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16789: ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL ASSN. & THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Exhibition of Books, Manuscripts & Pictures
16746: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Report of Hon. Theodore Roosevelt Made to the United States CIVIL Service Commission, Upon a Visit to Certain Indian Reservations and Indian Schools in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas
16750: ROOSEVELT THEODORE - President Roosevelt's Letter of Acceptance
16751: ROOSEVELT THEODORE - Document No. 140 Letter of Theodore Roosevelt Accepting the Nomination of the Republican National Convention Og 1900 for Vice-President of the United States
16755: ROOSEVELT CLUB BOSTON, MASS; BORAH, WILLIAM EDGAR; BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY - The Roosevelt Club Borah-Butler Debate, Symphony Hall, Boston, April 8, 1927
16759: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - (Prospectus) Theodore Roosevelt and World Peace; Advertising Prospectus for Messages and Ppaers of the Presidents
17495: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Rough Riders
13700: ROQUELAURE, A. N. (ANNE RICE) - The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
14067: ROSA, JOYCE - Book of Fools
14719: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL - The Character Factory; Baden-Powell's Boy Scouts and the Imperatives of Empire
12572: ROSS, EDWARD ALSWORTH - Sin and Society, an Analysis of Latter-Day Iniquity
17383: ROTA, BERNARD - (Antiquarian Bookselling) Catalogue #16; First Editions, Association Copies and Autographed Letters of Modern Authors
15544: ROTH, LELAND M. AND BRET MORGAN - Shingle Styles: Innovation and Tradition in American Architecture 1874-1982
15132: ROUSCH, JR., JOHN H. - Antlers Afield; Foreword by Bernard Minarik
16607: ROYAL BLUE LINES - Royal Blue Lines Motor Tours; Seeing Boston, Lexington & Concord... . Free Map & Guide to Boston & Vicinity . .
16939: ROYAL BAKING POWDER COMPANY - Royal Almanac; 1901
14689: RUARK, ROBERT - Use Enough Gun; on Hunting Big Game with Drawings by the Author, Edited by Stuart Rose
13868: RUHL, ARTHUR - The Central Americans; Adventures and Impressions between Mexico and Panama
13481: RUIZ, JOSE FRANCISCO - Report on the Indian Tribes of Texas in 1828; Facsimile and Translation, Edited and with an Introduction by John C. Ewers, Translated from the Spanish by Georgette Dorn
17350: RUMFORD CHEMICAL WORKS - The Horsford Almanac & Cook Book
13424: RUNK, EDWARD JOHNSON - Washington; a National Epic in Six Cantos
13327: RUSKIN, JOHN - Poetry of Architecture; or, the Architecture of the Nations of Europe Considered in Its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character
12716: RUSSELL, WALTER - The Age of Innocence
14376: RUSSELL, JACK - Jill and I and the Salmon; a Facsimile Limited Edition, 1 of 149 Copies, Signed by the Publisher, with a Foreword by Alec Jackson and the Original Introduction by H.T. Webster
14161: RUSSELL, THOMAS H. - Life and Work of Theodore Roosevelt, Typical American, Patriot, Orator, Historian, Sportsman, Soldier, Statesman and President. Together with the Salesman's Dummy; with an Introduction by Merritt Star, a Special Tribute by Major-General Leonard Wood U.S. A.
16821: RUSSELL, THOMAS H. - Life and Work of Theodore Roosevelt, Typical American, Patriot, Orator, Historian, Sportsman, Soldier, Statesman and President. With an Introduction by Merritt Star, a Special Tribute by Major-General Leonard Wood U.S. A. The Salesman's Dummy
16820: RUSSELL, THOMAS H. - Life and Work of Theodore Roosevelt, Typical American, Patriot, Orator, Historian, Sportsman, Soldier, Statesman and President. With an Introduction by Merritt Star, Also Special Articles and Tributes of Respect... The Salesman's Dummy
13469: SAGALYN, LYNNE B. - Times Square Roulette: Remaking the City Icon
14984: SAILE, BOB - Trout Country; Reflections on Rivers, Fly Fishing & Related Addictions
13376: SAINT NICHOLAS SOCIETY - Record of the Sixty-Fourth Anniversary Dinner, December Seventh, 1896, Delmonico's, New York
16253: SAJNA, MIKE - Pennsylvania Trout & Salmon Fishing Guide
13934: SAJNA, MIKE - Days on the River; the Angling Tradition in Pennsylvania
17094: SAKS, ANNIE & FAITH STONE - The Shoshoni Cookbook; Vegetarian Recipes from the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat
15921: SALAMAN, RENA - The Greek Cook: Simple Seasonal Food
16037: SAMSON, JACK - Lee Wulff; Foreword by Nelson Bryant
15674: SAMUELSSON, MARCUS, AND SHIMON & TAMMAR (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Aquavit and the New Scandinavian Cuisine; Photography by Shimon & Tammar; Preface by Hakan Swahn
14785: SANDERS, CHARLES J. - The Boys of Winter; Life and Death in the U.S. Ski Troops During the Second World War
17322: SANGUINETTI, HAUGHTON - Stamp Guide and Glossary
17087: (SARDO, PIERO & OTHERS, EDITORS) - Italian Cheese; Two Hundred Traditional Types. A Guide to Their Discovery & Appreciation
17056: SASS, LORNA - Whole Grains Every Day Every Way
16665: SAVINE, CHARLES & OTHERS - La Montagne, Club Alpin Francais
17091: SAVINELLI, ALFRED - Plants of Power; Native American Ceremony and the Sacred Use of Plants
16099: SCHALDACH, WILLIAM J. - Coverts & Casts: Field Sports and Angling in Words and Pictures [and] Currents & Eddies: Chips from the Log of an Artist-Angler
14609: SCHALLER, GEORGE B. - Stones of Silence: Journeys in the Himalaya
13400: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN - Romantic Germany
17124: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN - Scum O' the Earth and Other Poems
13628: SCHERF, MARGARET - The Case of the Kippered Corpse
14485: SCHILLINGS, C. G. - In Wildest Africa
12590: SCHLAG, HERMANN - Richters Reisefuher Weimar Und Umgebung, (Weimar and Surroundings)
17050: SCHLESINGER, CHRIS & JOHN WILLOUGHBY - Big Flavors of the Hot Sun: Hot Recipes and Cool Tips from the Spice Zone
16949: (SCHOENFELD, WILLIAM AND MARTIN WALKER) - Romanism and the Presidency; President Roosevelt's Letter; the Lutheran Reply and Various Indorsements
15878: SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY R. - Narrative Journal of Travels Through the Northwestern Regions of the United States Extending from Detroit Through the Great Chain of American Lakes, to the Sources of the Mississippi River
14110: SCHRIFTGIESSER, KARL - The Amazing Roosevelt Family, 1613-1942
17019: SCHROEDER, HENRY ALFRED & LAURANCE ARMISTEAD PETERS - Shirt-Tail and Pigtail, Nonchalant Adventures in Central Asia
14559: SCHRÖTER, LUDWIG AND C. SCHRÖTER - Taschenflora Des Alpen-Wanderers. : 207 Kolorierte Und 10 Schwarze Abbildungen Von Verbreiteten Alpenpflanzen Nach Der Natur Gezeichnet Und Gemalt Von Ludwig Schröter. Text in Deutscher Französischer Und Englischer Sprache Von Dr. C. Schröter. (Drawn Pocket Flora of the Alps Wanderers . : 207 Colored and 10 Black and White Pictures of Common Alpine Plants from Nature and Painted by Louis Schröter. Text in German French and English by Dr. C. Schröter)
15545: SCHULER, STANLEY - Architecture Details from Old New England Homes
13942: SCHUSTER, RUDOLF M. AND WILLIAM C. STEERE, AND JOHN W. THOMSON - The Terrestrial Cryptograms of Northern Ellesmere Island; Bulletin No. 164. Biological Series No. 60
13943: SCHUSTER, RUDOLF M. AND WILLIAM C. STEERE, AND JOHN W. THOMSON - The Terrestrial Cryptograms of Northern Ellesmere Island; Bulletin No. 164. Biological Series No. 60
15308: SCHUYLER, MONTGOMERY - Westward the Course of Empire; "out West" and "Back East" on the First Trip of the "Los Angelas Limited
12365: SCHWARTZ, CHARLES W. - The Prairie Chicken in Missouri
17288: SCHWERIN, ELLWOOD WILLIAM - Engraving Through the Ages
15018: SCHWIEBERT ERNEST - Trout Stategies
14071: SCHWIEBERT, E. - Death of a Riverkeeper
15022: SCHWIND, PHIL - Striped Bass & Other Cape Cod Fish; a Fisherman's Guide to Cape Cod Bay and the National Seashore
13167: SCOTT, EMMETT J. AND LYMAN BEECHER STOWE - Booker T. Washington, Builder of Civilization
13707: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Waverly Poetry Being the Poems Scattered Through the Waverly Novels; Attributed to Anonymous Sources But Presumed to Be Written by Sir Walter Scott with Titles and Index
11724: SCOTT, JAMES BROWN - Robert Bacon; Life and Letters; Introduction by Elihu Root; Foreword by Field Marshal Haig
13330: SCRANTON, PHILIP AND WALTER LICHT - Work Sights, Industrial Philadelphia, 1890-1950
14004: SEARS, CLARA ENDICOTT S., COMPILER - Gleanings from Old Shaker Journals; with Illustrations
14503: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson, Nature-Lover
13935: SECCOMBE, JOSEPH - A Discourse Utter'd in Part at Ammauskeeg-Falls in the Fishing-Season 1739; with an Introduction by Dr. C.K. Shipton and Illustrated with Wood Engravings by Michael Mccurdy
15252: SECRETARY OF WAR - The Official Record of the United States' Part in the Great War... ; Account of the Thirteen American Battles... Complete Official Stories... Complete Official Register of Awards... Bibliography of the Great War
17407: SEGARRA, TOMAS - Musicalische Beylagen Zu Don T. Segarra's Poesias Populares
17063: SELVAGGIO, PIERO, (FOREWORD) - Five Brothers, a Year of Tuscan Cooking
15366: SELZ, PETER (EDITOR) - Art Nouveau Art and Design at the Turn of the Century
15155: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Wild Animal Play for Children with Alternate Reading for Very Young Children
16196: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty; the Autobiography of a Horse
16107: SEYBOLD, DAVID, EDITOR - Seasons of the Angler; a Fisherman's Anthology
13212: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK - Roosevelt in Africa, Graphic Account of the World's Most Renown Hunter in the Wilds of Africa... ; and Wild Animals of the World
13213: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK - Roosevelt in Africa, Graphic Account of the World's Most Renown Hunter in the Wilds of Africa... ; and Wild Animals of the World
13214: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK - Roosevelt in Africa, Graphic Account of the World's Most Renown Hunter in the Wilds of Africa... ; and Wild Animals of the World
14160: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK - Roosevelt I Afrika. (Roosevelt in Africa, Graphic Account of the World's Most Renown Hunter in the Wilds of Africa... And Wild Animals of the World); Jamte Bilder Ur Dess Djurvarld
15512: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Comedies, Histories, Tragedies, and Poems of William Shakespeare, with Memoir, Introduction and Notes by Richard Grant White
16493: (SHAKESPEARE) - 1888 Shakesperian Calendar
12300: SHANNON, TIMOTHY J. - Iroquois Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier
16409: SHAW, ALBERT - A Cartoon History of Roosevelt's Career; Illustrated by Six Hundred and Thirty Contemporary Cartoons and Many Other Pictures
15802: SHEFF ALFRED O. - The Want to Know Book
14023: SHEIL, RICHARD LALOR - Sketches of the Irish Bar, with Memoir and Notes by R. Shelton Mackenzie; in Two Volumes
14783: SHELTON, PETER - Climb to Conquer; the Untold Story of World War II's 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops
13146: SHEPHERD, JACK - The Forest Killers: The Destruction of the American Wilderness
14612: SHEPPERD, G. A. - The Italian Campaign 1943-45; a Political and Military Re-Assessment
16251: SHEWEY, JOHN - Idaho Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
17439: SHI, DAVID E. - The Simple Life, Plain Living and High Thinking in American Culture
16361: SHIGETOSHI, KAWATAKE - Kabuki Japanese Drama
16264: SHOAFF, THOMAS BENTON - Statement of Thomas Benton Shoaff, (Grandson of Dennis Hanks) of Shelbyville Illinois to Rev. William E. Barton, D.D. In the Library of the Illinois Sate Historical Society, Springfield, May 10, 1929
10790: SHOFNER, JERRELL H. - Daniel Ladd: Merchant Prince of Frontier Florida
14727: SHORT, WAYNE - The Cheechakoes
16568: SIEBERT, DICK & OTTO H. VOGEL, CONSULTANTS - How to Improve Your Baseball
12241: SILVERMAN, JASON AND SAMUEL N. THOMAS, JR., AND BEVERLY D. EVANS IV - Shanks: The Life and Wars of General Nathan George Evans, C.S. A.
16535: SIMMONS COLLEGE - Simmons College Students' Handbook 1922-1923
13461: SIMMONS, WILLIAM S. AND CHERYL L. SIMMONS, EDS - Old Light on Separate Ways: The Narraganset Diary of Joseph Fish 1765-1776
12220: SIMONDS, FRANK H. - The Great War: The Second Phase (from the Fall of Antwerp to the Second Battle of Ypres)
17487: SIMPSON, E. BLANTYRE - The Robert Louis Stevenson Originals
13677: SINGER, CHARLES AND OTHERS - A History of Technology; Volume V. The Late Nineteenth Century C1850 - C1900
13678: SINGER, CHARLES AND OTHERS - A History of Technology; Volume III. From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution C1500 - C1750
13679: SINGER, CHARLES AND OTHERS - A History of Technology; Volume IV. The Industrial Revolution C1750 - C1850
16917: SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY - Singer Souvenirs of Philadelphia
16613: SINNETT, CHARLES. N. - Sketch of Chesterfield, N.H. "Township No. One", and History of the Congregational Church from 1770 to 1900
16614: SINNETT, CHARLES. N. - Historic Lebanon, Lebanon, Maine, and the Grand Work of Its Congregational Church in One Hundred and Thirty Eight Years
14604: SISMAN, ADAM - Boswell's Presumptuous Task the Making of the Life of Dr. Johnson
15220: SLOTE, BERNICE - The Kingdon of Art: Willa Cather's First Principles and Critical Statements, 1893-1896
14322: SMILES, SAMUEL, ED - James Nasmyth Engineer: An Autobiography
17412: SMILEY, JOSEPH BERT - St. Peter at the Gate / Poetry Broadsheet
17420: SMITH, PAGE - John Adams: I, 1735-1784, & II, 1784-1826
13594: SMITH, SEBA, THE ORIGINAL MAJOR JACK DOWNING - Way Down East; or Portraitures of Yankee Life
14956: SMITH, MICHAEL S. - Bloddy Ridge, the Battle That Saved Guadalcanal
14493: SMITH, JESSIE WILLCOX - Dickens's Children
15965: SMITH, HERBERT KNOX - Roosevelt's Leadership; an Address Delivered at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania October 26, 1924
13511: SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY - The Life and Speeches of Hon. Charles Warren Fairbanks: Republican Candidate for Vice-President
14417: SMITH, J. LAWRENCE - The Potomac Naturalist; the Natural History of the Headwaters of the Historic Potomac
14642: SMITH, STEPHEN D. - Atlantic City's Musical Masterpiece: The Story of the World's Largest Pipe Organ
17470: (SMITH, C. M. & M. L. SMITH, EDITORS) - Town of Dover Bicentennial Celebration Book
13877: SMITH, HORACE AND JAMES SMITH - Rejected Addresses; or the New Theatrum Poetarum
15273: SMITH, GEORGE H. - Law of Private Right
13009: SMITH, ANNIE LORRAIN - A Handbook of the British Lichens
16400: SMITH, JEROME V. C. - Trout and Angling Being Part Two of the Fishes of Massachusetts, First Published in 1833 at Boston
10650: SMITH, MISS M. M. - Kick Him Down Hill; Ups and Downs in Business
16051: SMITH ROBERT H. - Native Trout of North America
15161: SMITH, GEOFFREY - Primitive Animals
15072: SMITH, ALBERT - The Struggles and Adventures of Christopher Tadpole; with 26 Etchings by John Leech and a Biographical Sketch of the Author
16851: SMITH, CHARLES EMORY, COMPILER - From Lincoln to Roosevelt 1854-1904 Why I Am a Republican. The History and Achievements of the Republican Party. .
13639: SMITH, PHYLLIS - Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley; a History
17149: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. HINDLE, BROOKE (FOREWORD) - The Frontiers of Knowledge; the Frank Nelson Doubleday Lectures at the National Museum of History & Technology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
16157: SMOLLA, RODNEY A. - Suing the Press; Libel, the Media, & Power
14680: SMYTHE-PALMER, A. - The Ideal of a Gentleman or a Mirror for Gentlefolks. A Portrayal in Literature from the Earliest Times
16661: SMYTHE, S. M. & OTHERS - La Montagne, Club Alpin Francais
15365: (SNIDER, J. T.) - J T Snider Collection Featuring the History of Philadelphis and Important Americana
17127: SNODIN, MICHAEL - English Silver Spoons
17199: SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI - By-Laws of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati Adopted July 4, 1895
16358: SOMERVILLE, ANNIE - Fields of Greens: New Vegetarian Recipes from the Celebrated Greens Restaurant
17163: SOSROWARDOYO, TARA. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Indonesian Art; Treasures of the National Museum, Jakarta
17014: SOUTHARD, CHARLES ZIBEON - The Evolution of Trout and Trout Fishing in America
17219: SOUTHWELL, T. - The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma - Cestoda Vols 1 and 2
15578: SOYER, RAPHAEL - A Painter's Pilgrimage; an Account of a Journey with Drawings by the Author
15001: SPARANO, VIN T., EDITOR - The American Fisherman's Fresh and Salt Water Guide
14073: SPARCE GREY HACKLE - Fishless Days, Angling Nights
17096: SPARGO, JOHN - Early American Pottery and China
15323: SPINAGE, C. A. - Animals of East Africa
14874: SPITZER, DOREEN CANADAY - The Adelman Collection
12982: SPORNE, K. R. - The Morphology of Gymnosperms; the Structure and Evolution of Primitive Seed-Plants
17022: SPRAGUE, FRANKLIN - Made in Germany; Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt
16877: SPRATTS PATENT LIMITED - Spratts Dog Culture with a Chapter on Cats; Canine and Feline Diseases and Their Cure... With Hints to Dog Owners on the Management of Dogs for the Show Bench of for Household Pets
16704: (SPRIGG, JUNE AND OTHERS) - Kindred Spirits. The Eloquence of Function in American Shaker and Japanese Arts of Daily Life
16715: SPRING, JUNE (TEXT) & PHOTOGRAPHS BY LINDA BUTLER - Inner Light; the Shaker Legacy
15427: (SPRINGFIELD MASS.) - Centennial Souvenir of the New England Conference and of Springfield Methodism 1796-1896; Published on the Occasion of the One Hundreth Session of the Conference, Held in Asbury First Church, Springfield, Mass. April, 1896
15467: SPURLING, HILARY - Pearl Buck in China; Journey to the Good Earth
14585: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi; Translated by Elizabeth P. Stork. With an Introduction by Charles Wharton Stork. 14 Illustrations in Color by Maria L. Kirk
16818: SQUIERS, ARNON L [ ED. ]; ROOSEVELT, THEODORE [ FOREWORD ] - One Hundred Per Cent American; Addresses Delivered by Famous Patriots of All Shades of Political Belief at the Saturday Luncheon Meetings of the Republican Club, New York, During the Year 1918
15359: ST. JOHN, JUDITH, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF DANA TENNY AND HAZEL I. MACTAGGART - The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books. A Catalogue 1476-1910
15651: ST. VINCENT MILLAY, EDNA - Huntsman, What Quarry
16155: ST AUBIN DE TERAN, LISA, (EDITOR) - Elements of Italy
15616: STACEY, ROBERT - Under Some Malignant Star. " the Strange Adventures of Uncle Jim's Canadian Nursery Rhymes by David Boyle and C.W. Jefferys; a Lecture Given at the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 14 November 1991. The Helen E. Stubbs Memorial Lectures Number Four
17315: STAINER, SIR JOHN & G. EDWARD STUBBS - Two Addresses; Music Considered in Its Effect Upon, and Connection with, the Worship of the Church by Sir John Stainer; & the Choral Sevice and the Training of Choristers by G. Edward Stubbs
12931: STALLMAN, R. W. - Stephen Crane: A Critical Bibliography
13853: STANLEY, HENRY M. - My Early Travels and Adventures in America
16711: STANLEY, HENRY M. - My Early Travels and Adventures in America
17200: STAPE, JOHN - The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad
14391: STARK, JAMES H. - Stark's Antique Views of Ye Towne of Boston
15039: STARR, LOUIS - The War Story of Dillwyn Parrish Starr
14007: STARR, FREDERICK - Mexico and the United States; a Story of Revolution Intervention and War
12618: STATE OF NEW YORK - Public Papers of Theodore Roosevelt, Governor, 1900
15857: STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS, HAVEN, S. F. AND OTHERS - Records of the Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England from 1628 to 1641 As Conatined in the First Volume of the Archives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
12617: STATE OF NEW YORK - Public Papers of Theodore Roosevelt, Governor, 1899
13622: STATE OF RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS - Annual Report of the Commissioners of Shell Fisheries; Made to the General Assembly at Its January Session, 1904
13705: STEBBINS, JR., THEODORE E. - The Life and Works of Martin Johnson Heade
15031: STEFFEN, RANDY - The Horse Soldier 1776-1943; Volume III, the Last of the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, the Brink of the Great War, 1881-1916
15032: STEFFEN, RANDY - The Horse Soldier 1776-1943; Volume II, the Frontier, the Mexican War, the CIVIL War, the Indian Wars, 1851-1880
15574: STEICHEN, EDWARD, COMPILER - Power in the Pacific: ; Official U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Photographs Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. A Pictorial Record of Navy Combat Operations on Land, Sea and in the Sky
12975: STEIN, JANET R. (EDITOR) - Handbook of Phycological Methods; Culture Methods & Growth Methods
16141: STEKEL, WILHELM - Impotence in the Male, the Psychic Disorders of Sexual Function in the Male; Authorized English Version by Oswald H. Boltz, M.D.
16415: STEPHENS, JOHN L. - Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan
17031: STERN, E.G. - My Mother and I; Foreword by Theodore Roosevelt
17120: STERNE, LAURENCE & JONATHAN SWIFT - A Sentimental Journey Through France & Italy & a Tale of a Tub, Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind
16413: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France & Italy; Illustrated by Everard Hopkins
17276: STEVENS, MOLLY - All About Braising, the Art of Uncomplicated Cooking,; a Treasury of One-Pot Meals
15245: STEVENS, HENRY - Recollections of James Lenox and the Formation of His Library; Revised and Elucidated by Victor Hugo Paltsits, Litt. D.
16281: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson
17248: STEWART, J AND HENNESSEY, E F. - Orchids of Africa a Select Review
6694: STEWART, DOUGLAS, W. J. HOLLAND AND A. S. COGGESHALL - Catalogue of the Collection of Watches Belonging to Mr. H.J. Heinz, of Pittsburgh Deposited by Him in the Carnegie Museum
14477: STEWART, ELINORE PRUITT - Letters of a Woman Homesteader; Foreword by Jessamyn West
14186: STEWART, JAMES B. - Blood Sport; the President and His Adversaries
12772: STEWART, J. C. - Cowboys in Uniform; Uniforms, Arms and Equipment of the Rough Riders
16008: STEWART, DICK (EDITOR) - Fly-Tying Tips
17107: STILES, HELEN E. - Pottery of the Europeans; Introduction by Gordon M. Forsyth
17101: STILES, HELEN E. - Pottery in the United States; Foreword by Guy Cowan
13644: STIMSON, F. J. - King Noanett; a Story of Old Virginia and the Massachusetts Bay
17088: STOCK, MELISSA & DAVE DEWITT - Sweet Heat. Spicy Desserts (& More!) for Chile Lovers
13897: STODDARD, HENRY L. - It Costs to Be President
13088: STORER, MARIA LONGWORTH - In Memoriam Bellamy Storer, with Personal Remembrances of Presidents Mckinley and Roosevelt, and John Ireland, Archbishop of St. Paul; with Personal Remembrances of Presidents Mckinley and Roosevelt, and John Ireland, Archbishop of St. Paul
14237: STORRS, LEE W. - Town Father, a Biography of Gamaliel Painter
15871: STOUDT, JOHN BAER - The Folklore of the Pennsylvania-German, a Paper Read Before the Pennsylvania German Society... . ; Issued As a Supplement to Volume XXIII of the Proceedings
14386: STRAHORN, CARRIE ADELL - Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage; a Woman's Unique Experience During Thirty Years of Path Finding and Pioneering from the Missouri to the Pacific and from Alaska to Mexico
13219: STRATTON, CHESTER R. - Thrilling Adventures in the Wilds of Africa Including the Renowned Roosevelt Hunt in Search of Lions, Rhinoceri, Elephants, Hippopotami and Other Ferocious Beasts of the Jungle and Plain
13381: STRAUS, OSCAR S. - Under Four Administrations; from Cleveland to Taft, Recollections of Oscar S. Straus
17460: STREISSGUTH, MICHAEL - Eddy Arnold, Pioneer of the Nashville Sound
14216: STROELTIE, BARBARA AND RENE - Country Houses of England
17084: STROMQUIST, JOAN & CARL STROMQUIST - Taos Recipe; a Cookbook of Recipes from Restaurants in Taos. New Mexico
14532: (STUDEBAKER) - No Rough Riding for the President
12501: STUTZENBERGER, ALBERT - The American Story in Spoons, with an Historical Sketch of the Spoon Through the Ages
13634: SUGDEN, JOHN - Blue Jacket, Warrior of the Shawnees
14025: SULLIVAN, T.D. AND A. M. SULLIVAN, AND D. B. SULLIVAN - Guilty or Not Guilty; Part I. Speeches from the Dock or Protests of Irish Patriotism; Speeches Delivered After Conviction; Part II. The Dock and the Scaffold; the Manchester Tragedy and the Cruise of the Jackel; Part III. The Wearing of the Green; or, the Prosecuted Funeral Procession
16365: SUPERIOR COURT OF MASSACHUSETTS - The Official Report of the Trial of Charles L. Tucker for the Murder of Mabel Page in the Superior Court of Massachusetts
15756: SUTCLIFFE, EDWARD, (VACANT BOOK-KEEPER) - Hand-Book for Engineers, Published in the Interest of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers
16337: SUTTON, GEORGE MIKSCH - Bird Student an Autobiography
16879: SWAMI BRAHMA - Success and Happiness. Preface by Alexander Verner; an Accurate Account of the "Theory and Practice" of Personal Magnetism and Will-Power
16303: SWEENEY, Z. T. - Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries and Game for Indiana
12763: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Locrine: A Tragedy
13726: SWOPE, EUGENE, MABEL MARIS SWOPE, AND ALICE D. WEEKES, EDITORS - The Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary Anthology; Foreword by Frank M. Chapman
16929: (T. LEWIS) - The Figures to the First Set of Quadrilles
15278: TAFT, WILLIAM HOWARD - Peace, Patriotic and Religious Addresses by President Taft Delivered During His Administration
16100: TALLEUR, DICK - Modern Fly-Tying Materials
15296: TALMAGE, DR. JAMES E. - The Book of Mormon, an Account of Its Origin, with Evidences of Its Genuineness and Authenticity. Two Lectures
12245: TANNER, ROBERT G. - Stonewall in the Valley: Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's Shenandoah Campaign Spring 1862
14256: TANSELLE, G. THOMAS - Royal Tyler
16700: TAYLOR, JORDAN - Clay and Light; Foreword by Garth Clark
13844: TAYLOR, WILLIAM, RANDOLPH - Pacific Marine Algae of the Allan Hancock Expeditions to the Galapagos Islands, (Plates 1-100); Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions Volume 12 Complete
13143: TAYLOR, WILLIAM RANDOLPH - Marine Algae of the Northeastern Coast of North America
13448: TAYLOR, WILLIAM RANDOLPH - Pacific Marine Algae of the Allan Hancock Expeditions to the Galapagos Islands (Plates 1-100)
13797: TAYLOR, BAYARD - Poems of the Orient
16861: TAYLOR, ERNST E. - John G Whittier Poet Reformer Mystic - Friends Ancient and Modern No. 17
14387: TAZEWELL, LITTLETON WALLER - A Review of the Proclamation of President Jackson, of the 10th of December, 1832; in a Series of Numbers, Originally Published in the "Norfolk and Portsmouth Herald,", Under the Signature of a Virginian
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11544: WEIS, FREDERICK LEWIS - The Colonial Clergy and the Colonial Churches of New England
14332: WEISS, HARRY B. - Thomas Say: Early American Naturalist
16357: WELCH, JR., ROBERT H. W. - May God Forgive Us; a Famous Letter Giving the Historical Background to the Dismissal of General Macarthur
13456: WELD, PHILIP S. - Moxie: The American Challenge
12738: WELLS, HENRY P. - The American Salmon Fisherman
13038: WELLS, HENRY P. - Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle; Suggestions As to Their Manufacture and Use
15712: WELLS, PATRICIA & ROBERT FRESON, (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Patricia Wells at Home in Provence, Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France
17458: WELSCH, ULRIKE - Faces of New England: Special Moments from Everyday Life; Foreword by Jan Fonteyn
13672: WELTY, EUDORA - The Wide Net and Other Stories
15942: WENINGER, PETER - Volkskunst in Den Alpen (Folk Art in the Alps)
15757: WEST, NATHANIEL - The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible; or, How to Comprehend Holy Writ from Its Own Interpretation, Containing the Whole of the Old and New Testaments, Collected and Systematically Arranged in Thirty Books; Together with an Introduction, Setting Forth the Character of the Work, and the Immense Facility This Method Affords the Reader for Understanding the Word of God. Also, Three Different Tables of Contents Prefixed, a General Index of Subjects, a Scripture Index, and Tables of Principal Subjects with Their Parallel Sections Subjoined, So Elaborated and Arranged in Alphabetical Order As to Direct at Once to Any Subject Required. Including a Map of Palestine, a Family Record, a Pronouncing Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, an Interpreting Dictionary of Scripture. .
15900: WEST, HERBERT FAULKNER - Modern Book Collecting for the Impecunious Amateur
15693: WEST, HERBERT FAULKNER - Notes from a Bookman
15805: WEST, HERBERT FAULKNER - The Impecunious Amateur Looks Back. (Signed by the Author); the Autobiography of a Bookman
15461: WESTFALL, DOUGLAS PAUL - Letters from the Field; Wallace at the Little Big Horn
15390: WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY - The Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism Revised by the Committee of Publication Stereotype Edition
14116: WETHERELL, W. D., ED - This American River: Five Centuries of Writing About the Connecticut
16086: WETHERELL, W. D. - Upland Stream; Notes on the Fishing Passion
16982: WEY, FRANCIS - Rome; New Edition Revised and Compared with the Latest Authorities by Maria Hornor Lansdale
14024: WHARTON, GRACE AND PHILIP - Queens of Society
12758: WHEATON, HENRY - Some Account of the Life, Writings, and Speeches of William Pinkney
16792: WHEELOCK, JOHN HALL - A Bibliography of Theodore Roosevelt
17153: (WHELAN, GROVER A. AND OTHERS) - New York World's Fair Official Guide Book 1939
12996: WHERRY, EDGAR T. - Guide to Eastern Ferns
13720: WHIPPLE, WAYNE AND COMPLETED BY ALICE ROOSEVELT LONGWORTH - The Story of the White House and Its Home Life
12989: (WHIPPLE, A. W.) - Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean... . 1853-4; Volume IV
13701: WHIPPLE, EDWIN - Essays and Reviews
17064: WHITAKER, ELLEN & COLLEEN MAHONEY & WENDY A. JORDAN - Great Kitchens; at Home with America's Top Chefs
16173: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne & Observations on Nature; with the Text and New Letters of the Buckland Edition, Introduction by John Burroughs, Illustrations by Clifton Johnson
16163: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne; with Notes by Richard Kearton
16646: (WHITE MOUNTAINS) - Souvenir View Book of the White Mountains, N.H. The Land of Scenic Splendor
17189: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne
14340: WHITE, W. F. - The Practical House, Wagon and Automobile Painter
14751: WHITEHEAD, G. KENNETH - Stalking Deer Throughout the World
15555: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F. & FRANK CHOUTEAU BROWN , (EDITORS) - Survey of Early American Design
15293: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - The One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the Peabody Museum of Salem
16693: WHITING, EDWARD ELWELL - President Coolidge, a Contemporary Estimate
17129: WHITLOCK, VIRGINIA BENNETT AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY ROBERT W. FROME - Maria Mello and Chiquito in a Jungle in Brazil Beside the Biggest River in the World, Maria Mello Lived and Played
15748: WHITLOCK, BRAND - Her Infinite Variety
16476: WHITMAN, JOAN, ED - Craig Claiborne's the New York Times Food Encyclopedia
17415: WHITMAN PUBLISHING COMPANY - (Games of Chance) Rummy Royal
15902: WHITMARSH, ESTHER - Whitpools
14407: WHITNEY, CASPAR - A Sporting Pilgrimage; Riding to Hounds, Golf, Rowing, Football, Club and University Athletics. Studies in English Sport, Past and Present
12978: WHITTIER, HENRY O. - Mosses of the Society Islands
13683: WHITTINGHAM, RICHARD (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - The Dimaggio Albums; Selections from Public and Private Collections Celebrating the Baseball Career of Joe Dimaggio; Volume 1: 1932-1941; Volume 2: 1942-1951. With an Introduction and Commentaries by Joe Dimaggio
15957: WHYMPER, EDWARD AND LADY BLANCHE MURPHY - Scrambles Amongst the Alps and Down the Rhine
14598: WHYTE, JON AND E. J. HART - Carl Rungius Painter of the Western Wilderness
15580: WIGGIN KATE DOUGLAS - The Diary of a Goose Girl
15262: WIGGLESWORTH, MICHAEL - The Day of Doom; or a Poetical Description of the Great and Last Judgement: With Other Poems
17225: WILBUR, RUSSELL J. - Theodore Roosevelt; a Verse Sequence in Sonnets and Quatorzains; Introduction by William Hard
15364: WILDE, OSCAR - The Importence of Being Earnest
14300: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome; a Tragedy in One Act; Translated from the French of Oscar Wilde
15623: WILDENSTEIN & CO., INC - A Loan Exhibition of Toulouse-Lautrec for the Benefit of the Goddard Neighborhood Center. October 23 - November 23, 1946
12731: WILDER, L. AMELIA - The Twins and Their Texts
13681: WILDER, THORNTON NIVEN - The Cabala
16883: WILE, DR. WILLIAM C. (EDITOR) & DR. JOHN C. BERRY, ASSISTANT EDITOR - New England Medical Monthly and Prescription Vol. XVIII, No. 12, Whole No. 216
13084: WILEY, FARIDA A. (EDITOR) - Theodore Roosevelts's America, Selections from the Writings of the Oyster Bay Naturalist
13187: WILEY, FARIDA A. (EDITOR) - Theodore Roosevelts's America, Selections from the Writings of the Oyster Bay Naturalist
13535: WILKIE, ANGUS - Biedermeier
16645: (WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT) - The Vermonter Magazine. September, 1909; Champlain Tercentenary Souvenir
16774: (WILLIAM MCKINLEY) - Stereo View of President Mckinley and His Cabinet
12997: WILLIAMS, J. G. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa; Introduction by Roger Tory Peterson
15528: WILLIAMS, BEN AND COMMENTARY BY CHARLEY WATERMAN - American Wingshooting; a Twentieth Century Pictorial Saga
15495: WILLIAMS, JESSE LYNCH - Not Wanted
12358: WILLIAMS, AUSTIN B. - Shrimps, Lobsters, and Crabs of the Atlantic Coast of the Eastern United States, Maine to Florida
14061: WILLIAMS, EDWARD HUNTINGTON - Pine Flat Camp Fire Tales
16898: WILLIAMS "SUPERWRENCH" AND "SUPERSOCKET" WRENCHES - Williams "Superwrench" and "Supersocket" Wrenches Catalogue
16117: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Salar the Salmon
16254: WILLIS, VIRGINIA - Bon Appetit, Y'All
17158: WILLIS, JACK, AS TOLD TO HORACE SMITH - Roosevelt in the Rough
17245: WILLIS, JOHN - Views from the Reservation, with an Essay by Kent Newborn and Contributions from the Oglala Lakota People
16561: WILLIS, N. P. - Sketches
15121: WILSON, ANDREW - Glimpses of Nature, Part I.
13927: WILSON, ERNEST H. - More Aristocrats of the Garden
13929: WILSON, ERNEST H. - America's Greatest Garden: The Arnold Arboretum
15718: WILSON, ERNEST H. - Aristocrats of the Trees
16218: WILSON, BOB & RICHARD PARKS - Tying and Fishing the West's Best Dry Flies; Foreword by Dan Bailey
16482: WILSON, HAROLD D. "THREE GUN - Dry Law Facts Not Fiction; 1890 Comparative Facts - 1931 Sensational Dry Raid Facts, Delaware Fact Finder Facts
15441: WILSTACH, PAUL - Tidewater Virginia
12327: WINLOCK, H. E.; R. T. H. HALSEY; AGNES D. PETERS; JOSEPH DOWNS AND MARSHALL DAVIDSON - Franklin and His Circle: A Catalogue of an Exhibition
15120: WINTHROP, ROBERT C. - The Portraits of John Hampden in the Executive Mansion in Washington and of Lafayette in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States
14062: WINTHROP, THEODORE - The Canoe and the Saddle: Adventures Among the Northwestern Rivers and Forests; and Isthmiana
13149: WISE, ROSEMARY - A Fragile Eden: Portraits of the Endemic Flowering Plants of the Granitic Seychelles
13643: WISSLER, CLARK - The Relation of Nature to Man in Aboriginal America
17246: WISTER, OWEN - Roosevelt: The Story of a Friendship, 1880-1919
13164: WISTER, OWEN - Roosevelt: The Story of a Friendship, 1880-1919
14385: WISTER, OWEN - Members of the Family
14399: WISTER, OWEN - Lin Mclean
17247: WISTER, OWEN - Roosevelt: The Story of a Friendship, 1880-1919
15594: WISURI, LESLIE W. - Jonas of Kiivijarvi Finnish Freedom Fighter
15590: WITNEY, DUDLEY - Lighthouse; Foreword by Thomas H. Raddall
13457: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Uneasy Money
13459: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The White Feather
13449: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The World of Mr. Mulliner
13436: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Pothunters
13439: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Leave It to Psmith
13442: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Uneasy Money
13830: WOLFF, LEON - Little Brown Brother; America's Forgotton Bid for Empire Which Cost 250,000 Lives
17448: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL - Stampede to Timberline: The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado
14747: WOOD, JEFFREY - Lyft Faetels Inner Peace
13957: WOOD, ERIC FISHER - Leonard Wood, Conservator of Americanism; a Biography
16748: WOOD, MAJ. GEN. LEONARD - National Defense; a Speech
16957: WOODROW WILSON - CHARLES EVANS HUGHES ELECTION - Kanonenkugeln Fur Deutschland Die Hughes-Roosevelt Politic, Illustriert IM "Globe-Democrat", Volliges Uebereinstimmen Zwischen Hughes Und Roosevelt / Cannonballs for Germany, the Hughes-Roosevelt Political. Illustrated in the "Globe-Democrat" Examples About the Mood between Hughes and Roosevelt
16739: WOODRUFF, CLINTON ROGERS - A President Who Seeks Practical Reforms; What Theodore Roosevelt Has Accomplished Along Administrative Lines
15248: WOODS, THOMAS - Three Waters
14197: WOODWARD, BOB - The Choice; Inside the Clinton White House
14196: WOODWARD, BOB - The Agenda; Inside the Clinton White House
17408: (WOODWARD, ELIJAH F.) - Roads, &C. In the Town of Brookline: [Tables Showing Distances on the Several Streets in the Town of Brookline, As Surveyed in the Year 1844
16865: WOODWORTH, SAMUEL - The Old Oaken Bucket
14791: WOOLLEY, CHARLES - The Kaiser's Army in Color; Uniforms of the Imperial German Army As Illustrated by Carl Becker 1890-1910
14811: WOOLLEY, CHARLES - Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918; a Study in Period Photographs. Infantry. Artillery. Jager. Landsturm. Mountain. Insignia. Weapons
12859: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Wordsworth Poetry & Prose with Essays by Coleridge, Hazlitt, de Quincey; with an Introduction by David Nichol Smith and Notes
14901: WORSFOLD, W. BASIL - Lord Milner's Work in South Africa; from Its Commencement in 1897 to the Peace of Vereeniging in 1902, Containing Hitherto Unpublished Information
16340: WORTH, C. BROOKE - Mosquito Safari: A Naturalist in Southern Africa
15050: WRIGHT, LYLE H. (COMPILER) - American Fiction 1774-1850 a Contribution Toward a Bibliography
16995: WRIGHT, CAPTAIN PETER E. - At the Supreme War Council
14123: WRIGHT, W. ALDIS, ED - Bacon's Essays
14260: WRIGHT, CHARLES B. - Aftermath; Continuing "a Teacher's Avocations
14350: WRIGHT, G. FREDERICK - Man in the Glacial Period
16225: WRIGHT, JR., LEONARD M. - The Thinking Man's Guide to Trout Angling; Fishing the Dry Fly As a Living Insect, an Unorthodox Method
16137: WRIGHT, J. E. B. - Rock Climbing in Britain
17102: WULFF, HANS E. - The Traditional Crafts of Persia: Their Development, Technology, and Influence on Eastern and Western Civilizations
14858: WULFF, LEE - Bush Pilot Angler
14079: WULFF, LEE - Trout on a Fly
14100: YALE, LEROY M. - Angling
16560: YMCA OF PHILADELPHIA - A Call to the Hills, an Ideal Vacation for Each of the Family
17321: YOUNG, JAMES RANKIN - The United States Mint at Philadelphia
12789: YOUNGS, MARY FANNY - When We Were Young; Children's Rhymes of Oyster Bay
12120: (YUGOSLAVIA) WHITE, LEIGH - The Long Balkan Night
14395: ZABRISKIE, GEORGE ALBERT - Perry's Expedition to Japan 1853-1854
16730: ZABRISKIE, GEORGE A. - The Pathfinder
16529: ZACKS, RICHARD - Island of Vice; Theodore Roosevelt's Doomed Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York
13091: ZAHM, J. A. - Through South America's Southland
15626: ZALESKI, JEAN - Jean Zaleski: A Retrospective : Four Decades of Painting
12854: ZANES, DAN - Hello Hello
15303: ZEMPEL, EDWARD N & LINDA A. VERKLER (EDITORS) - A First Edition? Statements of Selected North American, British Commonwealth, and Irish Publishers on Their Methods of Designating First Editions
14194: ZION, SIDNEY - The Autobiography of Roy Cohn
16581: ZUREK, TERESITA ROMAN DE - The Cuisine of Cartegena de Indias: Legacy of the Spanish Cooking in Columbia
12970: ZWINGER, ANN - John Xantus, the Fort Tejon Letters 1857-1859

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