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100968: LERNER, FRED - The Story of Libraries from the Invention of Writing to the Computer Age
101290: LEROY, E.D. - The Delaware & Hudson Canal and Its Gravity Railroads
110347: [LESAGE, ALAIN-RENE] - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. A New Translation, by the Author of Roderick Random
6532: LESCARBOT, MARC; HICKS, R. KEITH (TRANS.) - Marc Lescarbot's Theatre of Neptune
108786: LESLIE, MARY - Rhymes of the Kings and Queens of England Being an Account of the Rulers of England from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Victoria
114054: LESLIE, MARY - Rhymes of the Kings and Queens of England: Being an Account of the Rulers of England from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Victoria
101423: LESLIE, VERNON - Canal Town: Honesdale 1850-1875
6843: LESLIE, SHANE - The Poems of Shane Leslie
113183: LESSARD, RENALD - Se Soigner Au Canada Aux Xviie Siècles
108093: LESSING, JULES - Album de Broderies Anciennes; Album de Broderies Au Point de Croix
101163: LESSTRANG, JACQUES - Lake Carriers: The Saga of the Great Lakes Fleet - North America's Fresh Water Merchant Marine
4396: LESUEUR, W. D. (TRANS.) - The Works of Samuel de Champlain Volume V 1620-1629
108583: LESUEUR, PETER (EDITED BY) - Memorials of the Quebec Conference
4397: LESUEUR, W. D.; LANGTON, H. H. (EDS.) - The Works of Samuel de Champlain Volume VI 1629-1632
114869: LETHABY, W. R. - Architecture: An Introduction to the History and Theory of the Art of Building
4357: LETHABY, JOHN W. - Rubber Romances and Slave Stories
2794: LETHBRIDGE, T. C. - The Power of the Pendulum
101053: LETTS, MALCOLM - A Wayfarer on the Rhine
5962: LEVAY, ROXANE AND CYRANO - Instead of Ecstasy
110069: LEVER, CHARLES - The Fortunes of Glencore
112024: LEVER, CHARLES - Harry Lorrequer
108131: LEVER, CHARLES - Tony Butler
108129: LEVER, CHARLES - Jack Hinton: The Guardsman (2 Volumes)
102244: LEVER, CHARLES - Luttrell of Arran
107562: LEVER, CHARLES - Luttrell of Arran
107563: LEVER, CHARLES - The Dodd Family Abroad
107559: LEVER, CHARLES - The O'Donoghue; a Tale of Ireland Fifty Years Ago
107558: LEVER, CHARLES - Davenport Dunn: A Man of Our Day
107556: LEVER, CHARLES - The Knight of Gwynne: A Tale of the Time of the Union
107555: LEVER, CHARLES - Sir Brook Fosbrooke
107554: LEVER, CHARLES - The Daltons or Three Roads in Life
107552: LEVER, CHARLES - Barrington
107551: LEVER, CHARLES - St. Patrick's Eve
107550: LEVER, CHARLES - Charles O'Malley: Irish Dragoon
107549: LEVER, CHARLES - Barrington
107548: [LEVER, CHARLES] - Confessions of Con. Cregan: The Irish Gil Blas
107546: [LEVER, CHARLES] - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
107545: LEVER, CHARLES - The Martins of Cro' Martin
109815: LEVERTOV, DENISE - With Eyes at the Back of Our Heads
108431: LEVERTOV, DENISE - The Freeing of the Dust
7041: LEVEY, SANTINA M. - Elizabethan Treasures: The Hardwick Hall Textiles
115739: LEVEY, MARTIN - Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia
100783: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Scope of Anthropology
104976: LEVICK, BARBARA - Roman Colonies in Southern Asia Minor
113537: LEVIN, EDWARD D.; DECKER, MICHAEL W.; BUTCHER, LARRY L. (EDS.) - Neurotransmitter Interactions and Cognitive Function
111243: LEVINE, KAREN - Hana's Suitcase: A True Story
116349: LEVINE, WILLIAM S. (ED.) - The Control Handbook
115309: LEVINSON, MARJORIE - The Romantic Fragment Poem: A Critique of a Form
2810: LEVINSON, ABRAHAM - Pioneers of Pediatrics
109032: LEVINSON, SAMUEL A. (ED.) - Symposium on Medicolegal Problems
114953: LEVINSON, BERNARD M. (ED.) - Theory and Method in Biblical and Cuneiform Law: Revision, Interpolation and Development
105695: LEVINSTEIN, LEON; SHAMIS, BOB; KOZLOFF (WITH AN ESSAY BY) - The Moment of Exposure: Leon Levinstein
116603: LEVIS-LEROI - Pearls of Love
106793: LEVRET, ANDRÉ - Suite Des Observations Sur Les Causes Et Les Accidens de Plusieurs Accouchemens Laborieux Avec Des Remarques Sur ce qui a été proposé ou mis un usage pour les terminer; et De nouveaux moyens pour y parvenir plus aisément
106367: LEVRET, A. - Observations Sur Les Causes Et Les Accidens de Plusieurs Accouchemens Laborieux Avec des Remarques Sur ce qui a ete propose ou mis en usage pour les terminer; & de nouveaux moyens pour y parvenir plus aisement
100529: LEVY, GEORGE EDWARD - The Baptists of the Maritime Provinces 1753-1946
108589: LEVY, KAREN D.; ROMEISER, JOHN B. (EDS.) - Revue André Malraux Review 2004
111281: LÉVY-COBLENTZ, FRANCOISE - L'Art Du Meuble En Alsace Au Siècle Des Lumières Tome 2. De la Paix de Ryswick a la Révolution 1698-1789
111282: LÉVY-COBLENTZ, FRANCOISE - L'Art Du Meuble En Alsace Au Siècle Des Lumières Tome 2. De la Paix de Ryswick a la Révolution 1698-1789
108586: LEVY, KAREN D.; ROMEISER, JOHN B. (EDS.) - Revue André Malraux Review 2002-2003
100856: LEWERY, A.J. - Narrow Boat Painting: A History and Description of the English Narrow Boats' Traditional Paintwork
114546: LEWICKI, DANNY - From the Coal Docks to the Nhl: A Hockey Life
3855: LEWIN, EVANS - Subject Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Empire Society, Formerly Royal Colonial Insitutute
114137: LEWIN, EVANS - German Rule in Africa
103778: LEWIS, FREDERICK - The Vegetable Products of Ceylon. (a Guide to Their Identification and Economic Uses. )
102099: LEWIS, RON HARLEY - Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century
103859: LEWIS, ROBERT M.; CADWALADER, GEO.; GILPIN, HENRY D. - Memorial of the President and Directors of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company Praying a Relinquishment by the United States of Their Stock in Said Company, June 3, 1846
113010: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
104656: LEWIS, CLARENCE O. - The Erie Canal 1817-1967
105019: LEWIS, R. M. ET AL. - Otter Valley Conservation Report 1957
112653: LEWIS, DAVID - A Socialist Takes Stock
100610: LEWIS, RODERICK, COMPILED BY - Centennial Edition of a History of the Electoral Districts, Legislatures and Ministries of the Province of Ontario 1867-1968
102075: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Book Collecting: A New Look
107031: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
101178: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Antiquarian Books: An Insider's Account
109654: LEWIS, REV. SIR GILBERT FRANKLAND (ED.) - Letters of the Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart. To Various Friends
107513: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
108821: LEWIS, ELLA N. - Sidelights on the Talbot Settlement
102175: LEWIS, D. SCLATER - The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 1920-1960
113581: LEWIS, BONNIE - Growing Up Girl
101355: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - The Book Browser's Guide: Britain's Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops
4678: [LEWIS, SARAH] - Woman's Mission
102020: LEWIS, WILMARTH - Collector's Progress
106902: LEWIS, SIR GEORGE CORNEWALL - Remarks on the Use and Abuse of Some Political Terms
4068: LEWIS, JAMES K.; LEWIS, PAUL K. (ED.) - Faces in My Lens: The Photo Journal of a Young Canadian Photographer 1943-1955
107955: LEWIS, JENNIE RAYCRAFT - Luck of Lucan
5289: LEWIS, LESLEY - Connoisseurs and Secret Agents in Eighteenth Century Rome
109951: LEWIS, C. DAY - Christmas Eve Ariel Poems
101479: LEWIS, ROY; EASSON, JOHN B. - Publishing & Printing at Home
101305: LEWIS, A.W. - Basic Bookbinding
102479: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle: A Story for Children
102343: LEWIS, WILLIAM S.; MURAKAMI, NAOJIRO (EDS) - Ranald Macdonald: The Narrative of His Early Life on the Columbia Under the Hudson's Bay Company's Regime, of His Experiences in the Pacific Whale Fishery and of His Great Adventure to Japan: With a Sketch of His Later Life on the Western Frontier, 1824-1
102699: LEWIS, THOMAS - The History of the Parthian Empire, from the Foundation of the Monarchy by Arsaces, to Its Final Overthrow by Artaxerxes the Persian
101675: LEWIS, WILMARTH SHELDON - One Man's Education
108901: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Wild Body: A Soldier of Humour and Other Stories
108496: LEWIS, ADAM - Van Day Truex: The Man Who Defined Twentieth-Century Taste and Style
111400: LEWIS, THOMAS H. - Forgotten Battles Along the Yellowstone
114815: LEWIS, MYRA; SILVER, MURRAY - Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis
116053: LEYDA, JAY - The Years and Hours of Emily Dickinson. Volume One & Two
110259: LEYDIG, DR. FRANZ - Lehrbuch Der Histologie Des Menschen Und Der Thiere
103671: LEYLAND, JOHN - The Thames Illustrated: A Picturesque Journeying from Richmond to Oxford
108349: LEZARD, ADELE - The Great Gold Reef: The Romantic History of the Rand Goldfields
115650: LHA-MO, RIN-CHEN (MRS. LOUIS KING) - We Tibetans
101757: LHOTKA, EDWARD R. - ABC of Leather Bookbinding: An Illustrated Manual on Traditional Bookbinding
112091: LI, X. D.; TRIMBLE, V.; WANG, Z. R. (EDS.) - High Energy Processes and Phenomena in Astrophysics: Proceedings of the 214th Symposium of the International Union Held at Suzhou, China 6-10 August, 2002
110518: [LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA] - Hand Book on Canadian Politics Illustrative of the Progressive Administration of the Liberal Government Under the Leadership of the Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurier, G.C. M.G. D.C. L. (Oxon. ), K.C. , M.P. , 1896-1904
115299: LICHTENBERGER, ANDRÉ - Les Beaux Voyages: En Alsace
116435: LICK, W. J. - Difference Equations from Differential Equations
115681: LIDDELL, T. HODGSON - China: Its Marvel and Mystery
113368: LIDDICOAT, RICHARD T., JR.; COPELAND, LAWRENCE L. - The Jewellers' Manual
7093: LIEN-YING, KUO; GUTTMANN (TRANS.) - The T'Ai Chi Boxing Chronicle: By the Original Orthodox Masters
101166: LILEY, JOHN - Barge Country: An Exploration of the Inland Waters and Great Rivers of the Netherlands
112106: LILL, ALAN; WANNER, ROBERT (ILLUS.). - Across the Canadian Shield: Cnr Main Line Railroading in the Mid 1950s
113567: LIM, ROBERT K. S.; LIU, CHAN-NAO; MOFFITT, ROBERT L. - A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Dog's Brain
10434: LIN, MICHAEL - Michael Lin
5141: LIN, WEN-HSIANG ED. - Phalaenopsis Kingdom from Formosa
10510: LINCOLN, ERIKA - Erika Lincoln: The Singing Condition
5637: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - The Portygee
105942: LIND, MARIA, ET AL - I Am Curious
2784: LINDGREN, C. RAYMOND (ED.) - Lindgren Memoirs 1666 - 1982
102284: LINDHARD, J. - The Theory of Gymnastics
104989: LINDLEY, CAPTAIN AUGUSTUS - Adamantia. The Truth About the South African Diamond Fields: Or, a Vindication of the Right of the Orange Free State to That Territory, and an Analysis of British Diplomacy and Aggression Which Has Resulted in Its Illegal Seizure by the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope
113747: LINDSAY, SIR DAVID - The Works of the Famous and Worthy Knight, Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, Alias Lion King of Arms; the Additional Poems of Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, Alias Lion King of Arms
114010: LINDSAY, W. R. - St. Hilda's Anglican Church History 1951-1993
103672: LINDSAY, VACHEL - The Art of the Moving Picture
110551: LINDSEY, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie
5227: LINDSEY, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion of 1837-38
113891: LINDSEY, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie. With an Account of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, and the Subsequent Frontier Disturbances, Chiefly from Unpublished Documents. Vols. I & II
116386: LINDSEY, J. K. - Modelling Frequency and Count Data
106818: LINDSEY, C.C.; WOODS, C.S. (EDITORS) - Biology of Coregonid Fishes
103726: LINGCANG LIU; MUXI GUO - Liu Lingcang : Gong Bi Ren Wu
108846: LIPPARD, GEORGE - The Quaker City; or, the Monks of Monk Hall, a Romance of Philadelphia Life, Mystery, and Crime
106275: LIPTON, NORMAN C. (ED.) - Photography Handbook 1941
113186: LISTON, JAMES K. - Poetry for the Dominion of Canada
105580: LITCHFIELD, JACK - The Canadian Jazz Discography 1916-1980
4321: LITTLE, JEAN - Little by Little: A Writer's Education
4322: LITTLE, JEAN - Willow and Twig
104000: LITTLE, JEAN - Different Dragons
103999: LITTLE, JEAN - Orphan at My Door: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope
103998: LITTLE, JEAN - Kate
103997: LITTLE, JEAN - When the Pie Was Opened
103996: LITTLE, JEAN - What Will the Robin Do Then?
103847: LITTLE, JEAN - Dancing Through the Snow
110297: LITTLE, JEAN; WILSON, JANET (ILLUSTRATOR) - Jess Was the Brave One
102425: LITTLE, JEAN; DE VRIES, MAGGIE - Once Upon a Golden Apple
102426: LITTLE, JEAN; MACKAY, CLAIRE - Bats About Baseball
108758: LITTLE, JEAN - His Banner over Me
109922: LITTLE, JEAN - Zephyr
4320: LITTLE, JEAN - Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird
102427: LITTLE, JEAN - I Know and Old Laddie
6646: LITTLE, JEAN - Stand in the Wind
6919: LITTLE, JEAN - Goodbye, Tizzy
6920: LITTLE, JEAN - Zephyr
6921: LITTLE, JEAN - It's a Wonderful World: " Poems by Jean Little
6922: LITTLE, JEAN - The Love Light
6923: LITTLE, JEAN - Seraphina and the Christmas Creatures
6924: LITTLE, JEAN - A Mantle of Praise
6925: LITTLE, JEAN - Signed Jean Little Christmas Card
6926: LITTLE, JEAN; YSSELSTEIN, GERALDINE (TRANS.) - Summer Bear's Christmas
6927: LITTLE, JEAN - He Has Shown Us the Way
6928: LITTLE, JEAN - Hey, World, I'm Here! by Kate Bloomfield
6929: LITTLE, JEAN; YSSELSTEIN, GERALDINE (ILLUS.) - Listen," Said the Donkey
6930: LITTLE, JEAN - In Touch
6931: LITTLE, JEAN - A Time to Be Tender
6932: LITTLE, JEAN - Hannah's Riddles
6933: LITTLE, JEAN - What Will the Robin Do Then?
6950: LITTLE, JEAN - Emma's Strange Pet
108946: LITTLE, JEAN - What Will the Robin Do Then? Winter Tales
113765: LITTLE, ROBERT - Chairs: 400 Years of Social and Stylistic Changes
102431: LITTLE, JEAN - The Belonging Place
102027: LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY - One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Publishing 1837-1962
5570: LITTLE, JEAN - Home from Far
5571: LITTLE, JEAN - Home from Far
5572: LITTLE, JEAN - Home from Far
109923: LITTLE, JEAN - A Time to Be Tender: Poems of Childhood
105187: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID. - Dr Johnson and Noah Webster: Two Men & Their Dictionaries
108695: LITTLEWOOD, DEREK; STOCKWELL, PETER (EDS.) - Impossibility Fiction: Alternativity-Extrapolation-Speculation
108641: LITTLEWOOD, DEREK; STOCKWELL, PETER (EDS.) - Impossibility Fiction: Alternativity-Extrapolation-Speculation
104815: LIVINGSTON, ALEX - A History of Four-Footed Beasts and Other Curiosities
1680: LIVINGSTON, JOHN A. - Birds of the Northern Forest. Birds of the Eastern Forest: 1. Birds of the Eastern Forest: 2
102529: LIVINGSTON, REV. NEIL (ED.) - The Scottish Metrical Psalter of A.D. 1635
109597: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID - Livingstone's Africa. Perilous Adventures and Extensive Discoveries in the Interior of Africa, from the Personal Narrative of David Livingstone, LL. D. , D.C. I. , Together with the Remarkable Success and Important Results of the Herald-Stanley Expedition, As Furnished by H.M. Stanley, Esq. , Special Correspondent of the New York Herald
100905: LIVINGSTONE, R.W., EDITOR - The Legacy of Greece
101722: LIVINGWOOD, JAMES WESTON - The Philadelphia-Baltimore Trade Rivalry 1780-1860
110333: LIVIUS, TITUS [LIVY]; BAKER, GEORGE (TRANSLATED BY) - The History of Rome by Titus Livius (2 Volumes)
110544: LIZARD, K.M. - The Valley of the Humber 1615-1913 Coles Canadiana Collection
108854: LIZARS, ROBINA AND KATHLEEN - In the Days of the Canada Company The Story of the Settlement of the Huron Tract and a View of the Social Life of the Period 1825-1850
113356: LIZARS, K. M. - The Valley of the Humber 1615-1913
110546: LIZARS, ROBINA AND KATHLEEN MACFARLANE; GRANT, G.M. (INTRODUCTION) - In Days of the Canada Company: The Story of the Settlement of the Huron Tract and a View of the Social Life of the Period 1825-1850 Coles Canadiana Collection
4421: LIZEE, PIERRE P. - Peace, Power and Resistance in Cambodia: Global Governance and the Failure of International Conflict Resolution
116445: LJUNG, LENNART; SODERSTROM, TORSTEN - Theory and Practice of Recursive Identification
102283: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Search for the Niger
6273: LLOYD, ELIZABETH - Literature for Little Folks. Selections from Standard Authors, and Easy Lessons in Composition
111342: LLOYD, PETER F. - They Ditched on Lake Mjosa: The Story of Halifax Na 337 and Its Crew
109673: LLOYD, PERCY - History of the Glenwood Community
107828: LO PORTO, ANGELO - The Mystery of Mendocino
100130: LOATES, GLEN; WARNER, GLEN - A Brush with Life
10486: LOCH GALLERY - The Best of the Canadian Contemporaries: 23 of Canada's Leading Painters and Sculptors
109460: LOCK, F. P.; BURKE, EDMUND - Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France Unwin Critical Library
108770: LOCKE, JOHN (WITH FRANCIS BACON). - The Conduct of the Understanding-Essays, Moral, Economical, & Political-with Sketches of the Lives of Locke and Bacon
107726: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - Ancestor Jorico
113428: LOCKHART, WILLIAM - The Church of Scotland in the Thirteenth Century: The Life and Times of David de Bernham of St. Andrews (Bishop) A.D. 1239 to 1253 with List of Churches Dedicated by Him, and Dates.
103213: LOCKMAN, JOHN - A History of the Cruel Sufferings of the Protestants, and Others, by Polish Persecutions, in Various Countries: Together with a View of the Reformations from the Church of Rome. Interpreted with the Barbarities of the Inquisition...
109666: LOCKWOOD, FRANK T. - Frank T. Lockwood: Pen and Ink Drawings of the Midland Scene
100809: LOCKWOOD, HELEN DRUSILLA - Tools and the Man: A Comparative Study of the French Workingman and English Chartists in the Literature of 1830-1848
100515: LOCKWOOD, GLENN J. - Montague: A Social History of an Irish Township 1783-1980
115259: LOCOCK, C. D. - An Examination of the Shelley Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library
115576: LODGE, MARGARET BEATRICE; WATSON, A. H. (ILLUS.) - The Wishing Wood
109548: LODGE, T. - Dictatorship in Newfoundland
100559: LODGE, R.C. (ED.) - Manitoba Essays: Written in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the University of Manitoba
103674: LOEWEN, JANE - Millinery
115811: LOEWENBERG, RICHARD DETLEV - Ueber Den Selbstmord in Hamburg in Den Letzten Fünzig Jahren (1880-1930)
115303: LOEWENTHAL, NAFTALI - Communicating the Infinite: The Emergence of the Habad School
109472: LOFBERG, JOHN OSCAR - Sycophancy in Athens
108215: LOFTHOUSE, DAVID S. - The Son of the Sword Maker and Other Poems.
103817: LOFTING, HUGH - The Story of Zingo, the Commercial Traveler
2212: LOGAN, MAJOR J. W. - A History of the Halifax Grammar School High School and Academy from 1789 to 1894
107989: LOGAN, JOHN DANIEL - Songs on the Makers of Canada and Other Homeland Lyrics
111994: LOGAN, SIR W. E. - New Species of Lower Silurian Fossils
107370: LOGAN, JOHN EDWARD ("BARRY DANE") - Verses
107369: LOGAN, JOHN EDWARD - A Cry from the Saskatchewan
111921: LOGAN, SIR WILLIAM E. - Geological Survey of Canada Report of Progress from 1863 to 1866
113838: LOGAN, ROBERT A. - The Great Patriotic War: A Collection of World War II Soviet Propaganda Posters.
6675: LOHRENZ, PETER & THERESE - Erinnerungen
105743: LOHRLI, ANNE (COMP.); DICKENS, CHARLES - Household Words: A Weekly Journal 1850-1859 Conducted by Charles Dickens Table of Contents, List of Contributors and Their Contributions based on The Household Words Office Book in The Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, Princeton University Library
116093: LOISY, JEAN (ED.) - Advanced Style in Lettering
111584: LOISY, JEAN - Les Enfants Des Vainqueurs
106962: LOMAS, R. A.; PIPER, A. J. (EDS.) - Durham Cathedral Priory Rentals. Volume I: Bursars Rentals
3203: [LOMBARD, JEAN-GUILLAUME] - Materiaux Pour Servir a L'Histoire Des Annees 1805, 1806 Et 1807
108373: LONCOSKE, EUNICE MILDRED - These Rugged Hills
105521: LONDON, JACK. - The Cruise of the Dazzler Every Boy's Library.
103337: LONDON, JACK - A Daughter of the Snows
10483: LONDON REGIONAL ART GALLERY - Young Contemporaries '80
102442: LONDON, JACK - Tales of the Fish Patrol
104551: LONDON POETRY GROUP - A Selection of Poems
107191: LONDON, JACK - Before Adam
100264: LONDON, JACK - The People of the Abyss
110074: LONDON, JACK - Love of Life and Other Stories
115628: LONDOÑO, AGUSTÍN JARAMILLO - El Burro Bohemio
102423: LONG, WILLIAM J. - Wood-Folk Comedies: The Play of Wild-Animal Life on a Natural Stage
102074: LONG ISLAND BOOK COLLECTORS - Journal of the Long Island Book Collectors No. 5
109777: LONG, FREDERIC J. (COMPILED BY) - Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon
5738: LONG, JOHN LUTHER - Billy-Boy: A Study in Responsibilities
102344: LONG, JOHN - John Long's Voyages and Travels in the Years 1768-1788
107302: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Song of Hiawatha
106655: LONGFELLOW, H.W. - Nuremberg Poem
103653: LONGMATE, BARAK - The Pocket Peerage of England, Scotland, & Ireland; Containing the Descent and Present State of Every Noble Family: With the Extinct, Forfeited, and Dormant Titles of the Three Kingdoms: General and Particular Indexes, and Translations of Their Mottos
2833: LOOMIS, ANDREW - Successful Drawings
101105: LOOMIS, LINN - Here and Now - Ohio's Canals: The Background of Ohio's Canal System
115631: LOPES, RAIMUNDO - Uma Região Tropical
4039: LOPEZ-CALLEJA, RICARDO QUESADA - Costa Rica: La Frontera Sur de Mesoamerica
115821: LORAC, E. C. R. - Slippery Staircase
111532: LORD, BARRY - London Life: Young Contemporaries 1993
116667: LORENZINI, AMLETO - National Ballet of Canada: A Photographic Interpretation
1192: LORNE, MARQUIS OF - The Canadian Northwest: A Speech Delivered by His Excellency the Marquis of Lorne, Governor General of Canada, Winnipeg
103737: LORNE, MARQUIS OF - Canadian Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil
113331: LORRIMAN, DR. FRED R.; THOMPSON, ETHEL; BATTLE, REV. FATHER THOS. F. - Town of Thorold Centennial 1850-1950
2320: LOSE, G. W. - Der Bessere Weg
104184: LOSTY, J. P. - Indian Paintings in the British Library
107187: LOUDON, MRS., ED. - Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Plants; Comprising the Specific Character, Description, Culture, History, Application in the Arts, and Every Other Desirable Particular Respecting All the Plants Indigenous to, Cultivated in, or Introduced Into Britain
110787: LOUHI, ALEXANDER - New York Nights
103562: LOUIS, P. CH. A.; SHATTUCK, G. C. (TRANS.) - Anatomical, Pathological and Therapeutic Researches on the Yellow Fever of Gibraltar of 1828
111261: LOUWERSE, P. - De Boschwachter Van Lindsenstein
108243: LOUYS, PIERRE - Archipel
106688: LOVTRUP, SOREN - Epigenetics: A Treatise on Theoretical Biology
101829: LOW, DAVID - With All Faults
115379: LOW, A. P. - Report of the Mistassini Expedition. 1884-5
101526: LOW, ABRAHAM A. - Selections from Dr. Low's Works. Volume I (1950-1951). Volume II (1952-1953)
102384: LOW, A. P. - Report on the Dominion Government Expedition to Hudson Bay and the Arctic Islands on Board the D.G. S. Neptune 1903-1904
106676: LOWE-MCCONNELL, R. H. - Ecological Studies in Tropical Fish Communities Cambridge Tropical Biology Series
113832: LOWER, A. R. M.; INNIS, HAROLD A. - Settlement and the Forest Frontier in Eastern Canada; Settlement and the Mining Frontier
104267: LOWMAN, AL - Printing Arts in Texas
6031: LOYSEAU, CHARLES - Les Oevres de Maistre Charles Loyseau, Advocat En Parlement
100660: LT. H. A. VOSSLER - With Napoleon in Russia 1812: The Diary of Lt. H.A. Vossler a Soldier in the Grand Army 1812-1813
6776: LUBBOCK, BASIL - Arctic Whalers
114269: LUCAN; ROWE, NICHOLAS (TRANS.) - Lucan's Pharsalia. Translated Into English Verse. In Two Volumes
2169: LUCAS, E. W. - Practical Pharmacy: An Account of the Methods of Manufacturing and Dispensing Pharmaceutical Preparations with a Chapter on the Analysis of Urine
108210: LUCAS, D.V. - The Maoris of New Zealand
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105768: MCINTOSH, CHARLES - The New and Improved Practical Gardener, and Modern Horticulturalist Exhibiting the Latest and Most Approved Management of Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Gardens, the Green-House, Hot-House, Conservatory, &c. &c. For Every Month in the Year
102607: MCINTYRE, JAMES - Poems of James Mcintyre
5005: MCINTYRE, ROBERT - A Modern Apollos
107820: MCINTYRE, W. JOHN - The Early Writings of David Willson: A Forgotten Voice from Upper Canada
7109: MCINTYRE, JAMES - Poems of James Mcintyre
115950: MCKAY, JOHN; MCCANN, LEONARD; DELGADO, JAMES - The Hudson's Bay Company's 1835 Steam Ship Beaver
102251: MCKAY, BARRY (ED.) - Marbling: Methods and Receipts from Four Centuries with Other Instructions Useful to Bookbinders
5524: MCKAY, JEAN - The Page-Turner's Sister
108432: MCKAY, JEAN - Gone to Grass
114744: MCKAY, WILLIAM A. - The Pickering Story
108101: MCKEE, MRS. S.G.E. - Jubilee History of the Ontario Woman’S Christian Temperance Union 1877-1927
111411: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - The Friendless Sky: The Story of Air Combat in World War 1
5017: MCKEEVER, S. W. S. - Thermoluminescence of Solids
5991: MCKELLAR, REV. HUGH - Presbyterian Pioneer Ministers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia
101106: MCKELVEY, JR., WILLIAM J. - The Delaware & Raritan Canal: A Pictorial History
101688: MCKELVEY, JR., WILLIAM J. - Champlain to Chesapeake: A Canal Era Pictorial Cruise
5257: MCKELVIE, B. A. - Fort Langley: Outpost of Empire
105064: MCKENDRY, BLAKE; MCKENDRY, JENNIFER (ED.) - An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art
109725: MCKENDRY, BLAKE; MCKENDRY, JENNIFER (ED.) - An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art
103772: MCKENDRY, BLAKE; MCKENDRY, JENNIFER - Early Photography in Kingston
105845: MCKENDRY, BLAKE - A to Z of Canadian Art artists & art terms
103295: MCKENDRY, JENNIFER - Walk Through My Mind
114232: MCKENDRY, BLAKE - The New a to Z of Canadian Art
105065: MCKENDRY, BLAKE; MCKENDRY, JENNIFER (ED.) - An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art
4520: MCKENZIE, RALPH; VALERIOTE, MATTHEW - The Structure of Decidable Locally Finite Varieties
111984: MCKENZIE, ROBERT C. (ED.) - 20 Cents Magazine, September 1970
4911: MCKENZIE, D.F. AND ROSS, J.C. - A Ledger of Charles Ackers: Printer of the London Magazine
106447: MCKENZIE, MARJORIE - Graphite and Galena
103956: MCKEOUGH, FLORENCE SEWELL WOODWARD (ED.) - The Diary of William Edward Mckeough
111539: MCKEOUGH, RITA - Graphic Works
106689: MCKEOWN, BRIAN A. - Fish Migration
2049: MCKERROW, RONALD B. - Printers & Publishers Devices in England & Scotland 1485-1640
102303: MCKERROW, RONALD B. - An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
114450: MCKISHNIE, ARCHIE P. - Mates of the Tangle
100359: MCKISHNIE, ARCHIE P. - Mates of the Tangle
5833: MCKISHNIE, ARCHIE P. - Love of the Wild
110610: MCKITTERICK, ROSAMOND (ED.) - The New Cambridge Medieval History II C. 700-C. 900
111522: MCKNIGHT, SHAWN - Energy Exchange
101330: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - Cruising French Waterways
100835: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - Waterways Postcards 1900-1930
3056: MCLACHLAN, D. - Mclachlan's Balancing Muscular Movement System of Penmanship
109092: MCLACHLAN, ALEXANDER - The Poetical Works of Alexander Mclachlan Selected and edited, With Introduction, Biographical Sketch, Notes, and a Glossary
116460: MCLACHLAN, GEOFFREY; PEEL, DAVID - Finite Mixture Models
107423: MCLACHLAN, ALEXANDER - Poems and Songs
100284: MCLACHLAN, ALEX - Poems and Songs
6910: MCLAIN, JEAN - Color Harmonizer. The Easy Way to Color Harmony for a Lovelier Home
102122: MCLAREN, ANNE - Germ Cells and Soma: A New Look at an Old Problem
108577: MCLAREN, WALTER W., COREY, ALBERT B., TROTTER, REGINALD G. (EDS.) - Conference on Canadian-American Affairs Held at the St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, June 17-22, 1935
110797: MCLAREN, DAVE - The Way It Was
110799: MCLAREN, DAVID - Wonderful Memories from the Valley
105025: MCLAREN, DAVE - Poems to Remember
105024: MCLAREN, DAVID - Poems from the Heart
102446: MCLAREN, ANNE - Mammalian Chimaeras
111370: MCLAUGHLIN, ANDREW C. - History of Higher Education in Michigan
101079: MCLAUGHLIN, MR. AND MRS. W.J. - Buttermakers Short Course: A Reference Book of Practical and Scientific Information on Creamery, Buttermaking, and Creamery Operation As Based on Experience of the Authors
5692: MCLAUGHLIN, MEGAN - Consorting with Saints: Prayer for the Dead in Early Medieval France
114890: MCLAUGHLIN, CASTLE - Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis & Clark's Indian Collection
113369: MCLEAN, MAXWELL W. - It Happened in Lobo 1820-1990: A Collection of Lobo Trivia
103508: MCLEAN, MRS. IRVEN; MCLEAN, MISS BEATRICE R. (COMP.) - Greenwood Through the Years
113713: MCLEAN, ANDREW Y. (ED.) - 1984 Huron County Historical Atlas
114884: MCLEAN, MALCOLM D. (ED.) - Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas Vol. II
107675: MCLEAN, A., AND J. W. EATON (EDS) - Penuel; or, Face to Face with God
101770: MCLEAN, RUARI - Modern Book Design
110271: MCLELLAN, J. A. - Recent Educational Changes and the Principles They Involve
112280: MCLENNAN, ROB - We Live at the End of the 20th Century
112268: MCLENNAN, ROB - The Solitary Circus
112299: MCLENNAN, ROB - Fugitive Comfort
112262: MCLENNAN, ROB - Poems from the Blue Horizon
101409: MCLEOD, JEANETTE (ILLUS.; MUDIE, IAN (TEXT) - River Murray Sketchbook
112108: MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN; RICH, E. E. (ED.) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee. First Series, 1825-38. Second Series, 1839-44. Third Series, 1844-46
109061: MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN; RICH, E. E. (ED.) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee. First Series, 1825-38. Second Series 1839-44. Third Series 1844-46
7049: MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN; RICH, E. E. (ED.) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee. Second Series, 1839-44
7050: MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN; RICH, E. E. (ED.) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee. Third Series, 1844-46
115233: MCMAHON, A. - Wishaw High School
2159: MCMANUS, GEORGE - Bringing Up Father 1913-1914
107904: MCMARTIN, ARTHUR - Public Servants and Patronage: The Foundation and Rise of the New South Wales Public Service, 1786-1859
108427: MCMASTER, SUSAN - Dangerous Graces: Women's Poetry on Stage from Fireworks Balmuir Poetry Series
114946: MCMENEMY, CINDY - There's Something I'Ve Been Meaning to Tell You: A Seasonal Narrative
116511: MCMILLAN, GREGORY K.; TOARMINA, CHRISTIAN M. - Advanced Temperature Control
107851: MCMILLAN, A. NORMAN - Woodsmoke at Twilight: Stories for Cubs and Scouts
100800: MCMILLEN, BRUCE - Tope How to Catch Them
104890: MCMULLEN, JOHN, ESQ. - The History of Canada, from Its First Discovery to the Present Time
104825: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - Modern Typography & Layout
4726: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - The Evolution of National Systems of Vocational Reeducation for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors
109994: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. (INTRODUCTION); MASSACHUSETTS. GOVERNOR (1699-1700 : BELLOMONT); MASSACHUSETTS. GOVERNOR (1702-1715 : DUDLEY) - Massachusetts Broadsides 1699-1711: Fourteen Broadsides Previously Undescribed by Bibliographers, Here Reproduced in Reduced Scale from the Originals in the Public Record Office, London
2427: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Last Picture Show
116535: MCMYN, J. W.; BARDSLEY, J. W. - Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing for the Manchester Trade: A Book Intended for Warehousemen Textile Students and Others Interested in This Important Section of the Textile Industry
113681: MCNAIR, BRIAN - Journalists in Film: Heroes and Villains
110692: MCNAIR, JAMES B.; DAHLGREN, B. E. (ED.) - Citrus Products Part II
100704: MCNEEL, R.W. - Beating the Stock Market
3085: MCNEIL, D. H.; CALDWELL, W. G. E. - Cretaceous Rocks and Their Foraminifera in the Manitoba Escarpment
109213: MCNEIL, GORDON (COMPILED BY) - Kilwinning Lodge No. 64 A.F. & A.M. , G.R. C. Centennial 1856-1956
111778: MCNEILLY, DOROTHY I. - The Mcneilly Story
111777: MCNEILLY, DOROTHY I. - The Mcneilly Story
4384: MCNIFF, SHAUN - The Arts and Psychotherapy
101541: MCNULTY, FAITH - The Whooping Crane: The Bird That Defies Extinction
101450: MCPHARLIN, PAUL - Books from the North River Press in Specimen Pages
100404: MCPHARLIN, PAUL - Paper Sculpture: Its Construction & Uses for Display & Decoration
109741: MCPHATTER, MATTHEW (EDITOR) - The Mcphatter Letters
100270: MCPHEE, JOHN - A Roomful of Hovings and Other Profiles
116411: MCQUARRIE, ALLAN D. R.; TSAI, CHIH-LING - Regression and Time Series Model Selection
115224: MCRITCHIE, KENNETH - The Bandit
105402: MCTAGGART, KENNETH - Remember When?
108566: MCTAVISH, REV. DUNCAN - Tales That Have Been Told
114561: MCWILLIAM, NORMAN - The Station at the River: A History of Duff Presbyterian Church, Largie, Ontario
114562: MCWILLIAM, NORMAN - The Station at the River: A History of Duff Presbyterian Church, Largie, Ontario
100283: MEAD, LUCIA AMES - Milton's England
2755: MEADE, L. T. - The Autocrat of the Nursery
114087: MEADE, ROBERT C., JR. - Red Brigades: The Story of Italian Terrorism
104829: MEAGHER, NICHOLAS - The Religious Warfare in Nova Scotia 1855-1860: Its Political Aspect, the Honourable Joseph Howe's Part in It and the Attitude of Catholics
10562: MEANWELL, CHARLES - On the Ground
101650: MEARNS, DAVID CHAMBERS - The Story Up to Now; the Library of Congress, 1800-1946
103170: MEARNS, DAVID C. - Lincoln and the Image of America
6015: MEDDEMMEN, (GEORGE); WARD, (FRANK) (ILLUS.) - The Guns of 6.A. G.R. A.
105442: MEEHAN, JEANNETTE PORTER. - The Lady of the Limberlost: The Life and Letters of Gene Stratton-Porter
110769: MEEHAN, THOMAS - The Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States in Their Botanical, Horticultural, and Popular Aspects
6445: MEERTE, ARMAND (MUSIC); STOREY, GEORGE (LYRICS) - The Esquire Waltz (Sheet Music)
101173: MEHRING, WALTER - The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture
106916: MEIER-GRAEFE, J. - Drucke Der Marees-Gesellschaft [Prints of Maree Society]
100358: MEIGS, CORNELIA - The Wonderful Locomotive
105998: MEIGS, SANDRA - Reverie. Swoon + the Newborn
111330: MEIJERING, PIET HEIN - Signed with Their Honor: Air Chivalry During the Two World Wars
2781: MEILINK-ROELOFSZ, M. A. P. (ED. & INTRO.); VAN YPEREN, MARIA J. L. (TRANS.) - Dutch Authors on West Indian History: A Historiographical Selection
114303: MELA, POMPONIUS ET AL - Pomponii Melae de Situ Orbis Libri III
105911: MELLEN, PETER - Gershon Iskowitz/Redinger File
116083: MELLEN, PETER - The Group of Seven
113915: MELLIN, GEORG SAMUEL ALBERT - Kunstsprache Der Kritischen Philosophie, Oder Sammlung Aller Kunstwörter Derselben
104020: MELMOTH, WILLIAM; FITZOSBORNE, SIR THOMAS (PSEUD.) - The Letters of Sir Thomas Fitzosborne, on Several Subjects
104088: MELVIL, SIR JAMES - The Memoirs of Sir James Melvil of Halhill
105539: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Benito Cereno
107034: MELVILLE, HERMAN; WEAVER, RAYMOND, ED. - Shorter Novels of Herman Melville
5061: MELVIN, DAVID SKENE - Directory of Brampton 1873-4
107432: MENCKEN, H. L. - Notes on Democracy
101048: MENDEL, GREGOR - Fundamenta Genetica: The Revised Edition of Mendel's Classic Paper with a Collection of 27 Original Papers Published During the Rediscovery Era
2440: MENDELSSOHN, MOSES - Phadon Ober Uber Die Unsterblichkeit Der Seele in Drei Gesprachen
115075: MENDES-FLOHR, PAUL - Divided Passions: Jewish Intellectuals and the Experience of Modernity
100018: MENDOZA, DIEGO HURTADO DE (ATTRIBUTED TO) - Aventures Et Espiegleries de Lazarille de Tormes
115624: MENDOZA, ANIBAL NOGUERA; DE CASTRO, FLAVIO - Aproximacion Al Libertador: Testimonios de Su época
111263: MENDRITZKI, WOLF & KROON, JON-ERIK - Between Two Bridges: An Installation of Original Prints
101507: MENGEL, WILLI - Ottmar Mergenthaler and the Printing Revolution
104999: MENKEN, MONSIEUR - De la Charlatanerie Des Savans; Par Monsieur Menken: Avec Des Remarques Critiques de Differens Auteurs. Traduit En Francois
102185: MENZIES, ELIZABETH G.C. - Passage between Rivers: A Portfolio of Photographs with a History of the Delaware and Raritan Canal
105797: MERCER, F. A.; GAUNT W. (EDS.). - Modern Publicity: Commercial Art Annual 1932
104136: MERCUR, JAMES - Attack of Fortified Places Including Siege-Works, Mining, and Demolitions
114272: MEREDITH, OWEN - The Poetical Works of Owen Meredith (Robert, Lord Lytton)
106904: MEREU, TIMNOTHY J. - A Physically Based Model for Determining Velocity Profiles in Vegetation
5805: MERHAR, J. - Kirkland District Game and Fish Protective Association Maps
113769: MERIAN, LOUIS H. - Toronto of to-Day 1915: Historical, Financial, Commerical, Educational and Social Features of the City
111067: MÉRIMÉE, PROSPER; MONIER, MAGGY (ILLUS.) - Carmen & Colomba
107583: MERKEL, ANDREW - Tallahassee: A Ballad of Nova Scotia in the Sixties
100541: MERKLEY, EILEEN - The Friendly Town That Grew
110833: MERKLEY, GEORGE E. - Canadian Melodies and Poems
102402: MERMIN, SAMUEL - The Fox-Wisconsin Rivers Improvement: An Historical Study in Legal Institutions and Political Economy
109719: MERNER, F. - My Wish and Other Poems
111374: MERRIAM, LUCIUS SALISBURY - History of Higher Education in Tennessee
114578: MERRICK, LEONARD - Four Stories
102252: MERRICK, HARRY H.; ALLEN, HENRY JUSTIN; MILLER, NATHAN L - Joint Debate on the St. Lawrence River Ship Channel
101253: MERRILL, ARCH - A River Ramble: Saga of the Genesee Valley
111831: MERRILL, HELEN (ED.) - The United Empire Loyalists' Association Vol. VII. Annual Transactions 1914 to 1916
103666: MERRIMAN, R.O. - The Bison and the Fur Trade
101858: MERRIMANN, MANSFIELD - Strength of Materials: A Text-Book for Secondary Technical Schools
104939: MERRITT, DAVID - Shim Sham Shimmy
100054: MERRITT, J.P. - Biography of the Hon. W.H. Merritt, M.P. Of London, District of Niagara Including an Account of the Origin, Progress and Completion of Some of the Most Important Public Works in Canada Compiled Principally from His Original Diary and Correspondence
100282: MERRY, BRUCE - Anatomy of the Spy Thriller
109034: MERRY, AMY HOWES; QUAILE, DEBORAH (ED); BRADLEY, LOU - Mrs. Merry's Memories: From a Series of Taped Interviews by Lou Bradley
107570: MERRY, HERBERT C. - Dead Dogs Don't Bark
2963: MERRYWEATHER, F. SOMNER - Glimmerings in the Dark or Lights and Shadows of the Olden Time
110412: MERTON, THOMAS - The Tears of the Blind Lions
107256: MERYON, EDWARD - The History of Medicine Comprising a Narrative of Its Progress from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time and of the Delusions Incidental to Its Advance from Empiricism to the Dignity of a Science. Volume 1.
105969: MESTERN, PAT (COMP.) - Looking Back: The Story of Fergus Through the Years 1833-1983 Vols. 1 & 2
105691: METAXAS, ERIC; RAGLIN, TIM - Uncle Mugdy and the Terrible Twins of Christmas
114451: METAYER, MAURICE (ED.); EKOOTAK (ILLUS.) - I, Nuligak
115116: METAYER, MAURICE (ED. & TRANS.); EKOOTAK (ILLUS.) - I, Nuligak
2273: METCALF, GEORGE - Royal Government and Political Conflict in Jamaica 1729 - 1783
5405: METCALF, GEORGE - Star Village: A Fortified Historic Arikara Site in Mercer County, North Dakota
101309: METCALF, PAUL - Waters of Potowmack
104793: METCALFE, THOMAS T.; GREENE, WILLE.; WOOD, M.; FRITH, R.; MURRAY, JOHN; MURRAY, PETER; SCOTT, WILLIAM.; [WILLIAMS, D., CAPTAIN] - To the Right Hon. Frederic Lord North, His Majesty's Secretary of State for the Southern Department; [Captain William's Narrative; in Which Is Contained Particulars Relative to the Execution of Mustapha Cawn; and Observations on the Speeches of General Burgoyne, Colonel Fullarton, Mr. Fox, Mr. Burke, and, Mr. Francis; Addressed to the Officers of the British Army]
104433: METCALFE, ROBIN; KELLMAN, TILA; MADILL, SHIRLEY - Store: Three Projects by Patrick Mahon
107477: METZGER, BERTA - Picture Tales from India
100288: MEVLANA CELALEDDIN RUMI - Divan-I Kebir Meter 2
109259: MEY, ALBERT VAN DER; MOL, MARTEN A. - The Dutch Touch in Ontario
108635: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Music
1774: MEYER, FRANZ - Marc Chagall
1232: MEYER, FRIEDRICH - Verzeichnis Einer Goethe-Bibliothek
108707: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Music
108703: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Musical Adaptation
108702: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Homosexuality
108701: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Ethnic Discrimination
112322: MEYER, SUSAN SAUVÉ - Ancient Ethics: A Critical Introduction
108565: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Musical Adaptation
100157: MEYER, FRANZ - Marc Chagall
5012: MEYER, REV. F. B. - The Blessed Dead
108627: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and the Writer
108594: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and Law
4420: MEYER, MICHAEL C.; SHERMAN, WILLIAM L.; DEEDS, SUSAN M. - The Course of Mexican History
108644: MEYER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Literature and the Grotesque
108297: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell
1718: MEYRICK-JONES, L. M. - Steam Road Vehicles: The Underlying Elements of Theory and Practice in the Use of the Steam Waggon
115363: MGALOBLISHVILI, TAMILA (ED.) - Ancient Christianity in the Caucasus: Iberica Caucasica Volume One

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