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14368: HANENKRAT, WILLIAM FRANK - The Education of a Turkey Hunter
14675: HANKINSON ALAN - The First Tigers; the Early History of Rock Climbing in the Lake District
13364: HANLEY, JAMES - Boy
14723: HANNAH, BARBARA - Jung: His Life and Work. A Biographical Memoir
17007: HARBAUGH, WILLIAM H. - Power and Responsibility; the Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt
16605: HARBORD, MAJ. GEN. JAMES G. - Leaves from a War Diary
16784: HARD, WILLIAM - Theodore Roosevelt; a Tribute by William Hard
14257: HARD, WALTER - Vermont Neighbors
15226: HARD, WILLIAM - Theodore Roosevelt; a Tribute by William Hard
10090: HARD, WILLIAM - Theodore Roosevelt; a Tribute by William Hard
17105: HARNETT, CYNTHIA - Nicholas and the Wolf Pack: An Adventure Story of the Middle Ages
14144: HAROLD, LIEUT COL. HAROLD E. - Up and at 'Em; Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt (Jr. )
14130: HARPER, HENRY H. - Bob Hardwick: The Story of His Life and Experiences
14201: HARRINGTON, LAMAR - Ceramics in the Pacific Northwest: A History
13694: HARRIS, FRANK - That Man Shakespere and His Tragic Life Story
17332: HARRIS, E. BAKER - A Selection of the Rare Books of Freemasonry
15762: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Nights with Uncle Remus; Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation
15405: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Sister Jane, Her Friends and Acquaintences; a Narrative of Certain Events and Episodes Transcribed from the Papers of the Late William Wornum
14188: HARRIS, JOHN F. - Survivor; Bill Clinton in the White House
16195: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Mr. Rabbit at Home; a Sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country
17243: HARRISON, COLIN - An Atlas of the Birds of the Western Palaearctic; Design and Cartography by Crispin Fisher
15424: HARSH, FRED - Mildred, Maude & Mr. Goose; Words & Pictures by Fred Harsh
16975: HART, LIDDELL -
16188: HART, LIDDELL - Colonel Lawrence; the Man Behind the Legend
13879: HARTE, BRET - Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands, and Other Sketches
12909: HARTINK, A. E. - Encyclopedia of Knives
14777: HARTINK, A. E. - The Complete Encyclopedia of Knives
16548: HARTS, WILLIAM WRIGHT - Harbour Improvement on the Pacific Coast of the United States
16439: HASELOFF, ARTHUR - Pre-Romanesque Sculpture in Italy
17151: HASTINGS, MAX - The Korean War
14266: HASTINGS JR., SCOTT E. - The Last Yankees; Folkways in Eastern Vermont and the Border Country
16705: HAUGE, VICTOR AND TAKAKO HAUGE - Folk Traditions in Japanese Art; Introduction & Catalogue by Victor and Takako Hauge
15706: HAUSMAN, LEON AUGUSTUS - Birds of Prey of Northeastern North America
13273: HAWLEY, JOSHUA DAVID - Theodore Roosevelt, Preacher of Righteousness; Foreword by David M. Kennedy
12943: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Septimus Felton or the Elixir of Life
16586: HAXWORTH, LILY - Cooking Made Easy
12549: HAY, JOHN - Castilian Days
13921: HAY, JOHN - The Way to the Salt Marsh; a John Hay Reader, Edited and with an Introduction by Christopher Merrill
17237: HAY, JOHN - The Addresses of John Hay
14657: HAYMAN, RONALD - A Life of Jung
12589: HAYNES, GEORGE H. - Representation and Suffrage in Massachusetts, 1620-1691
14220: HEAD, RAYMOND - The Indian Style
12430: HEDGE, FREDERIC HENRY - The Primeval World of Hebrew Tradition
17334: HEGE, HUGO - A Factful and Colorful Guide to Washington, D.C. A Modern Guide to Our the Nation's Capital
15807: HELLER, WALTER W. - New Dimensions of Political Economy
14660: HELPRIN, MARK - A Soldier of the Great War
12423: HELPS, ARTHUR - The Spanish Conquest in America and Its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies
17375: HEMENS, ROLAND D. & OTHERS - Some Notes on University Press Publishing
13905: HEMMENT, J. C. - Cannon and Camera; Sea and Land Battles of the Spanish-American War in Cuba, Camp Life and the Return of the Soldiers
13815: HENDERSON, DANIEL - Jungle Roads and Other Trails of Roosevelt; a Book for Boys
14597: HENDRICKS, GORDON - Albert Bierstadt Painter of the American West
14942: HENDRIE, ANDREW - Flying Cats; the Catalina Aircraft in World War II
16060: HENKIN, HARMON - Fly Tackle; a Guide to the Tools of the Trade
17492: HENNESSEY, TOM - Feathers 'n Fins: A Collection of Hunting and Fishing Tales Written and Illustrated by Bangor Daily News Oudoor Writer Tom Hennessey
16596: HENRY, ROBERT S. - The Railroad Land Grant Legend in American History Texts
17360: (HENRY SHELTON SANFORD) - (Menu) Brussels Anti-Slavery Conference Diner Du 22 Mars 1890; Menu
15097: HENTY, G. A. - Through Three Campaigns; a Story of Chitral, Tirah and Ashanti
15091: HENTY, G. A. - A March on London; Being a Story of Wat Tyler's Insurrection
17482: HERBERT, S. - The First Principles of Evolution
12410: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Swords and Roses
17174: HERMAN LUNDBORG & J. RUNNSTROM - The Swedish Nation in Word and Picture - Together with Short Summaries of the Contributions Made by Swedes Within the Fields of Anthropology, Race-Biology, Genetics and Eugenics. A Jubilee Book Given out, with the Cooperation of Experts Commissioned by the Swedish Society for Race-Hygiene
13075: HERRICK, C. JUDSON - George Ellett Coghill: Naturalist and Philosopher
17429: HERSCHEL, ALEXANDER S. - Observations of the August Meteors in 1871 in "the Quarterly Journal of the Meteorological Society" New Series, Vol. 1 Number 1; January, 1872
14223: HERSEY, JOHN - Aspects of the Presidency; Truman and Ford in Office. Introduction by Robert A. Dahl
14618: HERSEY, JOHN - The Child Buyer; a Novel in the Form of Hearings Before the Standing Committee on Education, Welfare, & Public Morality of a Certain State Senate, Investigating the Conspiracy of Mr. Wissey Jones, with Others, to Purchase a Male Child
14233: HERSH, BURTON - The Education of Edward Kennedy, a Family Biography; Foreword by James Macgregor Burns
14814: HERTER, GEORGE LEONARD AND JAQUES P. HERTER - The Truth About Hunting in Today's Africa; and How to Go on Safari for $690. 00
15803: HERZOG, THEODOR CARL JULIUS - Die Bryophyten Meiner Zweiten Reise Durch Bolivia. (the Bryophytes, My Second Trip Through Bolivia)
16300: HESEKIEL, JOHN GEORGE LOUIS - The Life of Bismarck, Private and Political; with Descriptive Notes of His Ancestry; Translated and Edited with an Introduction, Explanatory Notes and Appendices by Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie
17016: HETHERINGTON, A. L. - The Early Ceramic Wares of China; with an Introduction by R.L. Hobson
15551: HEWITT, MARK ALAN - The Architect & the American Country House 1890-1940; Architectural Photographs by Richard Cheek
14765: HIBBEN, FRANK C. - Hunting in Africa
15188: HICKS, HON. FREDERICK C. - Theodore Roosevelt, a Memorial Address Delivered by Congressman Frederick C. Hicks of Long Island at the Sunday Tabernacle, Washington, January 12, 1919
16040: HIDY, V.S. - The Pleasures of Fly Fishing; Photographs & Commentary on Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Anglers, Trout & Steelhead. Including a Selection of Memorable Observations from the Classic Writings of Angling Literature
12487: HIGINBOTHAM, JOHN U. - Three Weeks in Europe; the Vacation of a Busy Man
12270: HILL, JAMES MICHAEL - Celtic Warfare 1595-1763
13554: HILL, JOSEPH J. - The History of Warner's Ranch and Its Environs; with a Preface by Herbert E. Bolton and Two Etchings by Loren Barton
16217: HILL, LES & GRAEME MARSHALL - Stalking Trout, a Serious Fisherman's Guide
14989: HILL, GENE - A Listening Walk... And Other Stories
12753: HILL, HOWARD C. - Roosevelt and the Caribbean
14463: HILLARD, GEORGE STILLMAN - Six Months in Italy
13324: HIMMELHEBER, GEORG - Biedermier Furniture; Translated and Edited by Simon Jervis
13069: HINDLE, BROOKE - The Pursuit of Science in Revolutionary America 1735-1789
16523: HITCHCOCK. HENRY-RUSSELL - In the Nature of Materials: The Buuildings of Frank Lloyd Wright 1887-1941
13756: HOBBS, WILLIAM HERBERT - The World War and Its Consequences; Being Lectures in the Course on Patriotism Delivered at the University of Pittsburg During the Summer Session of 1918. With an Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt
17068: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Great Salsa; 96 Exciting Salsa Recipes
17074: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Pairing Wine with Food; Everything You Would Like to Know About Pairing Wine with Food, and More!
15340: HOFFMAN, HEINRICH - Slovenly Peter, or Cheerful Stories and Funny Pictures for Good Little Folks
17072: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Cooking with Wine; 86 Winery Chefs Share 172 of Their Favorite Recipes for Cooking with Wine and Pairing Wine with Food
17077: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - The Great Little Food with Wine Cookbook; 76 Cooking with Wine Recipes, Pairing Food with Wine, How & Where to Buy Wine, Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
17076: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - The Wine-Lover's Holiday Cookbook; Menus, Recipes & Wine Selections for Holiday Entertaining
17295: HOFFMEISTER, DONALD F. - Mammals of Arizona
15421: HOLLAMAN, RICHARD G. EDITOR & PUBLISHER - Monthly Catalogue Eden Musee, Nov. 1889
16123: HOLT, JOHN - Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams
15922: HOLUIGUE, DIANE - Savoring Provence: Recipes and Reflections on Provencal Cooking
16153: HOLZ, IRMGARD - Hugo Kauffmann 1844 - 1915. Werkverzeichnis Der Gemialde (Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings)
12846: HONE, WILLIAM - The Table Book, of Daily Recreation and Information;; Concerning Remarkable Men, Manners, Times, Seasons, Solemnities, Merry-Makings, Antiquities and Novelties, Forming a Complete History of the Year
17238: HONEY, WILLIAM BOWYER - The Ceramic Art of China and Other Countries of the Far East
16799: HONEY, W. B. - Corean Pottery
16505: (HOOKER, RICHARD) - A Naval Scrapbook
16632: HOOSAC TUNNEL & WILMINGTON RAILROAD - Green Mountains of Southern Vermont Reached by the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad
13561: HOOVER, HERBERT - The Challenge to Liberty
14520: HOPPER, NORA - Under Quicken Boughs
14248: HOPPIN, J. M. - Life of Andrew Hull Foote, Rear-Admiral United States Navy
13233: HOPPUS - Hoppus's Practical Measurer; or, Measuring Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity by a New Set of Tables...
14478: HORVATH,BETTY - Jasper Makers Music
12325: HOSMER, JAMES K. - A Short History of the Mississippi Valley
14842: HOUSE, HOMER D., PH.D. - Bibliography of the Botany of New York State 1751-1940: Part 1 and Part 2
16269: HOUSER, M. L. - The Books That Lincoln Read
16265: (HOUSER, MARTIN LUTHER) - Abraham Lincoln's Letter to General Hooker
16274: HOUSER, M. L. - The Education of Abraham Lincoln
16275: HOUSER, M. L. - Abraham Lincoln, an Address
16273: HOUSER, M. L. - Abraham Lincoln, Student. His Books
16268: HOUSER, M. L. - Lincoln's Early Political Education
12092: HOUZE, HERBERT G. (EDITED BY ELIZABETH MANKIN KORNHAUSER) - Samuel Colt: Arms, Art, and Invention
15244: HOVENKAMP, JAN WILLEM - Merimee' Et la Couleur Locale. (Merimee' and Local Color - Contribution to the Study of Local Color)
12998: HOWARD, LAUREN DAVIS - Moss Flora of New England, New York, and Southeastern Canada; Adapted from Dr. A.J. Grout Moss Flora of North America
17441: HOWARD, JOSEPH KINSEY - Strange Empire a Narrative of the Northwest
12155: HOWE, OCTAVIUS THORNDIKE - Argonauts of '49: History and Adventures of the Emigrant Companies from Massachusetts 1849-1850
17309: HOWE, M A DEWOLFE - A Great Private Citizen: Henry Lee Higginson
12948: HOWELLS, MILDRID, (EDITOR) - Life and Letters of William Dean Howells
13398: HOWELLS, W. D. - Familiar Spanish Travels
14021: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Their Silver Wedding Journey
13789: HOWELLS, W. D. - A Counterfeit Presentment. Comedy
13865: HOWLAND, HAROLD - Theodore Roosevelt and His Times. A Chronicle of the Progressive Movement
17188: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists Volume XI
13614: HUDSON RIVER DAY LINE - Hudson River Day Line Season of 1934 Timetable & Fare Schedule
12930: HUDSON, STEPHEN - Richard Myrtle and I.
14227: HUDSON, W. H. - The Purple Land: Being the Narrative of One Richard Lamb's Adventures in the Banda Orienta'l, in South America, As Told by Himself; with an Introductory Note by Theodore Roosevelt
16289: HUESSER, ALBERT H. - The Forgotten General, Robert Erskine, F.R. S. (1735-1780) Geographer and Surveyor General to the Army of the United States of America
15240: HUGHES, EDWARD - Outlines of Physical Geography, Descriptive of the Inorganic Matter of the Globe, and the Distribution of Organized Beings
16027: HUGHES, JIM - W. Eugene Smith: Shadow and Substance the Life and Work of an American Photographer
16307: HUGHES-PARRY, J. - Fishing Fantasy. A Salmon Fisherman's Note-Book
16248: HUGHES, DAVE - Western Fly Fishing Guide
16245: HUGHES, DAVE - The Yellowstone River and Its Angling
16256: HUGHES, STEPHEN ORMSBY - Tight Lines and Dragonflies
14124: HUGO, VICTOR - Oeuvres Poetiques de Victor Hugo: Les Contemplation
16637: HULBERT, CALVIN B. - God Not Altogether Like Ourselves; a Baccalaureate Discourse Delivered at Middebury College, July 16, 1876
13574: HUMMEL, GEORGE F. - Summer Lightning
16233: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - My Moby Dick
14267: HUMPHREY, ZEPHINE - 'Allo Good-by
16032: HUMPHREY, JOSEPH - Joe Humphrey's Trout Tactics
16030: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - Open Season; Sporting Adventures by William Humphrey
15494: HUNT, LEIGH - Imagination and Fancy; or Selections from the English Poets, Illustrative of Those First Requisites of Their Art; with Markings of the Best Passages, Critical Notices of the Writers, and an Essay in Answer to the Question "What Is Poetry?
15698: HUNTER, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Stiegel Glass Introduction and Notes by Helen Mckearin. Illustrated with Twelve Plates in Color from Autochromes by J.B. Kerfoot and with One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Halftones
16324: HUNTING, GARDNER - Barry Dare and the Mysterious Box
17206: HUTCHINSON, A.S.M. - The Book of Simon
14881: HUTTO, JOE - Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season with the Wild Turkey
15780: HUTTON, CHARLES - The Compendious Measurer, Being a Brief, Yet Comprehensive, Treasure on Mensuration and Practical Geometry: With an Introduction to Duodecimal Arithmetick Adapted to Practice and the Use of Schools
16308: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Their Shining Eldorado: A Journey Through Australia
17481: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Darwiniana, Essays
17478: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY - Science and Culture and Other Essays
13328: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Londonderry House and Its Pictures; with a Foreword by the Most Hon. The Marquess of Londonderry, K.G.
11887: HYDE, FRANCIS EDWIN - Cunard and the North Atlantic, 1840-1973: A History of Shipping and Financial Management
14439: HYDE, HENRY M. - Six Possible Presidents. Technical World Magazine, November, 1912
16606: HYDE, WILLIAM DEWITT - Addresses at the Inuaguration of President Hyde, Bowdoin College, June 23, 1886
14429: ICKES, HAROLD - T.R. Lusty Leader of Men. Saturday Review of Literature, April 21, 1951
13826: IGLEHART, FERDINAND C. - Theodore Roosevelt, the Man As I Knew Him
13989: (INAUGURAL COMMITTEE) - Inaugural Souvenir, 1901
13413: (INAUGURAL COMMITTEE) - Inaugural Souvenir, 1905
14580: INCHFAWN, FAY - Who Goes to the Wood
14327: INGALLS, ALBERT G. - Amateur Telescope Making
15977: INGHAM, G. THOMAS - Digging Gold Among the Rockies or Exciting Adventures of Wild Camp Life in Leadville, Black Hills and the Gunnison Country, Giving a Graphic History. .
16199: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels; Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
14456: INSKIPP, CAROL AND TIM - A Guide to the Birds of Nepal
13977: IRWIN, WALLACE - Random Rhymes and Odd Numbers
14760: ITOH, TEIJI - Traditional Domestic Architecture of Japan
12885: ITRAT-HUSAIN - The Mystical Element in the Metaphysical Poets of the Seventeenth Century
17430: J. A. WRIGHT & CO., INC - The Care of Beautiful Silver
14333: JACKSON, JOSEPH - Through Glade and Mead: A Contribution to Local Natural History
16362: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT - Century of Dishonor; a Sketch of the United States Government's Dealings with Some of the Indian Tribes
12541: JACOBS, HERBERT - Frank Lloyd Wright America's Greatest Architect
12088: JAMES, EDSALL - The Revolver Rifles
16411: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - The Grand Canyon of Arizona, How to See It
14677: JAMES, LAWRENCE - Raj; the Making and Unmaking of British India
17116: JAMES, HENRY - The Princess Casamassima; with an Introduction by Lionel Trilling
16420: JAMES, WILL - All in a Day's Riding
13906: JAMES LOWE PILLING (MASTER MARINER) - The Keel of the Kearsarge, the Old and the New
13480: JAMESON, P. R. - Weather and Weather Instruments for the Amateur
17089: JAMISON, CHERYL ALTERS & BILL JAMISON - The Rancho de Chimayo Cookbook; the Traditional Cooking of New Mexico
17081: JAMISON, CHERYL ALTERS & BILL JAMISON - The Border Cookbook; Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest & Northern Mexico; Foreword by Mark Miller
17249: JAQUES, FLORENCE PAGE - Francis Lee Jacques: Artist of the Wilderness World; Forward by Roger Tory Peterson, and Appreciations by Sigurd F. Olson and Harriet Buchheister
15237: (JARVIS, JAMES JACKSON) - Parisian Sights and French Principles Seen Through American Spectacles
14784: JENKINS, MCKAY - The Last Ridge; the Epic Story of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division and the Assault on Hitler's Europe
13120: JESSUP, PHILIP C. - Elihu Root; 1845-1937
14365: JOHES, ROBERT F. - The Hunter in My Heart: A Sportsman's Salmagundi
17494: (JOHN VAN COURT) - Van Court's New Monthly Magazine; the Literary Gem Consisting of Tales, Historical and Biographical Sketches, Poetry, Music & Engravings
14645: JOHN T BASSETT - War Journal of an Innocent Soldier
14235: (JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY) - Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Late a President of the United States ; Compiled Under Direction of the Joint Committee on Printing
13923: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - Diving Birds of North America
15973: (JOHNSON, PHILANDER CHASE) - Songs of the G.O. P. By Phi Chi Illustrated in Caricature by Will H. Chandlee
17218: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - The Rise of an American Inventor, Hudson Maxim's Life Story
12550: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W. - Genoa the Superb, the City of Columbus
13974: JOHNSON, MERLE AND FREDERICK M. HOPKINS - American First Editions Bibliographic Check-List. Number 7. Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919, Compiled by R.W. G. Vail; Reprinted from Publisher's Weekly for October 21, 1922
17095: JOHNSON, CRAIG - A Serpent's Tooth; a Longmire Mystery
15940: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, a Tale
14226: JOHNSON, LYNDON - No Retreat from Tomorrow; President Lyndon Johnson's 1967 Messages to the 90th Congress
13986: JOHNSON, CHARLENE R. - Florida Thoroughbred
15409: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - The Fox and the Little Red Hen
15507: JOHNSON, LUTHER B. (COMPILER) - Floodtide of 1927. A Gathering of Reports and Pictures Which Tell Their Story Graphically of the Great November Flood in Vermont State
11567: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD - Aftermath: Being for the Most Part Poems Written by the Author in His 80th and 81st Years, in Supplement to His Poems of Fifty Years
17289: JOHNSON, L. F. - Famous Kentucky Tragedies and Trials. .
14246: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia; a Tale. To Which Is Prefixed a Life of the Author: By F.W. Blagdon, Esq
14276: JOHNSON, W. FLETCHER AIDED BY MAJ GENERAL O.O. HOWARD, U.S.A. - Life of Wm. Tecumseh Sherman Late Retired General, U.S. A. The Salesman's Dummy
14310: JOHNSON, W. FLETCHER - History of the Johnstown Flood. The Salesman's Dummy; "All the Fearful Record; the Breaking of the South Fork Dam; the Sweeping out of Connemaugh Valley; the Overthrow of Johnstown; the Massing of the Wreck at the Railroad Bridge; Escapes, Rescues, Searches for Survivors and the Dead; Relief Organizations, Stupendous Charities, Etc. , Etc. With Full Accounts of the Destruction on the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers, and the Bald Eagle Creek.
14198: JOHNSON, HAYNES - The Best of Times; America in the Clinton Years
13766: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM DAVISON - Tr Champion of the Strenuous Life; a Photographic Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
14634: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - Mary Ware in Texas
14635: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - Mary Ware the Little Colonel's Chum
14636: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - The Little Colonel's Holidays
14632: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - The Little Colonel's Hero
13976: JONES, JOHN PRICE - America Entangled; the Secret Plotting of German Spies in the United States and the Inside Story of the Sinking of the Lusitania. Introduction by Roger B. Wood
16335: JONES, A. R. - The Ciliates
15516: JONES, PAGE HELM - Evolution of a Valley: The Androscoggin Story
17066: JORDAN, MICHELE ANNA - California Home Cooking; American Cooking in the California Style
12916: JORDAN, W. K. - Edward VI, the Young King; the Protectorship of the Duke of Somerset
15612: JORDAN, BIBI - Safari Chic - Wild Exteriors and Polished Interiors of Africa
16093: JORGENSEN, PAUL - Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler; Photographs by the Author. Introduction by Lefty Kreh. Preface by Art Lee
14119: JOSLYN, JAMES - A Vermont Agreement to Provide Complete Lifetime Care 1827
12235: JUDGE, JOSEPH - Season of Fire: The Confederate Strike on Washington
13113: JUSSERAND, J. J. - What Me Befell; the Reminiscences of J.J. Jusserand
13117: JUSSERAND, J. J. - With Americans of Past and Present Days
17269: KAFKA, BARBARA - Party Food: Small and Savory
15253: KAGAWA, AYA - Japanese Cook Book: 100 Favorite Japanese Recipes for Western Cooks (Tourist Library Volume II)
14462: KAHANER, LARRY - Ak-47: The Weapon That Changed the Face of War
12614: KAHN, OTTO H. - Le Droit Au-Dessus de la Race (Right Above Race)
12938: (KAMES, LORD HENRY HOME) - The Gentleman Farmer Being an Attempt to Improve Agriculture, by Subjecting It to the Test of Rational Princioples
12516: KANE, M.D, U.S.N. ELISHA KENT - Arctic Explorations: ; the Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55
16451: KANTNER, W. C. - Kantner's Illustrated Book Objects and Self-Educator Containing 2051 Engravings with Explanations in English and German
13653: KAR, CHINTAMONI - Classical Indian Sculpture 300 B.C. To A.D. 500
13654: KAR, CHINTAMONI - Indian Metal Sculpture
17271: KASPER, LYNNE ROSSETTO - The Italian Country Table; Home Cooking from Italy's Farmhouse Kitchens
16716: KATOH, AMY SYLVESTER - Japan Country Living; Spirit, Tradition, Style
17099: KATSUMIE MASURU & OTHERS - Goto Hide's Graphic Art
16353: KATZ, JR., CHARLES - Waymarks. Photographs from a Walk Across England
12345: KEARSEY, A. - The Operations in Egypt and Palestine, August, 1914, to June, 1917, Illustrating the Field Service Regulations
17468: KEATS, CHARLES - Magnificent Masquerade: The Strange Case of Dr. Coster and Mr. Musica
17036: KEENE, DONALD - Noriyasu Tsuchiya Beauty and Strength, New Work
16732: KEITHLEY, RALPH - Buckey O'Neill... He Stayed with 'Em While He Lasted
13792: KELLAND, CLARENCE BUDDINGTON - Thity Pieces of Silver
17065: KELLER, HUBERT WITH JOHN HARRISON - The Cuisine of Hubert Keller
13687: KELLOGG, M. K. - M.K. Kellogg's Texas Journal 1872; Edited with an Introduction by Llerena Friend
17343: KELLOGG COMPANY - The Housewife's Almanac, a Book for Homemakers
15752: KELLY, THOMAS - Kelly's Practical Builder's Price Book, or Safe Guide to the Valuation of All Kinds of Artificer's Work : With the Modern Practice of Measuring, and a Copious Abstract of the New Building Act, for Regulating the Construction of Buildings. ; Revised and Corrected by New Calculations Upon the Present Value of Materials and Labour. And Founded Upon the Most Approved Modes of Measurement. The Whole Arranged by an Architect of Eminence, Assisted by Several Experienced Measuring Surveyors. Illustrated and Exemplified by Steel Engravings and Numerous Wood-Cuts
16083: KELSON, GEORGE M. - The Salmon Fly; How to Dress It and How to Use It; Foreword by Poul Jorgensen
15582: KEMP, JIM - American Vernacular: Regional Influences in Architecture and Interior Design
12362: KEMP, ALAN - The Owls of Southern Africa
15924: KENNEY, MATTHEW AND SAM GUGINO - Matthew Kenney's Mediterranean Cooking: Great Flavors for the American Kitchen
14273: KENT, DORMAN B. E. - Vermonters
16511: KILLEEN, JOHANNE AND GEORGE GERMON - On Top of Spaghetti... Macaroni, Linguini, Penne, and Pasta of Every Kind
16510: KILLEEN, JOHANNE AND GEORGE GERMON - Cucina Sympatica: Robust Trattoria Cooking
10661: KIMBALL, FISKE - Le Style Louis XV: Origine Et Evolution Du Rococo
17049: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - French Cheeses; Visual Guide to More Than 350 Cheeses from Every Region of France
14042: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Trooper Ross and Signal Butte
16734: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Trials of a Staff Officer
12727: KING, JR., C(ARDENIO) F(LOURNOY) - A Boy's Vacation Abroad
14400: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - An Apache Princess; a Tale of the Indian Frontier
12233: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - The General's Double
16212: KINGSTON, ROSEMARY - Robin Hood and His Merry Men; Illustrated by Alice Carsey
14034: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - Adventures Among the Indians
16384: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Fringes of the Fleet; a Companion Volume to "France at War
15630: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
12860: KIRBY, SARA MILLER - Kindergarten Papers; a Manual for Schools and Homes
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12622: MEYERS, ROBERT C. V. - Theodore Roosevelt Patriot and Statesman, the True Story of an Ideal American, Youngest President of the United States
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13216: MILLER, J. MARTIN, (EDITOR) - The Triumphant Life of Theodore Roosevelt, Citizen, Statesman, President,; the Inspiring Narrative of His Wonderful Career Related by Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, Hon. William Loeb, Hon. George C. Perkins, and Other Distinguished Authorities. Embracing a Complete Account of the Republican National Convention of 1904, Its Proceedings, Platform and the Speeches of Speaker Cannon, Senator Beveridge, Ex-Governor Black, Secretary Root and Others, Together with the Life Story of Hon. Charles W. Fairbanks
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15855: MITCHELL LIBRARY - The Mitchell Library, Sydney: Historical and Desciptive Notes
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13108: MORRIS, EDMUND - Theodore Rex
13109: MORRIS, EDMUND - Theodore Rex
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13217: MOWBRAY, JAY HENRY - Roosevelt's Marvelous Exploits in the Wilds of Africa; Containing Thrilling Accounts of His Killing Lions, Rhinoceri and Other Ferocious Beasts of the Jungle
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13416: MULLINS, LINDA - The Teddy Bear Men; Theodore Roosevelt & Clifford Berryman
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16672: MURPHY, J.F. - What to See at Plymouth: The Tourist's Guide with Maps & Illustrations
13419: MURRAY, F. ALISTER - The Book of Ted or Roosevelt and the Railroads in Scripture; the Book of Ted Is a Satirical Summary - More or Less Biblical, But Not Bilious - of Recent Large Events in the Financial World, Especially Those Bearing Directly on the Railroad Problem
14422: (MURRAY, F. ALISTER) - The Book of Ted or Roosevelt and the Railroads in Scripture; the Book of Ted Is a Satirical Summary - More or Less Biblical, But Not Bilious - of Recent Large Events in the Financial World, Especially Those Bearing Directly on the Railroad Problem
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15938: NASON, REV. ELIAS - The Strength and Beauty of the Sanctuary; a Sermon Preached at the Dedication of the First Congregational Church in Natick Massachusetts. November 15, 1854
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15709: NAUDIN JEAN-BERNARD; JEAN-MICHEL CHARBONNIER AND JACQUELINE SAULNIER - Renoir's Table: The Art of Living and Dining with One of the World's Greatest Impressionist Painters ; Preface by Pierre Troisgros
13630: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - The Song of Three Friends
13667: NEIL, REV. JAMES - Palestine Explored; with a View to Its Present Natural Features, and to the Prevailing Manners, Customs, Rites, and Colloquial Expressions of Its People, Which Throw Light on the Figurative Language of the Bible
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16228: NETBOY, ANTHONY - The Salmon, Their Fight for Survival
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16525: NICHOLSON, LT.-COL. J. B. R. - Model Soldiers; Les Petits Soldats; Model Soldaten
15621: NIXON / AGNEW COMMITTEE - The Nixon Yearbook 1968; Introduction by Dwight D. Eisenhower)
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17440: NIXON, OLIVER W. - How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon, a True Romance of Patriotic Heroism, Christian Devotion and Final Martyrdom, with Sketches of Life on the Plains and Mountains in Pioneer Days; Introduction by Rev. Frank W. Gunsaulus
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17455: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Mother, a Story
14409: NORRIS, FRANK - A Deal in Wheat; and Other Stories of the Old and New West
16735: NORTH, CHARLES J. - By Wireless
16348: NORTON, ARTHUR H. - Mammals of Portland Maine, and Vicinity
13319: NORTON, ALOYSIUS A. - Theodore Roosevelt
14176: NOTES BY ALLEN DRURY; PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRED MAROON - Courage and Hesitation; Notes and Photographs the Nixon Administration
15115: NOUVELLE CARTE DE FRANCE - Carte Taride, No. 14. (Lyon, Savoie, Dauphine)
14066: NOVA, CRAIG - Brook Trout and the Writing Life: The Intermingling of Fishing and Writing in a Novelist's Life
15088: NUTTALL, ZELIA - Standard or Head-Dress? an Historical Essay on a Relic of Ancient Mexico
12096: NUTTER, WALDO E. - Manhattan Firearms
16997: NYE, ALVIN CROCKER, ARCHITECT - A Collection of Scale-Drawings, Details, and Sketches of What Is Commonly Known As Colonial Furniture, Measured and Drawn from Antique Examples
15617: O' BRIEN, ROBERT - On the Beginnings of Tunbridge
13248: O'TOOLE, PATRICIA - When Trumpets Call; Theodore Roosevelt After the White House
13123: O'LAUGHLIN, JOHN CALLAN - From the Jungle Through Europe with Roosevelt
15370: O'MEARA, WALTER - Guns at the Forks
17150: O'CONNOR, JACK - Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns; with a Seven Lesson Rifle Shooting Course
16202: OAKLEAF, JOSEPH BENJAMIN - Abraham Lincoln, Meade, Lee and Gettysburg
15274: OCHOROWICZ, DR. J. - Mental Suggestion Part II
16391: OGDEN, ELLEN ECKER - From the Cook's Garden; Recipes for Cooks Who Like to Garden, Gardeners Who Like to Cook, and Everyone Who Wishes They Had a Garden
13880: OGLESBY O. O. AND E. B. GAREY - The Plattsburg Manual; a Handbook for Federal Training Camps. Foreword by General Leonard Wood
16597: OLIVER, SMITH HEMPSTONE - The First Quarter-Century of Steam Locomotives in North America: Remaining Relics and Operable Replicas with a Catalog of Locomotive Models in the U.S. National Museum
13270: OLIVER, LAWRENCE J. (EDITOR) - The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt and Brander Matthews
17015: OLMSTED, OLMSTED & ELIOT, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS - Map of Middlesex Fells Reservation, Metropolitan Parks Commission, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
14663: OMLAND, ERLING OMAR - Hill Echoes; a Mountain Epic of Friendship, Love and War
15591: OPTIC, OLIVER - The Boat Club or the Bunkers of Rippleton
16323: OPTIC, OLIVER - The Boat Club or the Bunkers of Rippleton; a Tale for Boys
14610: ORGILL, DOUGLAS - The Gothic Line: The Italian Campaign, Autumn, 1944
14701: ORMOND, CLYDE - Hunting Our Biggest Game
16301: ORPEN, SIR WILLIAM - An Onlooker in France 1917-1919
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14602: ORTENBURGER, LEIGH - A Climber's Guide to the Teton Range
17052: ORTIZ, GAYLE & JOE ORTIZ WITH LOUISA BEERS - The Village Baker's Wife: The Deserts and Pastries That Made Gayle's Famous
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14739: OSBORN - The Vulgarians
16940: OSBORN, HENRY FAIRFIELD - History, Plan, and Design of the New York State Roosevelt Memorial Prepared Under the Direction of the Board of Trustees
14309: OSBORN, CHASE S. AND STELLANOVA OSBORN - Schoolcraft - Longfellow - Hiawatha
14788: OSBORNE, ROGER - Civilization; a New History of the Western World
17417: OSTROM, JOHN WARD - Check List of Letters to and from Poe
12431: OSWALD, JOHN CLYDE - Benjamin Franklin in Oil and Bronze
17345: OTIS BROTHERS - Otis Brothers' Never-Failing Corn Cure Broadside
15375: OTIS, JAMES - Commodore Barney's Young Spies - a Boy's Story of the Burning of the City of Washington
17323: OUSLEY, ODILLE - Come with Us
14538: OVINGTON, RAY - A Sportsman-Artist's Game Bag; with Special Preface by Jim Rikhoff
14212: OWEN, THOMAS M. DIRECTOR, (COMPILER) - Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama; Being a List of Names, Compiled from Authentic Sources, of Soldiers of the American Revolution, Who Resided in the State of Alabama
14287: OWEN, RUSSELL - The Antarctic Ocean
15703: P. F. O'BRIEN, CARPENTER BUILDER - P.F. O'Brien, Carpenter Builder 19th Century Bill Head with Revenue Stamps
15588: P K (PERCY KEESE ) FITZHUGH - King Time or the Mystical Land of the Hours, a Fantasy
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14733: PAGE, WARREN - One Man's Wilderness
14117: PAINE, ROBERT TREAT - Autographed Quotation, Signed
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13706: PAREDES, J. ANTHONY, (EDITOR) AND OTHERS - Anishinabe 6 Studies of Modern Chippewa
13073: PARKER, B. C. AND R. MALCOLM BROWN,JR - Contributions in Phycology: A Selection of Papers in Phycology Written by Former Students of Harold C. Bold. .
13575: PARKER, CAPT. R. M. - An Officer's Notes
14297: PARKER, CORNELIA STRATTON - Ports and Happy Places
13956: PARKERSON, GENERAL A. C. AND OTHERS - How Uncle Sam Fights; Modern Warfare - How Conducted
16231: PARKS, RICHARD - Fishing Yellowstone National Park
14864: PARSHALL, JONATHAN AND ANTHONY TULLY - Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
13236: PARTON, JAMES, EDITOR - Some Noted Princes, Authors, and Statesmen of Our Time
15570: PASTIER, JOHN - Cesar Pelli
15776: PATOUILLARD, N., & G. DE LAGERHEIM - Champignons de L'Equateur. [Pugillus IV]
15177: PATTERSON, R. M. - The Buffalo Head
12905: PATTERSON, NEIL - Chalkstrem Chronicle, Living out the Flyfisher's Fantasy
12334: PEARE, CATHERINE OWENS - William Penn: A Biography
13845: PEARSON JOHN C. - The Young of Some Marine Fishes Taken in Lower Chesapeake Bay Virginia with Special Reference to the Gray Sea Trout Cynoscion Regalis (Bloch)
14265: PECK, THEODORA - Hester of the Grants; a Romance of Old Bennington
17060: PECK, CAROLE, WITH CAROLYN HART BRYANT - The Buffet Book; Inspired Ideas for New-Style Entertaining with 175 Recipes
14499: PEIXOTTO, ERNEST - Pacific Shores from Panama
14017: PELLEW, GEORGE - In Castle and Cabin or Talks in Ireland in 1887
17055: PENCE, CAPRIAL - Caprial's Cafe Favorites
14390: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Pen Drawings and Pen Draughtsmen Their Work and Their Methods a Study of the Art Today with Technical Suggestions
15604: PENNELL, ELIZABETH ROBINS - French Cathedrals : Monasteries and Abbeys and Sacred Sites of France; with Illustrations by Joseph Pennell
13860: PEPPERMAN, W. LEON - Who Built the Panama Canal
14641: PERKINS, ELEANOR ELLIS - News from Notown; with Illustrations by Lucy Fitch Perkins
12721: PERNOUD, REGINE ET AL. - Great Dynasties: Capets, Hohenstaufens, Plantagenets, Hapsburgs, Valois, Stuarts, Tudor, Bourbons of France, Romanovs, Braganzas, Bourbons of Spain, Hohenzollerns, House of Savoy, House of Hanover-Windsor, Bourbons of Naples, Bonapartes
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13949: PERRING, F. H. AND K. MELLANBY, (EDITORS) - Ecological Effects of Pesticides; Linnaen Society Symposium Series Number 5
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12187: PERRY, LAWRENCE - Our Navy in the War
17110: PETERS, HARRY T. - Currier & Ives, Primntmakers to the American People
12119: PETERS, ELEANOR BRADLEY - Hugh Peter: Preacher Patriot, Philanthropist, Fourth Pastor of the First Church in Salem, Massachusetts. A Mosaic. .
16696: PETERS, ERSKINE - William Faulkner, the Yoknapatawpha World and Black Being
17212: PETERSHAM, MAUD & MISKA - Auntie
16713: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM - The Story Book of Wheels, Ships, Trains, Aircraft
16714: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA PETERSHAM - The Story Book of Clothes
14696: PETERSON, HAROLD L. - Pageant of the Gun; a Treasury of Stories of Firearms; Their Romance and Lore, Development and Use Through Ten Centuries
15466: PETERSON, HAROLD L. - Pageant of the Gun; a Treasury of Stories of Firearms; Their Romance and Lore, Development and Use Through Ten Centuries
16398: PFEIFFER, C. BOYD - Shad Fishing
16728: PHILBRICK, NATHANIAL - The Last Stand; Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
16262: PHILLIPS, HUGH - Mid-Georgian London; a Topographical and Social Survey of Central and Western London About 1750
16996: PICCOLPASSO, CAVALIERE CIPRIANO; BERNARD RACKHAM AND ALBERT VAN DE PUT - LI Tre Libri Dell'; Arte Del Vasai / the Three Books of the Potter's Art of Castel Durante; in the Original Italian with Translation and an Introduction
15571: PICKER, HENRY & HOFFMANN, HEINRICH - Hitler Close-Up; Compiled by Jochen Von Lang, Translated from the German by Nicholas Fry
10124: PICKERING, H. G. - Angling of the Test: Or True Love Under Stress
14145: PICKTHALL, MARMADUKE - The Children of the Nile
15440: PIKE, ROBERT E. - Spiked Boots: Sketches of the North Country
15539: PILE, JOHN - History of Interior Design
16434: PINNEY, JR, FRANK L. (EDITOR) - The Lucky Bag of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Four; Annual of the Regiment of Midshipmen
14321: PLUTARCH - The Rise and Fall of Athens
17344: PLYMOUTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Plymouth; Places to Go - Things to See - Industrial and Homebuilding Opportunities
16656: PODELL, JACK J. EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Bobby; the Robert F. Kennedy Story - the Man and His Dream
15589: POLK, JAMES KNOX; EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY MILO MILTON QUAIFE - The Diary of James K. Polk During His Presidency, 1845-1849; Now First Printed from the Original Manuscript Owned by the Society
13467: POLLOCK, HORATIO M. - The Story of Old Bill Marshall: A Sage of the Schoharie Valley As Told by Miles Allen
15360: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN (FOREWORD); REYNOLDS, GRAHAM (INTRODUCTION) - Charles Dickens an Exhibition to Commemorate the Centenary of His Death June-September 1970
15166: PORCHER, FRANCES S. - Mr. Perryman's Christmas Eve: The Story of a Life of Faithful Service
14651: PORTER, REV. EDWARD G. - Rambles in Old Boston New England; Illustrated by George R. Tolman. Two Volumes in One
16639: POST, TRUMAN M. - Special Advantages of the Smaller Country Colleges; an Address Delivered Before the Alumni of Middlebury College; July 1, 1879 at the Semi-Centennial Reunion of the Classof "29
13315: POWELL, JIM - Bully Boy; the Truth About Theodore Roosevelt's Legacy
14978: PRADOS, JOHN - Combined Fleet Decoded; the Secret History of American Intelligence and the Japanese Navy in World War II
15787: PRATT, WALDO S. (INTRODUCTION); WITH HOMER N. BARTLETT, LEOPOLD DAMROSCH, ALBERT A. STANLEY AND MANY OTHERS - St Nicholas Songs (with Illustrations): 112 Songs by 32 Composers
15044: PREFACE BY DAVID A. JONAH, LIBRARIAN - The Life and Works of John Hay, 1838-1905; a Commemorative Catalogue of the Exhibition Shown at the John Hay Library of Brown University in Honor of the Centennial of His Graduation at the Commencement of 1858
13715: PRESCOTT, PHILANDER - The Recollections of Philander Prescott, Frontiersman of the Old Northwest 1819-1862; Edited by Donald Dean Parker
16787: (PRESIDENT & MRS GEORGE W. BUSH) - The 150th Birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt
15548: PRICE, JUDITH - Executive Style; Achieving Success Through Good Taste and Design
17466: PRIDEAUX, C. S. I., COL. W. F. - A Bibliography of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson; a New and Revised Edition Edited and Supplemented by Mrs, Luther S. Livingston
15983: PRIME, WILLIAM C. - Tent Life in the Holy Land
16797: PRIME, WILLIAM C. - Pottery and Porcelain of All Times and Nations with Tables of Factory and Artist's Marks for the Use of Collections
15235: PRINGLE, HENRY F. - Theodore Roosevelt, a Biography
13032: PRINGLE, HENRY F. - Theodore Roosevelt, a Biography
13769: PROGRESSIVE PARTY / BULL MOOSE PARTY - The Progressive Creed. I Am a Progressive
16053: PROPER, DATUS - Running Waters; Where Angler, Fish and Fly Are Destined to Meet
16793: (PROSPECTUS) HAGEDORN, HERMANN - (Prospectus) Roosevelt in the Bad Lands
16788: (PROSPECTUS) (THEODORE ROOSEVELT) LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY, EDITOR - (Prospectus) Supplemental Official Messages and Popular Speeches of President Roosevelt (While President)
17090: PROULX, ANNIE & LEW NICHOLS - Cider; Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider
15371: PRUCHA, FRANCIS PAUL - Broadax and Bayonet; the Role of the United States Army in the Development of the Northwest 1815-1860
16790: (PUBLISHING BROADSIDE) THEODORE ROOSEVELT - (Publishing Broadside) Education; How Old the New. Mr Theodore Roosevelt Said in the Outlook
16360: PUMP, ANNA WITH GEN LEROY - The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook: Delectible Recipes from East Hampton's Fabulous Gourmet Shop
15242: PURDON, K. F. - Candle and Crib
14370: PUTMAN, RORY - The Natural History of Deer
12599: PUTNAM, J. WESLEY - Playthings of Desire; Illustrated with Scenes from the Photo-Play
14614: PUTNAM, WILLIAM LOWELL - Green Cognac, the Education of a Mountain Fighter
13799: PUTNAM, EMILY JAMES - The Lady; Studies of Significant Phases of Her History
17008: PUTNAM, CARLETON - Theodore Roosevelt; the Formative Years 1858-1886
15808: QUEBEC STEAMSHIP COMPANY - Windward Resorts in Southern Seas. Bermuda and the Windward West India Islands
16953: (QUENTIN ROOSEVELT) - Quentin Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, First Day Cover, May 30, 1929
14364: QUINN, TOM - The Working Retrievers
16881: RACINE - Phaedra, a Tragedy in Five Acts; Translated Expressly for the Berhardt Season by Mr. Frederick a Schwab
13332: RADFORD, RUBY LORRAINE - Nancy Dale Army Nurse
16588: RAILEY, JULIA HOUSTON - Retail and Romance
17146: RALSTON PURINA COMPANY - Life - Growth - Eggs
13326: RANDALL, MONICA - The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast
12564: RANDALL, PETER E. - There Are No Victors Here!; a Local Perspective on the Treaty of Portsmouth
14616: RANDALL, WILLARD STERNE - Benedict Arnold, Patriot and Traitor
17302: RANTOUL, JR., ROBERT - An Oration Delivered at Concord, on the Celebration of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Events of April 19, 1775
13492: RATCHFORD, FANNIE E. (EDITOR) - Letters of Thomas J. Wise to John Henry Wrenn; a Further Inquiry Into the Guilt of Certain Nineteenth-Century Forgers
17477: RATHBONE, PERRY T., EDITOR - Mississippi Panorama, the Life and Landscape of the Father of Waters and Its Great Tributart, the Missouri; with 188 Illustrations of Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Photographs, Bank Notes, River Boat Models, Steamboat Appurtenances and the Dickeson-Egan Giant Moving Panorama of the Mississippi
13313: RAUCHWAY, ERIC - Murdering Mckinley; the Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America
15947: READ, NATHAN - An Essay on Creation and Annihlation, the Future Existence, and the Final State of All Sentient Beings; (a Rare Belfast Maine Imprint)
13393: RECKNER, JAMES B. - Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet
12979: REESE, WILLIAM DEAN - Mosses of the Gulf South; from the Rio Grande to the Apalachicola
17445: REINHART, HERMAN FRANCIS; EDITED BY DOYCE B. NUNIS JR. - The Golden Frontier, the Recollections of Herman Francis Reinhart 1851-1869; Foreword by Nora B. Cunningham
14405: REMINGTON, FREDERIC - Pony Tracks
14530: RENEHAN JR. EDWARD J. - The Lion's Pride; Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War
15290: REPUBLICAN CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - The History of the Republican Party 1854-1954, Its History in Brief
16120: RETALLIC, KEN AND ROCKY BARKER - Fly Fisher's Guide to Idaho
16636: REV. KITCHEL, H. D. AND OTHERS - Addresses at the Inauguration of Rev. H.D. Kitchel, D.D. , President of Middebury College
16813: (REVIEW) THEODORE ROOSEVELT - William Beebe's Jungle Peace Reviewed for the New York Times Review of Books
15975: REYNOLDS, CHARLES B. - Old Saint Augustine; a Story of Three Centuries
14000: REYNOLDS, CHARLES B. - The Standard Guide, Washington, a Handbook for Visitors
15435: RHODES, WILLIAM BARNES - Bombastes Furioso: A Burlesque Tragic Opera. ; with Designs by George Cruikshank
13522: RICARD, SERGE - La Revolucion Confiscada: Teodoro Roosevelt Y El Nacimiento de la Republica de Cuba (Theodore Roosevelt and the Birth of the Republic of Cuba); Separata Facticia Del Trabajo Publicado En El Boletin de Estudios Hispanoamericanos. Sevilla, 1998
13629: RICE, THOMAS C. - Doom of Washakim; a Chapter in King Philip's War
15782: RICE, ALICE HEGAN - Lovey Mary; by the Author of Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
15089: RICH, WALTER H. - The Swordfish and the Swordfishery of New England
15404: RICHARD FRIEDENTHAL - Letters of the Great Artists; Vol. 1; from Ghiberti to Gainsborough--Vol II; from Blake to Pollock
15786: RICHARD WATSON GILDER (EDITOR); JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS, W. T. SHERMAN, U. S. GRANT, SIDNEY LANIER - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine: Volume XXXIV (34; New Series, Vol XII (12); May 1887, to October 1887 (May; June; July; August; September; October; Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6);
14339: RICHARDS, HENRY HOWE, (EDITOR) - Groton School in the War
14690: (RICHARDS, THOMAS W.) - The Lonaconing Legacy; Its Cornish and Scottish Sons and Daughters
12440: RICHARDSON, HUBERT N. B. - A Dictionary of Napoleon and His Times
17258: RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H. - Theodore Roosevelt: One Day of His Life; Reconstructed from Contemporaneous Accounts of His Political Campaign of 1912, and Prepared As a Souvenir of the Third Annual Dinner of the Roosevelt Association of Jersey City
16647: RICHTER, PEYTON - Cultivating Candide's Garden; Voltairean Verse
17307: RICKEY, GEORGE WARREN & LANE FAISON - Kinetic Sculptures, with Photographs & Two Letters
15134: RICKHOFF, JIM - Fair Chase; Foreword and Illustrations by Tom Hennessey
12366: RICKMAN, PHILLIP - A Bird Painter's Sketch Book
15191: (RIES, W. F.) - Roosevelt Exposes Socialism
16947: RIES, W. F. - Monkeys and Monkeyettes a Reply to Ex-President Roosevelt
14502: RIIS, JACOB - The Making of an American
13080: RIIS, JACOB A. - Theodore Roosevelt; the Citizen
13228: RIIS, JACOB A. - Theodore Roosevelt; the Citizen; Introduction by Merrill Edwards Gates
12809: RIIS, JACOB A. - Theodore Roosevelt; the Citizen
13813: RIIS, JACOB A. - Theodore Roosevelt; the Citizen
17002: RIIS, JACOB A. - Theodore Roosevelt; the Citizen
16846: RINGEN "QUICK MEAL" STOVE CO - Quick Meal Drawing Book with Teddy in Darkest Africa
13386: RINGWALD, DONALD C. - Hudson River Day Line; the Story of a Great American Steamboat Company
10680: RITCHIE, LEITCH - Wanderings by the Seine, from Rouen to the Source
14591: RITZ, CHARLES - A Fly Fisher's Life
13145: RIXEY, LILIAN - Bamie, Theodore Roosevelt's Remarkable Sister
14472: ROBBINS, CHANDLER - A History of the Second Church, or the Old North, in Boston; to Which Is Added a History of the New Brick Church with Engravings
17384: (ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON) - The Book Buyer; a Summary of American & Foreign Literature
16132: (ROBERT LINTON) - Mining Directory-Catalog & Engineers' Handbook of Machinery, Equipment and Supplies for Mines, Mills, Smelters, Quarries, Metallic and Non-Metallic
13702: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Lydia Bailey
16166: ROBERTS, KENNETH L. - Sun Hunting; Adventures and Observations Among the Native and Migratory Tribes of Florida, Including the Stoical Time-Killers of Palm Beach, the Gentle and Gregarious Tin-Canners of the Remote Interior, and the Vivacious and Semi-Violent Peoples of Miami and Its Purlieus
15297: ROBERTS, ELDER B. H. - Mormonism, Its Origin and History
17161: ROBERTS, MONTY - The Horses in My Life
15676: ROBERTSON, DEBORA - Gifts from the Garden: 100 Gorgeous Homegrown Presents
15585: ROBERTSON, MORGAN - Sinful Peck
16438: ROBERTSON, A. T. - A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research
17230: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - One Woman to Another and Other Poems
16977: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - The Poems of Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
16986: ROBINSON, EDWARD ARLINGTON - Collected Poems
13329: ROBINSON, CERVIN AND ROSEMARIE HAAG BLETTER - Skyscaper Style Art Deco New York
13262: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - One Woman to Another and Other Poems
13263: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - One Woman to Another and Other Poems
13264: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - Call of the Brotherhood and Other Poems
13256: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - Out of Nymph, Poems
13253: ROBINSON, MONROE DOUGLAS - A Little Boy's Friend
13254: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - The Poems of Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
13255: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - Service and Sacrifice, Poems
13464: ROBINSON, FRANK S. - Albany's O'Connell Machine: An American Political Relic
16441: ROBINSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM - No Man's Friend; a Novel
13402: ROCCAPINO, D. - Brigands and Bandits
12337: RODD, FRANCIS RENNELL - General William Eaton: The Failure of an Idea
12968: RODGERS III, ANDREW DENNY - Erwin Frink Smith; a Story of North American Plant Pathology
12156: RODGERS, VICE ADMIRAL WILLIAM LEDYARD - Naval Warfare Under Oars 4th to 16th Centuries: A Study of Strategy, Tactics and Ship Design
14243: RODINO JR., PETER W. - The Impeachment of Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States; the Final Report of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Peter W. Rodino, Jr. , Chairman with an Introduction by R.W. Apple, Jr. , of the New York Times
12434: ROGERS, MEYRIC R. - Carl Milles, an Interpretation of His Work
17069: ROGERS, FORD - Olives; Cooking with Olives and Their Oils
13682: ROLLINS, HYDER EDWARD - Tottel's Miscellany (1557-1587)
17399: RON BACARDI - (Mixology) Bacardi and Its Many Uses
17228: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The New Nationalism
17028: ROOSEVELT, FELICIA WARBURG - Doers & Dowagers (Alice Roosevelt's Copy)
16839: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Gouverneur Morris; the Story of His Life and Work
16936: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Letters from Theodore Roosevelt to Anna Roosevelt Cowles 1870-1918
16937: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE (EDITED BY JOSEPH BUCKLIN BISHOP) - Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
14168: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Thirtieth Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico; Message from the President of the United States Transmitting the Thirtieth Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico, Including Reports of the Heads of the Several Departments of the Government of Porto Rico
15223: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Letter of Theodore Roosevelt Accepting the Republican Nomination for President of the United States, 1904
16806: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Gouverneur Morris; the Story of His Life and Work
16376: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open
15076: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - An Autobiography; with Illustrations
14128: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - Typed Letter, Signed, with a Holograph Addition
15085: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Great Adventure, Present Day Studies in American Nationalism
15832: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Rough Riders; Introduction by William Tilchin
15770: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE (MORISON, ELTING E. EDITOR) - The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt; the Square Deal, 1901-1905
15139: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - Quentin Roosevelt, a Sketch with Letters
16985: ROOSEVELT THEODORE. (COMPLILED BY E. E. GARRISON) - The Roosevelt Doctrine: A Brief Summary of the Principles of American Citizenship & Government (Being the Personal Utternace of the President on Various Matters of Vital Interest, Authoritatively Arranged for Reference in Their Logical Sequence)
16973: ROOSEVELT, JR., THEODORE - Typed Letter Signed, (Tls)
16976: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND KERMIT ROOSEVELT - East of the Sun and West of the Moon
16401: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open
17223: ROOSEVELT, JR. THEODORE - Average Americans
16831: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Photographic Reproduction of Speech to Congress by President Theodore Roosevelt; Message of the President of the United States Communicated to the Two Houses of Congress: Concerning the Employers' Liability Act, and Antitrust Laws
16827: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains, Comprising "Hunting Trips of a Ranchman" and "the Wilderness Hunter" Salesman's Dummy
14132: ROOSEVELT, ARCHIE (ARCHIBALD) - For Lust of Knowing; Memoirs of an Intelligence Officer
16375: ROOSEVELT THEODORE AND OTHERS, COMPILED AND EDITED BY HENRY KANEGSBERG - Addresses at the Republican National Convention 1904
16742: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Address of President Roosevelt; in Behalf of the American Tract Society, Mr. Justice Brewer Presiding at Grace Reformed Church Washington D.C. March 12, 1905
16803: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - New York, a Sketch of the City's Social, Political and Commercial Progress from the First Dutch Settlement to Recent Times
16836: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - American Ideals and Other Essays, Social and Political
16528: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND KERMIT ROOSEVELT - East of the Sun and West of the Moon
12582: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND OTHERS - R.H. D. Appreciations of Richard Harding Davis
16825: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Works of Theodore Roosevelt in Fourteen Volumes, the Executive Edition, the Salesman's Dummy
16943: ROOSEVELT THEODORE - San Juan Diary. Personality Magazine, July 1928
16954: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Typescript of Speech Delivered November 13, 1913 at the Plaza Hotel, Buenos Aires. Speech at Dinner for Father Zahm, Golden Rule
15222: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Theodore Roosevelt's Confession of Faith Before the Progressive National Convention, August 6, 1912
14138: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Cave Dwelling Bird and Other Tropical Animals; a Naturalists' Tropical Laboratory
17210: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - Kermit Roosevelt Autograph
12806: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Stories of the Great West
12807: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Fear God and Take Your Own Part
12808: (ROOSEVELT FAMILY ITEM) - The Monogram Album of Minnie B. Roosevelt
13052: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter
13057: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Biological Analogies in History; the Romanes Lecture, 1910. Delivered Before the University of Oxford June 7th, 1910
12822: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Essential Theodore Roosevelt
13061: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter
13097: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Presidential Addresses and State Papers and European Addresses; December 8, 1908 to June 7, 1910
13095: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star; War-Time Editorials by Theodore Roosevelt
13115: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter
14896: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - The Happy Hunting Grounds
14357: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL - Five Acres Too Much; a Truthful Elucidation on the Attractions of the Country. .
13358: (ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND OTHERS) - The Ship of State; by Those at the Helm
14380: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - American Ideals; with a Biographical Sketch by Gen. Francis Vinton Greene. Administration - CIVIL Service
14381: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - African Game Trails; an Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist in Two Volumes
13188: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - A New Birth of Freedom
13189: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - Conservation Now or Never
13184: ROOSEVELT, MRS. THEODORE AND KERMIT ROOSEVELT, COMPILERS - American Backlogs, the Story of Gertrude Tyler and Her Family 1660-1860; Compiled by Her Daughter and Her Grandson. .
13190: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - America and England
13191: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - Venezuela's Place in the Sun; Modernizing a Pioneering Country
13192: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - The Townsend Plan Taxing for Sixty; Introduction by Lewis W. Douglas
13901: (ROOSEVELT, THEODORE) - Ceremonies at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Army War College Building at Washington Barracks with the Addresses and Invocation Delivered on the Occasion February 21, 1903
12959: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - War in the Garden of Eden
13240: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL - The Game-Birds of the Coasts of the Northern States of America; a Full Account of the Sporting Along Our Seashores and Inland Waters, with a Comparison of the Merits of Breechloaders and Muzzleloaders
13241: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL - Superior Fishing or the Striped Bass, Trout, Black Bass, and Blue-Fish of the Northern States; Embracing Full Directions for Dressing Artificial Flies with the Feathers of American Birds; an Account of a Sporting Visit to Lake Superior Etc.
13242: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL - The Game Fish of the Northern States and British Provinces; with an Account of the Salmon and Sea-Trout Fising of Canada and New Brunswick, Together with Simple Directions for Tying Artificial Flies Etc.
13392: ROOSEVELT, EDITH KERMIT - Autographed Letter, Signed, (Als)
14408: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Wilderness Hunter; an Account of the Big Game of the United States and Its Chase with Horse, Hound and Rifle
13244: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL AND SETH GREEN - Fish Hatching and Fish Catching
13271: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE WITH A BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY AND NOTES BY JOAN KERR - A Bully Father: Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
13267: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, EDITED BY WILLIAM HARBAUGH - Writings of Theodore Roosevelt
13268: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, EDITED BY WILLIAM HARBAUGH - Writings of Theodore Roosevelt
13259: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Great Orations; Delivered at Pierce Commencements by Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison
13276: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND OTHERS - Americanism; Addresses by Woodrow Wilson... Franklin K. Lane... . . Theodore Roosevelt. .
13302: ROOSEVELT THEODORE - Addresses and Presidential Messages of Theodore Roosevelt 1902-1904. ; with an Introduction by Henry Cabot Lodge
13304: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Theodore Roosevelt's History of the United States; His Own Words, Selected and Arranged by Daniel Ruddy, Foreword by Edmund Morris
13311: ROOSEVELT, ROBERT BARNWELL - Progressive Petticoats or Dressed to Death. An Autobiography of a Married Man
14444: ROOSEVELT, JR. THEODORE - Your Father Loves You Dearly". Newly Discovered Picture Letters... Good Housekeeping Magazine, January 1937
13779: ROOSEVELT, JR., THEODORE - Typed Letter Signed, (Tls)
14129: ROOSEVELT JR, THEODORE - Fishing in Wisconsin
13568: ROOSEVELT, SELWA "LUCKY - Keeper of the Gate
15148: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - African Game Trails; an Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist
13719: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Thirty-First Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico; Message from the President of the United States Transmitting the Thirty-First Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico, Including Reports of the Heads of the Several Departments of the Government of Porto Rico
13718: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - No Political Influence Will Help You in the Least... ; Letters of Theodore Roosevelt CIVIL Service Commissioner 1889-1895
16959: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Typed Letter, Signed
12792: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Outlook Editorials
14423: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - Account of Republican Convention 1912
13987: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Theodore Roosevelt's Confession of Faith Before the Progressive National Convention, August 6, 1912
16964: ROOSEVELT, EDITH KERMIT - Autographed Letter, Signed with Free Franked Envelope
13725: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Boyhood Diary of Theodore Roosevelt 1869-1870; Early Travels of the 26th U.S. President, Edited by Shelley Swanson Sateren
16402: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Rough Riders
16738: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Right of the People to Rule. Address by. Hon. Theodore Roosevelt Delivered in Carnegie Hall, New York City, on Wednesday, March 20, 1912, Under the Auspices of the CIVIC Forum
16826: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Works of Theodore Roosevelt in Twenty Volumes, the Homeward Bound Edition, the Salesman's Dummy
17005: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND HENRY CABOT LODGE - Selections from the Correspondence of Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge 1884-1918
16694: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE ET AL. - The Deer Family
16464: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open
13767: ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS - Wanted Good Neighbors; the Need for Closer Ties with Latin America
14146: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - The Happy Hunting Grounds; with an Introduction by Jennifer Ham
16786: ROOSEVELT HOTEL - Rooseveltiana
15232: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Conservation and Natural Resources, Address of President Roosevelt to the Governors of the Several States, in the Amanuensis Style of Graham's Standard Phonography
11751: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - African Game Trails; an Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist
16830: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND HENRY CABOT LODGE - Hero Tales from American History; or the Story of Some Americans Who Showed That They Knew How to Live and How to Die
16833: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter
16834: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Oliver Cromwell; the Story of His Life and Work
16829: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Rough Riders; a History of the First United States Volunteer Cavalry
13751: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE (EDITED BY JOSEPH BUCKLIN BISHOP) - Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
15208: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness. Part I; Up the Paraguay
15212: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - What "Americanism" Means in Forum Magazine, April 1894
17471: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Strenuous Life; Essays and Addresses
12798: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - The Happy Hunting Grounds
15225: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Speech of President Roosevelt on the Occasion of the Laying of the Cornerstone of the Bureau of American Republics, May 11, 1908, at 3 P.M.
15403: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - National Strength and International Duty
15230: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Report of the Governor-General of the Philippine Islands, 1932-1933
15961: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Autographed Letter, Signed, Als Federal Club
16840: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Thomas Hart Benton; the Story of His Life and Work
15182: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND H. D. MINOT - The Summer Birds of the Adirondacks in Franklin County, N.Y. And Roosevelt, Theodore. Notes on Some of the Birds of Oyster Bay, Long Island. New York
15183: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Speech of President Roosevelt Before the National Editorial Association at Jamestown Virginia, June 10, 1907, at 2 P.M.
16828: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Naval War of 1812; the History of the United States Navy During the Last War with Great Britain, to Which Is Appended an Account of the Battle of New Orleans
16378: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Hunting Adventures in the West
16950: (ROOSEVELT THEODORE) - Personality Magazine, November, 1927 Vol. 1 No. 1
17023: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - In the Shadow of the Law
11711: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Strenuous Life; Essays and Addresses
11712: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Strenuous Life; Essays and Addresses
16963: ROOSEVELT, EDITH KERMIT - Free Franked Envelope
16971: ROOSEVELT, JR., THEODORE - Typed Letter Signed, (Tls)
16837: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Hunting Trips of a Ranchman; Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains
16838: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Winning of the West; an Account of the Exploration and Settlement of Our Country from the Alleghanies to the Pacific
15077: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Through the Brazilian Wilderness
17234: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - An Autobiography
17235: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - War in the Garden of Eden
17226: ROOSEVELT, KERMIT - The Happy Hunting Grounds
14139: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - In the Louisiana Canebrakes
15179: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - American Museum Journal February, 1915 Volume XV Number 2
12605: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The New Natonalism
17232: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Strenuous Life; Essays and Addresses
11686: ROOSEVELT, ELEANOR, (MRS. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JR.) - Day Before Yesterday; the Reminiscences of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
16960: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Typed Letter, Unsigned, with a Holograph Addition
13056: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Message of the President of the United States Communicated to the Two Houses of Congress at the Beginning of the Second Session of the Fifty-Eighth Congress
16970: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - A Typed Letter, Signed
16844: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE AND H. D. MINOT, (EDWARD COMSTOCK, JR., COMPILER) - The Summer Birds of the Adirondacks in Franklin County N.Y.
16817: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Strenuous Life, Essays & Addresses

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