, MEIR - Lesikim Be'enekhem: (As Thorns in Your Eyes)
22355: KAHANE, BINYAMIN ZEV - Confronting the Holocaust
18711: KAHN, PHILIP - Uncommon Threads: Threads That Wove the Fabric of Baltimore Jewish Life
12218: KAHN, ROGER - How the Weather Was
20115: KAITZ, JOSEPH (JOSEPH KUTZENOGY) - Fun Maiyn Gortn: Kurtze Dertzeilungen
19819: KALMS, PETER (EDITOR) - A Hidden Reality: Extracts from the Proceedings of the International Seminar on Jewish Mysticism
16682: KALSOUM, OUM (UMM KALTHUM) - Le Succes de Oum Kalsoum
22046: KAMENETZ, RODGER - The History of Last Night's Dream: Discovering the Hidden Path to the Soul
16992: KAMENETZ, RODGER - The Missing Jew: New and Selected Poems
18178: KAMIEN, ROGER - The Norton Scores - an Anthology for Listening - Standard Edition / Revised (One Volume Edition)
21871: KAMINSKY, STUART M - Red Chameleon
18928: KAMM, JOSEPHINE - The Story of Sir Moses Montefiore
20006: KAMMEN, MICHAEL G - A Season of Youth: The American Revolution and the Historical Imagination
21698: VAN DE KAMP, PETER - The Nearest Stars
14157: O'KANE, DICK - Simple Auto Repair
20515: KANER, CEM; JACK FALK; HUNG QUOC NGUYEN - Testing Computer Software
17901: KANIUK, YORAM - Rockinghorse
20381: KANT, IMMANUEL; LEWIS W. BECK (INTRODUCTION) - Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
22617: KAPLAN, LOUIS L. - 2 Books: The Books of Genesis and Pupil's Workbook for Genesis a Guide for Teachers in Jewish Religious Schools
19744: KAPLAN, RABBI ARYAH (TRANSLATOR) - Yom Kippur Service with Maftir Yona
7161: KAPLAN, S. A. - Can Persecution Arise in America?
18101: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Mark Twain and His World
6209: KAPLAN, LOUIS L. AND THEODOR SCHUCHAT (FOREWORD BY THE LATE HONORABLE HERBERT H. LEHMAN - Justice - Not Charity: A Biography of Harry Greenstein (Signed Copy)
10155: KAPLAN, LOUIS L. - The Books of Leviticus and Numbers; an Outline and Interpretation of the Weekly Sedroth
21501: KAPLAN, INC - Kaplan Advantage: Academic Skills
18198: KAPLAN, SHLOMO; MOSHE WILENSKY; YORAM TAHARLEV - Be'alfei Yadayim : All Hands Together
21998: KARCH, R. RANDOLPH; EDWARD ESTABROOKE - 250 Teaching Techniques
17469: KARETZY, STEPHEN; PETER E. GOLDMAN (EDITORS) - The Media's Ware Against Israel
18275: KARIV, YOSEF (EDITOR) ; YIZZACHAR MIRON-MICHROVSKY - Zemirot: Shirim la-Am la-No'ar Ule-Vate-Sefer
2039: KARL, FREDERICK R. - A Reader's Guide to Joseph Conrad
21304: KARLEN, ARNO - Napoleon's Glands and Other Ventures in Biohistory
21080: KARLIN, MURIEL SCHOENBRUN & REGINA BERGER - Discipline and the Disruptive Child: A Practical Guide for Elementary Teachers
19309: KARLSTROM, PAUL J. - Louis M. Eilshemius: Selections from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
18940: KARMIOL, WOLF - Der Koridor - Dertseylungen
20065: KARP, WALTER - Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species
5867: R. H. KARPATKIN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Consumer Reports 1985 Buying Guide Issue
1735: KASHNER, RITA - To the Tenth Generation
20772: KASSIE ROE, EDITOR - Compuserve Magazine: May 1994 the Payoff of Pc Upkeep (Featured)
17973: KASTER, LOTHAR - Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland: The Federal Republic of Germany, la Republique Federale D'allemagne
17590: KASTNER, ERICH - Ha-Kitah Ha-Me'ofefet (the Flying Classroom) (Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer)
22497: KATSH, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - The Jewish Quarterly Review - April 1978
22496: KATSH, ABRAHAM (EDITOR) - The Jewish Quarterly Review - October 1980
14304: KATZ, KARL, P.P. KAHANE AND MAGEN BROSHI. - From the Beginning: Archaeology and Art in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
10269: KATZ, BOBBI - A Family Hanukkah
2816: KATZ, ELIAS - Armed Love (Signed By Author)
22462: KATZOFF, LOUIS - Dor le Dor Our Biblical Heritage Vol. Xv, No 2 Winter 1986/87
22459: KATZOFF, LOUIS (EDITOR) - Dor le Dor : Our Biblical Heritage Vol Xii, No 4 Summer 1985
16888: KAUFMANN, EUGEN - Die Administrative Zwangsvollstreckung Wegen Geldorderungen Der Gemeinden in Baden
22873: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Beauty and Sadness
22487: KAY A. FUSTON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Coastal Living Magazine: January/February 2009 Special Islands Issue
549: KAYE, MARVIN - The Soap Opera Slaughters
21104: KAYY, W. H - We Can't All Be Sane!
21382: KAZIN, ALFRED - A Walker in the City
16877: KAZIN, ALFRED (EDITED BY, INTRODUCTION) - F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Man and His Work
21286: KEANE, JOHN D; DEAN BERGER; HAROLD HOWER - Good Painting Practice: Steel Structures Painting Manuals: Volumes 1 and 2
4704: KEATING, BERN - The Grand Banks
20289: KEATON, DIANE (ACTOR) - Little Drummer Girl
18897: KEATS, JOHN - Howard Hughes
5073: KECSKES, LASZLO J - Fabrication and High-Strain-Rate Properties of Hot Explosively Consolidated Tungsten-Titanium Alloys
19944: O'KEEFE, RUTH ANN - Starter 101: A Structured Beginning Reading Program Book 2
20899: KEENAN, SHEILA - Scholastic Encyclopedia of U.S. Women
20890: KEETON, WILLIAM T - Biological Science
16102: KEIL, CHARLES - Urban Blues: Uncorrected Page Proofs
4086: KEITH, LYMAN A; CARLO E. GUBELLINI - Introduction to Business Enterprise
12840: KEITHLEY, GEORGE - Song in a Strange Land
20396: KELLER, SHARON R. - The Jews - a Treasury of Art and Literature
21828: KELLER, PROFESSOR KARL - The Only Kangaroo Among the Beauty: Emily Dickinson and America
15223: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Flesh and Blood
21833: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Serpent's Tooth
13150: KELLEY, KITTY - The Royals
22155: KELLOGG, STEVEN - Pinkerton, Behave!
16590: KELLY, EMERSON CROSBY (COMPILER) - Medical Classics: Vol 5, No 8, April 1941 Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis
15908: KELLY, EMERSON CROSBY (COMPILER) - Medical Classics: Vol 5, No. 5, January 1941 (Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis)
21757: KELLY, NINA - Pearls of Wisdom
17159: KELLY, EMERSON CROSBY (COMPILER) - Medical Classics: Vol 5, No 7, March 1941 Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis
21537: KEMMER, FRANK N (EDITOR) - The Nalco Water Handbook (2 Separate Books) Plus Water: The Universal Solvent
22914: KEMPLER, NAFTOLI (EDITOR) ; AVROHOM YOSEF ROSENBERG (TRANSLATION, ANTHOLOGIZED COMMENTARY) - The Mishnah, Seder Kodashim : A New Translation with a Commentary Anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic Sources Seder Kodashim: Vol Ii (C) -- Kereisos
20502: KENDALL, ALAN - Tender Tyrant: Nadia Boulanger a Life Devoted to Music (Review Copy)
21716: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Schindler's List
21044: KENNAN, GEORGE - American Diplomacy: 1900-1950
23105: KENNEDY, DANIEL S. - The Ultimate Success Secret
22267: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Ten Rillington Place
21725: KENNEDY, EUGENE; NORMAN MAILER (FOREWORD) - St. Patrick's Day with Mayor Daley and Other Things Too Good to Miss
22545: KENT, JACK - The Caterpillar and the Polliwog
20383: KENTON, MAXWELL - Candy (Original, Uncut)
21397: KEON, MICHAEL - Korean Phoenix: A Nation from the Ashes
19455: KERN, EDITH (EDITOR) - Sartre: A Colleciton of Critical Essays
13558: KERNAN, DORIS - Steps to English 4, Teacher's Edition Annotated
17597: KESENTENBAUM, CLARENCE J; DANIEL T. WILLIAMS (EDITORS) - Handbook of Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents; 2 Vols.
18323: KESSLER, GARY C - Isdn: Concepts, Facilities, and Services
20199: KETCHUM, PETER J. - Hayes Exercises in Reading Comprehension Level C
20497: KETCHUM, BOSTWICK H. - The Water's Edge: Critical Problems of the Coastal Zone
14063: KEY, TED; AVERY, IRA; BROMFIELD, LOUIS; WOODBURY, GEORGE WARREN ROBERT PENN; - Best-in-Books: Band of Angels; Hazel Rides Again; the Five Fathers of Pepi
1731: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X - Assault with Intent
1730: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X - Death Wears a Red Hat
1732: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X - Kill and Tell
21032: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN - Fear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death
18856: KIERNAN, V.G. - The Lords of Human Kind: Black Man, Yellow Man and White Man in an Age of Europe
21939: KILLILEA, MARIE; PATRICK QUENTIN; J. Y. COUSTEAU WITH FREDERIC DUMAS; JOHN STEINBECK; STUART CLOETE - Black Widow; the Silent World; East of Eden; Karen, the Curve and the Tusk
7882: KIMBALL, BONNIE-JEAN - The Alcoholic Woman's Mad, Mad World of Denial and Mind Games
22429: KINCAID, LUCY - Thumbelina
8479: KING, STEPHEN - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
22025: KING, BRUCE - The Later Fiction of Nadine Gordimer
14850: KING, LARRY AND CHAIA KING - Daddy Day, Daughter Day
16195: KING, FRANK - Down and Dirty
13237: KING, CHARLES - The Constitution of the United States
19194: KIPLING, RUDYARD; MARION TUCKER, INTRODUCTION - Barrack Room Ballads: Recessional and Other Verses
17734: KIPLING, RUDYARD; RANDALL JERRELL (SELECTED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - In the Vernacular: The English in India, Stories By Kipling
7053: KIPLING, RUDYARD - How the Leopard Got His Spots
543: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Soldiers Three: The Story of the Gadsbys in Black and White
22878: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Captains Courageous
13026: KIRBY, JACK - Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers: Collector's Edition #8
13023: KIRBY, JACK - Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers: Special #1 October 1983
13025: KIRBY, JACK - Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #5
13028: KIRBY, JACK - Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers: #10
20105: KIRSCHBAUM, JACOB - Flikhtlinge Un Heldn: Geshikhtelkher Iberblik Vegn Di Flikhtlinge in Amerike 1492-1940 (Refugees and Heroes)
5085: KISHON, EPHRAIM - Woe to the Victors!
503: KITCH, EDMUND W. AND HARVEY S. PERLMAN - Legal Regulation of the Competitive Process Hardcover Plus 2 Softcover Case Supplement Books
17288: KITOV, ELIYAHU - The Jew and His Home
10644: KITTLER, GLENN D - A Colorslide Tour of the Congo: Young Republic: A New Africa Emerges
16399: KITTREDGE, GEORGE L - The Kittredge Shakespeares Tragedy of King Lear
17596: KIVER, MILTON S (EDITOR) - Understanding Transistors and Transistor Projects
15999: KLAMKIN, CHARLES - Photographica: A Guide to the Value of Historic Cameras and Images
4097: KLAPERMAN, LIBBY M. - Adam and the First Sabbath
13896: KLASS, GERT VON - Die Liebe Des Leutnants Wartenstein: Roman
22329: KLEIN, EDWARD - Blood Feud: The Clintons Vs. The Obamas
6716: KLEIN, DR. MICHEL - For the Love of Animals: The Autobiography of a Veterinary Surgeon
17371: KLIMA, IVAN - Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light (Uncorrected Proof)
20833: KLING, BERTHA - Vi Ikh Shtey Un Gey: Lider
5284: KLOCK, CATHARINE - The Complete Home Decorator
8200: KLUGE, HERMANN; REINHOLD BESSER; OTTO OERTEL - Geschichte Der Deutschen National-Literatur
12353: KNEBEL, FLETCHER - Night of Camp David
4101: KNIGHT, ERIC - Lassie Come-Home
21110: KNIGHT, ERIC - Lassie Come-Home
12628: KNIGHT, ERIC - Lassie Come-Home
21713: KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP - The First Casualty: From the Crimea to Vietnam : The War Correspondent As Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker
18091: KNOBLOVITS, BRACHA (BERAKHAH) - Der Koyeh Fun Tefilah
15273: KNOPFLER, SOLOMON - Megillat Purim
7752: KNORR, BRYCE - The Horde: Masters of the Universe
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20984: MODESITT, L. E. - Darknesses and Legacies (2 Books)
19497: MOGGRIDGE, D. E. - John Maynard Keynes
12773: MOINESTER, JACOB L - Tractate Betzah of the Babylonian Talmud
20506: MOKGATLE, NABOTH - The Autobiography of an Unknown South African
9383: MOKRY, ADOLF - Prvni Kroky
21699: MOLIERE - The Miser: L'avare
6901: MOLLOY, ANNE - The Mystery of the Pilgrim Trading Post
18675: MOLLOY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Poetry U.S. A: 105 American Poems
22553: MONAGHAN, FRANK - Heritage of Freedom: The History & Significance of the Basic Documents of American Liberty
11226: MONETTE, PAUL - Last Watch of the Night: Essays Too Personal and Otherwise
11229: MONETTE, PAUL - Halfway Home
606: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The White Rajah
12416: MONTAGUE, C. E - A Writer's Notes on His Trade
8627: MOORE, KENNETH - Concepts Manual for Structured Analysis and Structured Design
20705: MOORE, ROBIN - The Fifth Estate
18217: MOORE, ROBIN - The Green Berets
4244: MOORE, PROFESSOR CECIL A. - Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
15299: MOORE, D. BETLER (PREPARED BY) - More Oz: Australian Stories, Humour and Poetry
13294: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - The Fatal Impact: An Account of the Invasion of the South Pacific 1767- 1840
22047: MOORMAN, F. W (EDITOR) - The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick
18089: MORAN, YOSEF - Aravit Meduberet: Sefer Limud la-Mathilim
20470: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - Mistaken Ambition
13392: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - Two Adolescents: The Stories of Agostino and Luca
13085: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - The Fancy Dress Party
19768: MORDELL, ALBERT - The Erotic Motive in Literature
20288: MORGAN, BRIAN & CRAIG DENNIS - Ccnp Bcran Exam Certification Guide
18899: MORHOLT, EVELYN; PAUL BRANDWEIN; ALEXANDER JOSEPH - Teaching High School Science: A Sourcebook for the Biological Sciences
9157: MORICE, ANNE - Design for Dying
17977: MORIKE, EDUARD - Mozart's Journey to Prague
20559: MORIN, EDGAR - The Stars: An Account of the Star-System in Motion Pictures
16274: MORRIS, BRUCE - Html in Action
4174: MORRIS FINE, EDITOR - American Jewish Year Book 1956
15642: MORSE, NATHAN CLARK - Postoperative Treatment: An Epitome of the General Management of Postoperative Care and Treatment of Surgical Cases As Practised By Prominent American
19576: MORTON, H. V. - Middle East: A Record of Travel in the Countries of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Turkey and Greece
8785: MOSCOVITZ, LEIB - Responsa Project Cd-Rom User's Guide
19033: MOSCOW, HENRY - Thomas Jefferson and His World
16907: MOSENTHAL, S. H. - Stories of Jewish Home Life
17495: MOSES, KURT - Home at Last Auschwitz Survivor (Autographed)
22795: MOSHE, YESHIVATH BETH - A Time for Prayer: A Selection of Psalsm for Livelihood Gratitude and Repentance
12592: MOSHE BAR-ASHER, ARON DOTAN, GAD SARAFATTI, DAVID TENE (EDITIORS) - Hebrew Language Studies Presented to Zeev Ben-Hayyim
17217: MOSHONE, LEVANA - A Journey with the State of Israel: From Its Establishment to the Present
16459: MOSLEY, LEONARD AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Battle of Britain: Time-Life World War Ii
18282: MOULIERE - L'avare
20390: MOUTLON, FOREST RAY - An Introduction to Astronomy
20900: MOYNIHAN, BERKELEY - Abdominal Operations (2 Volumes)
15962: MOYNIHAN, BERKELEY GEORGE ANDREW - Gall-Stones and Their Surgical Treatment (1st Edition)
21171: MPHAHLELE, EZEKIEL - Voices in the Whirlwind and Other Essays
21879: MUDGE, JAMES (COMPILER, EDITOR) - Poems with Power to Strenghten the Soul
8487: MUHLBACH, L. (W. L. GAGE, TRANSLATOR) - Marie Antoinette and Her Son
8146: MUHLBACH, L - The Merchant of Berlin
8113: MUHLBACH, L. (TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY PETER LANGLEY) - Old Fritz and the New Era: Germany in Storm and Stess
8115: MUHLBACH, L. (TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY MARY STUART SMITH) - The Youth of the Great Elector: An Historical Romance
19544: MUIRHEAD, L RUSSELL (EDITOR) - Lake District
19789: MUIRHEAD, L RUSSELL (EDITOR) - Devon - the Penguin Guides Devon By F.L. And E. A Loverridge
12290: MULLANEY, DEAN (EDITOR) - Ms. Tree's Thrilling Detective Adventures #2 April 1983
12733: MULLER, INES - A Rumbach Sebestyen Utcai Zsinagoga: Otto Wagner Fiatalkori Fomuve Budapesten
10957: MULLER, HERBERT J - Freedom in the Modern World
19236: MULLER, JOSEPH-EMILE - Fauvism
8274: MULLIGAN, TIM - The Hudson River Valley: A History and Guide from Saratoga Springs to New York City 1992-93 Edtion
16887: MULLINS, MARJORIE - Six Farces D'antan
20438: MUNN, IAN - Little Yellow Chick
20535: MUNSEY, CECIL - The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola
20426: MURDOCH, IRIS - JEAN-PAUL SARTRE - Sartre Romantic Rationalist
21880: MURNAGHAN, FRANCIS D - Differential and Integral Calculusm Functions of One Variable
22345: MURPHY, GLENN - Mechanics of Fluids
16846: MURPHY, WILLIAM M. - Prodigal Father
21129: MURRAY, LON W (EDITOR) - The Journal of the American Dental Association: April 1962
12534: MURRAY, ARTHUR - How to Become a Good Dancer
19200: MURRAY, MARIA D - The Art of Tray Painting
20613: MURRAY, LON W (EDITOR) - Jada: The Journal of the American Dental Association: August 1962 Conrad Inman and the Midas Plan
18839: MUTEN, BURLEIGH - Grandmothers' Stories: Wise Woman Tales from Many Cultures
20198: MUZZEY, DAVID SAVILLE - Our Country's History

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