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2935: MORISHIMA, MICHIO - Equilibrium, Stability, and Growth
2000: MORISON, STANLEY - John Bell, 1745-1831: Bookseller, Printer, Publisher, Typefounder, Journalist, &C
6890: MORISSET, GEORGES - La Naissance Du Canada" 1534-1663 Programme
100487: MORISSET, GERARD - Philippe Liebert
3199: MORLEY, WILLIAM F. E. - The Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
100273: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Conrad and the Reporters
110968: MORLEY, PERCIVAL FELLMAN - Bridging the Chasm: A Study of the Ontario-Quebec Question
101174: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Ex Libris
101901: MORLEY, F.W. - River Thames: From Source to Mouth
106451: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Trojan Horse
108981: MORLEY, PERCIVAL FELLMAN - Bridging the Chasm: A Study of the Ontario-Quebec Question
104186: MORNINGSTAR, C. K.; CORFIELD, WILLIAM E. (ED.) - From Dobbin to Diesel: The Story of Public Transportation in London, Canada
2863: MORPHY, JOHN - Recollections of a Visit to Great Britain and Ireland in the Summer of 1862; Ned Fenton's Portfolio
6491: MORPHY, E. M. - Life Pictures: A York Pioneer's Recollections of Youthful Days in the Emerald Isle. Also of His Emigration and First Impressions of Canada
101738: MORPURGO, J.E. - Allen Lane: King Penguin a Biography
102481: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - War Horse
105370: MORRIS, BARBARA - Inspiration for Design: The Influence of the Victoria and Albert Museum
106657: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Two Red Roses Across the Moon
1530: MORRIS, ISAAC C. - Impressions of Life and Travel
113449: [MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR, ET AL] - Report of the Commissioners Appointed by Joint Resolutions of the Honorable the Senate and Assembly of the State of New-York, of the 13th & 15th March, 1810, to Explore the Route of an Inland Navigation from Hudson's River to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie
1312: MORRIS, WILLIAM - The Aeneids of Virgil Done Into English Verse by William Morris
114240: MORRIS, MICHAEL - Armed Conflict in Southern Africa: A Survey of Regional Terrorisms from Their Beginnings to the Present, with a Comprehensive Examination of the Portuguese Position
109971: MORRIS, LESLIE A.; ROSENBACH, A. S. W. (SUBJECT) - Rosenbach Abroad: In Pursuit of Books in Private Collections
100598: MORRIS, ALEXANDER - The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories
100599: MORRIS, ALEXANDER - The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories Including the Negotiations on Which They Were Based, and Other Information Relating Thereto
3838: MORRIS, CHARLES - Famous Men and Great Events of the Nineteenth Century
110063: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Notes by William Morris on His Aims in Founding the Kelmscott Press
6954: MORRIS, ROBERT - Robert Morris/Projects
1313: MORRIS, WILLIAM; MAGNUSSON, EIRIKR (TRANS.) - The Story of Grettir the Strong Translated from the Icelandic by Eirikr Magnusson and William Morris
5093: MORRIS, ALICE TALWIN - My Book About Canada
110659: MORRIS, J.A. (COMPILED BY) - Prescott 1810-1967
111682: MORRIS, WILLIAM - The Collected Works of William Moris, with Introductions by His Daughter May Morris Vols. 2 - 24
113982: MORRIS, WILLIAM; LOURIE, MARGARET A. (ED.) - The Defence of Guenevere, and Other Poems
102853: MORRIS, JERROLD - Canadian Artists and Airmen 1940-45
113514: MORRIS, W. (WARDEN) - Standing Rules and by-Laws of the Municipal Council of the District of Johnstown. From 1842 to 1849 Inclusive
100295: MORRISON, ARTHUR - The Hole in the Wall
7105: MORRISON, ELSPETH - The Dorothy Dunnett Companion
113314: MORRISON, R. J.; FLEMING, J. C. - Minutes and Proceedings of the December Session, 1893, of the Municipal Council of the County of Kent
102729: MORRISON, ARTHUR - The Painters of Japan
100579: MORRISON, DAVID R. - The Politics of the Yukon Territory 1898-1909
113247: MORROW, PATRICK - Beyond Everest: Quest for the Seven Summits
111030: MORROW, E. LLOYD - Church Union in Canada: Its History, Motives, Doctrine and Government
100537: MORSE, ERIC W. - Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada: Then and Now
103803: MORSE, SIDNEY E. - A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools. Illustrated with More Than Fifty Cerographic Maps, and Numerous Woodcut Engravings
109060: MORSE, WILLIAM INGLIS - Pierre Du Gua, Sieur de Monts. Records: Colonial and 'Saintongeois'
112576: MORSE, DR. CORA A. - Yosemite As I Saw It: A Souvenir
106274: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM - Projection Control
100426: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM - Print Finishing
2618: MORTON, VERNE - Images of Rural Life: Photographs of Verne Morton
105198: MORTON, W. L. (ED.). - Alexander Begg's Red River Journal and Other Papers Relative to the Red River Resistance of 1869-1870 Publications of the Champlain Society XXXIV.
105246: MORTON, ELEANOR - Josiah White: Prince of Pioneers
102454: MORTON, L.T. (ED.) - Use of Medical Literature
3806: MORTON, JOHN - On the Nature and Property of Soils: Their Connexion with the Geological Formation on Which They Rest; the Best Means of Permanently Increasing Their Productiveness, and on the Rent and Profits of Agriculture
108876: MORTON, REV. JAMES H. - Songs by Night and by Day
109546: MOSCATI, SABATINO (ED.) - The Phoenicians
100736: MOSHER, THOMAS B. - The Bibelot Volume 1
109126: MOSKOWITZ, SAM - Hugo Gernsback: Father of Science Fiction
4145: MOSMANS, JAN - De St. Janskerk Te's Hertogenbosch: Nieuwe Geschiedenis
104854: MOSS, E. - E. Moss Sketch Book
4074: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Spring 1972
4003: MOSS, HAROLD C. - The Friendly Land: A Late Victorian Settles in Saskatchewan
4079: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Spring 1973
4077: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Fall 1972
4078: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Winter 1973
115170: MOSS, KENNETH B. - Jewish Renaissance in the Russian Revolution
4076: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Summer 1972
4075: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Summer 1972
4086: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction 1975
4084: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction 1974
4085: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Winter 1974
4082: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction Fall 1973
4083: MOSS, JOHN G. (ED.) - Journal of Canadian Fiction 1974
104497: MOSURINJOHN, SHARDAY; HEERSINK, EMILY; WALLACE, AMY (EDS.) - Bon a Tirer: The Western Undergraduate Journal of Art History and Visual Culture 2008-2009
109196: MOTT, STELLA (ED.) - Sesquicentennial Souvenir of North Norwich and Norwich, 1810-1960 (Cover Title: North Norwich and Norwich 1810-1960)
106978: MOTT, GLEN FORD - Push Boat
104207: MOTTEVILLE, MADAME DE - Memoires, Pour Servir a L'Histoire D'Anne D'Autriche, Epouse de Louis XIII, Roi de France
3016: MOULE, THOMAS - The County Maps of Old England
109030: MOULTON, FOREST RAY (ED.) - Fluorine and Dental Health
110900: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Waterways Versus Railways
101283: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Waterways Versus Railways
113974: [MOULTRIE, GEORGE] - False and True, a Play in Three Acts, Now Performing at the Theatre Royal, Hay-Market
112375: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Serpent's Coil
5447: MOWITT, JOHN - Text: The Genealogy of an Antidisciplinary Object
110057: MOXON, JOSEPH; DAVIS, HERBERT & CARTER, HARRY (EDS.). - Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing
4206: MOYER, KENNETH A. - My Saddle Was My Study: The Story of the Methodist Saddlebag Preachers of Upper Canada
106911: MOYER, DONALD CAMPBELL; LOVE, GLORIA (CAMPBELL) - Dugald & Katharine Campbell and Their Descendants: A Story of a Scottish Pioneer Family in Upper Canada
112630: MUDDIMAN, BERNARD - The Men of the Nineties: Being a Note on Some of the Writers of That Period
2298: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Autumnal Face
6059: MUHAIYADDEEN, M. R. BAWA - To Die Before Death: The Sufi Way of Life
107401: MUIR, GARY W. - Brantford: A City’S Century 1895-2000. Volume One Canada's Microcosm 1895-1945
102268: MUIR, RICHARD AND NINA - The National Trust: Rivers of Britain
111631: MUIR, WILLA - Imagined Corners
101302: MUIR, PERCY H. - Book-Collecting: More Letters to Everyman
108176: MUIR, MAJOR R. CUTHBERTSON - The Early Political and Military History of Burford
111744: MULHOLLAND, REV. ARCHDEACON - Nearly Half a Century: An Interview with the Rev. Archdeacon Mulholland, Owen Sound, Ontario, 1893
3749: MULHOLLAND, REV. ARCHDEACON - Nearly Half a Century: An Interview with the Rev. Archdeacon Mulholland, Owen Sound, Ontario, 1893
115611: MULLER, ROBERT - Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness
109867: MULLER, F. MAX (TRANSLATOR) - The Upanishads Part I The Sacred Books of the East Volume I
106640: MÜLLER, KARL (ED.) - Coastal Research in the Gulf of Bothnia
108639: MÜLLER, BEATE (ED.) - Parody: Dimensions and Perspectives
108686: MÜLLER, BEATE (ED.) - Parody: Dimensions and Perspectives
1556: MULLER, K. A.; MERZ, W. J. (EDS.) - Ferroelectrics
106339: MULLETT, CHARLES F. - Public Baths and Health in England, 16th-18th Century
5628: MULROY, RON - The Chapelthorpe Gazette 1984-1996
4791: MULVANY, C. PELHAM - Toronto: Past and Present. A Handbook of the City
101989: `MUMBY, F.A.; STALLYBRASS, FRANCES H.S. - From Swan Sonnenschein to George Allen & Unwin Ltd.
106496: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Let's Face the Facts No. 20. Address to the Men and Women of Canada by Lewis Mumford, Noted American Author over a national network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunday night, Dec. 1, 1940, at the invitation of the Director of Public Information for Canada
3502: MUMFORD, ETHEL WATTS; GRAY, LOUIS H. (TRANS.) - The Hundred Love Songs of Kamal Ad-Din of Isfahan
109075: MUMMENHOFF, ERNST - Das Rathaus in Nürnberg
106822: MUNAWAY, M. (EDITED BY) - Limnology and Fisheries of Georgian Bay and the North Channel Ecosystems (Developments in Hydrobiology)
104021: MUNBY, A.N.L. (ED.) - Poets and Men of Letters (Volume 1 Only)
114086: MUNCK, RONALDO - Revolutionary Trends in Latin America
103065: MUNDAY, LUTA - A Mounty's Wife: Being the Life Story of One Attached to the Force But Not of It
115125: MUNDILL, ROBIN R. - The King's Jews: Money, Massacre and Exodus in Medieval England
110808: MUNDY, TALBOT - I Say Sunrise
100993: MUNFORD, W.A. - Edward Edwards, 1812-1886: Portrait of a Librarian
115519: MUNRO, ALICE - Dance of the Happy Shades and Other Stories
112191: MUNRO, WILLIAM BENNETT (ED.) - Documents Relating to the Seigniorial Tenure in Canada 1598 - 1854
108394: MUNRO, J. A. - Observations of Birds and Mammals of the Creston Region, British Columbia
114644: MUNRO, DAVID ALAN (ED.) - Roto, the National Picture Magazine, September 1934
115082: MUNRO, ALICE - Lives of Girls & Women
108393: MUNRO, J. A. - Observations of Birds and Mammals in Central British Columbia
2965: MUNROE, KIRK - Bretheren of the Coast: A Tale of West Indian Pirates
112297: MUNROE, JIM - Joe Blow Godot: 13 Short Stories
107988: MUNTHE, AXEL - The Story of San Michele
104401: MURCH, W. H. - Official Sounvenir Programme: Talbot Settlement Centennial Celebration, May 21st to 25th, 1903
5999: MURE, ELEANOR - The Story of the Three Bears
113460: MURPHY, JAMES L. - An Archaeological History of the Hocking Valley
114629: MURPHY, ROBERT W. (ED.) - The Bluenose, March-April 1936
113823: MURPHY, THE HONOURABLE CHARLES (ED.) - D'Arcy Mcgee 1825-1925: A Collection of Speeches and Addresses: Together with a Complete Report of the Centennial Celebration of the Birth of the Honourable Thomas D'Arcy Mcgee at Ottawa, April 13th, 1925
1474: MURPHY, RICHARD - The Archaeology of Love
105944: MURPHY, ARTHUR; (CHARLES RANGER, PSEUD.). - The Works of Arthur Murphy, Esq.
102583: MURRAY, MARGUERITE E. - Century Farms of Westminster Township Volume II
1707: MURRAY, JACK; MURRAY, TOM - The Fruitful Shepherd: James Murray and Margaret Anderson of Tweedsmuir, Scotland and Their over 2,750 Descendants, Frae Northern Braes to North America, 1703-1997
3116: MURRAY, HILDA - Echoes of Sport
104821: MURRAY, LINDLEY; BARTLETT, M. R. - The English Reader, or Pieces in Prose and Verse; Selected from the Best Writers... The Definitions of Inflections and Emphases, and Rules for Reading Verse...
105060: MURRAY, JOAN - Garfield Ferguson: Painting to the Beat
115134: MURRAY, ALEXANDER - Suicide in the Middle Ages Volume I: The Violent Against Themselves
114850: MURRAY, JOAN - Ivan Eyre: Exposition
115226: MURRAY, E. C. GRENVILLE - Round About France
103644: MURRAY, JOHN; CRAWFURD, JOHN; LYNN, CAPTAIN THOMAS; WALLACE, WILLIAM' BURNETT, GILBERT - An Historical and Descriptive Account of China (Volume III)
103643: MURRAY, HUGH; CRAWFURD, JOHN; LYNN, CAPTAIN THOMAS; WALLACE, WILLIAM, BURNETT, GILBERT - An Historical and Descriptive Account of China (Volume 1 Only)
6158: MURRAY, JOAN ET AL - 'Twas Ever Thus: A Selection of Eastern Canadian Fok Art
108130: MURRAY, HON. AMELIA M. - Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada
4289: MURRAY, HEATHER - Come, Bright Improvement! the Literary Societies of Nineteenth-Century Ontario
110806: MURRAY, GEORGE - Verses and Versions
106486: MURRAY, JOAN - Ron Baird 1984: A Celebration of His First 20 Years of Sculpture
3757: MURRAY, ELSIE MCLEOD - A Check-List of Early Newspaper Files Located in Local Newspaper Offices in Western Ontario
3758: MURRAY, ELSIE MCLEOD - A Check-List of Early Newspaper Files Located in Local Newspaper Offices in Western Ontario
6069: MURRAY, H. - Morality of Fiction; or, an Inquiry Into the Tendency of Fictitious Narratives, with Observations on Some of the Most Eminent
114894: MURRAY, JOAN - Painters Eleven in Retrospect
113938: MURRAY, LINDLEY; BARTLETT, M. R. - The English Reader, or Pieces in Prose and Verse
114636: MURRELL-WRIGHT, GILBERT (ED.) - The Privateer, October 1929
102090: MURSELL, WALTER A. - Byways in Bookland: Confessions and Digressions
108240: MUSGRAVE, SIR RICHARD (EDITED BY STEVEN W. MYERS AND DELORES E. MCKNIGHT) - Memoirs of the Different Rebellions in Ireland
105204: MUSIOL, MARIE-JEANNE - Du Noir, Une Impulsion Lumineuse
2888: MUSTARD, J. F. ET AL - New Trends in Health Sciences Education, Research, and Services: The Mcmaster Experience
114307: MUSTARD, WILFRED P. (ED.) - The Eclogues of Henrique Cayado
101831: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Fakes & Frauds: Varieties of Deception in Print and Manuscript
110047: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL; MANDELBROTE, GILES - Lives in Print: Biography and the Book Trade from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century Printing Pathways
101936: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL; MANDELBROTE. GILES (EDS.) - Books on the Move: Tracking Copies Through Collections and the Book Trade
102015: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL; MANDELBROTE, GILES (EDS.) - Fairs, Markets and the Itinerant Book Trade
5256: MYLES, EUGENIE LOUISE - Airborne from Edmonton
106355: NAAIJKENS, JAN; KLEIST, HERBERT (TRANS.) - Three Wise Men from the West
110013: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Nine Stories
108754: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Enchanter
1904: NACHTRAG, I. - Katalog Der Bibliothek Der Deutschen Seewarte Zu Hamburg
4695: NAGANUMA, NAOE - Grammar and Glossary Accompanying Naganuma's Basic Japanese Course
4922: NAGANUMA, NAOE - Chinese-Japanese Character Cards: Characters of Everyday Use Selected by Frequency of Occurence. New Series I and II
114007: NAIRNE, EDWARD - Poems, Miscellaneous and Humorous, with Explanatory Notes and Observations
108171: NAIRNE, W.P. - Gilmour of the Mongols
6643: NAITO, SHIRO - Yeats and Zen: A Study of the Transformation of His Mask
103232: NAKADA, NAOMICHI (ED.) WITH PROF. DR. V. V. GOKHALE - Samkhyavrttih. [Samkhyakarika]
4673: NAKOS, NIKOS D.; VERGOU, ELENI (TRANS.) - Larissa - Images from the Past
2997: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF; CHATER, ARTHUR G. (TRANS.) - In Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times
109449: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF - Farthest North": Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Months' Sleigh Journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup, Captain of the Fram
103125: NANTEL, ADOLPHE; B. K. SANDWELL (TRANS.) - A Saga of Lac Clair
103240: NAOUM, PHOKION; SYMNES, E. M. (TRANS.) - Nitroglycerine and Nitroglycerine Explosives
100001: NAPIER, MAJOR-GENERAL W.F.P. - The Conquest of Scinde, with Some Introductory Passages in the Life of Major-General Sir Charles James Napier. (Volume 2)
115408: NAPIER, JAMES - Folk Lore: Or, Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland Within This Century
109017: NAPIER, ROBERT W. - John Thomson of Duddingston, Landscape Painter: His Life and Work, with Some Remarks on the Practice, Purpose and Philosophy of Art
112070: NAPIER, ARTHUR S. (ED.) - Old English Glosses, Chiefly Unpublished
4161: [NAPOLEON III] - Geschichte Julius Casars. Vom Verfasser Autorisierte Uebersetzung
2458: NARDINI, LEONARDO; BUONAIUTE, S. (EDS.) - Saggi Di Prose E Poesie de' Piu Celebri Scrittori D' Ogni Secolo
110002: NARITA, KIYOFUSA. - A Life of Ts'Ai Lung and Japanese Paper Making
1446: NASH, RICHARD BEAU - The Jests of Beau Nash, Laste Master of the Ceremonies at Bath
101653: NASH, JOHN R. - Mr. Cobden-Sanderson's Two-Handed Engine
114020: NASH, OGDEN (ED.) - Nothing But Wodehouse
115058: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - The Intimate Notebooks of George Jean Nathan
110724: NATHAWAY NAN - Yesteryear at Young's Point
2069: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH - Catalogue of the Lauriston Castle Chapbooks
101983: NATIONAL COUNTRY LIFE ASSOCIATION - Proceedings of the First National Country Life Conference. Baltimore 1919
4035: NATURALISTS OF ELGIN COUNTY - Birds of Elgin County: A Century of Change
115173: NAVEH, JOSEPH; SHAKED, SHAUL - Magic Spells and Formulae: Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity
114300: NAYLOR, THURMAN F. - A New Look at the Old 35: The Origin and Early History of 35mm Photography
106733: NEAL, DAVID S. - Roman Mosaics in Britain: An Introduction to Their Schemes and a Catalogue of Paintings
114999: NEAL, W. KEITH; BACK, D. H. L. - British Gunmakers: Messrs. Griffin & Tow and W. Bailes 1740-1790
108302: NEAME, ALAN - Maud Noakes, Guerilla
100643: NEATBY, LESLIE H. - In Quest of the North West Passage
102414: NECKER, M. - De L'Importance Des Opinions Religieuses
106559: NEEDHAM, A. - English Weathervanes: Their Stories and Legends from Medieval to Modern Times
112937: NEES, LOUIS A. - Mcgregor Bay: The Quiet Paradise
2315: NEGRI, GAETANO (INTRODUCTION) - Catalogo Cronologico, Alfabetico-Critico Sistematico E Per Soggetti Dell Edizioni Hoepli 1872-1896
100385: NEIKIRK, MABEL - Oscar on the Radio
6324: NEILL, D. G. (ED.) - The Library: A Quarterly Review of Bibliography. Fifth Series Volume XIX
104455: NELLES, REV. ROBERT BERTRAM - County of Haldimand in the Days of Auld Lang Syne
3115: NELSON, W. - The Rights of the Clergy of That Part of Great-Britain Call'd England.
112311: NELSON, GEOFFREY; KLOOS, BRET; ORNELAS, JOSÉ (EDS.) - Community Psychology and Community Mental Health: Towards Transformative Change
113258: NELSON, J[OHN] H. (ED.) - The Truth About the May 17th Flood on the Mighty Grand River : Why the Inquiry? No Act of God!
3970: NELSON, JAMES ALLEN - The Embryology of the Honey Bee
111949: NELSON, ROBERT - A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England: With Collects and Prayers for Each Solemnity
103454: NELSON, JAMES - An Essay on the Government of Children, Under Three General Heads, Viz. Health, Manners, and Education
103533: NELSON, LEONARD B.; WAGNER, RUDOLPH S. (EDS.) - Strabismus Surgery
6978: NEPOS, CORNELIUS - Des Cornelius Nepos Lebensbeschreibungen in Auswahl
109444: NEPOS, CORNELIUS - Excellentium Imperatorum Vitae
104139: NESBIT, W. H.; LONGEST, EDNA - Sweetheart Dreams of Yesterday
1936: NESBIT, E. - New Treasure Seekers
114762: NESS, MARGARET - Agnes Dickson: Missionary to the Chinese
109688: NEW, CHESTER W. - Life of Lord Durham: A Biography of John George Lambton, First Earl of Durham
102961: NEW YORK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York Praying the Enlargement of the Erie and Oswego Canals
114006: NEWCASTLE, THOMAS PELHAM-HOLLES, DUKE OF - The Duke of Newcastle's Letter, by His Majesty's Order, to Monsieur Michell, the King of Prussia's Secretary of the Embassy
5877: NEWCOMB, COVELLE - Running Waters
100573: NEWCOMBE, C.F. - The First Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island
114446: NEWELL, REV. D. (ED.) - The Youth's Parlor Annual
100285: NEWELL, J.R. - The Times: And Other Poems
2157: NEWMAN, HORATIO HACKETT - Multiple Human Births: Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets and Quintuplets
5922: [NEWMAN, SAMUEL] - A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures; with the Various Readings Both in Text and Margine. In a More Exact Method Then Hath Hitherto Been Extant
5510: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Izzy: The Passionate Life and Turbulent Times of Izzy Asper, Canada's Media Mogul
1258: NEWTON, REV. WILLIAM - Twenty Years on the Saskatchewan, N.W. Canada
105674: NEWTON, DOUGLAS. - Crocodile and Cassowary: Religious Art of the Upper Sepik River, New Guinea
105467: NEWTON, SHAW. - The Second Line of Offence
102006: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - The Amenities of Book-Collecting and Kindred Affections
7021: NEWTON, BARRY M.; ENGELBERT, PETER; FOX, WILLIAM A. - Thunder Bay Urban Survey 1976, Et Al
102097: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - A Magnificent Farce: And Other Diversions of a Book-Collector
101767: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - Bibliography and Pseudo-Bibliography
6972: NEZEZON, KRISTINE; WESTON, LOUISE - Bayham Memories & Milestones. Bayham "Reflections & Connections" Sesquencentennial Publications: 1850-2000
112443: NEZU, ARTHUR M.; NEZU, CHRISTINE MAGUTH (EDS.) - Evidence-Based Outcome Research: A Practical Guide to Conducting Randomized Controlled Trials for Psychosocial Interventions
109748: NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Family History and Reminiscences of Early Settlers Niagara Historical Society No. 28
107122: NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Niagara Historical Society 1904-1910
106656: NICHOL, JOHN - Robert Burns: A Summary of His Career and Genius
3526: NICHOLAS, GEORGE P. (ED.) - Canadian Journal of Archaeology/Journal Canadien D'Archeologie
114484: [NICHOLS, JOHN] URBAN, SYLVANUS - A Rowland for an Oliver; or a Poetical Answer to the Benevolent Epistle of Mr. Peter Pindar. Also the Manuscript Odes, Songs, Letters, &C. &C. Of the Above Peter Pindar
6038: NICHOLS, JOHN; PARKS, STEPHEN (ED.) - Biographical and Literary Anecdotes of William Bowyer 1782
3112: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM, BISHOP OF GLOUCESTER - A Plain, But Full Exposition of the Catechism of the Church of England
104201: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - An Introduction to Natural Philosophy
109004: NICHOLSON. BEN - Ben Nicholson: Drawings Paintings and Reliefs 1911-1968
111889: NICHOLSON, H. ALLEYNE - Report Upon the Palaeontology of the Province of Ontario
109825: NICHOLSON, COLONEL GERALD - The Fighting Newfoundlander: A History of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment
5972: NICHOLSON, JOHN - The Farmer's Assistant
6684: NICHOLSON DE ROSE, IDA MAY - Funetics: The Poetry of Sound
100300: NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The Little Brown Jug at Kildare
113565: NICHOLSON, COLONEL G. W. L. - Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919: The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War
112205: NICOLAI, DR. G. F.; GRANDE, CONSTANCE A. & GRANDE, JULIAN (TRANS.) - The Biology of War
1480: NICOLAIUS, JOANNES SECUNDUS - Kisses: A Poetical Translation of the Basia of Joannes Secundus Nicolaius. With the Original Latin, and an Essay on His Life and Writings
2551: NICOLSON, REV. A. W. - Memories of James Bain Morrow
108095: NIEDERAUER, DAVID J. - Pierre Louys: His Life and Art
109626: NIELSEN, BIRGER FRANK - H.C. Andersen Bibliografi: Digterens Danske Vaerker 1822-1975
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1394: PICKERING, JOSEPH - Inquiries of an Emigrant
100297: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE - The Complete Poems of Marjorie Pickthall
115514: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE L. C. - Billy's Hero or the Valley of Gold
102814: PIDANSAT DE MAIROBERT, MATHIEU-FRANCOIS - Anecdotes Sur M. La Comtesse Du Barri
100731: PIEHL, FRANK J. - The Caxton Club 1895-1995: Celebrating a Century of the Book in Chicago
104772: PIEN, ED - In a Realm of Others
103894: PIERRE JOSEPH D' ORLEANS - Histoire Des Revolutions D'Angleterre Depuis le Commencement de la Monarchie Jusqu'a Present
110845: PIERS, HARRY - A Brief Historical Account of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science and the Events Leading Up to Its Formation; with Biographical Sketches of Its Deceased Presidents and Other Prominent Members from Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science; Vol. XIII, Part 3.
100696: PIETRO DELLA VALLE - The Pilgrim: The Journeys of Pietro Della Valle
103810: PIETSCH, LUDWIG - Bildergrusse: Photogravuren Nach Originalen Moderner Meister
113386: PIGDEN, GARNET; MCKINNON, ARDITH - 'Way Back When... : Reflections of Madoc Village and Madoc Township
4476: PIKE, RUTH - Penal Servitude in Early Modern Spain
100680: PIKE, ZEBULON M. - The Southwestern Expedition of Zebulon M. Pike
113896: PIKKAND, V. (ED.) - Toronto's Old Saint Andrew's Church Centennial 1878-1978
100396: PILKINGTON, MATTHEW - A General Dictionary of Painters, Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting, from Its Revival, by Cimabue, in the Year 1250, to the Present Time
103107: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE - Bibliography of the Athapascan Languages
103098: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE - Bibliography of Iroquoian Languages
106157: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE - Bibliography of the Athapascan Languages
103494: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE - Bibliography of the Chinookan Languages (Including the Chinook Jargon)
106312: PINARD, A.; WALLICH, V. - Traitement de L'Infection Puerperale
113882: PINCUS, DEBRA (ED.) - On the Eve of the Reformation: The Graphic Art of Albrecht Dürer
114005: PINDAR, PETER [WOLCOT, JOHN] - Farewell Odes. For the Year 1786
1974: PINDAR, PETER - Sir Joseph Banks and the Emperor of Morocco, Etc
102876: PINDAR, PETER, ESQ. (WOLCOT, JOHN) - The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. ; a Distant Relation to the Poet of Thebes
6482: PINDAR, PETER - Lyric Odes to the Royal Academicians, for M,Dcc,LXXXII
114494: PINDAR, PETER - A Complimentary Epistle to James Bruce, Esq. The Abyssinian Traveller
104740: PINE, L.G. - Ramshackledom: A Critical Appraisal of the Establishment
113868: PINNOCK, GEOFFREY - Dark Paths: The Story of Modern Contraband Running in Europe
103881: PINOTTINI, MARZIO - Giovanni Guarlotti: Una Stagione Romantica
6000: PINSENT, GORDON - John & the Missus
103589: PINTO, V. DE S. (ED.) - Renaissance and Modern Studies Vol. 1
109121: PINZO, PETER J. - Computer Science at Waterloo: A History to Celebrate 25 Years: 1967-1992
112842: PIOVESANA, ROY H. - Hope and Charity: An Illustrated History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay
2553: PIPER, W. S. - The Eagle of Thunder Cape
108501: PIPER, WATTY - The Little Engine That Could
100256: PIRON, ALEXIS - Gustave Tragedie En Cinq Actes
114416: PITT, CHRISTOPHER - The Poetical Works of Christopher Pitt. With the Life of the Author
103561: PITT, ROBERT - The Craft and Frauds of Physick Expos'd
114400: PITT, CHRISTOPHER - The Poetical Works of Christopher Pitt. With the Life of the Author
6695: [PITTIS, WILLIAM] - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Stephen Fox, Kt
3104: PITZ, HENRY C. - Illustrating Children's Books: History - Technique - Production
106878: PIVNICKA, KAREL - Ekologie Ryb: Odhady Zakladnich Parametru Charakterizujicich Rybi Populace [Ecology of Fish]
115240: PIZZIGONI, GIOVANNI - Poesie
112277: PLATANA, JANETTE - A Queen at 22: Five Poems and a Story
100776: PLATO - Dialogi IV Meno, Crito, Alcibiades Uterque: Cum Animadversionibus Virorum Clarissimorum Gedike, Gottleber, Schneider Priorumque Editorum
108223: PLAYFAIR, LIEUT. COLONEL R. LAMBERT; GÜNTHER, ALBERT C. L. G. - The Fishes of Zanzibar: Acanthopterygii, Pharyngognathi Etc.
104152: PLAYGROUND AND RECREATION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - Play Areas Their Design and Equipment
107895: PLAYNE, ELIZABETH; DE BOER, G. (ED.) - Lonsdale Documents
113980: PLEW, MARK G.; WOODS, JAMES C.; PAVESIC, MAX G. (EDS.) - Stone Tool Analysis: Essays in Honor of Don E. Crabtree
110055: PLOMER, HENRY R. - A Short History of English Printing 1476-1900
114960: PLOMP, DR. R - Spring-Driven Dutch Pendulum Clocks
106662: [PLOWMAN, ROGER, FICT. NAME] - Roger Plowman's Excursion to London with Adventures and Recollections in Gloucestershire
102062: PLUMB, CHARLES S. - A Partial Index to Animal Husbandry Literature
107598: PLUMMER, ALFRED - The Pastoral Epistles
103129: POCOCK, I - Montrose; or the Children of the Mist
105463: PODESCHI, JOHN B. - Books on the Horse and Horsemanship: Riding, Hunting, Breeding, & Racing 1400-1941. The Paul Mellon Collection
103092: PODRO, MICHAEL - The Manifold Perception: Theories of Art from Kant to Hildebrand
103047: POGNON, EDMOND; BRUAND, YVES - Inventaire Du Fonds Francais. Graveurs Du Seizieme Siecle Tome Neuvieme Ferrand (Francois) - Gaucher (C.E. )
5247: POINCARE, HENRI; GERMAN: E. & H. WEBER - Der Wert Der Wissenschaft
108764: POLAND, ELLISON - Wonderful Routines of Magic
114262: POLASTRON, LUCIEN X. - Le Papier: 2000 Ans D'Histoire Et de Savoir-Faire
115364: POLCHANINOFF, R. V. - Notes of a Collector (Zametki Kollektsionera)
108760: POLLACK, ADAM J. - In the Ring with Marvin Hart
105646: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Die Doves Press: Zum 10. Todestag Von T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, 7. September 1922
1622: POLLARD, A. W.; REDGRAVE, G. R. - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640
109967: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Fine Books The Connoisseur's Library. General editor, Cyril Davenport.
102860: POLLARD, S. - In Unknown China: A Record of the Observations, Adventures, and Experiences of a Pioneer Missionary During a Prolonged Sojourn Amongst the Wild and Unknown Nosu Tribe of Western China
102678: [POLLNITZ, KARL LUDWIG VON] - La Saxe Galante
110512: POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK; MAITLAND, FREDERIC WILLIAM - The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I
107345: POLLOCK, J.E. - Lorenzo and Other Poems
113444: POMEROY, T. G. - Allegheny Portage Railroad Superintendent's Report, 1854
114405: POMFRET, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Pomfret. With the Life of the Author
101976: PONTEY, W. - The Profitable Planter. A Treatise on the Cultivation of Larch and Scotch Fur Timber
104068: PONTI, GIO; SALVADORI, GIUSEPPINI AND MARIO (TRANS.) - In Praise of Architecture
1742: PONTIS, MONSIEUR DE - Memoires de Monsieur de Pontis, Qui a Fervi Dans Les Armées Cinquante-Six Ans, Sous Les Rois Henry IV, Loüys XIII, & Loüys XIV; Contenans Plusieurs Citconstances Remarquables Des Guerres, de la Cour, & Du Gouvernement Ces Princes
110944: PONTON, MUNGO - The Great Architect; As Manifested in the Material Universe
109329: POOLE, BERTRAM W. H. - The Postage Stamps of Zululand
113200: POOLE, NANCY GEDDES - The Art of London 1830-1980
108889: POOLE, MICHAEL - Brunton Wakes Up: A School Story
6464: POOLE, LESLIE - Through the Looking Glass: Self-Portraits of Leslie Poole
115549: POOLE, NANCY GEDDES - The Art of London 1830-1980
109100: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Luca Della Robbia
103633: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Renaissance Bronzes from the Samuel H. Kress Collection: Reliefs, Plaquettes, Statuettes, Utensils and Mortars
114418: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, with His Last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements. In Four Volumes
10494: POPOVA, ELENA; JOHNSON, BRUCE - Elena Popova: Still Vortices
110200: POPOVYCH, OREST (ED.) - Tetraphenylborates
102129: POPPELWELL, WILLIAM CHARLES - The Elements of Surveying and Geodesy
112363: POPPER, KARL; HANSEN, TROELS EGGERS (ED.); PICKEL, ANDREAS (TRANS.) - The Two Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Knowledge
104087: PORTER, J. L. - Through Samaria" to Galilee and the Jordan. Scenes of the Early Life and Labours of Our Lord
108202: PORTER, REV. W. H. - Canadian Scenes and Other Poems
2301: PORTER, ALLAN - Camera. Photography: An Iconographic Chronological History
100792: PORTER, PAMELA - Medieval Warfare in Manuscripts
115334: PORTER, STANLEY E.; CARSON, D. A. (EDS.) - Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek
105336: PORTER, ROBERT - Russia's Alternative Prose
102234: PORTER, BURTON P. - Old Canal Days
114461: PORTER, CHARLOTTE; CLARKE, HELEN A. (EDS.) - Poet-Lore: A Quarterly Magazine of Letters, 1899
101537: PORTER, GENE STRATTON - Homing with the Birds: A History of a Lifetime of Personal Experience with the Birds
113164: PORTLOCK, ROSA - Twenty-Five Years of Canadian Life. With a Study on Bible Prophecy
7085: PORTLOCK, MRS. ROSA - Twenty-Five Years of Canadian Life, with a Study on Bible Prophecy
107812: POSNER, DONALD - Annibale Carracci: A Study in the Reform of Italian Painting Around 1590
101007: POSSNETT, VERNON - Stonework: How and Why
114954: POSTAN, ALEXANDER - The Complete Graphic Work of Paul Nash
2259: POSTE, GEORGE; NICOLSON, GARTH L. (EDS.) - Membrane Fusion
105739: POSTELLL, WILLIAM DOSITÉ - A Review of Louisiana Medical Literature, 1796-1843, the Formative Years
104174: POTEN, BERNHARD - Unser Volk in Waffen: Das Deutsche Heer in Wort Und Bild
100625: POTHIER, BERNARD - The Quebec Model
109358: POTHIER, ROBERT JOSEPH - Traite de la Communaute
109153: POTOCKI, COUNT JAN - The New Decameron: Further Tales from the Saragossa Manuscript
114820: POTTER, BEATRIX - Dear Ivy, Dear June
109162: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
112878: POTTER, RT. REV. ALONZO - The Christian Bishop: A Sermon Preached at St. George's Church, New York, November 20, 1851, on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Rev. Henry John Whitehouse, As Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Illinois
111874: POTTER, FRANK G. - All Canadian Poems: Original, Patriotic and Spiritual. Written in Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia
101263: POTTER, DAVID - The Talyllyn Railway
106691: POTTER, M. W. HARDISTY & I. C. (EDITORS) - The Biology of Lampreys (Four Volumes in Five)
101677: POTTINGER, DAVID - Printers and Printing
109816: POTTS, ARCHIE (EDITOR); NORTH EAST LABOUR HISTORY SOCIETY. - Shipbuilders and Engineers: Essays on Labour in Shipbuilding and Engineering Industries of the North East
106201: POTVIN, DAMASE; O'FARRELL, W. (TRANS.) - The Saguenay Trip
103172: POTYONDI, BRUCE - Selkirk: The First Hundred Years
102430: POULIN, STEPHANE - Ah! Belle Cite! / a Beautiful City ABC
102415: POULLIN DE LUMINA, ETIENNE-JOSEPH - Histoire de L'Etablissement Des Moines Mendiants
106490: POULTON, RON - The Remarkable Englishman: A Commemorative Booklet Published by the Toronto Telegram
3543: POULTON, DANA RHYS - A Preliminary Report on the 1980 Archaeological Survey of the Catfish Creek Drainage, East Elgin County, Ontario
107822: POUND, EZRA - ABC of Reading
4831: POWAR, SOONDERBAI H. - Hinduism and Womanhood: Personal Histories Showing the Fruits of Hinduism, Written and Compiled for the Information of British Christian Women
3222: POWELL, R. JANET (COMP.) - Loyalist and Pioneer Families of West Lincoln 1783-1833
3221: POWELL, R. JANET (COMP.) - Fifty Years of Municipal Government 1790-1840
3180: POWELL, J. W. - Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1884-'85
3181: POWELL, J. W. - Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1896-97. In Two Parts - Part 1
3179: POWELL, J. W. - Ninth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1887-'88
4245: POWELL, R. JANET - Loyalist and Pioneer Families of West Lincoln 1783-1833 (Continued)
3226: POWELL, R. JANET (COMP.) - Loyalist and Pioneer Families of West Lincoln 1783-1833
100998: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Books in My Baggage: Adventures in Reading and Collecting
105736: POWELL, N. A. - The Country Doctor An Address before the University of Toronto Medical Society
109745: POWELL, R. JANET (COMPILED BY); NELLES, REV. ABRAM - Indian Oratory and Other Papers "Brothers Open Your Ears" and Letters of Rev. Abram Nelles
103625: POWELL, M. VIOLA - Forty Years Agrowing: A History of Ontario Women's Institutes
7203: POWELL, MITCH - Timber Frame Workshop Tobermory - July 1990
4246: POWELL, R. JANET - Grimsby -- 1816-1876
114836: POWER, EILEEN (TRANS.) - The Goodman of Paris (le Ménagier de Paris): A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by a Citizen of Paris (C. 1393)
108581: POWERS, J.F. - Prince of Darkness and Oter Stories
111513: POWNALL, EVE; STACKPOOL, WALTER (ILLUS.) - The Singing Wire: The Story of the Overland Telegraph
107823: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Ducdame
4887: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Homer and the Aether
112958: POY, VIVIENNE - Profit, Victory and Sharpness: The Lees of Hong Kong
101726: POYSER, J.N. - Experiments in Making Paper by Hand
2892: POZEL, STEVEN (ED.) - Kawamata: Toronto Project 1989
102073: PRANCE, CLAUDE A. - Peppercorn Papers: A Miscellany on Books and Book-Collecting
2759: PRATT, ANNE STOKELY - Isaac Watts and His Gifts of Books to Yale College
10474: PRATT, MARY - Mary Pratt
101349: PRATT, JOHN BARNES - A Century of Book Publishing 1838-1938: Historical and Personal
112697: PRATT, E. J. - The Witches' Brew
107398: PRATT-CHADWICK, MARA L. - Jack the Giant Killer
107403: PRATT, E. J., ED. (ELIZABETH K. CAMPBELL, EARLE BIRNEY) - Canadian Poetry Magazine. Volume 5, No. 3 - April, 1941
108555: PRATT, MILDRED CLAIRE - The Silent Ancestors: The Forebears of E.J. Pratt
5334: PRATT, E. J. - Dunkirk
101410: PRATT, DEREK - Southern Inland Waterways
103535: PRATT-JOHNSON, JOHN A.; TILLSON, GERALDINE - Management of Strabismus and Amblyopia: A Practical Guide
111335: PRATT, EDWIN A. - A History of Inland Transport and Communication in England
101913: PRATT, EDWIN A. - A History of Inland Transport and Communication in England
103285: PRATT, E. J. - Newfoundland Verse
2811: PREPARED BY THE COMMITEE ON UNDERSEA WARFARE - An Annotated Bibliography of the Submarine 1557 to 1953
2565: PRESCOTT, MAURICE S. (ED.) - Holstein-Friesian History
112879: PRESCOTT, EDWARD G. - A Sermon Preached by Appointment of the Rt. Rev. The Bishop, on the 8th of February, 1838, at the Consecration of St. John's Church, Salem, New Jersey
102468: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the Conquest of Peru 1524-1550
102287: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History and Conquest of Mexico: With a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization and the Life of the Conqueror Hernando Cortes
108206: PRESTAGE, EDGAR - The Portuguese Pioneers
114982: PRESTON, RICHARD A. (ED.) - Kingston Before the War of 1812: A Collection of Documents
100446: PRESTON, RICHARD ARTHUR (ED.) - For Friends at Home: A Scottish Emigrant's Letters from Canada, California and the Cariboo 1844-1864
114984: PRESTON, DR. RICHARD A.; LAMONTAGNE, DR. LEOPOLD (EDS.) - Royal Fort Frontenac
5264: PRESTON, RICHARD ARTHUR (ED.) - For Friends at Home: A Scottish Emigrant's Letters from Canada, California and the Cariboo 1844-1864
106951: PRESTWICH, PATRICIA E. - Drink and the Politics of Social Reform: Antialcoholism in France Since 1870
104044: PRIAMO, CAROL - Mills of Canada
109466: PRICE, RICHARD - A Free Discussion of the Doctrines of Materialism, and Philosophical Necessity, in a Correspondence between Dr. Price and Dr. Priestley
101137: PRICE, KAREN - Construction History of the Rideau Canal
106988: PRICE, VINCENT. - The Vincent Price Treasury of American Art
107035: PRICE, MARGARET EVANS (ILLUS.) - Mother Goose Book of Rhymes
100498: PRICE-BROWN, (JOHN) - The Mac's of '37: The Story of a Canadian Rebellion
4471: PRIER, RAYMOND ADOLPH (ED.) - Countercurrents: On the Primacy of Texts in Literary Criticism
2480: PRIESTER, WOLFGANG (ED.) - Space Research III
114959: PRIESTLEY, PHILIP T. - Watch Case Makers of England: A History and Register of Gold & Silver Watch Case Makers of England, 1720-1920
113688: PRIESTLEY, RAYMOND E. - Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party
104199: PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH - Lectures on History, and General Policy: To Which Is Prefixed, an Essay of a Course of Liberal Education for CIVIL and Active Life
2633: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Wonder Hero
107523: PRIESTLY, DEBORAH M. - The Kiss of the Tiger Woman (a Selection of Erotic Poetry)
108904: PRILL, H.-J.; STAUBER, M. (EDITORS) - Advances in Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology, Berlin, Reichstag, September 2 - 6, 1980
4681: PRINGLE, REV. ALEXANDER - Scriptural Gleanings, in a Chain of Doctrinal and Practical Principles
109298: PRINGLE, J. F. - Lunenburgh or the Old Eastern District. Its Settlement and Early Progress: With Personal Recollections of the Town of Cornwall, from 1824; to Which Are Added a History of the King's Royal Regiment of New York and Other Corps; the Names of All Those Who Drew Lands in the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, Up to November, 1786; and Several Other Lists of Interest to the Descendants of the Old Settlers
114392: PRIOR, MATTHEW - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. In Three Volumes. With the Life of the Author
100294: PRIOR, MATTHEW - Poems on Several Occasions
114403: PRIOR, MATTHEW - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. In Three Volumes. With the Life of the Author
2612: PRITCHARD, ALLAN - English Biography in the Seventeenth Century
111432: PRITCHETT, R. T. - Ye Smokiana. Historical, Ethnographical. Pipes of All Nations
107950: PRITCHETT, V.S. - Collected Stories
101660: PRIVATE LIBRARIES ASSOCIATION - A Modest Collection. Private Libraries Association 1956-2006
101379: PROCTER, H.R. - The Making of Leather
106047: PROCTOR, ROBERT - An Index to the Early Printed Books in the British Museum: From the Invention of Printing to the Year 1500. With Notes of Those in the Bodleian Library
107030: PROCTOR, RICHARD A. - Other Suns Than Ours. A Series of Essays on Suns - Old, Young, and Dead. With Other Science Gleanings, Two Essays on Whist, and Correspondence with Sir John Herschel
5869: PROCTOR, H. R. - Leather Industries Laboratory Book on Analytical & Experimental Methods
105028: PROCTOR, FRANK - Fox Hunting in Canada and Some Men Who Made It
101841: PROCTOR, RICHARD A. - The Orbs Around Us: A Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Coloured Pairs of Suns
112270: PROCTOR, B. ANDREW - ... If There Are Celestial Beings
102664: PROCTOR, REV. PERCIVAL; CASTIEAU, WILLIAM - The Modern Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; or, Complete System of Literature
105850: PROHASKA-HOTZE, DR. FRANZ J. - Minnesang Und Spruchdichtung eine Auswahl für die Schule
101640: PROLIX, PEREGRINE (PHILIP HOULBROOKE NICKLIN) - A Pleasant Peregrination Through the Prettiest Parts of Pennsylvania
115777: PRONTI, DOMENICO - Nuova Raccolta Di 100 Vedutine Antiche Della Cittŕ Di Roma E Sue Vicinanze; Nuova Raccolta Di 100 Vedutine Moderne Della Cittŕ Di Roma Incise a Bullino
103399: PROSKOURIAKOFF, TATIANA - An Album of Maya Architecture
113107: PROTHERO, FRANK - The Wake of the Olga
113108: PROTHERO, NANCY AND FRANK - A Fisherman's Town: Port Stanley
113109: PROTHERO, FRANK AND NANCY - Boardwalk Memories. Mackies: One Hundred Years on the Beach in Port Stanley
113110: PROTHERO, FRANK AND NANCY - Port Stanley: Lament for a Harbour
113111: PROTHERO, FRANK - Bless 'Em All: Port Stanley's Veterans of World War Two
113112: PROTHERO, FRANK AND NANCY - Of Ice and Men: The Rescue of the Cecil M 1938
102236: PROTHERO, F.E.; CLARK, W.A. (EDS.) - A New Oarsman's Guide to the Rivers and Canals of Great Britain and Ireland
113105: PROTHERO, FRANK AND NANCY - How Sweet It Was: Fifty Years at the Stork Club
110666: PROTHERO, FRANK; PROTHERO, NANCY - How Sweet It Was: Fifty Years at the Stork Club
2614: PROULX, GILLES - Between France and New France
6755: PROUST, MARCEL - 47 Lettres Inedites de Marcel Proust a Walter Berry
104968: PROVINCE OF ONTARIO; CREDIT VALLEY RAILWAY - Province of Ontario $1,000 Debenture in Aid of the Credit Valley Railway
4429: PRUD'HOMME, JULIEN - Histoire Des Orthophonistes Et Des Audiologistes Au Quebec 1940-2005: Pratiques Cliniques, Aspirations Professionnelles Et Politiques de la Sante
102114: PRUIS, AB; LESBERG, SANDY - The Canals of Amsterdam
102364: PRYOR, ALAN; WOODS, JENIFER K. (RESEARCHED AND EDITED BY) - Great Uncle Fred's War: An Illustrated Diary 1917-1920
113812: PRYSE, JAMES M. - The Apocalypse Unsealed
111329: PUGH, PETER - Barnes Wallis: Dambuster
100220: PUGH, EDWIN - The Charles Dickens Originals

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