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BOOKS065923I: ANTONIOU, SYLVIA - Maurice Cullen, 1866-1934
BOOKS039138I: ANTOON, COOLEN; D. VAN DIJK, U.G. DORHOUT ET AL. - Alle Klokken Luiden: Een Bundel Novellen, Impressies, Interviews, Schetsen, Verzen en Muziek
BOOKS061713I: ANTREASIAN, GARO Z. & CLINTON ADAMS - The Tamarind Book of Lithography: Art and Techniques
BOOKS061519I: ANTRIM, DONALD - The Emerald Light in the Air: Stories
BOOKS065831I: ANTUNES, ANTONIO LOBO - Knowledge of Hell
BOOKS058431I: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA - Durer and His Time: An Exhibition From the Collection of the Print Room, State Museum, Berlin, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesi
BOOKS069536I: APATOW, JUDD (EDITOR) - I Found This Funny: My Favorite Pieces of Humor and Some That May Not Be Funny at All
BOOKS046386I: APFEL, RBERTA J. & BENNETT SIMON (EDS.) - Minefields in Their Hearts: The Mental Health of Children in War and Communal Violence
BOOKS035960I: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - The Poet Assassinated and Other Stories
BOOKS051998I: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Apollinaire on Art: Essays and Reviews, 1902-1918
BOOKS057899I: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Apollinaire on Art: Essays and Reviews, 1902-1918
BOOKS065346I: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - The Heresiarch & Co.
BOOKS041967I: APOLLONIO, U. - Hans Hartung: Oeuvres, 1921-1966
BOOKS028569I: APPEL, KAREL & R.H. FUCHS - Karel Appel: Ich Wollte Ich Ware Ein Vogel, Berichte Aus Dem Atelier / Karel Appel (2 Volumes)
BOOKS065608I: APPEL, ALLAN - A Walk Through a World of Plants: The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
BOOKS065552I: APPEL, MARTY - Yesterday's Heroes: Revisiting the Old-Time Baseball Stars
BOOKS065493I: APPEL, ALLAN - High Holiday Sutra
BOOKS068015I: APPELBAUM, DAVID (EDITOR) - Parabola: Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning: The Teacher: Volume 25, No. 3: Fall 2000
BOOKS061322I: APPELBAUM, DIANA - Giants in the Land
BOOKS059791I: APPELBAUM, DAVID (EDITOR) - Parabola: Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning: The Teacher: Volume 25, No. 3: Fall 2000
BOOKS034376I: APPELBAUM, PAUL S.; LISA A. UYEHARA & MARK R. ELIN (EDS.) - Trauma and Memory: Clinical and Legal Controversies
BOOKS017666I: APPIAH, KWAME ANTHONY & HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR. (EDS.) - The Dictionary of Global Culture
BOOKS058930I: APPIGNANESI, LISA - Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors
BOOKS011033I: APPLE, MAX - Free Agents
BOOKS011067I: APPLE, MAX - Three Stories
BOOKS034413I: APPLE, R.W., JR. - Far Flung and Well Fed: The Food Writing of R.W. Apple, Jr.
BOOKS036117I: APPLE, MAX - I Love Gootie: My Grandmother's Story
BOOKS038663I: APPLEBAUM, ISAAC & ELDON GARNET (EDS.) - Impressions Number 18 / Impulse Volume 6, Number 2
BOOKS066128I: APPLEBY, JOYCE - Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans
BOOKS066507I: APPLEBY, DAVID P. - The Music of Brazil
BOOKS005466I: APPLEWHITE, E.J. - Paradise Mislaid: Birth, Death and the Human Predicament of Being Biological
BOOKS012273I: APPLEWHITE, JAMES - Seas and Inland Journeys: Landscape and Consciousness from Wordsworth to Roethke
BOOKS045768I: APPLEWHITE, E. J. - Cosmic Fishing: An Account of Writing Synergetics With Buckminster Fuller
BOOKS023192I: APPLEYARD, RON; BARBARA FARGHER & RON RADFORD - S.T. Gill: the South Australian Years, 1839-1852
BOOKS021341I: APPOLLO, KEN - Humble Work and Mad Wanderings: Street Life in the Machine Age
BOOKS014705I: THE THEORY OF SOCIAL SITUATIONS AN ALTERNATIVE GAME-THEORETIC APPROACH - The Theory of Social Situations: An Alternative Game-Theoretic Approach
BOOKS068564I: APPY, CHRISTIAN G. - Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides
BOOKS051443I: APPY, CHRISTIAN G. - Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides
BOOKS027184I: APTECKER, GEORGE - Beyond Despair
BOOKS069494I: APTOWICZ, CRISTIN O'KEEFE - Dr. Mutter's Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine
BOOKS009558I: AQUILINO, JOY (ED.) - Art for Survival: The Illustrator and the Environment
BOOKS046263I: AQUINAS, THOMAS - Saint Thomas Aquinas: Selections from His Works
BOOKS058737I: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS; ANTON C. PEGIS (ED.) - Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
BOOKS050032I: ST. THOMAS AQUINAS - Catena Aurea: Comentary on the Four Gospels Collected Out of the Fathers (Four Volumes)
BOOKS040748I: ARADER, GRAHAM W., III - Native Grace: Prints of the New World, 1590-1876
BOOKS031342I: ARAKI, NOBUYOSHI - Nobuyoshi Araki Shikijyo Sexual Desire
BOOKS061367I: ARASSE, DANIEL - Leonardo Da Vinci: The Rhythm of the World
BOOKS057695I: ARATON, HARVEY - Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and Baseball's Greatest Gift
BOOKS021231I: ARBUS, AMY - The Inconvenience of Being Born
BOOKS016803I: ARCANGELI, FRANCESCO & PIERO DEL GIUDICE - Edmondo Dobrzanski: Salone Farnese in Pilotta
BOOKS056226I: ARCHER, MICHAEL - Art Since 1960
BOOKS054910I: ARCHIBALD, E.H.H. - The Fighting Ship in the Royal Navy, AD 897-1984
BOOKS054928I: ARCINIEGAS, GERMAN - Amerigo and the New World: The Life & Times of Amerigo Vespucci
BOOKS065099I: D'ARCY, GORDON - Birds: A Compact Illustrated Guide Showing Birds in Typical Poses as an Aid to Identification
BOOKS007714I: ARDEN, HARVEY & STEVE WALL - Travels in a Stone Canoe: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers
BOOKS041621I: ARDEN, HARVEY - Dreamkeepers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia
BOOKS035776I: ARDERY, JULIA S. - The Temptation: Edgar Tolson and the Genesis of Twentieth-Century Folk Art
BOOKS030854I: ARDITTI, JOSEPH (ED.) - Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives, I
BOOKS061249I: ARDIZZONE, TONY - In the Garden of Papa Santuzzu
BOOKS058474I: ARDMAN, HARVEY - How George Washington Got His Gunpowder
BOOKS015390I: ARDMAN, HARVEY - How George Washington Got His Gunpowder
BOOKS049109I: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Assault
BOOKS053327I: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Assault
BOOKS014683I: ARENS,W. & SUSAN P. MONTAGUE - The American Dimension: Cultural Myths and Social Realities
BOOKS064650I: ARENTZ, DICK (PHOTOS) & IAN THOMPSON (TEXT) - Four Corners Country
BOOKS031050I: ARETZ, GERTRUDE - Napoleon and His Women Frineds
BOOKS004011I: ARGAN, GIULIO & BRUNO CONTARDI - Michelangelo Architect
BOOKS043319I: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE (ED.) - Treasures From the Shanghai Museum: 6000 Years of Chinese Art
BOOKS020721I: ARGENTERI, LETIZIA - Tina Modotti: Between Art and Revolution
BOOKS070232I: ARIDJIS, HOMERO - Eyes to See Otherwise / Ojos De Otro Mira: Selected Poems
BOOKS063658I: ARIELY, DAN - Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions
BOOKS052052I: ARIES, PHILIPPE & GEORGES DUBY (EDS.) - A History of Private Life (Five Volumes)
BOOKS048517I: ARIES, PHILIPPE - The Hour of Our Death
BOOKS015892I: ARIETI, SILVANO - The Will to Be Human
BOOKS023517I: ARIS, MICHAEL - The Raven Crown: the Origins of Buddhist Monarchy in Bhutan
BOOKS052629I: ARISTOTLE - Selections from Natural Science, The Metaphysics, Zoology, Psychology, The Nicomachean Ethics, On Statecraft & The Art of Poetry
BOOKS046313I: ARISTOTLE - Politics & Poetics
BOOKS052828I: ARISTOTLE - The Nicomachean Ethics
BOOKS032714I: ARKUSH, MICHAEL - I Remember Payne Stewart: Personal Memories of Golf's Most Dapper Champion By the People Who Knew Him Best
BOOKS048752I: ARMAJANI, SIAH & NANCY PRINCENTHAL - Siah Armajani: Streets - Sculpture and Notations
BOOKS043410I: ARMANI, GIORGIO - ... a Marrakech: Giorgio Armani Collezione Primavera Estate 1992
BOOKS060228I: ARMANI, FRANCO (EDITOR) - La Scala: Montreal Festival / World Festival, October 1967
BOOKS043177I: ARMINJON, CATHERINE ET AL. - L'Art de Vivre: Decorative Arts and Design in France, 1789-1989
BOOKS023061I: ARMITAGE, SIMON - The Anaesthetist
BOOKS023524I: ARMITAGE, MERLE - George Gershwin: Man and Legend
BOOKS032083I: ARMITAGE, MERLE - A Rendevous With the Book
BOOKS064158I: ARMOUR, TOMMY - How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time
BOOKS069297I: ARMOUR, TOMMY - A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour
BOOKS046681I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Bible: A Biography
BOOKS003844I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - In the Beginning: A New Interpretation of Genesis
BOOKS008210I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD (CURATOR) - Carnegie International 1995
BOOKS019048I: ARMSTRONG, JOHN - The Art of Preserving Health: A Poem. in Four Books
BOOKS020121I: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Tyler Graphics: The Extended Image
BOOKS023601I: ARMSTRONG, CAROL - A Degas Sketchbook
BOOKS024979I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Through the Narrow Gate (A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery)
BOOKS058918I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions
BOOKS026362I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness
BOOKS066380I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions
BOOKS032989I: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life
BOOKS039900I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN; MARGARET ATWOOD, JEANETTE WINTERSON & PHILIP PULLMAN - The Myths: A Short Story of Myth / The Penelopiad / Weight / A Word or Two About Myths
BOOKS050841I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions
BOOKS060353I: ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER J.R. - Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941): An Introduction to her Life and Writings
BOOKS048575I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - The Merchantmen
BOOKS042650I: ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH - The Mother Church: A History of the Building of the Original Edifice of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Ma
BOOKS011828I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - A History of God: A 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
BOOKS056874I: ARMSTRONG, JOHN - Love, Life, Goethe: Lessons of the Imagination from the Great German Poet
BOOKS037670I: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - Saint Hercules and Other Stories
BOOKS046140I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Islam: A Short History
BOOKS039878I: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD REED - Selected Lithographs of Albert Belleroche
BOOKS040072I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness
BOOKS040585I: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The Chocolate Cobweb
BOOKS040587I: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - Dream of Fair Woman
BOOKS041900I: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH & SHEILA MCGUIRE - First Impressions: Early Prints By Forty-six Contemporary Artists
BOOKS065638I: ARMSTRONG, ROB - Golfing in Ireland: The Most Complete Guide for Adventurous Golfers
BOOKS069982I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Visions of God: Four Medieval Mystics and Their Writings
BOOKS035709I: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Bible: A Biography
BOOKS061823I: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH - Prints from Tyler Graphics
BOOKS039402I: ARNALL, L. & I.F. KEYMER - Bird Diseases: An Introduction to the Study of Birds in Health and Disease
BOOKS055755I: ARNASON, H.H. - Robert Motherwell (Second Edition, New and Revised)
BOOKS042932I: ARNASON, H.H. - History of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
BOOKS042660I: ARNAU, FRANK - The Art of the Faker: Three Thousand Years of Deception
BOOKS023701I: ARNAUD, CLAUDE - Chamfort: A Biography
BOOKS014179I: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Toward a Psychology of Art: Collected Essays
BOOKS066553I: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - The Dynamics of Architectural Form: Based on the 1975 Mary Duke Biddle Lectures at the Cooper Union
BOOKS000722I: ARNOLD, BRUCE - A Concise History of Irish Art
BOOKS018890I: ARNOLD, JOHANN CHRISTOPH - Seeking Peace: Notes and Conversations Along the Way
BOOKS023346I: ARNOLD, JANIS - Daughters of Memory
BOOKS025738I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Schools and Universities on the Continent
BOOKS036588I: ARNOLD, EDWIN - The Light of the World or the Great Cosummation
BOOKS068504I: ARNOLD, EDWIN T. & DIANNE C. LUCE (EDITORS) - A Cormac McCarthy Companion: The Border Trilogy
BOOKS038988I: ARNOLD, DENIS (ED.) - The New Oxford Companion to Music (Two Volumes)
BOOKS032921I: ARNOLD, OREN - Sun in Your Eyes: New Light on the Southwest, a Son of the Sun
BOOKS062520I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold's Essays in Criticism: First Series. A Critical Edition
BOOKS051169I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Prose and Poetry
BOOKS058666I: ARNOLD, BOB - Cache
BOOKS062246I: ARNOLD, JAMES R. - Presidents Under Fire: Commanders-in-Chief in Victory and Defeat
BOOKS041348I: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Culture and Anarchy
BOOKS064860I: ARNOLD, PERI E. - Remaking the Presidency: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, 1901-1916
BOOKS057261I: ARNOLD, DOROTHEA - When the Pyramids Were Built: Egyptian Art of the Old Kingdom
BOOKS042544I: D'ARNOUX, ALEXANDRA & GILLES DE CHABANEIX - Family Houses in the Country
BOOKS065517I: ARNTZ, WILLIAM; BETSY CHASE & MARK VICENTE - What the Bleep Do We Know!? : Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality
BOOKS026250I: ARON, RAYMOND - The Dawn of Universal History: Selected Essays from a Witness of the Twentieth Century
BOOKS057802I: ARONSON, JOYCE K. (EDITOR) - Use of the Telephone in Psychotherapy
BOOKS069418I: ARONSON, JULIE WITH JANIS CONNOR - Bessie Potter Vonnoh: Sculptor of Women
BOOKS065863I: ARONSON, B.C. (EDITOR) - Grace: Quotes & Passages for Heart, Mind, and Soul
BOOKS050510I: ARONSON, MARC - Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado
BOOKS049583I: ARONSON, MORTON J. & MELVIN A. SCHARFMAN (EDS.) - Psychotherapy: The Analytic Approach
BOOKS041259I: ARONSON, THEO - The King in Love - King Edwards Vll's Mistresses: Lillie Langtry, Daisy Warwick, Alice Keppel and Others
BOOKS043354I: AROSTEGUI, ANTONIO - Manuel Rivera
BOOKS028493I: ARP, HANS - Hans Arp: Reliefs, Skulpturen, Bilder, Collagen, Zeichnungen
BOOKS062673I: ARPINO, GIOVANNI - L'opera completa di Bruegel
BOOKS042342I: ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. - Brigham Young: American Moses
BOOKS051930I: ARROYO, RANE - The Buried Sea: New and Selected Poems
BOOKS001322I: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART - Works by Edgar Degas
BOOKS016806I: LONDON. MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - Barbara Hepworth Recent Work: Sculpture, Paintings, Prints
BOOKS005807I: LONDON. MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - Kandinsky and His Friends: Centenary Exhibition
BOOKS037510I: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - A Renaissance Christmas
BOOKS013084I: LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART - Art Treasures from Japan
BOOKS041706I: ARTAMONOV, M. (ED.) - The Dawn of Art: Palaeolithic, Neolithic Bronze Age & Iron Age Remains Found in the ... Soviet Union. The Hermitage Collection
BOOKS007060I: ARTAUD, ANTONIN - The Peyote Dance
BOOKS025170I: ARTHOS, JOHN - The Language of Natural Description in Eighteenth Century Poetry
BOOKS070177I: ARTHUR, ANTHONY - Radical Innocent: Upton Sinclair
BOOKS042861I: ARTHUR, T. S. & VIRGINIA F. TOWNSEND (EDITORS) - Arthur's Home Magazine, Vols. XVII & XVIII (12 issues)
BOOKS033403I: ARTHUR, WALLACE - Creatures of Accident: the Rise of the Animal Kingdom
BOOKS038123I: ARTHUS-BERTRAND, YANN - Earth from Above
BOOKS067481I: ARTHUS-BERTRAND, YANN - Earth from Above: 365 Days
BOOKS062362I: ARTHUS-BERTRAND, YANN (PHOTOS) & JOHN TAURANAC (TEXT) - New York from the Air: An Architectural Heritage (Revised Edition)
BOOKS028896I: ARTIGAS, J. LLORENS & J. CORREDOR-MATHEOS - Ceramica Popular Espanola Actual
BOOKS053748I: ARTMANN, H.C. - Under the Cover of a Hat: Montages and Sequences and Green-Sealed Message: 90 Dreams
BOOKS012565I: BOSTON. MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - Illustrated Catalogue of a Special Loan Exhibition of Art Treasures from Japan
BOOKS069077I: ARUZ, JOAN; SARAH B. GRAFF & YELENA RAKIC (EDITORS) - Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age
BOOKS053557I: ARVIO, SARAH - Visits from the Seventh
BOOKS055177I: ASBELL, BERNARD - The Pill: A Biography of the Drug That Changed the World
BOOKS019633I: ASBURY, GREG & CORINNE CORTINAS - Fresh Wood: New Designers V. I
BOOKS036452I: ASCHER, L. MICHAEL (ED) - Therapeutic Paradox
BOOKS045183I: ASCHHEIM, STEVEN E. - Scholem, Arendt, Klemperer: Intimate Chronicles in Turbulent Times
BOOKS060140I: ASCIONE, ERRICO (EDITOR) - Monti d'Italia: l'Appennino Meridionale
BOOKS060139I: ASCIONE, ERRICO (EDITOR) - Monti d'Italia: l'Appennino Settentrionale
BOOKS044702I: ASH, STEPHEN V. - Firebrand of Liberty: The Story of Two Black Regiments That Changed the Course of the Civil War
BOOKS021405I: ASHBERY, JON & ROBERT STORR - Rudy Burckhardt: New York Photographs
BOOKS059718I: ASHBERY, JOHN - Selected Poems
BOOKS023113I: ASHBERY, JOHN - Some Trees
BOOKS033421I: ASHBERY, JOHN - A Worldly Country: New Poems
BOOKS069659I: ASHBERY, JOHN - Can You Hear, Bird
BOOKS054250I: ASHBERY, JOHN - Three Plays
BOOKS050139I: ASHCRAFT, MORRIS - Rudolf Bultmann
BOOKS055876I: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Landscape of King Arthur
BOOKS044523I: ASHE, ROSALIND - Literary Houses: Ten Famous Houses in Fiction
BOOKS056393I: ASHER, GERALD - The Pleasures of Wine: Selected Essays
BOOKS041754I: ASHER, ELISE - The Meandering Absolute
BOOKS057989I: ASHLEY-BROWN, W. - Memory Be Green: An Autobiography
BOOKS039412I: ASHLEY, MIKE & ROBERT A. W. LOWNDES - The Gernsback Days: The Evolution of Modern Science Fiction from 1911 to 1936
BOOKS058139I: ASHLEY. A.M.D. - Joyful Servant: The Ministry of Percy Harthill
BOOKS037488I: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The Age of Absolutism, 1648-1775
BOOKS040511I: ASHLEY, FREDERICK W. - "A Look Back": The Story of the Vollbehr Collection of Incunabula
BOOKS055893I: ASHMOLE, BERNARD, & NICHOLAS YALOURIS - Olympia: The Sculptures of the Temple of Zeus
BOOKS034443I: ASHMORE, HARRY S. - Civil Rights and Wrongs: a Memoir of Race and Politics, 1944-1994
BOOKS069693I: ASHTON, JOHN - Understanding the Fourth Gospel
BOOKS021559I: ASHTON, DORE - Terence La Noue
BOOKS056337I: ASHTON, ROBERT & JOZEFA STUART - Images of American Indian Art
BOOKS065533I: ASHTON, JOHN - Curious Creatures in Zoology
BOOKS045364I: ASHTON, DORE & RAPHAEL RUBINSTEIN - Stephen Posen: Drawings, 2003 - 2005
BOOKS028898I: ASHWORTH, WILLIAM - The Economy of Nature: Rethinking the Connections Between Ecology and Economics
BOOKS048192I: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Robots of Dawn
BOOKS040529I: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Best Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov
BOOKS058042I: ASIMOV, ISAAC - A Choice of Catastrophes: The Disasters That Threaten Our World
BOOKS003444I: ASKEW, RILLA - The Mercy Seat
BOOKS004413I: ASKEW, RILLA - Strange Business
BOOKS066902I: ASLAN, REZA (EDITOR) - Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East
BOOKS056201I: ASLAN, REZA - Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
BOOKS007938I: ASLET, CLIVE - The American Country House
BOOKS064260I: ASLET, CLIVE - The American Country House
BOOKS039963I: ASLIN, ELIZABETH - Nineteenth Century English Furniture
BOOKS056843I: ASMA, STEPHEN T. - The Gods Drink Whiskey: Stumbling Toward Enlightenment in the Land of the Tattered Buddha
BOOKS054477I: ASPER, KATHRIN - The Inner Child in Dreams
BOOKS021242I: ASPLUND, UNO - Chaplin's Films
BOOKS044933I: ASRATYAN, E. A. - I.P. Pavlov: His Life and Work
BOOKS030280I: ASSELINEAU, ROGER (ED.) - The Literary Reputation of Hemingway in Europe (Situation no. 5)
BOOKS047242I: D'ASSIGNY, FIFIELD - A Serious and Impartial Inquiry Into the Cause of the Present Decay of Free-Masonry in the Kingdom of Ireland, 1744 ...
BOOKS014581I: MACHADO DE ASSIS - Esau and Jacob
BOOKS045276I: ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI - The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi
BOOKS068320I: ASSMANN, JAN - The Mind of Egypt: History and Meaning in the Time of the Pharaohs
BOOKS024092I: UNITED STATES GOLF ASSOCIATION - United States Golf Association, April, 1929: Year Book
BOOKS024093I: UNITED STATES GOLF ASSOCIATION - United States Golf Association, June, 1928: Year Book
BOOKS003031I: ASSOULINE, PIERRE - Gaston Gallimard: A Half Century of French Publishing
BOOKS031308I: ASTBURY, RAY - Bibliography and Book Production
BOOKS052321I: ASTOR, GERALD - June 6, 1944: The Voices of D-Day
BOOKS067052I: ASTOR, GERALD - "Battling Buzzards": The Odyssey of the 517th Regimental Parachute Combat Team
BOOKS055533I: ASTOR, BROOKE - Patchwork Child: Early Memories
BOOKS058862I: ASTOR, SUSAN, ROBERT BLY ET AL. - Portfolio One / 1983: Ten Illustrated Poetry Broadsides
BOOKS048928I: ATALAY, BULENT - Math and the Mona Lisa: The Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci
BOOKS070289I: ATHILL, DIANA - Yesterday Morning (A Very English Childhood)
BOOKS038474I: ATIL, ESIN (EDITOR) - Islamic Art and Patronage: Treasures from Kuwait
BOOKS006058I: ATKINS, P.W. - The Periodic Kingdom: A Journey Into the Land of the Chemical Elements
BOOKS059082I: ATKINS, ROBERT - ArtSpeak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords
BOOKS040742I: ATKINS, MEG ELIZABETH - By the North Door
BOOKS064630I: ATKINSON, BROOKS - This Bright Land: A Personal View
BOOKS004321I: ATKINSON, JAY - Caveman Politics
BOOKS007829I: ATKINSON, ALEX & RONALD SEARLE - By Rocking Chair Across Russia
BOOKS022593I: ATKINSON, D. SCOTT & CHARLENE S. ENGEL - An American Pulse: the Lithographs of George Wesley Bellows
BOOKS057335I: ATKINSON, KATE - Life After Life
BOOKS067948I: ATKINSON, D. SCOTT & JOCHEN WIERICH - Winslow Homer in Gloucester
BOOKS023328I: ATKINSON, KATE - Behind the Scenes at the Museum
BOOKS065848I: ATKINSON, RONALD R. - The Roots of Ethnicity: The Origins of the Acholi of Uganda Before 1800
BOOKS024976I: ATKINSON, RICK - An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943
BOOKS040638I: ATKINSON, ALEX - Exit Charlie
BOOKS033045I: ATKINSON, KATE - One Good Turn
BOOKS023327I: ATKINSON, KATE - Not the End of the World: Stories
BOOKS067950I: ATROSHENKO, V.I. & MILTON GRUNDY - Mediterranean Vernacular: A Vanishing Architectural Tradition
BOOKS052301I: ATTALI, JACQUES - A Brief History of the Future: A Brave and Controversial Look at the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS052734I: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man
BOOKS062463I: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - The Private Life of Plants: A Natural History of Plant Behaviour
BOOKS043056I: ATTERBURY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Antiques: An Encyclopedia of the Decorative Arts
BOOKS061111I: ATTNER, PAUL - The Terrapins: Maryland Football
BOOKS033904I: ATTWOOD, EDWARD L. - Text-Book of Theoretical Naval Architecture
BOOKS021103I: ATWATER, GEORGE P. - The Young Crusaders: The Story of a Boys' Camp
BOOKS000665I: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Wilderness Tips
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BOOKS032472I: BARNARD, MELANIE - Short & Sweet: Sophisticated Desserts in No Time at All
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BOOKS046361I: BARROW, JOHN D. - The Artful Universe
BOOKS039682I: BARROW, JOHN D. - The Constants of Nature: From Alpha to Omega -The Numbers That Encode the Deepest Secrets of the Universe
BOOKS050482I: BARROW, JOHN D. - The Constants of Nature: From Alpha to Omega -The Numbers That Encode the Deepest Secrets of the Universe
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BOOKS028942I: BARSON, MICHAEL - The Illustrated Who's Who of Hollywood Directors. Volume 1: the Sound Era
BOOKS033655I: MARX BROTHERS; MICHAEL BARSON (EDITOR) - Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel: The Marx Brothers' Lost Radio Show
BOOKS031721I: BART, BENJAMIN F. - Flaubert
BOOKS064927I: BARTELS, JON - Saratoga Stories: Gangsters, Gamblers, & Racing Legends
BOOKS050866I: BARTH, JOHN - Lost in the Funhouse: Fiction for Print, Tape, Live Voice
BOOKS021541I: BARTH, MILES (ED.); DOROTHY NORMAN (INTRO) - Intimate Visions: The Photographs of Dorothy Norman
BOOKS024839I: BARTH, HENRY - Travels & Discoveries in North & Central Africa, Being a Journal of an Expedition Undertaken ... in the Years 1849 - 1855
BOOKS065385I: BARTH, JOHN - The Floating Opera and The End of the Road
BOOKS049551I: BARTH, LEWIS M. (ED.) - Berit Mila in the Reform Context
BOOKS040820I: BARTH, JOHN - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
BOOKS055096I: BARTH, KARL - The Epistle to the Philippians
BOOKS045306I: BARTH, JOHN - Once Upon a Time: A Floating Opera
BOOKS006096I: BARTH, JOHN - Giles Goat-Boy or, The Revised New Syllabus
BOOKS054536I: BARTHELEMY, JEAN-JACQUES - Maps, Plans, Views and Coins, Illustrative of the Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece (map volume only)
BOOKS070298I: BARTHES, ROLAND - Mythologies
BOOKS054478I: BARTHOLOMEW, TERESE TSE - Myths and Rebuses in Chinese Art
BOOKS066318I: BARTIMUS, TAD ET AL. - War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam
BOOKS023661I: BARTLETT, NANCY RUTH - More Than a Handsome Box: Education in Architecture at the University of Michigan, 1876-1986
BOOKS066855I: BARTLETT, JOHN - Bartlett's Shakespeare Quotations
BOOKS070656I: BARTLETT, RICHARD A. - Nature's Yellowstone
BOOKS069300I: BARTLETT, IRVING H. - Daniel Webster
BOOKS070094I: BARTLETT, JOHN - Familiar Quotations: A Collection of Passages, Phrases, and Proverbs Traced to their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature
BOOKS050380I: BARTLETT, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Medieval Panorama
BOOKS056356I: BARTLETT, PETER C. - Arts of Oceania, Shells of Oceania: An Exhibition Sponsored by the Bowers Museum Foundation
BOOKS029980I: BARTLETT, APPLE PARISH & SUSAN BARTLETT CRATER - Sister: The Life of the Legendary American Interior Decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II
BOOKS060485I: BARTLETT, C.J. - Castlereagh
BOOKS016810I: BARTMAN, WILLIAM S. (ED.) - Pat Sparkuhl
BOOKS026120I: BARTOLETTI, M. MIRTO - Montecatini E Le Sue Terme - 10 Secoli
BOOKS058526I: BARTOLETTI, SUSAN CAMPBELL - Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
BOOKS022248I: BARTOLUCCI, MARISA & CATHY LANG HO - American Contemporary Furniture
BOOKS064732I: BARTON, EMILY - The Testament of Yves Gundron
BOOKS069070I: BARTON, EMILY - Brookland
BOOKS020649I: BARTON, ROSE - Familiar London
BOOKS063280I: BARTON, RUTH - Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film
BOOKS024400I: BARTRAM, BLAKE ET AL . - Systematic Plant Studies: Mainly Tropical American
BOOKS055805I: BARUZZI, ARNALDO - La Casa Nuziale: The Home of Antonio Stradivari, 1667-1680
BOOKS068470I: BARWIN, BERNARD ET AL. - A History of Golf in Britain, Part II
BOOKS034214I: DE BARY, WM. THEODORE; CAROL GLUCK & ARTHUR E. TIEDEMANN (EDS.) - Sources of Japanese Tradition (Second Edition) Volume Two: 1600 to 2000
BOOKS069363I: BARZINI, LUIGI - The Italians
BOOKS056188I: BARZUN, JACQUES - From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the Present
BOOKS054070I: BARZUN, JACQUES - The Culture We Deserve
BOOKS024960I: BARZUN, JACQUES - From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the Present
BOOKS065651I: BARZUN, JACQUES - Begin Here: The Forgotten Conditions of Teaching and Learning
BOOKS015174I: BARZUN, JACQUES - A Jacques Barzun Reader: Selections from His Works
BOOKS064674I: BASARA, SVETISLAV - The Cyclist Conspiracy
BOOKS003487I: BASBANES, NICHOLAS - A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books
BOOKS055133I: BASBANES, NICHOLAS - Patience and Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places and Book Culture
BOOKS015614I: BASBANES, NICHOLAS A. - Patience and Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places and Book Culture
BOOKS051465I: BASBANES, NICHOLAS - A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books
BOOKS054047I: BASBANES, NICHOLAS - A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books
BOOKS034577I: BASCH, MICHAEL FRANZ - Understanding Psychotherapy: The Science Behind the Art
BOOKS038762I: BASCH, MICHAEL FRANZ - Understanding Psychotherapy: The Science Behind the Art
BOOKS008574I: BASCOM, LIONEL C. (ED.) - A Renaissance in Harlem: Lost Voices of an American Community
BOOKS052226I: BASCOMB, NEAL - The New Cool: A Visionary Teacher, His FIRST Robotics Team, and the Ultimate Battle of Smarts
BOOKS058173I: BASCOMB, NEAL - The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It
BOOKS052307I: BASCOVE (ED.) - Sustenance & Desire: A Food Lover's Anthology of Sensuality & Humor
BOOKS062253I: BASDEVANT, DENISE WITH GERALD GASSIOT-TALABOT & MARC GAILLARD - L'Architecture Francaise des Origines a Nos Jours
BOOKS070399I: BASILE, GIUSEPPE - Giotto: The Arena Chapel Frescoes
BOOKS057884I: BASINGER, JEANINE - I Do and I Don't: A History of Marriage in the Movies
BOOKS069699I: BASINGER, JEANINE - Silent Stars
BOOKS012826I: BASKETT, JOHN AND DUDLEY SNELGROVE - English Drawings and Watercolors 1550-1850 in the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon
BOOKS069579I: BASKIN, YVONNE - A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines: The Growing Threat of Species Invasions
BOOKS007249I: BASS, RICK - Where the Sea Used to Be
BOOKS063389I: BASS, RUTH - Herbs Love Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions & Zucchini: A Fresh from the Garden Cookbook
BOOKS037292I: BASS, RUTH - Herbal Breads
BOOKS038932I: BASS, RICK - The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness
BOOKS065151I: BASSHAM, GREGORY & JERRY L. WALLS (EDITORS) - The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy: The Lion, the Witch and the Worldview
BOOKS042690I: BASSI, ALBERTO - Antonio Citterio: Industrial Designer
BOOKS012101I: BASSIE-SWEET, KAREN - From the Mouth of the Dark Cave: Commemorative Sculpture of the Late Classic Maya
BOOKS056244I: BASSLER, RAY S.; CHARLES E. RESSER, WALDO L. SCHMITT & PAUL BARTSCH - Shelled Invertebrates of the Past and Present, with Chapters on Geological History
BOOKS069594I: BASSO, HAMILTON - A Touch of the Dragon
BOOKS050031I: BASTEN, FRED E. - Glorious Technicolor: The Movies' Magic Rainbow
BOOKS024146I: BASTIAN, HEINER ET AL. - Joseph Beuys Editionen: Sammlung Schlegel
BOOKS064893I: BASTIANICH, LIDIA & JAY JACOBS - La Cucina di Lidia: Distinctive Regional Cuisine from the North of Italy
BOOKS068513I: BASTIANICH, LIDIA MATTICCHIO & TANYA BASTIANICH MANUALI WITH DAVID NUSSBAUM - Lidia's Italy (140 Simple and Delicious Recipes from the Ten Places in Italy Lidia Loves Most)
BOOKS065150I: BASTIANICH, LIDIA MATTICCHIO - Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy: A Feast of 175 Regional Recipes
BOOKS064595I: BASTIANICH, LIDIA & JAY JACOBS - La Cucina di Lidia: Distinctive Regional Cuisine from the North of Italy
BOOKS061910I: BASTIN, HAROLD - Insects: Their Life-Histories and Habits
BOOKS062874I: BASTTISTELLA, EDWIN L. - Do You Make These Mistakes in English?: The Story of Sherin Cody's Famous Language School
BOOKS062977I: BATCHELOR, MARY - Windows on the Bible: 365 Spiritual Reflections
BOOKS066839I: BATCHELOR, STEPHEN - Verses from the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime
BOOKS052994I: BATE, WALTER JACKSON - Samuel Johnson
BOOKS009875I: BATEN, LEA - Playthings and Pastimes in Japanese Prints
BOOKS005323I: BATES, ARTHENIA J. - Seeds Beneath the Snow: Vignettes from the South
BOOKS061568I: BATES, WESLEY W. - The Point of the Graver
BOOKS055565I: BATES, KATHARINE LEE - O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
BOOKS065136I: BATES, MARSTON - The Forest and the Sea: A Look at the Economy of Nature and the Ecology of Man
BOOKS030498I: BATES, MARSTON - Tierleben
BOOKS014034I: BATES, H.E. - Down the River
BOOKS061652I: BATES, H.E. - Through the Woods: The English Woodland - April to April
BOOKS060144I: BATES, MARJORIE C. - Stratford-on-Avon and Broadway Village: A Series of 16 Views in Colour after the Oginal Drawings by Marjorie C. Bates
BOOKS044038I: BATES, ERNEST SUTHERLAND (ED.) - The Bible: Designed to Be Read As Living Literature - The Old and the New Testaments in the King James Version
BOOKS025808I: BATESON, MARY CATHERINE - Peripheral Visions: Learning Along the Way
BOOKS070345I: BATESON, MARY CATHERINE - Composing a Life
BOOKS030925I: BATH, VIRGINIA CHURCHILL - Needlework in America: History , Designs and Techniques
BOOKS057960I: BATTAGLIO, DANIELA; PAOLA GHO & GRAZIA NOVELLINI (EDS.) - Osterie & Locande d'Italia: A Guide to Traditional Places to Eat and Stay in Italy
BOOKS050700I: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - The World of Art Nouveau
BOOKS051300I: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - The Decorative Twenties
BOOKS056989I: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - The Decorative Thirties
BOOKS066820I: BATTISTA, GARTH (EDITOR) - The Runner's Literary Companion: Great Stories and Poems About Running
BOOKS016494I: BATTISTON, SILVANO - Particolari Palladiani
BOOKS024833I: IBN BATTUTA - Travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-1354
BOOKS032275I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen
BOOKS070383I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - The Flowers of Evil and Other Poems
BOOKS042015I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Baudelaire: Selected Writings on Art and Artists
BOOKS059970I: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Selected Poems from Les Fleurs du Mal: A Bilingual Edition
BOOKS021845I: BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Eileen Gray
BOOKS043269I: BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Gilbert Poillerat: Maitre Ferronnier
BOOKS043494I: BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Jean-Michel Frank
BOOKS005400I: BAUER, GREGORY P. - The Analysis of the Transference in the Here and Now
BOOKS032824I: BAUER, GREGORY P. & JOSEPH C. KOBOS - Brief Therapy: Short-Term Psychodynamic Intervention
BOOKS045855I: BAUER, WILLIAM H.; JAMES L. OZMENT & JOHN H. WILLARD - Colorado Post Offices, 1859-1989: A Comprehensive Listing of Post Offices, Stations, and Branches
BOOKS032572I: BAUER, ERWIN & PEGGY BAUER - Photographing Wild Texas
BOOKS047310I: BAUER, HANS ET AL. (EDS.) - Heiningen: Geschichte und Gegenwart
BOOKS039912I: BAUER, NANCY - Simone de Beauvoir, Philosophy and Feminism
BOOKS045856I: BAUER, WILLIAM H.; JAMES L. OZMENT & JOHN H. WILLARD - Colorado Postal History: The Post Offices
BOOKS039068I: BAUGH, LAURA WITH STEVE EUBANKS - Out of the Rough: An Intimate Portrait of Laura Baugh and Her Sobering Journey
BOOKS001687I: BAUM, PETER (ED.) - Secessionism and Austrian Graphic Art 1900-1920 from the Collection of the Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz
BOOKS012996I: BAUMANN, KURT - The Prince and the Lute
BOOKS066412I: BAUMANN, J. BRUCE - Days of Sweet Remembrance: A Portrait of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania
BOOKS066232I: BAUMBACH, JONATHAN - On the Way to My Father's Funeral: New and Selected Stories
BOOKS022802I: BAUMEL, JUDITH - The Weight of Numbers
BOOKS001028I: BAUMGARTEN, MURRAY - City Scriptures: Modern Jewish Writing
BOOKS009055I: BAUMGARTNER, PETER & SABINE PAYR - Speaking Minds: Interviews with 20 Eminent Cognitive Scientists
BOOKS063520I: BAUN, BOBBY WITH ANNE LOGAN - Lowering the Boom: The Bobby Baun Story
BOOKS063479I: BAUR, JOHN I.H. (INTRO) - Charles E. Burchfield at Kennedy Galleries: The Early Years, 1915-1929
BOOKS002384I: BAUR, SUSAN - Hypochondria: Woeful Imaginings
BOOKS021222I: BAUR, MAX & URSULA EDELMANN-POMPLITZ; WILLIAM A. EWING; STEPHAN STEINS (ED.) - Max Baur in the Bauhaus Spirit: Photographs 1925 - 1960
BOOKS053843I: BAUR, JOHN I.H. - Bernard Reder
BOOKS050119I: BAUR, JOHN I.H. - Bernard Reder
BOOKS049394I: BAUR , JOHN I.H. - Interpretations of Nature: An Exhibition and Sale of Early Watercolors by Charles Burchfield
BOOKS069450I: BAUR, JOHN I.H. - John Marin: Watercolors of the 1920s, Drawings from 1917 to 1931
BOOKS041978I: BAUR, JOHN I. H. - The Sculpture and Drawings of Elie Nadelman, 1882-1946
BOOKS067889I: BAURET, GABRIEL (EDITOR) - Aperture 142: France: New Visions
BOOKS005719I: BAUSCH, RICHARD - Violence
BOOKS032042I: BAUVER, ROBERT - Navajo and Pueblo Earrings, 1850-1945, Collected By Robert V. Gallegos
BOOKS001463I: BAWER, BRUCE - A Place at the Table: The Gay Individual in American Society
BOOKS041996I: BAXENDALE, STANLEY - First Computer Design Coloring Book
BOOKS026561I: BAXT, GEORGE - "I!" Said the Demon
BOOKS006799I: BAXTER, JOHN - The Gangster Film
BOOKS007326I: BAXTER, JOHN - Bunuel
BOOKS009708I: BAXTER, JOHN - Mythmaker: The Life and Work of George Lucas
BOOKS011023I: BAXTER, CHARLES - Believers
BOOKS012079I: BAXTER, CHARLES - Shadow Play
BOOKS022095I: BAXTER, CHARLES; MICHAEL COLLIER & EDWARD HIRSCH - A William Maxwell Portrait: Memories and Appreciations
BOOKS023102I: BAXTER, CHARLES - Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction
BOOKS045818I: BAXTER, GLEN - The Billiard Table Murders: A Gladys Babbington Morton Mystery
BOOKS006937I: BAXTER, JOHN - Fellini
BOOKS066563I: BAXTER, CHARLES - Saul and Patsy
BOOKS044572I: BAY, KENNETH E. - How to Tie Freshwater Flies
BOOKS061242I: DE BAY, PHILIP & JAMES BOLTON - Garden Mania: The Ardent Gardener's Compendium of Design and Decoration
BOOKS065216I: BAYARD, PETER - How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read
BOOKS064372I: BAYARD, TANIA (TRANSLATOR & EDITOR) - A Medieval Home Companion: Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century
BOOKS007357I: BAYER, PATRICIA & MARK WALLER - The Art of Rene Lalique
BOOKS056902I: BAYER, PATRICIA - Art Deco Interiors: Decoration and Design Classics of the 1920s and 1930s

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