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5668: SHELLEY, PERCY B. - Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats, Author of Endymion, Hyperion Etc.
115759: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; LOCOCK, C. D. (ED.) - The Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley
102220: SHELTON, WILLIAM ARTHUR - The Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway: A Study of the Proposed Channel, Terminals, Water Craft, Freight
114391: SHENSTONE, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of Will. Shenstone. In Two Volumes. With the Life of the Author, and a Description of the Leasowes
101176: SHEP, ROBERT - Cleaning and Caring for Books: A Practical Manual
102087: SHEPARD, LESLIE - The History of Street Literature: The Story of Broadside Ballads, Chapbooks, Proclamations, News-Sheets, Election Bills, Tracts, Pamphlets, Cocks, Catchpennies, and Other Ephemera
5701: SHEPHARD, DAVID A. E.; LEVESQUE, ANDREE (EDS.) - Norman Bethune: His Times and His Legacy/Son Epoque Et Son Message
104074: SHEPHERD, ANTONY - Tables for Correcting the Apparent Distance of the Moon and a Star from the Effects of Refraction and Parallax
104752: SHEPHERD, DAVID - The Man Who Loves Giants: An Artist Among Elephants and Engines
110022: SHEPHERD, ROB - Hand-Made Books: An Introduction to Bookbinding
114993: SHEPKARU, SHMUEL - Jewish Martyrs in the Pagan and Christian Worlds
5025: SHEPPARD, DOROTHY M. - The Adventures of Susan and Peter
104067: SHERER, JOHN (ED.) - The Gold-Finder of Australia; How He Went, How He Fared, and How He Made His Fortune
2503: SHERIDAN, THOMAS - Lectures on the Art of Reading
114489: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Critic or a Tragedy Rehearsed. A Dramatic Piece in Three Acts As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane
6495: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Critic or a Tragedy Rehearsed
102918: SHERIDAN, P.H. - Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan General United States Army (Volume 2 Only)
101288: SHERIFF, CAROL - The Artificial River: The Erie Canal and the Paradox of Progress, 1817-1862
2557: SHERLOCK, WILLIAM - A Discourse Concerning the Divine Providence
5884: SHERMAN, FRANK E. - An Atlas of Congential Heart Disease: Compiled from the Museum of Congenital Heart Disease at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
103083: SHERMAN, JOHN - [3 Reports on the Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua] in the Senate of the United States... Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, Submitted the Following Report
103085: SHERMAN, JOHN - [Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua] in the Senate of the United States... Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, Submitted the Following Report [to Accompany S. 4827]
4484: SHEROVER, CHARLES M. - Time, Freedom, and the Common Good: An Essay in Public Philosophy
4978: SHERRARD, PHILIP - Human Image: World Image. The Death and Resurrection of Sacred Cosmology
103490: SHERRATT, BRIAN; LEONG, NALANI M. - Disco Chic: All the Styles, Steps and Places to Go
108059: SHERWOOD, ROLAND H. - Sagas of the Land and Sea
4358: [SHERWOOD, MARY MARTHA] - The Parson's Case of Jewels; the Parson's Case of Jewels Re-Opened
6722: SHERWOOD, ROBERT E. - Reunion in Vienna: A Play in Three Acts
102868: SHERWOOD, MARY MARTHA - Roxobel
107046: SHIEL, M. P. - The Lord of the Sea
107056: SHIEL, M. P. - The Weird O' It
107057: SHIEL, M. P. - The Yellow Wave
3968: SHIEL, M. P. - The Best Short Stories of M.P. Shiel
107045: SHIEL, M. P. - The Lost Viol
2205: SHIELDS, CAROL - Small Ceremonies
107367: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
108782: SHIELDS, CAROL - Small Ceremonies
106901: SHIELDS, CONAL (ED.) - Ken Thomson the Collector: The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario
103725: SHIJIANG ZHANG - Xie Yi Hua Niao Hua Fa
114382: SHILTON, DOROTHY O.; HOLWORTHY, RICHARD - Wells City Charters
100083: SHIMADA, MITSUHIKO - Mechanical Behavior of Rocks Under High Pressure Conditions
6178: SHIMIZU, MITSUO - Epistemology in the Thought of John Wesley
110303: SHIMIZU, YON - The Exiles: An Archival History of the World War II Japanese Road Camps in British Columbia and Ontario
3672: SHIPLEY, ROBERT - To Mark Our Place: A History of Canadian War Memorials
3228: SHIPP, HORACE - Mount Everest Christmas Card
6711: SHIRINIAN, LORNE - The Landscape of Memory: Perspectives on the Armenian Diaspora
4501: SHNEIDMAN, N. N. - Russian Literature: 1995-2002. On the Threshold of the New Millennium
100309: SHNEOUR, ZALMAN - Song of the Dnieper
101418: SHOEN, HARRIET H. - Let's Make a Book
102249: SHORTER, A. H. - Paper Making in the British Isles: An Historical and Geographical Study
110419: SHORTT, EDWARD - The Memorable Duel at Perth
103762: SHOSTAK, PETER - Saturday Came But Once a Week
112469: SHREVE, REV. CHARLES J. - The Divine Origin and Uninterrupted Succession of Episcopacy Maintained. In a Series of Letters Addressed to the Rev'd A.W. Mcleod, Methodist Minister at Guysborough; in Answer to His Letters Entitled the Methodist Ministry Defended
114099: SHRIVE, NORMAN - Charles Mair: Literary Nationalist
101684: SHUFELDT, ROBERT W. - Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Practicability of a Ship-Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by the Way of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
106142: SHUFFREY, L. A. - The English Fireplace: A History of the Development of the Chimney, Chimney-Piece and Firegrate with Their Accessories from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Xixth Century
6733: SHUFFREY, L. A. - The English Fireplace
112421: SHULMAN, KENNETH; FEINSTEIN, ANTHONY - Quick Cognitive Screening for Clinicians: Mini Mental, Clock Drawing and Other Brief Tests
2817: SHUM, DAVID T. ET AL - An Atlas of Histopathology of Skin Diseases
109109: SHUTTLE, PENELOPE - Rainsplitter in the Zodiac Garden
5764: SIBERRY, JANE - Swan: Three Poems
110475: SIBLEY, CHARLES G.; AHLQUIST, JON E. - Phylogeny and Classification of Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution
104128: SIBORNE, CAPTAIN W. - History of the War in France and Belgium, in 1815. Containing Minute Details of the Battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo
115413: SICKELS, ELEANOR M. - The Gloomy Egoist: Moods and Themes of Melancholy from Gray to Keats
4403: SICOTTE, ANNE-MARIE - Marie Gerin-Lajoie: Conquerante de la Liberte
2198: SIDELL, ELIZABETH J. - A Methodology for the Identification of Archeological Eggshell
102138: SIDGWICK, FRANK - Frank Sidgwick's Diary and Other Material Relating to A.H. Bullen, & the Shakespeare Head Press at Stratford-Upon-Avon
110196: SIEKIERSKI, S.; MIODUSKI, T.; SALOMON, M. (EDS.) - Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum and Lanthanide Nitrates
110166: SIEKIERSKI, SLAWOMIR; PHILLIPS, SIDNEY L. (ED.) - Actinide Nitrates
106186: SIEMS, J. F. - This Is the Door to Success with Poultry
3808: SIEVIER, ROBERT S. (ED.) - The Winning Post Summer Annual 1921
107792: SIFTON, SIR CLIFFORD (CHAIRMAN) - Commission of Conservation, Canada. Report of the Eighth Annual Meeting Held at Ottawa January 16-17, 1917
102640: SIGAUD DE LA FOND, JEAN RENE - Dictionnaire Des Merveilles de la Nature
106260: SIGERIST, HENRY E. (ED.) - Letters of Jean de Carro to Alexandre Marcet 1794-1817
110254: SÍK, CSABA - Körkép 77: Huszonnégy Mai Magyar ElbeszéLés
109541: SILBERBAUER, GEORGE B. - Report to the Government of the Bechuanaland on the Bushman Survey
108010: SILCOX, DAVID; WEILER, MERIKE - Christopher Pratt
114800: SILLERY, ANTHONY - Botswana: A Short Political History
5276: SILLIMAN, RON - Xing
5910: SILVER, MALCOM D. (ED.) - Cardiovascular Pathology. Vols. 1 and 2.
102650: SILVERBERG, DAVID - The Song of Songs: A Portfolio of Engravings
106121: SILVETTE, HERBERT - Catalogue of the Works of Philemon Holland of Coventry, Doctor of Physicke 1600-1940
5425: SIM, DAVE (ED.) - Now & Then Times
103036: SIMA, CARIS - The Mission of Love; Lost; and Other Poems, with Songs and Valentines
100543: SIMCOE COUNTY PIONEER AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Pioneer Papers - No. 1 Though No. 6
103314: SIMCOE, LT.-COL. JOHN GRAVES - Simcoe's Military Journal
111640: SIME, J. G. - Thomas Hardy of the Wessex Novels
100428: SIME, J.G. - Orpheus in Quebec
1520: SIMMONDS, REGINALD (ED.) - The Insurance Guide and Handbook. Volume I: Life Assurance
100781: SIMMONITE, DR. W.J. - The Prognostic Astronomer; or, Horary Astrology: Containing an Improved Method of Solving the Thousand Inquiries Relative to Futurity
101067: SIMMONS, WILLIAM E. - The Nicaragua Canal
114700: SIMMONS, A. JOHN - The Lockean Theory of Rights
102752: [SIMON, RICHARD] - Nouvelle Bibliotheque Choisie, Ou L'on Fait Connoitre Les Bons Livres En Divers Genres de Literature, & L'Ufage Qu'on En Doit Faire
101652: SIMON, OLIVER - Printer and Playground: An Autobiography
106715: SIMON, ROBERT - Percy Grainger: The Pictorial Biography
102912: (SIMOND, LOUIS) - Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain During the Years 1810 and 1811 by a French Traveller (Volume 1 Only)
5193: SIMONSEN, BJORN O. ET AL - Activities of the Heritage Conservation Branch for the Year 1978
5198: SIMONSEN, BJORN O. (ED.) - Activities of the Provincial Archaeologist's Office of British Columbia & Selected Research Reports
5881: SIMONTSITS, ATTILA; KOVENDY, KAROLY - Harcunk . 1920-1945. A Haza?E?Rt Mindhala?Lig! (Am. Kir. Fegyveres Ero?K 540 Ke?Pben)
2879: SIMPSON, CLAUDE M. - The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music
100319: SIMPSON, E. BLANTYRE - The Robert Louis Stevenson Originals
108256: SIMPSON, LOUIS - North of Jamaica
100469: SIMPSON, GEORGE, SIR; RICH, E.E., EDITOR - Part of the Dispatch from George Simpson Esq. Governor of Rupert's Land to the Governor & Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company London, March 1, 1829. Continued and Completed March 24 and June 5, 1829
110774: SIMPSON, JOSEPH (ILLUS.) - Angel Pavement by J.B. Priestley
7051: SIMPSON, GEORGE; RICH, E. E. (ED.) - Simpson's 1828 Journey to the Columbia
113123: SIMS, MARCIE; HACK, ADEESHA - The Write Stuff: Thinking Through Paragraphs
105865: SIMS, J. J. - We Drew the Fire The 9th Lancers at Mons
102009: SIMS, GEORGE - Last of the Rare Book Game
109307: SIMS, HUGH JOFFRE; GOLAS, IRENE H. (EDITOR) - Sims' History of Elgin County Volume III
102008: SIMS, GEORGE - A Life in Catalogues and Other Essays
108898: SIMS, GEO. R. - The Death Gamble
101992: SIMS, GEORGE - The Rare Book Game; More of the Rare Book Game (2 Volumes)
109618: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Mammonart: An Essay on Economic Interpretation
4929: SINCLAIR, J. S. - The Liquor License Act of the Province of Ontario
103344: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Gentleman from Cracow, the Mirror
2638: SINGER, CHARLES; HOLMYARD, E. J.; HALL, A. R. (EDS.) - A History of Technology
107381: SINGER, ISAAC BISHEVIS - Short Friday
104015: SINGH, DR. GOPAL - A History of the Sikh People (1469-1988)
113663: SINGH, MAN MOHAN; WARBURTON, DAVID M.; LAL, HARBANS (EDS.) - Central Cholinergic Mechanisms and Adaptive Dysfunctions
100833: SINGMASTER, ELSIE - Pennsylvania's Susquehanna
106693: SIOLI, HARALD (EDITED BY) - The Amazon: Limnology and Landscape Ecology of a Mighty Tropical River and Its Basin (Monographiae Biologicae)
100458: SIR CHARLES WENTWORTH DILKE - Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries During 1866 and 1867
2808: SIRET, L. - Orientaux Et Occidentaux En Espagne Aux Temps Prehistoriques
105413: SIROLA, GRANT AND BARBARA - Repeat Performance The Nuclear Age
1726: SISSONS, J. N. - Holmes' Specialized Philatelic Catalogue of Canada and British North America
107299: SISSONS, C. B. - Egerton Ryerson. His Life and Letters. Two Volumes
101339: SITWELL, SIR GEORGE - On the Making of Gardens
4964: SIU, R. G. H. - The Tao of Science: An Essay on Western Knowledge and Eastern Wisdom
10452: SIVANESAN, HAEMA ET AL. - Urban Myths Modern Fables
110618: SKEAT, REV. WALTER W. - An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
111476: SKELTON, JOHN; BINDER, PEARL (ILLUS.) - The Tunning of Elynour Rumming
107058: SKELTON, REV. PHILIP.  - The Works of the Rev. Philip Skelton.  Volume the Fifth. Containing 1. Several Essays, Never Before Published.  2. Juvenilia: Consisting of Truth in a Mask, &C. &C.
114298: SKENE-MELVIN, DAVID - Canadian Crime Fiction: An Annotated Comprehensive Bibliography of Canadian Crime Fiction from 1817 to 1996 and Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Crime Writers, with an Introductory Essay on the History and Development of Canadian Crime Writing
107756: SKIBSRUD, JOHANNA - The Sentimentalists
6637: SKILLING, H. GORDON - The Education of a Canadian: My Life As a Scholar and Activist
113557: SKINNER, B. F. - The Behavior of Organisms: An Experimental Analysis
106913: SKINNER IRRIGATION COMPANY - Skinner Systems of Irrigation for Large Area Watering. Golf Courses... Parks... Cemetaries. . Estates [Skinner Irrigation Company Catalog No. 236]
107795: SKLAVENITIS, TRIANTAPHYLLOS E.; STAIKOS, KONSTANINOS SP. (EDS.) - The Printed Greek Book 15th-19th Century: Acts of the International Congress Delphi, 16-20 May 2001
107798: SKLAVENITIS, TRIANTAPHYLLOS E.; STAIKOS, KONSTANINOS SP. (EDS.) - The Printed Greek Book 15th-19th Century: Acts of the International Congress Delphi, 16-20 May 2001
110566: SKOLSKY, SIDNEY - Marilyn, the Story of Marilyn Monroe
101781: SKOOG, TORD, IVY, ROBERT H., EDITORS - Transactions of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons. First Congress, Stockholm and Uppsala, 1955
101393: SKORYNA, STAN - Rideau Lakes: A Folk Ballet Story
113355: SKORYNA, STAN - Rideau Lakes: A Folk Ballet Story
105959: SKREBNESKI, VICTOR - Steppenwolf at 25 Steppenwofl Theatre Company: Twenty-five Years of an Actor's Theater
107724: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - Dvorak in Love: A Light-Hearted Dream
107722: SKVORECKY, JOSEF. - Prima Sezona (the Swell Season) Text O Nejdulezitejsich Vecech Zivota
2832: SKY, MELISSA - Twilight Tales: Ann Bannon's Lesbian Pulp Series "the Beebo Brinker Chronicles
114743: SKYRMS, BRIAN - Pragmatics and Empiricism
101691: SLADE, W.J.; GREENHILL, BASIL - Westcountry Coasting Ketches
100948: SLATER, J.H. - Round About the Bookstalls
5108: SLATER, DR. JOHN R. - A Good Man Goes Home: An Address by Dr. John R. Slater, of the Faculty of the University of Rochester Delivered at Memorial Services Held September 30, 1937 at Strong Auditorium, on the River Campus
102019: SLATER, J.H. - The Romance of Book-Collecting
100012: SLEIGH, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL - Pine Forests and Hacmatack Clearings; or, Travel, Life, and Adventure, in the British North American Provinces
108409: SLEIGHT, GEORGE N. - Magic for Amateurs
109492: SLETHAUG, GORDON E. - The Play of the Double in Postmodern American Fiction
105268: SLOAN, THOMAS. - A Voice from the Wilderness of Canada. Addressed to All in General, and Presbyterians in Particular
112625: SLOAN, RAYMOND P. - Hospital Color and Decoration
105265: SLOCUM, REV. JOHN JAY. - Further Disclosures by Maria Monk, Concerning the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal; Also, Her Visit to Nuns' Island, and Disclosures Concerning That Secret Retreat. Preceded by a Reply to the Priests' Book
114902: SLOCUM, JOHN J.; CAHOON, HERBERT - A Bibliography of James Joyce 1882-1941
4684: SLOMOVITZ, REV. J. - The Origin of Freemasonry and Other Collected Essays and Reprinted Articles
10489: SLOOT, ROSEMARY; HALPERN, SONIA - Rosemary Sloot: Priority of Truth
102863: SMALL, H.B. - The Resources of the Ottawa District
100454: SMALL, H.B. (COMPILED BY) TAYLOR, J. (EDITED BY) - The Canadian Handbook and Tourist's Guide Giving a Description of Canadian Lake and River Scenery and Places of Historical Interest with the Best Spots for Fishing and Shooting
108509: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH R. (ED.) - The Book of Newfoundland. Vol. IV
104290: SMART, LEZ - Maps That Made History: The Influential, the Eccentric and the Sublime
108359: SMART, MARJORY - All on a Litmus Day
112813: SMART, ELIZABETH - Eleven Poems
100378: SMEDLEY, CONSTANCE - Tales from Timbuktu
108362: SMELLIE, REV. G. - Memoir of the Rev. John Bayne, D.D. , of Galt
115126: SMIALOWSKI, ARTHUR; CURRIE, DONALD J. - Photography in Medicine
5661: SMIBERT, TONY - Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination
102160: SMILES, SAMUEL - James Brindley and the Early Engineers
111604: SMILES, SAMUEL - Lives of the Engineers, with an Account of Their Principal Works: Comprising Also a History of Inland Communication in Britain. 4 Volumes
105906: SMILEY, THOMAS T. - The Encyclopaedia of Geography Comprising A Description of the Earth, Exhibiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, Its Physical Structure, the Natural History of Each Country, and the Industry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of All Nations. Illustrated by Numerous Engravings, Representing the Most Remarkable Objects of Nature and Art in Every Region of the Globe. On the Plan of Murray's Encyclopaedia of Geography. Adapted to the Use of Families and Schools.
103914: SMIRNOV, PAVEL; JONES, BARRY (TRANS.) - The Legal Regulation of Soviet Foreign Economic Relations
109807: SMITH, HAROLD MORREY; BETTS, FREDERICK CRONYN; MARTIN, D'ARCY ARGUE - Prize Essay Competition of the St. Catherines Chapter I.O. D.E. 1917
101775: SMITH, DENIS (ED.) - Perceptions of Great Engineers: Fact and Fantasy
112480: SMITH, JOHN; WILLIAMS, HENRY GRIFFIN (ED.) - Selected Discourses.
108360: SMITH, GARNET - The Melancholy of Stephen Allard: A Private Diary
105202: SMITH, JESSICA (ED.) - Soviet Russia Today. November, 1938
112493: SMITH, G. (COMP.) - The Laboratory; or, School of Arts. Vol. I
104006: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Lost Art of Gratitude
105656: SMITH, MARY AINSLIE - From Living and Chosen Stones: The History of St. James Anglican Church, St. Marys 1851-2001
104725: SMITH, WILLIAM - The Evolution of Government in Canada/L'Evolution Du Gouvernement En Canada
1721: SMITH, TIMOTHY D'ARCH - R.A. Caton and the Fortune Press: A Memoir and a Hand-List
1720: SMITH, DANIEL W. (ED.) - Proceedings Third International Specialty Conference Cold Regions Engineering "Northern Resource Development" Volume 1
105132: SMITH, FRANCES K. - G. Harlow White
105221: SMITH, JESSICA (ED.) - Soviet Russia Today October, 1942
1257: SMITH, WILLIAM - The History of the Post Office in British North America 1639-1870
1215: SMITH, T. WATSON - History of the Methodist Church Within the Territories
114453: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Commonwealth or Empire: A Bystander's View of the Question
109024: SMITH, JOHN - A Discreet Immorality
106016: SMITH, JOHN - A Catlogue Raisonné of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters In which is included a short Biographical Notice of the Artists, with a Copious Description of Their Principal Pictures; A Statement of the Prices at Which Such Pictures Have Been Sold at Pubic Sales on the Continent and in England; A Reference to the Galleries and Private Collections, in Which a Large Portion are at Present; And the Names of the Artists by whom they have been Engraved; To Which is Added, a Brief Notice of the Scholars & Imitators of the Great Masters of the Above Schools
102623: SMITH, WILBUR - The Roar of Thunder
114244: SMITH, R. C. - Rhodesia: A Postal History - Its Stamps Posts and Telegraphs
107744: SMITH, S. R. - The Wyoming Valley in the Nineteenth Century. Volume I
108620: SMITH, L. NORMAN - J.F. B. Livesay: A Memory
115387: SMITH, REV. JAMES - The Better Land
109970: SMITH, ROBERT M. - The Pursuit of a First Folio Overrun from The Colophon: New Series, Number 1, Volume III
110446: SMITH, BRENDA CAVERLY - The Cabin in the Pines: A Potter's Dream Come True: The History of Pinecroft
109165: SMITH, WILLIAM - The Student's Gibbon. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon. Abridged. Incorporating the Researches of Recent Commentators
109013: SMITH, WILLIAM WYE - The Selected Poems of William Wye Smith
113181: SMITH, GOLDWIN - A Trip to England
106856: SMITH, J.L.B.; SMITH, MARGARET M. (EDITOR) - Ichthyological Papers (2 Volumes)
106855: SMITH, J.L.B.; SMITH, MARGARET (EDITOR) - Ichthyological Bulletins 1-20, 21-32 (2 Volumes)
114592: SMITH, GORDON - The Printed Pictures
112168: SMITH, WILLIAM; UPTON, L. F. S. (ED.) - The Diary and Selected Papers of Chief Justice William Smith 1784-1793 in Two Volumes
112029: [SMITH, GOLDWIN] - The Bystander: A Monthly Review of Current Events, Canadian and General. Jan. - June 1880
107910: SMITH, REV. GERVASE - The Checkered Scene: Or, Memorials of Samuel Oliver
110803: SMITH, ISLA (COMPILED BY); BAKER, RITA (EDITED BY) - A Small Town Affair
103618: SMITH, ALLEN - Herbert Rollett: Lincolnshire Grocer to Acclaimed Artist 1872-1932
6342: SMITH, J. H. - Historical Sketch of the County of Wentworth and Head of the Lake
110906: SMITH, J. JAY (ED.) - The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, 1857
112031: [SMITH, GOLDWIN] - The Bystander: A Monthly Review of Current Events, Canadian and General
108596: SMITH, LORNE R. (COMPILER) - Canadian-German Folklore (Volume Number XII) "at Your Own Risk" Pioneer Remedies from the Pennsylvania German Settlers of Ontario
101804: SMITH, ADELE MILLICENT - Printing and Writing Materials: Their Evolution
101857: SMITH, J.S. KELLETT - Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Flat-Foot and Their Treatment by Exercises
114003: SMITH, WILLIAM - The Substance of Mr. William Smith's Speech on the Subject of a Legislative Union between This County and Great Britain
113672: SMITH, HOWARD A. - Psychosemiotics
113887: SMITH, WILLIAM - British Heroism, Exemplified in the Character of His Grace Arthur, Duke, and Marquis of Wellington, and the Brave Officers Serving Under His Command in Holland, the East Indies, Portugal, Spain, and France
5898: SMITH, MARY AINSLIE - Within These Portals: A History of the St. Marys Public Library
107470: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM - War and Peace: Two Sermons in King's College Chapel, University of Aberdeen.
5579: SMITH, J. K. - Juvenile Lessons; or the Child's First Reading Book
111472: SMITH, SIR ROSS - 14,000 Miles Through the Air
115559: SMITH, EDGAR W. (ED.) - The Baker Street Journal: An Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana, 1947
113340: SMITH, JOSEPHINE - Perth-on-the-Tay. A Tale of the Transplanted Highlanders
100030: SMITH, T. WATSON - History of the Methodist Church Within the Territories Embraced in the Late Conference of Eastern British North America, Including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Bermuda. Volume 1
108979: SMITH, WILLIAM (ED.) - Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 3 Vols.
102051: SMITH, DONALD J. - The Horse on the Cut: The Story of the Canal Horses of Britain
110837: SMITH, MATTHEW HALE - Great Fortunes; How They Are Made. Illustrated in the Career of Eight Hundred Successful Folks
103178: SMITH, GOLDWIN - The Empire. A Series of Letters Published in "the Daily News,: 1862, 1863
102219: SMITH, JAMES K. - The Mackenzie River: Yesterday's Fur Frontier, Tomorrow's Energy Battleground
102270: SMITH, F.R. - Practical Leatherwork: A Textbook for Students and Craft Workers
106475: SMITH, SUSAN WESTON - The First Summer People: The Thousand Islands 1650-1910
100601: SMITH, DONALD B. - Sacred Feathers: The Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) & the Mississauga Indians
110904: SMITH, J. JAY (ED.) - The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, 1856
109046: SMITH, GOLDWIN (COMPILED BY); ROWSE, A. L.; HEXTER, J. H. - The Professor & the Public: The Role of the Scholar in the Modern World The Franklin Memorial Lectures Volume XX
108552: SMITH, EDNA - Out of the Abundance
101046: SMITH, D.J. - Canal Boats and Boaters
109838: SMITH, JOHN MUNRO - Having Passed This Way
113504: SMITH, J. C. - Legal Obligation
107557: SMITHER, MICHAEL JOHN (ED.) - Committees of Adjustment. Selected Decisions of the Ontario Municipal Board. Volume One
105700: SMITHSON, GORDON D. - Old Cataraqui Village
102272: SMOLLA, RODNEY A. - Deliberate Intent: A Lawyer Tells the True Story of Murder by the Book
105164: SMYTH, JAMES CARMICHAEL - A Description of the Jail Distemper; As It Appeared Amongst the Spanish Prisoners, at Winchester, in the Year 1780; with an Account of the Means Employed for Curing That Fever, and for Destroying the Contagion, Which Gave Rise to It
101365: SMYTHE, R.H. - Veterinary Ophthalmology
107198: SNAITH, J. C. - Indian Summer
108880: SNAITH, J.C. - Patricia at the Inn
107128: SNAITH, J. C. - Patricia at the Inn
4676: SNAPPER, I. - Chinese Lessons to Western Medicine: A Contribution to Geographical Medicine from the Clinics of Peiping Union Medical College
113568: SNIDER, RAY S.; NIEMER, WILLIAM T. - A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Cat Brain
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3256: TANCOCK, H. V. (ED.) - The York Pioneer 1969
3255: TANCOCK, H. V. (ED.) - The York Pioneer 1968
5666: TANGYE, DEREK - The Winding Lane
106236: TANIS, NORMAN E.; GOLDBERG, GAYLE - The Tax Reform Act of 1969 a Decade Later
3991: TANNENBAUM, S. A. AND D. R. - Elizabethan Bibliographies
111336: TANNER, HENRY S. - A Description of the Canals and Railroads of the United States Comprehending Notices of All the Works of Internal Improvements
103493: TANTUM, WILLIAM H., IV - Sniper Rifles of Two World Wars
110880: TAPLEY, WILLIAM T.; ENZIE, WALTER D.; VAN ESELTINE, GLEN P. - The Vegetables of New York Vol. I. Part IV: The Cucurbits
110881: TAPLEY, WILLIAM T.; ENZIE, WALTER D.; VAN ESELTINE, GLEN P. - The Vegetables of New York Vol. I. Part III: Sweet Corn
6126: TARLETON, LIEUT. COL. BANASTRE - A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America
102108: TATON, RENE, ED. - History of Science: Ancient and Medieval Science from the Beginnings to 1450
113362: TAULER, JOHANNES - Lehr Und Geistreiche Zur Anstellung Und Fortsetzung Eines Gottgefälligen Geistlichen Lebens Nutz- Und Sehr Dienstliche Predigten Auf Alle Sonn Und Freytage Durch Gantze Jahr/ Welche Nach Dem Catholischen Zu Cölln Am Rhein 1603. Gedruckten Lateinischen Exemplar R.P. Laurentii Surii...
106194: TAVARES, ODORICO. - Pancetti. Painting
112941: TAYLOR, ARTHUR - Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews
115323: TAYLOR, HUGH A.; COOK, TERRY & DODDS, GORDON (EDS.) - Imagining Archives: Essays & Reflections
105075: TAYLOR, MARGARET; MCNAUGHT, FRANCES - The New Galt Cook Book (Revised Edition)
115235: TAYLOR, PATRICK - Only Wounded: Ulster Stories
1993: TAYLOR, CHARLES - The Cabinet of Genius; Picturesque Miscellanies
113142: TAYLOR, EVA; KENNEDY, JAMES - Ottawa's Britannia
115426: TAYLOR, HENRY - St. Clement's Eve. A Play
112735: TAYLOR, ROBERT R. - The Castles of the Rhine: Recreating the Middle Ages in Modern Germany
100390: TAYLOR, ANN AND JANE - The Poetical Works of Ann and Jane Taylor Comprising "Hymns for Infant Minds" "Original Poems" and "Rhymes for the Nursery
108888: TAYLOR, F. SHERWOOD - Galileo and the Freedom of Thought Series: The Library of Science and Culture
104543: TAYLOR, KEITH - Detail from the Garden of Delights
104302: TAYLOR, JEREMY - The Worthy Communicant: Or a Discourse of the Nature, Effects, and Blessings Consequent to the Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper...
1638: TAYLOR, JEREMY, D.D. - Contemplations on the State of Man in This Life, and That Which Is to Come
107764: TAYLOR, JEREMY; HEBER, REGINALD (ED.) - The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.D. Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore: With a Life of the Author, and a Critical Examination of His Writings
102647: TAYLOR, J. - Taylor's Builder's Price-Book...
101378: TAYLOR, ARCHER; ARLT, GUSTAVE O. - Printing and Progress: Two Lectures
114082: TAYLOR, PHIL; CUPPER, PAM - Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide
108966: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - Three Plots for Asey Mayo
108597: TAYLOR, H. GORDON - Broken Bricks
101661: TAYLOR, W. THOMAS - Texfake: An Account of the Theft and Forgery of Early Texas Printed Documents
4667: TAYLOR, E. G. R. - The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840
105436: TAYLOR, HENRY. - A System of the Creation of Our Globe, of the Planets, and the Sun of Our System. .
115720: TAYLOR, REX - Assassination: The Death of Sir Henry Wilson and the Tragedy of Ireland
104577: TAYLOR, DAVID AND PATRICIA - The Hart Pottery, Canada West
4050: TAYLOR, DR. H. M. (ED.) - Fact & Fantasy: A History of Tavistock & District
111024: TAYLOR, DAVID G. - The First Exhibition of "the Sarnia Art Movement" March 1920
113418: TAYLOR, EDWARD; GRABO, NORMAN S. (ED.) - Christographia
109604: TAYLOR, EVA MILLS LEE - Jasper Taylor and His Descendants with Genealogies of Related Families
115421: TAYLOR, E. G. R. - The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor & Stuart England
2816: TE-K'UN, CHENG - Archaeology in China Volume II: Shang China
5716: TEAGUE, JOHN - Morgan Plus 4 Super Profile
112581: TEALL, EDWARD N. - Books and Folks
3655: TEAS, PAUL - How My Old Orchard Paid
106866: TECHNICAL HOME STUDY SCHOOLS, INC. - School of Modern Photography
110113: TELEPY, KATALIN - Tájképek a Magyar Nemzeti Galériában
2984: TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM - The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart. In Four Volumes
104621: TEMPLE, BERT - A.O. F.B. (Ancient Order of Froth Blowers)
103279: TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM - Miscellanea
100759: TEMPLE, WILLIAM; SWIFT, JONATHAN (PUBLISHED BY) - Letters Written by Sir W. Temple, Bart. And Other Ministers of State, Both at Home and Abroad. Containing, an Account of the Most Important Transactions That Pass'd in Cristendom from 1665 to 1672
103368: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Gambling and Ethics
110813: TEMPLESMITH, BEN - The Art of Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse
107163: TEN CATE, ADRIAN, AND H. CHRISTINA MACNAUGHTON, ED. - Brockville. A Pictorial History
104078: TENG, SSU-YU - Japanese Studies on Japan and the Far East: A Short Biographical and Bibliographical Introduction
105382: TENNANT, JR., R.D. - Ontario's Government Railway" Genesis and Development
107047: TENNENT, GILBERT, ET AL.  - Sermons and Essays of the Tennents and Their Contemporaries, Compiled for the Board
115684: TENNENT, SIR JAMES EMERSON - Ceylon: An Account of the Island Physical, Historical, and Topographical with Notices of Its Natural History, Antiquities and Productions
109772: TENNY, DANA & SHEFRIN, JILL (PREPARED BY) - 'a Quick Wit and a Light Hand': Design Movements & Children's Books, 1880-1910
107716: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Queen Mary; a Drama
104686: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Maud and Other Poems
100316: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Lover's Tale
110995: TENNYSON, ALFRED, LORD - The Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet
103152: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Poems Mdcccxxx. Mdcccxxxiii
114746: TERPSTRA, JOHN - The House with the Parapet Wall
104303: TERTULLIEN - Apologetique de Tertullien Ou Defensedes Des Chre?Tiens Contre Les Accusations Des Gentils
106817: TESCH, FRIEDRICH-WILHELM - Der Aal: Biologie Und Fischerei [the Eel: Biology and Fisheries]
110790: TESKEY, KATHLEEN (WALKER) - My Memoirs
108049: TESKEY, ADELINE M. - Where the Sugar Maple Grows: Idylls of a Canadian Village
100315: TESKEY, ADELINE M. - Candlelight Days
108607: TESSIER, THOMAS - Shockwaves
109662: TETU, HENRI - Notice Biographique: L'Abbe David-Henri Tetu, Cure de Saint-Roch-Des Aulnaies
101576: TEW, DAVID - The Melton to Oakham Canal
100002: THACKER, THOMAS - The Courser's Companion; to Which Is Added the Breeder's Guide, or Breeding in All Its Branches (Volume 1)
102629: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Newcomes. Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family. Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq.
6298: THALBITZER, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Ammassalik Eskimo: Contributions to the Ethnology of the East Greenland Natives. Second Part
103488: THAMMAVONGSA, SOUVANKHAM - Small Arguments
111058: THAYER, REVEREND HENRY O. - Centenary of War 1812-15: Naval Combat of Enterprise and Boxer September 5, 1813
5541: THAYER, WILLIAM SIDNEY - Osler and Other Papers
107217: THAYER, JAMES BRADLEY - A Western Journey with Mr. Emerson
107612: THAYER, LEE - Out, Brief Candle!
106124: THAYLER, REVEREND HENRY O. - Engagement of Enterprise and Boxer September 5, 1813
114133: THE MAN WHO DINED WITH THE KAISER - My Secret Service: Vienna-Sophia-Constantinople-Nish-Belgrade-Asia Minor, Etc.
104231: THE PEDLAR PEOPLE, LIMITED - Fireproofing and Reinforcing Data
104092: THE UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE - The Importance of Prayer, Meditation and the Devotional Attitude
104456: THE FONTHILL WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - History of the Village of Fonthill
105452: THE STEELE BRIGGS SEED CO. LIMITED - Steele, Briggs Seed Catalogue 1914
2075: THE KELSEY PRESS COMPANY - Do Your Own Printing, Money Made and Saved (Kelsey Press Company Catalogue)
100147: THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION - The Royal Canadian Legion's Coaching Review Vol 1. No. 1 - Vol. 7. No. 4.
1857: THE ALGONQUIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Mer Douce" Vol. I: The Story of Ontario
10482: THE GARDNER GALLERIES - Dr. Alan Kenneth Laws Estate Collections November 6, 7, & 8, 1995
108575: THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW - Supplement to the American Journal of International Law Volume 11 Special Number October, 1917. Diplomatic Correspondence between the United States and Belligerent Governments Relating to Neutral Rights and Commerce
105456: THE RENFREW MACHINERY CO. LIMITED - Renfrew Premium Catalogue
111168: THE BIDDULPH TOWNSHIP BOOK COMMITTEE - Pioneers to the Present: Biddulph Township Sesquicentennial History Book
106128: THE MINTO SKATING CLUB - Minto Follies: The Auditorium, Ottawa. March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 1944
106101: THE J. L. NICHOLS CO., LIMITED - Illustrated Catalogue of the Best and Most Popular Subscription Books. Also an Up-to-Date Assortment of Family Bibles, S.S. Teachers' Bibles, Photograph Albums, Maps, Atlases, Etc
105912: THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - The Library: A Quarterly Journal of Bibliography
100463: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Third Series - Volume IV. Meeting of September, 1910
100462: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Third Series - Volume VII. Meeting of May 1913
101695: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - Theories of Biological Pattern Formation
108521: THE GRAND NATIONAL CURLING CLUB - Annual of the Grand National Curling Club of America 1889-1890
108020: THE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE - Back to the Bay" Souvenir of Old Home Week North Bay August 2nd to August 8th, 1925
108404: THE INTERNATIONAL CODY FAMILY ASSOCIATION - The Directory of the Cody Family 1964 
106952: THE BRUCE TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY; JUDD, ANNE (EDITOR) - Bruce Township. Tales and Trails from Early Days to 1983
103581: THE PAISLEY CENTENNIAL BOOK COMMITTEE - An Historic Album of Paisley
111066: THE ARTS AND LETTERS CLUB OF TORONTO - The Year Book of Canadian Art 1913: Literature, Architecture, Music, Painting, Sculpture
101360: THE GROLIER CLUB - The Grolier Club of the City of New York
5815: THE EDEN AREA HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - A Century in the Foothills: A History of the Eden Area, Cascade County, Montana
103631: THE COMMITTEE - Report of the Committee on Internal Improvements Relative to the Enlargement of the Erie Canal
6173: THE STUDENTS (EDS.) - The Year Book General Hospital Training School 1928-29
112755: THE TOURIST INFORMATION BUREAU - Sherbrooke, Quebec
107212: THE SNEAD AND CO. IRON WORKS INC. - Library Planning, Bookstacks, and Shelving: With Contributions from the Architects' and Librarians' Point of View
115258: THE HONORARY SECRETARIES (EDS.) - Note-Book of the Shelley Society Part I. Being the First Part of Volume I
1469: THE SPECTATOR COMPANY - Principles and Practice of Life Insurance
101013: THE EDITING COMMITTEE OF THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE - The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science and Art New Series Number II March, 1856
107494: THE CLAN MACPHERSON ASSOCIATION - Creag Dhubh. The Annual of the Clan Macpherson Association. 1977-2007. Nos. 29 to 59.
109768: THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO - Northern Ontario Canada a Land of Farming Lumbering Mining Hunting Fishing and Independent Homes
111582: THE BIDDULPH TOWNSHIP BOOK COMMITTEE - Pioneers to the Present: Biddulph Township Sesquicentennial History Book
100862: THE OTTAWA FIELD-NATURALISTS' CLUB - The Canadian Field-Naturalist Vol. 75, No. 1, January-March, 1961
5045: THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - The New West: Being the Official Reports to Parliament of the Activities of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Force
4904: THE AUTHOR'S CLUB - Manual of the Author's Club 1900
4905: THE AUTHOR'S CLUB - Manual of the Author's Club 1907
4906: THE AUTHOR'S CLUB - Manual of the Author's Club 1904
4899: THE ROWFANT CLUB - The Year Book for 1910
4901: THE ROWFANT CLUB - Year Book 1924
4902: THE ROWFANT CLUB - Year Book 1930
4903: THE ROWFANT CLUB - Year Book 1929
4895: THE PITTSBURGH BIBLIOPHILES - The Second Year's Activities 1963-1964
4896: THE ELIZABETHAN CLUB - Constitution. List of Members. Books in the Library
4897: THE ROWFANT CLUB - Year Book 1906
4862: THE ONTARIO TRUCKING ASSOCIATION - The Golden Years of Trucking: Commemorating Fifty Years of Service
4805: THE PUPILS OF HANLEY HIGH SCHOOL, SASKATCHEWAN; CHASE, G. W. (ED.) - Hanley: The Story of the Town and District
4635: THE MINISTER, ELDERS AND DEACONS - History of the Reformed Dutch Church of Rhinebeck Flatts, N.Y.
109633: THE MALONE SOCIETY - Collections Volume IV
101170: THE EXCELSIOR MOTOR CO. LTD. - Excelsior 1939
107464: THE NATIONAL YOUNG PEOPLE'S BOARD OF THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COUNCIL OF CANADA - Young People’S Manual: A Handbook for Young People's Work in the Local Church
101111: THE GARLOCK PACKING COMPANY - Garlock Packing Service Catalogue a-1925
107005: THE CANADA NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY - The Canada National Fire Insurance Company (Cover Title: The Canada National Insurance Co. Prospectus)
110486: THE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE - Back to the Bay" Souvenir of Old Home Week North Bay August 2nd to August 8th, 1925
101012: THE EDITING COMMITTEE OF THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE - The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and Art New Series Number III May, 1856
100994: THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA - Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada Volume 37, #2, Fall 1999
113259: THE SVEDBERG - Colloid Chemistry: Wisconsin Lectures American Chemical Society Monograph Series
109677: THE DOMINION ATLANTIC RAILWAY CO. - High Lights of Nova Scotia History
100987: THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA - Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada Volume 37, #1, Spring 1999. Index V. 23-36 (1984-1998)
114004: THE AUTHOR OF THE DIABOLIAD [COMBE, WILLIAM] - The First of April: Or, the Triumphs of Folly: A Poem. Dedicated to a Celebrated Dutchess
4898: THE ROWFANT CLUB - Year Book 1907
101299: THEBERGE, C.B. - Canadiana on Your Bookshelf
2141: THEROUX, ALEXANDER - Three Wogs
1697: THEROUX, ALEXANDER - Darconville's Cat: A Novel
107386: THEUWS, JAAK ANTOON - Playing the Trumpet from My Window
107399: THIBAUDEAU, COLLEEN - Ten Letters
112094: THIBAULT, DANIELLE - Bibliographic Style Manual
10442: THIBERT, PATRICK - Patrick Thibert: Sculpture
111529: THIBERT, PATRICK - Locating Identity/En Quęte D'Identité
111528: THIBERT, PATRICK - In the Mind of the Viewer, an Epilogue
107657: THIEULLEN, A. - Les Véritables Instruments Usuels de L'Age de la Pierre
105466: THIRLBY, DAVID. - The Chain-Drive Frazier Nash
114113: THISTLE, ROBERT B. - The Purdy MILL Tales and Other Poems on Lindsays 125 Birthday 1857-1982
107509: THOBY-MARCELIN, PHILIPPE, AND PIERRE MARCELIN - The Beast of the Haitian Hills [la Bete Du Musseau]
114893: THOM, IAN M.; HUNTER, ANDREW - Gordon Smith: The Act of Painting
113523: THOMAS, WILBERT G. - The Legend of York: A Survey of the Later Developments, (1920-1950), in York Township
113524: THOMAS, WILBERT G. - The Legacy of York (a Survey of the Early Development of the Communities of York)
100120: THOMAS, FRANK; JOHNSTON, OLLIE - Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life
2307: THOMAS, K. BRYN - The Development of Anaesthetic Apparatus
105671: THOMAS, DYLAN - 18 Poems by Dylan Thomas
105216: THOMAS, JOHN; (CHIEF OF MOOSE FORT); RICH, E.E. (EDITOR); JOHNSON, A.M. (ASSISTED BY); GLAZEBROOK, G. P. DE T. (INTRODUCTION BY) - Moose Fort Journals, 1783-85 The Hudson's Bay Record Society XVII.
111418: THOMAS, ARNOLD W. (ED.) - The Canadian Almanac and Miscellaneous Directory for the Year 1920
105400: THOMAS, MORLEY - The Families of Five Stakes A History of Talbotville Royal 1811-1851
111960: THOMAS, JOHN KEMPSTER (ED.) - New World. Canada's National Picture Magazine. September 1945
114763: THOMAS, LOWELL (ED.) - The Commentator, February 1937
114675: THOMAS, CLARA - All My Sisters: Essays on the Work of Canadian Women Writers
114642: THOMAS, J. K. (ED.) - New World Illustrated, March 1940
107794: THOMAS, DYLAN - Selections from the Writings of Dylan Thomas, Read by the Poet Volumes I-III
101316: THOMAS, HOWARD - Black River in the North Country
112332: THOMAS, EDWARD & HELEN - Personal Letters Selected by R. George Thomas
104841: THOMAS, GERALD - The Tall Tale and Philippe D'Alcripe: An Analysis of the Tall Tale Genre with Particular Reference to Philippe D'Alcripe's la Nouvelle Fabrique Des Excellent Traits de Verite Together with an Annotated Translation of the Work
100134: THOMAS GIBSON FINE ART LTD. - Feather Masterpieces of the Ancient Andean World: 26th September - 2nd November 1990
100813: THOMAS, HARTLEY MUNRO - Uwo Contingent Cotc: The History of the Canadian Officers' Training Corps at the University of Western Ontario
111962: THOMAS, J. K. (ED.) - New World Illustrated, April 1940
108722: THOMAS, ANNA; EMMOTT, ELIZABETH B. - William Charles Braithwaite B.A. , LL. B. , D. Th. Memoir and Papers.
6564: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1831
113255: THOMAS, VEN. ARCHDEACON - Terrier of the Archdeaconry of Montgomery
109240: THOMAS, ARNOLD W. (ED.) - The Canadian Almanac and Miscellaneous Directory for the Year 1916
100712: THOMAS, COLIN AND AVRIL - Historical Dictionary of Ireland
100725: THOMAS, EDWARD H. AND MARY SUSAN - A-Down the Years on Georgian Bay
108595: THOMAS, TENTH EARL OF DUNDONALD (THOMAS COCHRANE) - The Autobiography of a Seaman
109301: THOMAS, C. - History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Que. , and Prescott, Ont. , from the Earliest Settlement to the Present
108893: THOMAS, J. E.; BLACKWELL, KENNETH (EDS.) - Russell in Review: The Bertrand Russell Centenary Celebrations at Mcmaster University October 12-14, 1972
103153: THOMAS, DYLAN - Quite Early One Morning: Broadcasts by Dylan Thomas
102811: THOMAS, F.S. - Hand-Book to the Public Records
5444: THOMASON, GEORGE (ED.) - Catalogue of the Pamphlets, Books, Newspapers, and Manuscripts Relating to the CIVIL War, the Commonwealth, and Restoration, Collected by George Thomason, 1640-1661
104751: THOMPSON, SIR ROBERT - Make for the Hills: Memories of Far Eastern Wars
105883: THOMPSON, ALTON HOWARD; DEWEY, MARTIN (REVISED BY) - Comparative Dental Anatomy
114076: THOMPSON, ROBERT LUTHER - Wiring a Continent: The History of the Telegraph Industry in the United States
109076: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY; (L. FRANK BAUM) - Pirates in Oz
5658: THOMPSON, JOHN M. A. (ED.) - Manual of Curatorship: A Guide to Museum Practice
5952: [THOMPSON, WILLIAM TAPPAN] - Major Jones's Courtship: Detailed, Incidents, and Adventures, in a Series of Letters, by Himself. 3 Volumes in One
102496: THOMPSON, HUNTER S.; STEADMAN, RALPH - The Curse of Lono
4301: THOMPSON, HILARY (ED.) - Children's Voices in Atlantic Literature and Culture: Essays on Childhood
114671: THOMPSON, PETER; KIRKPATRICK, JAMES - Brain Trust: A Book of Collaborative Artwork by Peter Thompson & James Kirkpatrick
4212: THOMPSON, JOHN B. - Cavagnal 1820-1867
101031: THOMPSON, ROBERT T. - Colonel James Neilson: A Business Man of the Early Machine Age in New Jersey, 1784-1862
112097: THOMPSON, PHILLIPS - The Politics of Labor
107998: THOMS, WILLIAM J. - The Book of the Court; Exhibiting the Origin, Peculiar Duties, and Privileges of the Several Banks of the Nobility and Gentry, More Particularly of the Great Officers of State, and Members of the Royal Household; with an Introductory Essay on Regal State and Ceremonial, and a Full Account of the Coronation Ceremony, Etc
5951: THOMS, HERBERT; KELLY, HOWARD A. - Classical Contributions to Obstetrics and Gynecology
111851: THOMSON, JAS. E. - Fiftieth Annual Report of the Ontario Department of Mines: Geology of Mcgarry and Mcvittie Townships, Larder Lake Area

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