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102793: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Eggs, Beans and Crumpets
114018: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Money for Nothing
107680: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Code of the Woosters
100331: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Bachelor's Anonymous
101827: WODZICKA, HELEN - The Printer and His Craft
7027: WOJCIECHOWSKI, ALEKSANDER - Contemporary Polish Painting: Trends. Goals. Works
111023: WOLFE, GEORGE - Photographs of Floss
101070: WOLFE, GEORGE HOOPER - I Drove Mules on the C and O Canal
101359: WOLFE, RICHARD J (INTROD.) - Der Vollkommne Papierfarber / the Accomplished Paper Colorer
108162: WOLFE, HUMBERT - News of the Devil
5506: WOLFSON, SUSAN J. (ED.) - Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Letters, Reception Materials
115747: WOLLASTON, DONOVAN H. - From Now to Domesday with the Wollastons
113751: WOLTERS, AL - The Copper Scroll: Overview, Text and Translation
110890: WOMEN'S CANADIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF TORONTO; WOOLF, ROBERT; FITZGIBBON, M. AGNES - William Price, of Wolfesfield, Quebec; Extracts from the Diary of Robert Woolf, of London, Eng. , Later Accountant-General of the East India Co. ; Lady Colbourne's Bazar Women's Canadian Historical Society of Toronto Transaction No. 9
109203: WOMEN'S CANADIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF OTTAWA - Centenary of the Opening of the Rideau Canal 1832-1932 (Cover Title: Loan Exhibition Under the Distinguished Patronage of Their Excellences Lord and Lady Bessborough at the Dominion Archives Ottawa)
112410: WONG, PAUL T. P.; WONG, LILLIAN C. J. (EDS.) - Handbook of Multicultural Perspectives on Stress and Coping
113796: WONG, MARJORIE - The Dragon and the Maple Leaf: Chinese Canadians in World War II
113693: WOO, GEORGE C. (ED.) - Low Vision: Principles and Applications
107811: WOOD, KERRY - Willowdale
104141: WOOD, ALFRED - Co-Operative Book-Keeping
2582: WOOD, CASEY ALBERT - The Fundus Oculi of Birds Especially As Viewed by the Ophthalmoscope. A Study in Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
111412: WOOD, PAUL (ED.) - The Scottish Enlightenment: Essays in Reinterpretation
109282: WOOD, LIEUT. J. E. R. (ED.) - Detour: The Story of Oflag IVC
108163: WOOD, TED - Dead in the Water
5134: WOOD, REV. J. G. - Animate Creation; Popular Edition of "Our Living World," a Natural History
108987: WOOD, ELLEN MEIKSINS; WOOD, NEAL - A Trumpet of Sedition: Political Theory and the Rise of Capitalism 1509-1688
111636: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (ED.) - Canadian Literature/Litterature Canadienne Winter 1963
111635: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (ED.) - Canadian Literature/Litterature Canadienne, Summer 1959
113283: WOODEN, JOSEPH L. - A History of Exeter, Ontario
113143: WOODEN, JOSEPH L. - A History of Exeter, Ontario
109628: WOODFORD, JACK - How to Write and Sell a Novel
103428: WOODHOUSE, A.S.P.; CHILD, PHILIP; BRADY, A. - University of Toronto Quarterly July 1943
103131: WOODHOUSE, BERT (H.C.) - The Bushman Art of Southern Africa
103421: WOODHOUSE, A.S.P.; BROWN, E.K.; BRADY, A. (EDS.) - University of Toronto Quarterly July 1938
103420: WOODHOUSE, A.S.P.; BROWN, E.K.; BRADY, A. (EDS.) - University of Toronto Quarterly October 1940
5870: WOODING, CHRIS - The Braided Path
100545: WOODLEY, E.C. - Canada's Romantic Heritage: The Story of New France
3556: WOODLEY, PHILIP J. - The Thistle Hill Site and Late Archaic Adaptations
101455: WOODLIEF, ANN - In River Time: The Way of the James
111192: WOODROFFE, SIR JOHN - Tantraraja Tantra: A Short Analysis
110789: WOODS, WILLIAM CARSON; INNES, JOHN (ILLUSTRATIONS) - The Sash Canada Wore: A Historical Geography of the Orange Order in Canada
115668: WOODS, MARGARET L. - A Poet's Youth
100511: WOODS, R.S. - Harrison Hall and Its Associations or a History of the Municipal, Judicial, and Educational Interests of the Western Peninsula
115202: WOODS, WILLIAM CARSON - The Isle of the Massacre: A Tale of the Saint Lawrence
108618: WOODS, SARA - And Shame the Devil
101293: WOODS, TERRY K. - Twenty Five Miles to Nowhere: The Story of the Walhonding Canal, with Canal Guide
4546: WOODSIDE, ALEXANDER BARTON - Vietnam and the Chinese Model: A Comparative Study of Vietnamese and Chinese Government in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
104225: WOODWARD, E. L.; BUTLER, ROHAN (EDS.) - Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 First Series Volume III 1919
104224: WOODWARD, E. L.; BUTLER, ROHAN (EDS.) - Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 First Series Volume II 1919
104223: WOODWARD, E. L.; BUTLER, ROHAN (EDS.) - Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 First Series Volume 1 1919
113870: WOODWARD, F. L.; DAVIDS, MRS. RHYS (ED.) - Manual of a Mystic: Being a Translation from the Pali and Sinhalese Work Entitled the Yogavachara's Manual
106189: WOODWORTH, MARGUERITE - History of the Dominion Atlantic Railway
103293: WOOLF, L. S. - The Village in the Jungle
109461: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; NICOLSON, NIGEL (EDITOR) - Change of Perspective: The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Vol. III, 1923-1928 The Letters of Virginia Woolf
107947: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Common Reader
10500: WOOLFITT, BEN. REID, DENNIS - Musings: Drawings and Paintings by Ben Woolfitt
108699: WOOLWORTH CO. CANADA - Fortieth Anniversary Souvenir F.W. Woolworth Co. Canada 1879 1919
5408: WOOLWORTH, ALAN R.; WOOD, W. RAYMOND - The Archeology of a Small Trading Post (Kipp's Post, 32 Mn1) in the Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota
108255: WOON, BASIL - Atlantic Front: The Merchant Navy in the War
114695: WOOZLEY, A. D. - Law and Obedience: The Arguments of Plato's Crito
107782: WORCESTER, NOAH - The Atoning Sacrifice: A Display of Love -- Not of Wrath
103340: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Wordsworth's Poems for the Young
109583: WORMS, PERCY DE; EASTON, JOHN; STRANGE, ARNOLD (EDS.) - Perkins Bacon Records: Extracted with a Commentary by the Late Percy de Worms. Volumes One & Two
112696: WORP, K. A. (ED.) - Greek Papyri from Kellis: I (P. Kell. G) Nos. 1-90
108925: WORSFOLD, W. BASIL - The Valley of Light: Studies with Pen and Pencil in the Vaudois Valleys of Piedmont
104573: WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF PARISH CLERKS - New Remarks of London: Or, a Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, of Southwark and Part of Middlesex and Surrey Within the Circumference of the Bills of Mortality
108510: WORTHINGTON, PHOEBE - Teddy Bear Boatman
6799: WORTON, DAVID A. - The Dominion Bureau of Statistics: A History of Canada's Central Statistical Office and Its Antecedents, 1841-1972
113904: WOUK, HERMAN - The Hope: A Novel
105545: WRAGG, ARTHUR - Alice Through the Paper-MILL
109876: WRAXALL, SIR. N. WILLIAM - Historical Memoirs of My Own Time Part the First from 1772 to 1780. Part the Second from 1781 to 1784
108048: WRAY, J. JACKSON - Nestleton Magna: A Story of Yorkshire Methodism
104923: WRENCH, MATILDA (TRANS.) - The Village Astronomer; or, the Kalendar-Man of Veitsberg
108374: WRENCH, G.T. - The Restoration of the Peasantries with Especial Reference to That of India
113448: WRIGHT, BENJAMIN - Origin of the Erie Canal
107044: (WRIGHT, ASHER). - Diuhsawahgwah Gayadoshah: Gowahas Goyadoh Sgaoyadih Dowanandenyo
111288: WRIGHT, ADAM H. - A Text-Book of Obstetrics
102162: WRIGHT, NICOLAS AND ALISON, MALCOLM - The Biology of Epithelial Cell Populations
104266: WRIGHT, A. W. (ED.) - Canadian Industry: Three and One-Half Decades of Industrial Progress 1878-1914 (Salesman's Dummy)
104143: WRIGHT, JEAN DAVIES - Search for the Secret Fossil
108872: WRIGHT, ARTHUR WALKER (ED.) - Memories of Mount Forest
2867: WRIGHT, MARY J. - Zestful Lives: The Unusual Wrights of Strathroy 1865-1995
111466: WRIGHT, ERIC - The Night the Gods Smiled
3858: WRIGHT, P. J.; ENGELBERT, P. - Data Box Research Manuscript New Series Number 2
3536: WRIGHT, D. M. - An Archaeobotanical Report Based Upon Flotation Analysis of Plant Materials from the Keffer Site, Vaughan, Ontario
4702: WRIGHT, JOSEPH - A Centennial Tour in the United States and Canada
102069: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - Of Books and Men
3857: WRIGHT, P. J.; ENGELBERT, P. - Archaeological Survey of the Upper Mississippi River
115101: WRIGHT, J. F. C. - Slava Bohu: The Story of the Dukhobors
5342: WRIGHT, T. F. - Wright's Rapid Calculator: An Easy Road to Rapidity with Figures
115568: WRIGHT, JEAN DAVIES - The River and the Rocks
112372: WRIGHT, JULIA M. - Blake, Nationalism, and the Politics of Alienation
3462: WRIGHT, MILTON J. - The Uren Site Afhd-3: An Analysis and Reappraisal of the Uren Substage Type Site
3511: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography (3 Vols: 1774-1850, 1851-1875, 1876-1900)
110763: WRIGHT, JULIA MACNAIR, ET AL (COMP.); HARLAND, MARION. - Food for the Hungry: A Complete Manual of Household Duties. Well Tried Recipes Compiled from Famous Sources. Together with Bills of Fare for All Seasons
102830: WRIGHT, DARLENE - Out of Tradition: Abraham Anghik, David Ruben Piqtoukun
100089: WRIGLEY, RICHARD; REVILL GEORGE, EDITORS - Pathologies of Travel
112366: WRINGE, COLIN - Moral Education: Beyond the Teaching of Right and Wrong
103853: WRONG, GEORGE M.; WALLACE, W. STEWART (EDITED BY) - Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada Volume XVII Publications of the Year 1912
103187: WRONG, GEORGE M., ED & TRANS. - Louisburg in 1745. The Anonymous Lettre D'Un Habitant de Louisburg (Cape Breton) Containing a Narrative by an Eye-Witness of the Siege in 1745
110035: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of... Punctuation
110034: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Spelling
110064: WULLING, EMERSON G. - Press Preterite Three
110819: WURTZ, R. H.; GOLDBERG, M. E. (EDS.) - The Neurobiology of Saccadic Eye Movements
5550: WYETH, JOSEPH; WHITEHEAD, GEORGE - Anguis Flagellatus: Or, a Switch for the Snake
1301: WYKOFF, GERALD L. - The Techniques of Master Faceting: A Comprehensive Guide for Professionally Evaluating, Buying and Faceting Gem Stones
100187: WYLD, LIONEL D. - Walter D. Edmonds, Storyteller
101311: WYLD, LIONEL D. - Boaters and Broomsticks: Tales and Historical Lore of the Erie Canal
111931: WYLE, FLORENCE - Poems
107135: WYLIE, ELINOR - The Orphan Angel
106895: WYMAN, D. - Life Meets Art in 101 Tales of Twisted Love Vols. One & Two
110966: WYMAN, R.A. - Nuggets from Gold Country
115361: WYMER, ROWLAND - Suicide and Despair in the Jacobean Drama
104982: WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761
107632: WYNDHAM, LEE - Silver Yankee
100827: WYSE, ALEXANDER - Moral and Social Questions
109398: WYSE, THOMAS - Historical Sketch of the Late Catholic Association of Ireland
103622: XIHE GUO - Xie Yi Hua Niao Hua Ji Fa
103709: XU JUN - Qing Lu? Shan Shui Hua Ji Fa
4234: XUEQIN, CAO; HAWKES, DAVID (TRANS) - The Story of the Stone. A Novel in Five Volumes. Volume One: The Golden Days. Volume Two: The Crab-Flower Club
103539: YAMAGUCHI, MITSUHIRO - Recent Advances on the Lacrimal System
115661: YAMATO, MI…KO; TAKADA, SAKUZ‘ (TRANS.) - Tower of Love
109643: YAMPOLSKY, PHILIP B. (TRANSLATION, INTRODUCTION AND NOTES) - The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch: The Text of the Tun-Huang Manuscript Records of Civilization: Sources and Studies Numjber LXXVI
5862: YANOFF, MYRON; FINE, BEN S. - Ocular Pathology: A Color Atlas
114557: YARDLEY, MICHAEL - Postive Shooting
105458: YARRELL, WILLIAM. - A History of British Fishes
10449: YATES, NORMAN - Norman Yates: Landscape in the 21st Century: Selections from the 1st Decade
110075: YATES, SIMON - Les Tables
104150: YEAGER, GENERAL CHUCK; JANOS, LEO - Yeager: An Autobiography
113275: YEAGER, BILL (ED.); BOOK 2000 COMMITTEE - Norfolk General Hospital; Memories of Caring, Our First 75 Years
102485: YEATS, W. B. - Three Things
2479: YEATS, W. B. - The Land of Heart's Desire
102570: YEATS, JOHN BUTLER - Essays Irish and American
108193: YEDLINKSY, ALLAN; KEMPSON, WAYNE - Hms Euryalus (36) 1803: A Plank on Frame Model. Volumes I & II
107024: YEIGH, FRANK (COMP.) - 5000 Facts About Canada
105016: YERUSHALMI, YOSEF HAYIM - Haggadah and History: A Panorama in Facsimile of Five Centuries of the Printed Haggadah from the Collections of Harvard University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America
103390: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Flowers and Bullets & Freedom to Kill
107013: YKELENSTAN, HENK; BEAUREGARD, JEAN L. - Henk Ykelenstan: A Retrospective 1970-1983
112740: YONEYAMA, YUTAKA HAROLD - An Evacuee's Memoir: An Account from the Writer's Own Recollection
111512: YORK, MRS. EVA ROSE - The White Letter: A Tale of Retribution and Reward
107584: YORK, ANDREW (PSEUD.); NICOLE, CHRISTOPHER - Manhunt for a General
104625: YORKE, PHILIP, 2ND EARL OF HARDWICKE - Miscellaneous State Papers from 1501 to 1726
111234: YORKE, W. MILTON - Tales of the Porcupine Trails
107319: YORKSHIRE. - The Industries of Yorkshire. Part II. York: Its Capital and the Great Manufacturing and Commercial Centres of Hull, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Middlesbrough, &C.
5537: YOSHIDA, TOSHIO - The Features of Japan in Air Photos
108169: YOST, ELWY - Magic Moments from the Movies
1810: YOUATT, WILLIAM - Sheep: Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases
113616: YOUNG, MARILYN - Red Rock Reflections
110145: YOUNG, COLIN L.; FOGG, PETER G. T. (EDS.) - Ammonia, Amines, Phosphine, Arsine, Stibine, Silane, Germane and Stannane in Organic Solvents
110151: YOUNG, COLIN L. (ED.) - Oxides of Nitrogen
2899: YOUNG, JAMES A.; YOUNG, CHERYL G. - Seeds of Woody Plants in North America
2787: YOUNG, FILSON - Venus and Cupid: An Impression in Prose After Velasquez in Colour
105052: YOUNG, REV. D. - Ecclesiastical Establishments Opposed Alike to Political Equity and Christian Law. With Replies to the Rev. James Esdaile
110206: YOUNG, COLIN L. (ED.) - Solubility Data Series Cumulative Index Volumes 1-18
115121: YOUNG, ROBERT M. - Mind, Brain and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century: Cerebral Localization and Its Biological Context from Gall to Ferrier
110203: YOUNG, COLIN L. (ED.) - Solubility Data Series Cumulative Index Volumes 20-38
109580: YOUNG, GEORGE - Manitoba Memories: Leaves from My Life on the Prairie Province 1868 - 1884
105811: YOUNG, DR. - The Brothers. A Tragedy
113927: YOUNG, LORETTA - Heritage Glimpses
109582: YOUNG, CHARLES H.; REID, HELEN R.Y.; CARROTHERS, W.A.; INNIS, H.A. (EDITOR) - The Japanese Canadians
4344: YOUNG, JULIA DITTO - Adrift: A Story of Niagara
100421: YOUNG, CAROLIN C. - Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver: Stories of Dinner As a Work of Art
100393: YOUNG, ELLA - The Tangle-Coated Horse and Other Tales. Episodes from the Fionn Saga
102277: YOUNG, ANNA G. - Great Lake's Saga: The Influence of One Family on the Development of Canadian Shipping on the Great Lakes, 1816-1931
113667: YOUNG, SCOTT - Red Shield in Action: A Record of Canadian Salvation Army War Services in the Second Great War
110654: YOUNG, ANNA G.; LANDON, FRED (FOREWORD); SNIDER, C.H.J. (INTRODUCTION) - Off Watch: Today and Yesterday on the Great Lakes
3566: YOUNG, PENNY M. ET AL - A Biophysical Model for Prehistoric Archaeological Sites in Southern Ontario
110249: YOUNG, COLIN L. (ED.) - Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine, Fluorine and Chlorine Oxides
100768: YOUNG, EDWARD - Love of Fame, the Universal Passion in Seven Characteristical Satires
114967: YOVEL, YIRMIYAHU - The Other Within. The Marranos: Split Identity and Emerging Modernity
103724: YUAN LIANG - Xue Jing Shan Shui
113179: YUANZHONG, XU - 300 Tang Poems
108308: YULE, JAMES COLTON - Records of a Vanished Life: Lectures, Addresses, Etc. , of James Colton Yule, M.A. A Memoir by His Wife: A Funeral Sermon by Rev. R.A. Fyfe, and Some Additional Papers
113101: YULSMAN, JERRY - Jerry Yulsman Tells How to Take Glamour Photos
107937: ZAEHNER, R.C. - At Sundry Times: An Essay in the Comparison of Religions
101064: ZAEHNSDORF, JOSEPH W. - The Art of Bookbinding
104123: ZAMORANO CLUB - The Zamorano 80: A Selection of Distinguished California Books Made by Members of the Zamorano Club
110020: ZAPF, HERMANN. - Hermann Zapf & His Design Philosophy: Selected Articles and Lectures on Calligraphy and Contemporary Developments in Type Design, with Illustrations and Bibliographical Notes, and a Complete List of His Typefaces
107174: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North 1870-1914
4822: ZEIDLER, EBERHARD H. - L'Hopital En Voie de Guerison. Le Centre Des Sciences de la Sante de Mcmaster: Conception Et Evolution
109128: ZELAZNY, ROGER; FREAS, FRANK KELLY; BRUST, STEVEN - Per Ardua Ad Astra (the Bands of Titan; a Freas Sample; a Dream of Passion)
104938: ZELINKSI, MARK - One Small Flame: Kurt Hahn's Vision of Education
114900: ZEMANS, JOYCE - Tony Urquhart. The Revenants: Long Shadows
5996: ZENS, PATRICIA MARTIN - I Like Orange
104546: ZEPHYR, HOWARD - In the Manner of a Parable: The Lyrics of Howard "Howeird" Zephyr
109883: ZHANG DAQIAN - Zhang Daqian's Paintings
103723: ZHAO ZUO LIANG - Zen Yang Xue Hua Niao Hua Gou Tu (How to Learn Bird Composition)
5696: ZIEGLER, JERRY L. - In a Beginning
107304: ZIEGLER, JERRY L. - Indra Girt by Maruts
105317: ZIELI SKI, JAN ZBIGNIEW, ET AL. - Szpital Wolski W Latach 1939-1944
115692: ZIERHOFFER, WILLIAM - Times of London: A Pictorial Essay
110955: ZIFF, WILLIAM B. (ED.) - Flying, February 1943
106737: ZILBOORG, GREGORY - The Medical Man and the Witch During the Renaissance (the Hideyo Noguchi Lectures)
103906: ZILE, ZIGURDS L. (ED.) - Ideas and Forces in Soviet Legal History: A Reader on the Soviet State and Law
113864: ZILLES, KARL - The Cortex of the Rat: A Stereotaxic Atlas
115204: ZIMMELS, H. JACOB - Magicians, Theologians, and Doctors: Studies in Folk Medicine and Folklore As Reflected in the Rabbinical Responsa
115322: ZIMMELS, RABBI DR. H. J. - Ashkenazim and Sephardim: Their Relations, Differences and Problems As Reflected in the Rabbinical Responsa
102335: ZIMMERMAN, ALBRIGHT G. (COMPILED BY) - A Canal Bibliography: With a Primary Emphasis on the United States and Canada
114684: ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL J. - The Concept of Moral Obligation
104571: ZIMMERMANN, JOHANN GEORG; MERCIER, J.B. (TRANS.) - La Solitude Consideree Relativement a L'Esprit Et Au Coeur Ouvrage Traduit de L'Allemand
4135: ZIMMERMANN, H. WERNER - Henny Penny
105376: ZINGER, JOSEPH A. ET AL. - St. Boniface, 1877-1977, Maryhill, Ontario
107060: ZINK, HAROLD - Modern Governments
109721: ZIRLIN, HARRY - Hedged Bets: Poems
107714: ZOLLINGER, ROBERT M. - Elliott Carr Cutler and the Cloning of Surgeons
104689: ZOTTERMAN, YNGVE - Touch, Tickle and Pain: An Autobiography. Parts One & Two
108204: ZUCHTER, LINDA; ROGERS, DOUG; HOWLEY, BRENDAN - Fantasies Fulfilled Catalogue
114612: ZUCKERT, MICHAEL P.; ZUCKERT, CATHERINE H. - Leo Strauss and the Problem of Political Philosophy
109602: ZUNTZ, G. - An Inquiry Into the Transmission of the Plays of Euripides
109522: ZUNTZ, G. - The Political Plays of Euripides
100871: ZUNTZ, G. - Opuscula Selecta: Classica, Hellenistica Christiana
110601: ZUOREN WU; RONG BAO ZHAI - . / Rong Bao Zhai Hua Pu. Ling Mao Zou Shou Bu Fen
105049: ZWERGIUS, DETLEV GOTTHARD - Det Siellandske Clersie Eller Efterretning Om de Biskoper, Provster, Praester Og Andre Geistlige, Som Fra Reformatiens Tid Indtil Vore Tider Have Levet Og Laert Udi Kirker Og Skoler I Siellands Stift Og Underliggende Provintser
3862: ZZRAEVYIA, VALERYIA RA'EL (ROBIN FIELDING) - The First Atlantis: Through the Mists of Time

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