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109572: BURNETT, GILBERT - An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
108418: BURNETT, VIRGIL - Farewell Tour
104178: [BURNEY, CHARLES] - Articles of Religion of the Church of England, in the Reigns of King Edward VI and Queen Elizabeth
103987: BURNEY, JAMES - History of the Buccaneers of America
107221: BURNS, ROBERT - Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, by Robert Burns
106197: BURNS, ROBERT. - The Soldier's Return
108820: BURNS, ROBERT - Robert Burns (2 Volumes) 1. La Vie. 2. Les Oeuvres
1165: BURNS, CHARLES - The Journal of the Skies: First Airplane Newspaper Ever Published in Canada
106363: BURNS, JOHN - The Anatomy of the Gravid Uterus With Practical Inferences Relative to Pregnancy and Labour
111284: BURNS, ROBERT - Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
5855: BURNS, ROBERT; AITKEN, GEORGE A. (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns
100763: BURNS, ROBERT - Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
110651: BURNS, BERNARD ET AL. - March Past
107310: BURNS, THE REVEREND NELSON - Divine Guidance or the Holy Guest
113153: BURPEE, LAWRENCE J. - The Search for the Western Sea: The Story of the Exploration of North-Western America (Volume II Only)
103642: BURPEE, LAWRENCE J. - The Search for the Western Sea: The Story of the Exploration of North-Western America (Volume 1 Only)
107929: BURPEE, LAWRENCE J. - Among the Canadian Alps
107414: BURPO, C. W. - Dr. Burpo Goes to Washington
104773: BURR, HAROLD SAXTON - The Neural Basis of Human Behavior
5065: BURRELL, JOE - To the Edge and Back
114552: BURRIDGE, HOWARD J.; BARCLAY, MELVIN (ILLUS.) - Your Old Friend Dave: Being a Collection of Bush League Agent Letters That Have Appeared in the Western Underwriter
100204: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - The Son of Tarzan
112521: BURROUGHS, JOSEPH - A Sermon Preached at an Ordination of Deacons, July 15. 1730
105377: BURROWS, C. ACTON, COMPILER. - The Annals of the Town of Guelph. 1827 to 1877
102297: BURROWS, MICHAEL - John Steinbeck and His Films
104602: BURTON, HON. THEODORE E. - The Nicaraguan Canal Bill. Speech of Hon. Theodore E. Burton, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, May 1, 1900
105162: BURTON, JOHN - A Letter to William Smellie, M. D
101076: BURTON, ANTHONY - A Place to Stand
101098: BURTON, ANTHONY - Canal
114770: BURTON, JEAN ET AL (EDS.) - The Canadian Mercury, December 1928
101717: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Changing River
100417: BURTON, ANTHONY - Josiah Wedgwood: A Biography
7107: BURTON, JACK - The Story of Trans-Lux
100202: BURTON, JOHN - Sacerdos Paroecialis Rusticus
106996: BURTON, JANET (ED.) - The Cartulary of Byland Abbey
101113: BURTON, ANTHONY - Back Door Britain
106466: BURTON, G. ALLAN - A Store of Memories
102280: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Rise & Fall of King Cotton
102059: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Canal Builders
3554: BUSBY, ANNE MELANIE - The Pipeline Site: A Component of the Late Ontario Iroquois Stage
1727: BUSCH, HARRIS (ED.) - The Cell Nucleus Vols. I & II
111595: BUSCOMBE, DONALD A. - Port Dover Scenes Through Changing Times 1860-1974. Volume One
113762: BUSCOMBE, DONALD A. - Port Dover: A Tour Through Yesteryear Volume II
113239: BUSCOMBE, DONALD A. - The 1798 Backus Mills of Long Point" a Family Review
101627: BUSEMBAUM, HERMANN; LA CROIX, CLAUDE - Theologia Moralis
103461: BUSENBAUM, HERMANN - Medulla Theologiae Moralis: Facili Ac Perspicua Methodo Resolvens Casus Conscientiae
101139: BUSH, EDWARD F. - The Builders of the Rideau Canal, 1826-32
114581: BUSH, PAULINE (TRANS.) - 100 Posters of Tadanori Yokoo
101751: BUSH, EDWARD FORBES - Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961
111372: BUSH, GEORGE GARY - History of Higher Education in Massachusetts
103235: BUSHNELL, S. MORGAN AND FRED B. ORR - District Heating: A Brief Exposition of the Development of District Heating and Its Position Among Public Utilities
112692: BUSKIN, GEORGE - More Than Forty Years in Gospel Harness. A Tale of Truth Designed to Profit the Readers, Young and Old
114089: BUSS, HELEN M. - Repossessing the World: Reading Memoirs by Contemporary Women
113189: BÜSSER, FRITZ - Wurzeln Der Reformation in Zürich. Zum 500. Geburtstag Des Reformators Huldrych Zwingli
5190: BUSSEY, JEAN - Archaeological Investigations Along the Pend D'Oreille River of South-Central British Columbia
108645: BUTCHART, REUBEN - The Lyric Flute and Other Poems
114398: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. In Three Volumes. From the Texts of Dr. Grey and Mr. Thyer. With the Life of the Author, and Notes
106200: BUTLER, RODNEY - The History of Kirkstall Forge Through Seven Centuries 1200-1945 A.D.
104294: BUTLER, ROHAN; DAKIN, DOUGLAS; LAMBERT, M. E. (EDS.) - Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 Second Series Volume IX the Far Eastern Crisis 1931-1932
103220: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras, in Three Parts; Written in the Time of the Late Wars: Corrected and Amended. With Large Annotations, and a Preface by Zachary Grey, LL. D.
109627: BUTLER, SAMUEL - An Atlas of Antient Geography
105496: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras, in Three Parts, Written in the Time of the Late Wars: Corrected and Amended with Large Annotations, and a Preface by Zachary Grey, L.L. D.
112880: BUTLER, REV. C. M. - The Righteous Statutes and Judgments of the Republic; a Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered in Trinity Church, Washington, Thursday, November 24, 1859
115698: BUTOE, MICHEL; VINCENT, JEAN (ILLUS.) - Diego Giacometti
107175: BUTTON, WILFRED A. - Principles of the Law of Libel and Slander
111787: BUTTS, MARY; BONDEL, NATHALIE (ED.) - With and without Buttons and Other Stories
112666: BUXTON, RICHARD - If Matthew Flinders Had Wings: Circumnavigating Australia by Air and Sea
113534: BUZSAKI, G.; VANDERWOLF, C. H. (EDS.) - Electrical Activity of the Archicortex
113535: BUZSÁKI, GYÖRGY - Rhythms of the Brain
115091: BUZZATI, DINO - Oeuvres. Tome I
5586: BY THE AUTHOR OF "THE MILITARY BLACKSMITH," ETC - The Highland Chairman, and His Son Dugald
108058: BYERLY, WILLIAM - The Crystal Schottisch (Sheet Music)
5010: BYERS, EDWARD - The British Empire: Its Origin and Destiny
114073: BYFORD-JONES, LT. COL. W. - Berlin Twilight
100700: BYFORD-JONES, WILFRED - Severn Valley Stories
108232: BYK, GARY - The Modeller's Guide to the Bell P-39 Airacobra in Raaf Service
114752: BYRD, WILLIAM; ANDREWS, HILDA (ED.) - My Ladye Nevells Booke of Virginal Music
103927: BYRNE, MURIEL ST. CLARE (ED.) - The Lisle Letters: An Abridgement
113191: BYRNE, JOSEPH A. - White Snow Blackout: A Hockey Story
113192: BYRNE, JOSEPH A. - Of Great Character
113190: BYRNE, JOSEPH; HEPNER, HELGRIT (ILLUS.) - Senses of Autumn
105507: BYRON, LORD. - English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers; a Satire
1310: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON LORD - Fugitive Pieces by George Gordon Lord Byron: A Fac-Simile Reprint of the Suppressed Edition of 1806
115755: BYRON, JOHN - Byron's Narrative of the Loss of the Wager
103387: BYRON, MAY - J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy
110448: BYWATER, HELEN E. (ED.) - The Souvenir Guide to London
115153: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice
115198: CABLE, G. W. - Old Creole Days
102389: CABOT, WILLIAM BROOKS - Labrador
100530: CABOT, WILLIAM BROOKS - In Northern Labrador
103746: CACCAMISE, FRANK; OGLIA, DOLORES, ET AL - Technical Signs 11
107294: CADELL, ELIZABETH - Alice, Where Art Thou?
2153: CADIGAN, SEAN T. - Hope and Deception in Conception Bay: Merchant-Settler Relations in Newfoundland, 1785-1855
110474: CADMAN, MICHAEL D. ET AL (EDS.). - Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario 2001-2005
6802: CADOGAN, PETER - Early Radical Newcastle
1643: CAHN, R. W. (ED.) - Physical Metallurgy
104676: CAIN, WILLIAM S. (ED.) - Odors: Evaluation, Utilization, and Control
101815: CAIN, ALEXANDER M., COMPILER - A Catalog of the Percival Bailey Collection of Neurology & Psychiatry
106419: CAIRNS, JOHN C. (ED.) - Folio, April, 1949
2070: CAJAL, SANTIAGO RAMÓN Y; DE LA TORRE, JACK & GIBSON, WILLIAM C. (TRANS. & ED.) - The Neuron and the Glial Cell
4536: CALAME, CLAUDE; ORION, JANICE (TRANS.) - The Craft of Poetic Speech in Ancient Greece
103214: CALAMY, EDMUND AND PALMER, SAMUEL (ED.) - The Nonconformist's Memorial
5726: CALARESU, FRANCO ROMANO - An Electrophysiological Study of Peripheral and Central Cariomotor Activity of the Vagus Nerve
107273: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR - The Magic of My Youth
105879: CALDER, JAMES A.; TAYLOR, ROY L.; MULLIGAN, GERALD A. - Flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands (2 Volumes) Part 1 Systematics of the Vascular Plants and Part 2 Cytological Aspects of the Vascular Plants
4475: CALDER, KENT E. - Crisis and Compensation: Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan 1949-1986
4480: CALDER, KENT E. - Crisis and Compensation: Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan 1949-1986
108710: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Southways
113158: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Journeyman
102190: CALDWELL, BILL - Rivers of Fortune: Where Maine Tides and Money Flowed
102789: CALEPINI, AMBROSII - Dictionarivm, Qvanta Maxima Fide Ac Diligentia Accvrate Emendatum; Dictionarii Octolingvis Altera Pars
109216: CALHOUN, O.O. - The Epic of an English Wilson Family in Canada 1784-1969
107009: CALHOUN, O.O. - The Epic of an English Wilson Family in Canada 1784-1969
109845: CALKIN, JOHN BURGESS - Old Time Customs: Memories and Traditions and Other Essays
6484: CALKINS, EARNEST ELMO - Twin Peas in a Pod
106570: CALL, FRANK OLIVER - Sonnets for Youth
107269: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Fine and Private Place
107090: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Passion in Rome
104130: CALLAGHAN, BARRY - Between Trains
4319: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Luke Baldwin's Vow
107199: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Broken Journey
107720: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - More Joy in Heaven
4139: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Luke Baldwin's Vow
2706: CALLET, FRANCOIS - Tables Portatives de Logarithmes
4207: CALLOWHILL, CECIL C. - Our Family Roots
110068: CALLWELL, MAJ. C. E. CALLWELL - Small Wars. Their Principles and Practice
1347: CALNEK, W.A.; SAVARY, A.W. (ED.) - History of the County of Annapolis
4009: CALVIN, JOHANNES; KOCHS, ERNST - Johannes Calvins Auslegung Des Propheten Ezechiel (Kapitel 1-20)
111507: CAMERON, ROBERT B. - Yukon Wings
107271: CAMERON, NORMAN; GRAVES, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - The Collected Poems of Norman Cameron 1905-1953
103951: CAMERON, J.D. - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting, in Compliance with a Senate Resolution of January 9, 1877... On a Waterline of Transportation from the Mouth of Saint Mary's River to the Gulf of Mexico
115084: CAMERON, OLIVER G. (ED.) - Presentations of Depression: Depression in Medical and Other Psychiatric Disorders
105119: CAMERON, JIM AND JUNE - The Early Days in Guelph (Guelph and Canada Company)
108802: CAMERON, ELSPETH; MACLENNAN, HUGH - Hugh Maclennan: An Annotated Bibliography
107010: CAMERON, WILLIAM J. - Temas Americanos Del S. XVI En Las Bibliotecas Andaluzas
103433: CAMERON, ERIC; DE CELLES, THEREZE (TRANS.) - Exposer/Cacher (Exposed/Concealed): Notes Pour Un Projet Et Une Installation
103801: CAMERON, DAN (ED.) - Dancing at the Louvre: Faith Ringgold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts
114502: CAMFIELD, BENJ. - A Sermon Preach'd Upon the First Sunday After the Proclamation of the High and Mighty Prince James the II. By the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &C. Which Was Made at Leicester, February the 10th. 1684/5
106892: CAMPAGNO, LEONARD J.V. - Sharks of the World: An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of Shark Species Known to Date (Fao Species Catalogue Volume 4)
111662: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Summer 1990
114291: CAMPBELL, GRACE - Thornapple Tree
110378: CAMPBELL, REAU - Travels in Mexico
111664: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Winter 1990/91
114460: CAMPBELL, JAMES - Speeches on Public Occasions
4325: CAMPBELL, JOHN M. AND DONNA - B-17 Flying Fortress Nose Art Gallery
105390: CAMPBELL, CL. T. - Pioneer Days in London: Some Account of Men and Things in London Before It Became a City
105274: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - A Sheaf of Winter Lyrics
2333: CAMPBELL, JOHN - The Present State of Europe
105205: CAMPBELL, NANCY, ET AL - Frankenstein: Explorations in Manipulation and Surrationality
105493: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Flaming Terrapin
1331: CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD - Lexiphanes, a Dialogue
105471: CAMPBELL, JOHN P. - Dieppe Revisited: A Documentary Investigation Studies in Intelligence series.
111671: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Winter 1992/93
106452: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - Sagas of Vaster Britain: Poems of the Race, the Empire and the Divinity of Man
113626: CAMPBELL, CYNDIE; ROY, SYLVIE - Artists in Canada: A Union List of Artists' Files/Artistes Au Canada: Une Liste Collective Des Dossiers D'Artistes
111159: CAMPBELL, MARILYN, ET AL - Introduction to Business Decision Making: Text and Cases
111801: CAMPBELL, R. W.; ELCOCK, H. K. (ILLUS.) - The Making of Micky Mcghee and Other Stories in Verse
114153: CAMPBELL, NANCY, ET AL - Frankenstein: Explorations in Manipulation and Surrationality
1148: CAMPBELL, JOHN - A Political Survey of Britain
114533: CAMPBELL, JOHN R. - Poems by the Late John R. Campbell 1844-1929
111667: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Autumn 1991
115344: CAMPBELL, R. T. - Unholy Dying
111663: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Autumn 1990
6847: CAMPBELL, FRANK W. - Canada Post Offices 1755/1895
3682: CAMPBELL, JAMES D. - John Heward
111669: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Spring 1992
114111: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Georgiad (a Charlotade) A satirical fantasy in verse
111675: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Autumn 1994
109026: CAMPBELL, A. P. - Red Clay Soil
111665: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Spring 1991
111673: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Winter 1994
111670: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Summer 1992
111661: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Spring 1990
106785: CAMPBELL, JESSIE BUCHANAN - The Pioneer Pastor: Some Reminiscences of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Geo. Buchanan, M.D. , First Presbyterian Minister of Beckwith, Lanark County, Upper Canada
111674: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Spring 1994
4147: CAMPBELL, KEN - They Came Before Us: The People of Strathroy and Their Lives 1832-1900
111668: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Winter 1991/92
115345: CAMPBELL, R. T. - Adventures with a Goat and Apollo Wore a Wig
111672: CAMPBELL, GEORGE & MAUREEN (ED.) - Kindred Spirits Winter 1993/94
111666: CAMPBELL, GEORGE (ED.) - Kindred Spirits of P.E. I. Summer 1991
105492: CAMPE, J.H. - Le Nouveau Robinson; Pour Servir a L'Amusement Et a L'Instruction Des Enfants de L'Un Et de L'Autre Sexe
104895: CAMPEAU, F. R. E. - Illustrated Guide to the Senate and House of Commons of Canada
114206: CAMPEAU, LUCIEN, S.J.; LONC, WILLIAM & TOPP, GEORGE (TRANS.) - The Jesuit Mission Among the Hurons 1634-1650
5606: CAMPONI, LINDA (COMP.) - Maps of Indian Reserves and Settlements in the National Map Collection. Volume I British Columbia
6131: CAMUFFO, GIORGIO (ED.) - Sugo # 3 Writing & Design
102255: CANADA. DEPT. OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, ET AL. - St. Lawrence Waterway Project. 1. Correspondence between the Governments of Canada and the United States, 1927-28. 2. Report of the Canadian National Advisory Committee, January, 1928... 3. Orders in Court Referring to the Supreme Court of Canada...
105897: CANADA RAILWAY NEWS CO. [GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY] - Souvenir Playing Cards, Gold Edges. 52 Views on Grand Trunk Railway System
105899: CANADA RAILWAY NEWS CO. [CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS] - Ocean to Ocean" Souvenir Playing Cards, Gold Edges. 52 Views on Canadian National Railways
108767: CANADA POST - The Millennium Collection
102324: CANADA. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS - Papers Relating to the St. Lawrence Waterway Project and the Chicago Drainage Canal
100911: CANADA-ONTARIO RIDEAU-TRENT-SEVERN STUDY COMMITTEE - The Rideau-Trent-Severn: Canada's Unique 425-Mile Waterway Corridor: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, a Report on Optimum Recreational Development
102307: CANADA. DEPT. OF THE INTERIOR - Electoral Atlas of the Dominion of Canada According to the Redistribution Act of 1914 and the Amending Act of 1915
102208: CANADA. HYDROGRAPHIC AND MAP SERVICE - Catalogue of Nautical Charts. Sailing Directions Tidal Information, and Other Canadian Government Publications of Interest to Mariners
101119: CANADA PACKERS LIMITED - The Story of Our Products
105994: CANADA -- LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - Appendix (G.G. ) Return to an Address from the Legislative Assembly to His Excellency the Governor General, Dated the 17th Ultimo... For a Line of Road Referred to in the Report of the Chairman of the Board of Works for the Last Year, Under the Name of the ‘Road from Scogog Lake to the Narrows’ Bridge’... The Legislative Assembly of Canada
106111: CANADIAN PACIFIC LINE - C.P. S. "Metagama" Pocket Picture Puzzle
106109: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY - Eastern Tours Through the Canadian Pacific Rockies
106112: CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS - Pacific to Atlantic Through the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park
105757: CANADIAN SWINE BREEDERS' ASSOCIATION - The Canadian Swine Breeders' Record. Volume 37. Yorkshire, Berkshire, Chester White, Tamworth, Hampshire, Poland China, Duroc Jersey and Large Black
101792: CANADIAN HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE - Small Craft Guide: Rideau Waterway and Ottawa River
103151: CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY; SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL; MONGOMERY, L. M.; ROBERTS, SIR CHARLES G. D.; AND MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Spirit of Canada: Dominion and Provinces 1939. A Souvenir of Welcome to H.M. King George VI and H.M. Queen Elizabeth
109132: CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION - Catalogue: French Painting and Sculpture, Canadian Painting and Sculpture, French and Canadian Water Colours, French and Canadian Graphic and Applied Art, International Photography. Cover Title: Canadian National Exhibition 1937. Catalogue of the Arts (Canadian National Exhibition 1937 Catalogue of the Arts)
100108: CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY - Thirteen Essays on Photography
102591: CANAL COMMISSION OF PHILADELPHIA - Report of the Commission of Philadelphia As Transmitted to the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia
2954: CANAWAY, W. H. - A Creel of Willow
103579: CANFIELD, ETHEL - Mrs. Canfield's People
100868: CANFIELD, CASS - The Publishing Experience
102684: CANISIUS, HENRICUS (HENDRIK DE HONDT) - Antique Lectionis Tomus I. In Quo XVI. Antiqua Monumenta Ad Historiam Mediae Aetatis Illustrandam, Nunquam Edita
4432: CANNIFF, WILLIAM - The Medical Profession in Upper Canada 1783-1850
111422: CANNING, NANCY (COMP.) - A Glenn Gould Catalog
102557: CANNING, MR.; MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES; GRENVILLE, LORD; PLYMLEY, PETER; RUSSELL, JOHN; NORMANBY, VISCOUNT - Six Speeches or Letters from the British Political World in Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
100705: CANSICK, FREDERICK TEAGUE - A Collection of Curious and Interesting Epitaphs, Copied from the Existing Monuments of Distinguished and Noted Characters in the Churches and Churchyards of Hornsey, Tottenham, Edmonton, Enfield, Friern Barnet and Hadley, Middlesex
113509: CANTER, DAVID (ED.) - Facet Theory: Approaches to Social Research
102771: CANTINI, LORENZO - Storia Del Commercio E Navigazione Dei Pisani
104777: CANTLIE, LT. GEN. SIR NEIL - A History of the Army Medical Department. Volume I
113919: CAPABLANCA, J. R. - Chess Fundamentals
109426: CAPEPINUS, ABROSIUS; FACCIOLATI, JACOB (ED.) - Calepinus Septem Linguarum-
108733: CAPES, BERNARD - From Door to Door: A Book of Romances, Fantasies, Whimsies and Levities
113188: CAPGRAVE, JOHN; MILLS, C. A. (ED.) - Ye Solace of Pilgrimes: A Description of Rome, Circa A.D. 1450, by John Capgrave, an Austin Friar of King's Lynn, with a Frontispiece Illustrating the Author's Handwriting
105913: CAPP, AL - LI'l Abner Dailies Volume Eight: 1942
109233: CAPP, EDWARD H. - The Story of Baw-a-Ting: Being the Annals of Sault Sainte Marie
115729: CAPUTO, PHILIP - A Rumor of War
102260: CARBON COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Centennial Anniversary of the First Shipment of Anthracite Coal
101368: CARBONNEAU, DENIS - Annual Report of the American Rare, Antiquarian and out-of-Print Book Trade 1978-1979
106760: CARCASSON, R. H. - A Field Guide to the Coral Reef Fishes of the Indian and West Pacific Oceans
112578: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle
115740: CARDWELL, D. S. L. (ED.) - John Dalton & the Progress of Science
3596: CARELESS, J. M. S. - Brown of the Globe. Vol. One: The Voice of Upper Canada 1818-1859. Vol. Two: Statesman of Confederation, 1860-1880
108139: CAREY, S. PEARCE - The Story of Stockton Baptists from About 1775 to 1941
104685: CAREY, REV. JOHN - A Form of Prayers Used by His Majesty King William III When He Received the Holy Sacrament, and on Other Occasions
115152: CAREY, EDWARD - Alva & Irva
110140: CARGILL, ROBERT W. (ED.) - Carbon Monoxide
106461: CARLEY, JAMES P.; TITE, COLIN G. C. (EDS.). - Books and Collectors 1200-1700: Essays Presented to Andrew Watson
101915: CARLSON, DAVID R. - English Humanist Books: Writers and Patrons, Manuscript and Print, 1475-1525
105494: CARMAN, BLISS. - Ballads and Lyrics
111934: CARMAN, BLISS - The Kinship of Nature
3522: CARMAN, BLISS - Sappho. One Hundred Lyrics
108648: CARMAN, BLISS - Far Horizons
100203: CARMAN, BLISS; HOVEY, RICHARD - Last Songs from Vagabondia
112360: CARMI, PROF. AMNON (ED.) - Informed Consent
112348: CARMI, A.; MOUSSAOUI, D.; ARBOLEDA-FLOREZ, J. (EDS.) - Teaching Ethics in Psychiatry: Case-Vignettes
115220: CARMICHAEL, ALFRED; SEMEYN, J. (ILLUS.) - Indian Legends of Vancouver Island
106774: CARMOUZE, J. P.; DURAND, J. R.; LÉVÊQUE, C. (EDS.) - Lake Chad: Ecology and Productivity of a Shallow Tropical Ecosystem
106107: CARNCROSS, CORPL. E. E. - The Strafer Vol. 1 No. 2. December, 1917
103458: CARNE, JOHN - Letters from the East
111987: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Win People to Your Ideas (Book Excerpt)
108842: CARNOCHAN, JANET - Centennial St. Andrews Niagara 1974 1894
111054: CARNOCHAN, JANET - Sir Isaac Brock; the Count de Puisaye
114361: CARNOCK, MAJOR LORD (ED.) - Cavalry in the Corunna Campaign (As Told in the Diary of the Adjutant of the 15th Hussars)
115316: CAROFF, STANLEY N. ET AL (EDS.) - Catatonia: From Psychopathology to Neurobiology
115659: CARPENTER, SIDNEY H. - A Brief History of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York
113888: CARPENTER, JOHN; WHITINGTON, RICHARD (COMP.); RILEY, HENRY THOMAS (TRANS.) - Liber Albus: The White Book of the City of London
103079: CARPENTER, SIR HAROLD; ROBERTSON, J.M. - Metals (Volume II Only)
109559: CARPENTIER, PAUL - Les Croix de Chemin: Au-Dela Du Signe Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies Paper No. 39
110699: CARR, EMILY - The Book of Small
114645: CARR, LT. W. J. (ED.) - Carry-on": Official Magazine Christie St. Hospital Branch and Toronto and District Council of the Canadian Legion, B.E. S.L. , July 1928
103294: CARR-HARRIS, BERTHA - Stranger Than Fiction: A Miscellaneous Collection of True Incidents and Interesting Truths
115079: CARR, EMILY - The House of All Sorts
105296: CARRICK, EDWARD - Designing for Films
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105086: CONNOR, RALPH - The Recall of Love
105087: CONNOR, RALPH - The Recall of Love
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114338: COOPER, LYDIA ECK - The Abraham J. Siebert Family Record
100834: COOPER, HUGH L. - Comments on the Wooten-Bowden Report to the International Joint Commission
109319: COOPER, JAL - India Used Abroad
100029: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Deerslayer: Or, the First War-Path. A Tale. (Volume 1)
114858: COPELAND, LES - What the Engine Done. Comic Song. A Permanent Riot in Lew Dockstader's Minstrels Sung by Mr. Neil O'Brien
100858: COPELAND, R. MORRIS - Country Life: A Handbook of Horticulture, Agriculture, and Landscape Gardening
103695: COPLEY, FREDERICK S. - A Set of Alphabets of All the Various Hands in Modern Use with Examples in Each Style, Designed As a Text Book
103769: COPPIN, JOHN S. - Selected Works of the Artist John S. Coppin
4448: CORCOS, JACQUES; SCHICK, ERIK (EDS.) - The Urinary Sphincter
3853: CORDEAUX, E. H.; MERRY, D. H. - A Bibliography of Printed Works Relating to the University of Oxford
101372: CORDEROY, JOHN - Bookbinding for Beginners
5904: CORDIER, L'ABBE ALPHONSE - Lettres a Edouard Sur Les Catacombes Romaines
104914: CORDNER, JOHN - The Foundations of Nationality: A Discourse Preached in the Unitarian Church, Montreal, on the Sunday After the Great Railway Celebration, November, 1856
112370: CORFIELD, BILL - The Pilgrim File
107821: CORFIELD, BILL - The Lawsons of London
113503: CORILLON, PATRICK; LAMOUREAUX, JOHANNE; RHODES, RICHARD; PERINET, FRANCINE - Patrick Corillon: Last Words -- and Tales of Oskar Serti
112656: CORLESS, DR. C. V. - Northward!
102899: CORNEILLE, PIERRE - Le Theatre de P. Corneille (Volume 1 Only)
110233: CORNELIS ADRIANUS FRANCISCUS TUIJNMAN - Precisie-Viscosimetrie Van Verdunde Oplossingen Van Polyvinylacetaat
107990: CORNELL, JOHN A. - The First Church of Beverly: A History and a Memorial
113409: CORNET-AUQUIER, CAPTAIN ANDRÉ; STANTON, THEODORE (ED.) - A Soldier Unafraid: Letters from the Trenches of the Alsatian Front
101590: CORNISH, MARGARET - Troubled Waters: Memoirs of a Canal Boatwoman
101592: CORNISH, MARGARET - Still Waters: Mystery Tales of the Canals
4812: CORNISH, GEORGE H. - Hand-Book of Canadian Methodism
103179: CORNWALLIS, KINAHAN - Royalty in the New World; or, the Prince of Wales in America
2425: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Company: Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Badajoz January to April 1812
109437: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Eagle: Richard Sharpe and the Talavera Campaign July 1809
107379: CORNWELL, BERNARD. - Sharpe's Gold: Richard Sharpe and the Destruction of Almeida, August 1810
103967: CORRAN, GAY - Bermuda Flowers Book One
101406: CORRIE, EUAN - Tales from the Old Inland Waterways
100691: CORRY, JOHN - The English Metropolis; or London in the Year 1820, Containing Satirical Strictures on Public Manners, Morals, and Amusements; a Young Gentleman's Adventures, and Characteristic Anecdotes of Several Eminent Individuals Who Now Figure in the Great Theatre
5502: CORSI, PIETRO (ED.) - The Enchanted Loom: Chapters in the History of Neuroscience
105734: CORTHELL, ELMER L. - The Interoceanic Problem and Its Scientific Solution An Address Before the American Association for the Advancement of Science
106399: CORY, ISAAC PRESTON - A Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mercantile, Private, and Official Exhibiting the Manner in Which the Method of Double Entry May Be Applied to the Accounts of Government; With Proposals For the Introduction of a Uniform and Centralized System of Accouonts in All the Public Offices
5754: COSBIE, W. G. - The History of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada 1944-1966/la Societe Des Obstetriciens Et Gynecologues Du Canada 1944-1966
110667: COSENS, DANIEL L. (INTRODUCTION) - St. Thomas and Its Men of Affairs
113099: COSENTINO, NICK; MILES, SHIRLEY - Come Play with Me & Julie
110234: COSSEE, P. - Magnetic Properties of Cobalt in Co3o4 and Other Oxides
100047: COSTELLO, LOUISA STUART - A Summer Amongst the Bocages and the Vines. (Volume 1)
112510: [COTES, HUMPHREY ?] - An Enquiry Into the Conduct of a Late Right Honourable Commoner
102717: COTGRAVE, RANDLE - A French-English Dictionary Compiled by Mr. Randle Cotgrave: With Another in English and French
114632: COTTENDEN, BILLY; CLARK, ERNIE (EDS.) - The Baton: News Conductor of the Canadian Musician, December 1936
2100: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland and Ireland
107048: COTTLE, JOSEPH - Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey
1977: COTTON, CHARLES - The History of the Life of the Duke of Espernon, the Great Favourite of France. In Three Parts, Containing Twelve Books. Wherin the History of France Is Continued from the Year 1598. Where D'Avila Leaves Off, Down to Our Own Times, 1642
107322: COTTON, CHARLES - Scarronnides, or, Virgile Travestie. A Mock-Poem, on the First & Fourth Books of Virgil's Aenaeis, in English Burlesque
3580: COTTON, ROBERT - A Briefe Abstract of the Question of Precedencie between England and Spaine
108528: COTTON, CHARLES - Scarronides: Or, Virgil Travestie. A Mock Poem on the First and Fourth Books of Virgil's Aeneid, in English Burlesque
108526: COTTON, CHARLES; SCUDAMORE, JAMES - Scarronides: Or, Virgile Travestie. A Mock-Poem. Being the First Book of Virgils Aeneis in English, Burlesque (Bound with) Homer a la Mode
5144: COUCKUYT, JACK - The Aylmer Fair 1846-1982
104758: COUGHLIN, BING - This Army: Maple Leaf Album No. 1. Vol. 2: Another Maple Leaf Album
111136: COUILLARD, VERNON WILLIAMS - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Volume XVI. Parts II & III (Includes the Theology of John Cennick)
3837: COULTER, JOHN; COOPER, JOHN A. (EDS.) - Queen Victoria: Her Gracious Life and Glorious Reign
3836: COULTER, JOHN; COOPER, JOHN A. (EDS.) - Queen Victoria: Her Grand Life and Glorious Reign
1542: COUNCE, S.J.; WADDINGTON, C.H. - Developmental Systems: Insects. Volume 1
102524: COUNCIL OF TRENT - Sacro-Sancti Et Oecumenici Tridentini Paulo III Julio III Et Pio IV Pontificibus Maximis Celebrati Canones Et Decreta
4142: COURBOIN, FRANCOIS ET AL - Exposition D'Oeuvres de Rembrandt, Dessins Et Gravures: Mai-Juin 1908, Bibliotheque Nationale, [Paris]
109800: COURCHESNE, A.E.B. - Livre de Renvoi Des Quartier Limoilou Cite de Quebec - Book of Reference of Limoilou Ward City of Quebec
109778: COURCHESNE, A.E.B. - Livre de Renvoi Des Quartiers Belvedere Et St-Malo - Book of Reference of Belvedere and St-Malo Wards
112389: COURTIS, CHRISTINE A.; FORD, JULIAN D.; BRIERE, JOHN (FORWARD) - Treatment of Complex Trauma: A Sequenced, Relationship-Based Approach
103807: COUSTET, ROBERT - Bordeaux, L'Art Et le Vin
108034: COUTELLIER, FRANCIS - Les Deux
104703: COUTLEE, CHARLES R. - The Water Wealth of Canada: With Special Reference to the Ottawa River Basin
2088: [COVENTRY, SIR WILLIAM; DU MOULIN, PETER; LISOLA , FRANÇOIS PAUL, BARON DE] - England's Appeal from the Private Cabal at White-Hall to the Great Council of the Nation, the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled. By a True Lover of His Country
115389: [COVENTRY, HENRY] - Philemon to Hydaspes; Relating a Fifth Conversation with Hortensius Upon the Subject of False Religion
113531: COVINGTON, SALLY; SHAYEGAN, LEYLI (EDS.) - The Israeli Invasion of Lebanon: Part II. Press Profile: August 1892/May 1983
1151: COWAN, HUGH - Canadian Achievement in the Province of Ontario. Vol. 1. The Detroit River District
103651: COWAN, JOHN G. - Rideau 175th Lecture Series: Lecture Proceedings
5758: COWAN, ELVA MARGRETTA (LIDSTONE) - The Lidstone-Baker Family Tree
115726: COWDEN-CLARKE, MARY - My Long Life: An Autobiographic Sketch
115728: COWDEN CLARKE, CHARLES - Carmina Minima
115727: COWDEN CLARKE, CHARLES AND MARY - Recollections of Writers. With Letters of Charles Lamb, Leigh Hunt, Douglas Jerrold, and Charles Dickens; and a Preface by Mary Cowden Clarke
2623: COWLEY, ABRAHAM; HURD, R. (ED.) - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley
5980: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley; in Two Volumes
100200: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley; in Two Volumes: With a Preface and Notes by the Editor
102634: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - (8 Works) Including Davideis, the Mistress, and Pindarique Odes
114390: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - The Poetical Works of Abraham Cowley in Four Volumes. From the Text of Dr. Sprat, &C. With the Life of the Author
111239: COWLS, WILLIAM J. - The Whiffletrees Step out
112882: COX, REV. RICHARD - The Doctrines of the Protestant Episcopal Church Incompatible with Romanism; a Sermon Preached on the Ninth Sunday After Trinity: And the Scriptures the Guide for Ministerial Instruction; a Sermon Preached on the Tenth Sunday After Trinity
103739: COX, MONTAGU H.; NORMAN, PHILIP (EDS.) - The Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. Part II (Neighbourhood of Whitehall, Vol. I)
103740: COX, MONTAGU H.; NORMAN, PHILIP (EDS.) - The Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. Part III (Neighbourhood of Whitehall, Vol. II)
105383: COX, PETER - Locomotives from London: An Illustrated Record of Railway Motive Power Production by General Motors in Canada
2262: COX, PALMER - A Box of Brownies
107158: COX, PALMER - The Brownies Many More Nights
102833: COX, E.B.; DAULT, GARY MICHAEL - E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture
1320: COYER, M. L'ABBE - Bagatelles Morales
114106: COYLE, BEVERLY - A Thought to Be Rehearsed: Aphorism in Wallace Stevens's Poetry
115767: COZZENS, FREDERIC S. - Acadia; or, a Month with the Blue Noses
115758: CRABBE, GEORGE - The Poetical Works of George Crabbe Complete in One Volume
101779: CRABTREE, HAROLD - Railway on the Water: Tom Puddings and the Yorkshire Coal Industry
107358: CRACE, JIM - The Gift of Stones
107977: [CRADOCK, JOSEPH] - Village Memoirs: In a Series of Letters between a Clergyman and His Family in the Country, and His Son in Town
7029: CRAGGS, STEWART R. - Theses on North East England
114653: CRAIG, HOWARD (ED.) - Gay Broadway, September 1939
10542: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10488: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10473: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10543: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
100506: CRAIG, JOHN - Simcoe County: The Recent Past
101045: CRAIG, JOHN - By the Sound of Her Whistle
112900: CRAIK, REV. JAMES - An Address at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Church of the Ascension, Frankfort, Ky. , Thursday, August 8th, 1850
103118: CRAIK, ROBERT - Papers and Addresses by Robert Craik
2047: CRANE, RONALD S. ET AL - English Literature 1660-1800: A Bibliography of Modern Studies Compiled for Philological Quarterly. Volumes I to VI
109038: CRANE, MANNIN - Yarns from a Windjammer
102815: CRANE, WALTER - Renascence: A Book of Verse
6074: CRANFORD, GARRY - Not Too Long Ago: Seniors Tell Their Stories
115398: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Khrushchev's Russia
111797: CRANSTON, WILLIAM H. (ED.) - The Twig December 1930
112283: CRAVAN, ARTHUR - Averaging Insight
104035: CRAVEN, EDNA H. - Kenya Safari
108314: CRAVEN, EDNA - On the Other Hand
1399: CRAVEN, PATRICIA; MARAIS, CHRISTINE (ILLUS.) - Rossing: The Mine, the Flora (a Selection of Illustrations by Christine Marais)
110657: CRAVEN, NORA E. - Time to Remember
113150: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - In the Palace of the King: A Love Story of Old Madrid
2599: CRAWFORD, J. H. - The Wild Flowers
107791: CRAWFORD, JOAN - Letter to Robert Jean. July 15, 1969
3798: CRAWFORD, IRENE - Captain Andrew Drew
4433: CRAWFORD-SIANO, IRENE - Journey to Perfection: The Agricultural Art of Ross Butler
101741: CRAWFORD, J. LAW - Forth and Clyde Ship Canal in Relation to the Development of Commerce
100383: CRAWFORD, CAROLINE AND FOGG, ELIZABETH ROSE - The Rhythms of Childhood
100457: CRAWFORD, ROBERT - Reminiscences of Foreign Travel
110873: CREEN, NORMAN; HARVEY, ROBERT - Presbyterian Church Waterdown Centennial Souvenir 1830 - 1930
115327: CREIGHTON, HELEN (ED.) - Bluenose Magic: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions in Nova Scotia
109731: CREPEAU, PIERRE (ED.) - Medecine Et Religion Populaires/Folk Medicine and Religion
112164: CRÉPEAU, PAUL-A.; BRIERLEY, JOHN E. C. (EDS.) - Code CIVIL/CIVIL Code 1866-1980: An Historical and Critical Edition
104541: CRERAR, ADAM - Letters of Adam Hope 1834-1845
114980: CRERAR, ADAM - Letters of Adam Hope 1834-1845
101630: CRESSY, HUGH PAULIN SERENUS - The Church-History of Brittany from the Beginning of Christianity to the Norman Conquest
108875: CRIBB, PHILLIP - The Genus Paphiopedilum A Kew Magazine Monograph
2129: CRICH, G. E. - In Search of Heroes: An Historical Novel
103058: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Airframe
105473: CRICHTON, ANDREW. - The Life and Diary of Lieut. Col. J. Blackader, of the Cameronian Regiment, and Deputy Governor of Stirling Castle; Who Served with Distinguished Honour in the Wars Under King William and the Duke of Marlborough, and Afterwards in the Rebellion of 1715 in Scotland
109235: CRICHTON, VINCENT - Pioneering in Northern Ontario: History of the Chapleau District
103455: CRILE, GEORGE WASHINGTON - Hemorrhage and Transfusion
6257: CRIMMINS, JAMES E. (ED.) - Religion, Secularization and Political Thought: Thomas Hobbes to J.S. MILL.
6630: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND - Glanworth, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
6631: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND K. - North Talbot Road, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
5512: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND K. - North Talbot Road, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History.
108980: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND BISHOP, OLGA B. (ED.) - Westminster Township South-East of the Thames: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
5351: CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR (ED.) - List of Parish Registers and Other Genealogical Works
107062: CRISSEY, FOREST; MURPHY, ROBERT CUSHMAN; MADISON, JAMES; MARJORIE L. C., PICKTHALL, BINGHAM, HIRAM - Harper's Magazine. Vol. CXXVIII-CXXIX (Vol. 128-9). January, March, May, and August, 1914
107531: CRISSEY, S.S. (COMPILED BY) - Centennial History of the Fredonia Baptist Church Fredonia, New York (Organized October 20, 1808)
5407: CRIST, RAYMOND E. - Tropical Subsistence Agriculture in Latin America: Some Neglected Aspects and Implications
108659: CRISTEN, KIMBERLY A.; GILL, SAM (ED.) - Clowns & Tricksters: An Encyclopedia of Tradition and Culture
113406: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD - The Divine Banquet of the Brain and Other Essays
2709: CROCKER, WALTER J. - Veterinary Postmortem Technic
110887: CROCKER, DENTON W.; BARR, DAVID W. - Handbook of the Crayfishes of Ontario Series: Life Sciences Miscellaneous Publications
102181: CROCKETT, WALTER HILL - A History of Lake Champlain: The Record of Three Centuries, 1609-1909
113665: CROFT, VAHRAH (ED.) - The Ribbon Art Book
115547: CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLS - Sir John Magill's Last Journey
113815: CROIL, JAMES - Dundas or a Sketch of Canadian History
102232: CROIL, JAMES - Steam Navigation and Its Relation to the Commerce of Canada and the United States
113884: [CROKER, JOHN WILSON] - The Battles of Talavera. A Poem
3049: CROMBIE, BENJAMIN W., DOUGLAS, WILLIAM SCOTT - Modern Athenians: A Series of Original Portraits of Memorable Citizens of Edinburgh Drawn and Etched by Benjamin W. Crombie Miniature Painter 1837-1847
5725: CRONE, ROBERT A. - Diplopia
5403: CRONYN, TERENCE - Ninety, Not out
109679: CROPP, M. E. - Beachville 1784 - 1967 (Cover Title: Beachville the Birthplace of Oxford)
111759: CROPP, MARJORIE E. - A History of Beachville
3903: CROSIER, MARY B. - The Township of Chamberlain and Its People
107262: CROSLAND, T.W.H. - Last Poems
104120: CROSLAND, T.W.H. - The Beautiful Teetotaller
115482: CROSLAND, T. W. H. - The Collected Poems of T.W. H. Crosland
103985: CROSSBY, P. A. (ED.) - Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America. The Railway and Steamboat Routes in British North America
103252: CROTHERS, WILLIAM L. - The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856: Characteristics, Construction, Details
102600: CROUZET, FRANCOIS - Britain Ascendant: Comparative Studies in Franco-British Economic History
107325: CROWE, ET AL - Bound Volume of Sheet Music
112585: CROWFOOT, A. H. - A Perambulation of the English Cathedral Quebec
107853: CROWLEY, WILLIAM F., JR.; CONN, P. MICHAEL (EDS.) - Modes of Action of Gnrh and Gnrh Analogs
4983: CROZIER, W. RAY; ALDEN, LYNN E. (EDS.) - The Essential Handbook of Social Anxiety for Clinicians
101618: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament
114793: CRUICKSHANK, BRIGADIER GENERAL E. A. (ED.) - The Correspondence of Lieut. Governor John Graves Simcoe, with Allied Documents Relating to His Administration of the Government of Upper Canada. Volume I. 1789-1793. Volume II: 1793-1794. Volume III: 1794-1795. Volume IV: 1795-1796. Volume V: 1792-1796 (Supplementary)
109260: CRUICKSHANK, TOM; STOKES, PETER JOHN (EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTOR) - Rogues' Hollow: The Story of the Village of Newburgh, Ontario Through Its Buildings
113801: CRUIKCHANK, LIET.-COLONEL E[RNEST ALEXANDER] - The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier in the Year 1812
105083: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Battle of Lundy's Lane 25th July, 1814. A Historical Study
102627: CRUIKSHANK, ROBERT - Cruikshank at Home: A New Family Album of Endless Entertainment
110422: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara
5751: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara
104269: CRUM, MARGARET (ED.) - First-Line Index of English Poetry 1500-1800 in Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library Oxford Vols. 1 & 2.
104734: CRUTCHLEY, BROOKE (ED.) - Siberch Celebrations 1521-1971
101867: CRUTCHLEY, BROOKE - To Be a Printer
101846: CRUTTENDEN, JOSEPH; STEELE, I.K. (EDITED BY) - Atlantic Merchant-Apothecary: Letters of Joseph Cruttenden 1710-1717
7032: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7034: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7037: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7038: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7039: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7040: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Original Print of Canterbury, England
112284: CRYSLER, JULIE - Vision Songs
108927: CSOVANYOS, MARGARET FEKETE - A Varied Bouquet of Poems
108473: CUELHO, ARTIE - Evening Comes Slow to a Fieldhand: Selected Valley Poems
4350: CUFF, ROBERT; WILTON, DEREK (EDS.) - Jukes' Excursions: Being a Revised Edition of Joseph Beete Jukes' "Excursions in and About Newfoundland During the Years 1839 and 1840
111951: CUISIN, J.-P.-R. - Le Paria Travesti, Ou la Pagode Faubourienne
110493: CULBERT, JEFF (ED.) - Ballyhoo 2001: Plays from London Ontario
104180: CULLEN, WILLIAM; ROTHERAM, JOHN (ED.) - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. In Four Volumes
105174: CULLEN, WILLIAM; REID, PETER - First Lines of the Practice of Physic Including The Definitions of the Nosology; with An Appendix, Chiefly Selected from Recent Authors who have contributed to the Improvement of Medicine
112224: CULLEN, WILLIAM - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. Vol. III
112225: CULLEN, WILLIAM - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. Vols. I, II & III
106360: CULLEN, WILLIAM - A Treatise of the Materia Medica
106819: CULLEY, MICHAEL - The Pilchard: Biology and Exploitation
104060: CULLMER, H. ROBERT - Elevator Shaft Construction or Practical Suggestions for the Installation of Electric Elevators in Buildings
108194: CULVER, BRUCE; MURPHY, BILL; GREER, DON (ILLUS.) - Panzer Colors: Camouflage/Markings of the German Panzer Forces 1939-45. 3 Volumes
112537: [CUMBERLAND, RICHARD] - The West Indian; a Comedy: As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
113962: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Jew: A Comedy. Performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
102399: CUMBERLAND, BARLOW - A Century of Sail and Steam on the Niagara River
112515: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Natural Son: A Comedy in Five Acts With Alterations and Amendments as Performed at the Theatre in Boston
112584: CUMMER, HAROLD H. - The Founding of the Church at Willowdale
102585: CUMMING, R.D. - Sailing on to Iceland and Across Canada by Rail
109533: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of Counties Lincoln & Welland Ont
113221: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of County of Carleton Including City of Ottawa
109532: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel Ont
5406: CUMMING, ROBERT B., JR. - Archeological Investigations at the Tuttle Creek Dam, Kansas
109521: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Atlas of Lanark County 1880; Illustrated Atlas of Renfrew County 1881
100212: CUMMINGS, E.E. - The Enormous Room
101805: CUNARD, NANCY - These Were the Hours: Memories of My Hours Press, Reanville and Paris, 1928-1931
103717: CUNDAY, MARJORIE (MARSH) - Through the Years: A History of Life in Hartley and Surrounding District
100992: CUNHA, GEORGE DANIEL MARTIN - Conservation of Library Materials: A Manual and Bibliography on the Care, Repair, and Restoration of Library Materials
1911: CUNINGHAME, JUDY - Flowers in the Cayman Islands
109734: CUNLIFFE, BARRY (ED.) - Coinage and Society in Britain and Gaul: Some Current Problems
100341: CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT HAYS - Amusing Prose Chapbooks: Chiefly of Last Century
114513: CURETON, WILLIAM (ED.) - Fragments of the Iliad of Homer from a Syriac Palimpsest

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