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68849: KRAPP, GEORGE PHILIP AND ELLIOTT VAN KIRK DOBBIE - The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, a Collective Edition: III. The Exeter Book
68493: KRAUS, DOROTHY AND HENRY KRAUS - Le Monde Caché Des Miséricordes: Suivi Du Répertoire de 400 Stalles D'église En France
73563: KREIDOLF, ERNST - Servants of the Spring
73564: KREIDOLF, ERNST - Flower Fairy Tales
73375: KRIEGER, ALEX ; DAVID COBB ; AMY TURNER - Mapping Boston
65293: KUBASTA, VOJITECH - Snow White
73367: KUNHARDT, PHILIP B., PHILIP B. KUNHARDT, PETER W. KUNHARDT - P.T. Barnum : America's Greatest Showman
73405: KUNITZ, STANLEY - The Testing-Tree
73124: KURZ, MARTINE AND CHRISTINE GAUTHEY - Diana Princess of Wales (Commemorative Edition)
59538: LACERDA, JOSE DE AZEVEDO (M.D.) - Spirit & Matter: New Horizons for Medicine
71971: LACROIX, PAUL (PIERRE DUFOUR) - History of Prostitution Among All the Peoples of the World, from the Most Remote Antiquity to the Present Day (3 Volumes, Complete)
71665: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Japonisme : Cultural Crossings between Japan and the West
71602: LAMMING, GEORGE - In the Castle of My Skin
65654: LANDAU, L. D. AND E. M. LIFSHITZ (TRANSLATED BY J. B. SYKES AND J. S. BELL) - Theory of Elasticity
72969: LANDON, MELVILLE D., MARK TWAIN, ET AL. - Wit and Humor of the Age Comprising Wit, Humor, Pathos, Ridicule, Satires, Dialects, Puns, Conundrums, Riddles, Charades, Jokes and Magic by Mark Twain, [Et Al] with the Philosophy of Wit and Humor
68975: LAPIDGE, MICHAEL AND HELMUT GNEUSS - Learning and Literature in Anglo-Saxon England: Studies Presented to Peter Clemoes on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday
59437: LARKIN, COLIN - The Virgin Encyclopedia of 60's Music
67277: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
72535: LATHROP, GILBERT, EDWARD O'CONNOR AND NORTON HUGHES JONATHAN - Junior "G" Men's Mystery Stories Containing the Following Three Complete Books : Whispering Rails by Gilbert Lathrop, the "G" Man's Son by Edward O'Connor, Dan Hyland Police Reporter by Norton Hughes Jonathan
72720: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - The Evolution of a Girl's Ideal : A Little Record of the Ripening of the Affections to the Time of Love's Coming
73408: LAUX, DORIANNE - Smoke
66792: LAWRENCE, ISABELLE - The Theft of the Golden Ring: A Tale of Rome and Treasure
71917: LAWRENCE, D. H. ; FLO GIBSON (NARRATOR) - Aaron's Rod (Classic Books on Cassettes Collection) [Unabridged]
66793: LAWRENCE, ISABELLE - The Gift of the Golden Cup: A Tale of Rome and Pirates
73686: LAYCOCK, GEORGE - Big Nick : The Story of a Remarkable Black Bear
62403: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Fish Soup; (Signed Copy)
68313: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - Her Majesty's Minister
72903: LEAF, WALTER - A Modern Priestess of Isis; Abridged and Translated on Behalf of the Society for Physical Research from the Russian of Vsevolod Sergyeevich Solovyoff
67382: LEAF, MUNRO - Aesop's Fables: A New Version Written by Munro Leaf with Illustrations by Robert Lawson
72149: LEBLANC, MAURICE - The Three Eyes (the International Adventure Library, Three Owls Edition)
65375: LECORBUSIER (JEANNERET, CHARLES-EDOUARD) - New World of Space : Some Day Through Unanimous Effort Unity Will Reign Once More in the Major Arts : City Planning and Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
63082: LEE VALLEY TOOLS, LTD - Homes & Interiors of the 1920's; a Restoration Design Guide
68956: LEE, YUEH-TING, LEE J. JUSSIM, AND CLARK R. MCCAULEY - Stereotype Accuracy: Toward Appreciating Group Differences
69051: LEIGHTON, ALEXANDER H. - The Governing of Men : General Principles and Recommendations Based on Experience at a Japanese Relocation Camp
72371: LEIGHTON, CLARE - The Farmer's Year: A Calendar of English Husbandry
68524: LELLO, JOSE AND EDGAR LELLO - Dicionario Pratico Ilustrado: Decus in Labor
61789: LEM, STANISLAW - His Master's Voice
62509: LEMOS, PEDRO J. - The Art Teacher : A Book for Children and Teachers
61342: LENOIR, JOHN MONTE AND JEANNETTE MARIE FURLONG - Your Daughter and Mine : A Novel of Sorority Life
72831: LEONARD BASKIN - Etchings of Ten Favorite Artists
68802: LESSON, P. (RENÉ PRIMAVÈRE) - Compléments de Buffon : Races Humaines Et Mammiferes; Tome II: Des Oiseaux
3352: LEVENSON, PAUL H. (RABBI) AND MORRIS U. SCHAPPES - The Image of the Jew in the Negro Community; Jewish-Negro Relations -- and the Responsibility of Jews
60732: LEVERTOFF (LEVERTOV), DENISE - The Double Image (Inscribed by Author)
73387: LEVINAS, EMMANUEL ; ANDRE ORIANNE (TRANS. BY) - The Theory of Intuition in Husserl's Phenomenology
63983: LEVINSON, ORDE (EDITOR) - I Was Lonelyness : The Complete Graphic Works of John Muafangelo: A Catalogue Raisonné 1968 - 1987
72271: LEWER, S.H. - Wright's Book of Poultry (Revised and Edited in Accordance with the Latest Poulty Club Standards)
71222: LEWIS, C. S. - The Discarded Image : In Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature
73705: LEWIS, C. S. ; F. P. WILSON AND BONAMY DOBREE (EDS.) - English Literature in the Sixteenth Century Excluding Drama
66077: LEWIS, WILLIAM MATHER - The Voices of Our Leaders: A Collection of Addresses Delivered by Statesmen of the United States and Her Allies in the Great War
72536: LEWIS, H. SPENCER - Mental Poisoning, Volume XVII (Rosicrucian Library)
71942: LEWIS, C.S. (CLIVE STAPLES) - Prince Caspian; (in Facsimile Jacket)
59256: LEWIS, ALLAN P. - Clearing Your Lifepath Through Kahuna Wisdom (Signed & Numbered); Special Numbered and Autographed Series
71941: LEWIS, C.S. (CLIVE STAPLES) - The Magician's Nephew; (in Facsimile Jacket)
71940: LEWIS, C.S. (CLIVE STAPLES) - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; (in Facsimile Dustjacket)
56842: LEY, WILLY - Rockets; the Future of Travel Beyond the Stratosphere
66070: LICHNEROWICZ, ANDRE - Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics: Lectures on the Existence of Solutions
63977: LIDDELL, E. G. T. - The Discovery of Reflexes
62051: LIEBERSON, ALAN D. - Advance Medical Directives
67284: LIGGETT, HUNTER - Commanding an American Army: Recollections of the World War
71936: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM (EDITED BY JOHN G. NICOLAY AND JOHN HAY) - Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln (12 Volumes, Complete)
72993: LIPMAN, JEAN - Nevelson's World
67638: LIPPINCOTT & CO., J. B. - The English Version of the Polyglott Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments; with the Marginal Readings
73446: LITCH, WILBUR F. - The American System of Dentistry. In Treatises by Various Authors. Vol. II : Operative and Prosthetic Dentistry
73726: LIVET, ANNE ; DAVE HICKEY AND PETER PLAGENS - I Don't Want No Retro Spective : The Works of Ed Ruscha; I Don't Want No Retrospective
72667: LIVY ; AUBREY DE SELINCOURT (TRANSLATED BY) - History of Early Rome (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
73500: LLEWELLYN-JONES, F. - The Glow Discharge and an Introduction to Plasma Physics
59560: LOFTHOUSE, JESSICA - Lancashire Landscape
64393: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle in the Moon
72553: LOMAX, JOHN A. - Adventures of a Ballad Hunter
67899: LOMAX, ALAN, WOODY GUTHRIE, AND PETE SEEGER - Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People
70895: LONDON, JACK - The Call of the Wild
73034: LONDON, JACK - Novels and Social Writings: The People of the Abyss, the Road, the Iron Heel, Martin Eden, John Barleycorn, Essays
58392: LONDON, JACK - On the Makaloa Mat
72716: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
58601: LOO, DAVE ED - The Planesman: 44-D Presents Life at Garden City Army Field, Garden City Kansas
73702: LORENZ, LEE - The World of William Steig
62469: LOUÿS, PIERRE - Aphrodite : Moeurs Antiques
62347: LOUIS, JOE - My Life Story
73501: LOUISELL, WILLIAM H. - Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation
52303: LOWE, BOBBY, 5TH DAN - Mas Oyama's Karate As Practiced in Japan
61801: LUDEWIG, HERMANN E. (W/CORRECTIONS BY WM. W. TURNER) NICOLAS TRUBNER (EDITOR) - Literature of American Aboriginal Languages
71620: LUDGIN, EARLE - The Timid Giant and the Boy Who Was Not Afraid
73085: LUNDIN, VERNARD E. - The Twig Is Bent : Growing Up in the Minnesota Valley
73757: LYND, HELEN MERRELL - On Shame and the Search for Identity
61192: LYONS, DOROTHY - Bright Wampum
59628: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - Collected Works (Warwick Edition) 32 Vols Complete
73696: MACALPINE, NEIL - A Pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary
71635: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England from the Accession of James II (5 Volume Set, Complete)
72947: MACCAFFREY, WALLACE T. - The Shaping of the Elizabethan Regime: Elizabethan Politics 1558-1572; the Shaping of the Elizabethan Regime: Elizabethan Politics 1558-1572; the Shaping of the Elizabethan Regime: Elizabethan Politics 1558-1572 (3 Volumes: Complete Trilogy)
72736: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind
72566: MACDONALD, BETTY - Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
73523: MACDONNELL, KEVIN - Eadweard Muybridge : The Man Who Invented the Moving Picture
73451: MACIA, TERESA - Pierre Daura (1896-1976)
72427: MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER - Voyages from Montreal on the River St. Laurence Through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the Years 1789 and 1793 with a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of That Country; Illustrated with Maps
73521: MACLAGAN, ERIC - The Bayeux Tapestry
62941: MACLEAR, MICHAEL (AND PHOTOGRAPHS EDITED BY HAL BUELL) - Vietnam : A Chronicle of the War (a Complete Photographic History)
58537: MACNEISH, RICHARD S. (EDITED BY JANE G. LIBBY) - Excavation of Pintada Rockfeller on Mcgregor Firing Range in New Mexico; El Paso Centennial Museum Publications in Anthropology No. 12
70661: MAHAFFY, CHARLOTTE L. - Coos River Echoes: A Story of the Coos River Valley (Signed)
66282: MAHARIDGE, DALE AND MICHAEL WILLIAMSON - Journey to Nowhere : The Saga of the New Underclass
73373: MAHLENDORF, URSULA - The Shame of Survival : Working Through a Nazi Childhood
63005: MAILER, NORMAN - The Fight * * * * * Signed Copy * * * * *
63007: MAILER, NORMAN - The Armies of the Night : History As a Novel, the Novel As History * * * * * Signed Copy * * * * *
63127: MAILER, NORMAN - The Deer Park * * * * * Signed * * * * *
62809: MAILER, NORMAN - Pieces and Pontifications
63006: MAILER, NORMAN - The Armies of the Night : History As a Novel, the Novel As History (Signed)
66145: MAIT, JOSEPH N., AND DENNIS W. PRATHER - Selected Papers on Subwavelength Diffractive Optics
73463: MAJOR, GEORGE MACDONALD - Lays of Chinatown and Other Verses
73119: MAKOS, CHRISTOPHER - White Trash (Signed)
70125: MALCZEWSKI, JACEK - Malczewski
71052: MALET, CAPTAIN (XVIII HUSSARS) - Annals of the Road or Notes on Mail and Stage Coaching in Great Britain to Which Are Added Essays on the Road, by Nimrod
56786: MALKIN, PETER Z. & HARRY STEIN - Eichmann in My Hands
73381: MALLARME, STEPHANE. (COOK, BRADFORD -TRANS. WITH INTRO BY) - Mallarme : Selected Prose Poems, Essays, & Letters
72468: MALORY, THOMAS, SIDNEY LANIER AND ALFRED KAPPES (ILL.) - The Boy's King Arthur Being Sir Thomas Mallory's History of Kiing Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table Edited for Boys with an Introduction by Sidney Lanier
62912: MALVERN, GLADYS - So Great a Love
72998: MAMANI, NEREO ACHILLES HANCCO - Simi Pirwa : Castilian Quechua Dictionary, Castilian Quechua Cusco -- Collao Dialectal Variety
72967: MAN, PAUL (DE) AND LINDSAY WATERS (ED. & INTRODUCED BY) - Critical Writings, 1953 - 1978 (Theory and History of Literature, Volume 66)
73688: MANION, PATRICA JEAN - A Century of Change : Loretto's Second Century
73690: MANION, PATRICIA JEAN - Beyond the Adobe Wall : The Sisters of Loretto in New Mexico 1852 -- 1894
69736: MANNHEIM, KARL - Ideology and Utopia : An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge
71628: MANNING, J.R. - The Illustrated Stock Doctor and Live Stock Encyclopaedia
63820: MANUS, WILLARD - Mott the Hoople
71859: MAOTSE-TUNG - Selected Works, Vol. 1 - 4
73715: MARCUS, IRWIN M. AND JOHN J. FRANCIS (EDS.) - Masturbation : From Infancy to Senescence
71077: MARGARET, QUEEN OF NAVARRE AND GEORGE SAINTSBURY (ESSAY) - The Heptameron of the Tales of Margaret, Queen of Navarre (Five Volumes, Complete); Translated Into English from the Authentic Text of M. Le Roux de Lincy with an Essay Upon the Heptameron by George Saintsbury
65705: MARGENAU, HENRY AND GEORGE MOSELEY MURPHY (EDITORS) - The Mathematics of Physics and Chemistry (Volume Two)
73519: MARINONE, N. AND F. GUALA - Complete Handbook of Greek Verbs
72986: MARK, MARY ELLEN - Indian Circus
57229: MARKHAM, JOHN H. - Seventy Years in the Northwest Forests
65852: MARMONT, MARSHAL (DUKE OF RAGUSA) - The Spirit of Military Institutions or, Essential Principles of the Art of War (Revised, Corrected Edition) ; Translated from the Latest Edtion, Revised and Corrected by the Author: With Illustrative Notes, by Henry Coppee
73146: MARRIC, J. J. (CREASEY, JOHN) - Gideon's Mysteries (17 Volumes)
73039: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN (FREDERICK) - Peter Simple : Thrilling Adventures on Land and Sea (Unabridged Edition)
72690: MARSH, JAMES REID - The Charm of the Middle Kingdom
71698: MARSHALL, JOHN A. - American Bastile : A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens During the Late CIVIL War
67489: MARTIN, CLAIRE - Boots & the Glass Mountain
72620: MASER, CHRIS AND BRUCE R. MATE, JERRY F. FRANKLIN, C. T. DYRNESS - Natural History of Oregon Coast Mammals (General Technical Report Pnw - 133)
71084: MASON, CHARLOTTE M. - An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Education : A Liberal Education for All
62632: MASTERS, CHARLES O. - Encyclopedia of Live Foods
73698: MATHER, PHIL - Haynes Twist and Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service and Repair Manual 4082
64918: MATHERS, S. LIDDELL MACGREGOR (TRANSLATOR) - The Key of Solomon the King : (Clavicula Salomonis)
73759: MATHIS, PETER AND ALFONS J. KOPF - Vorarlberger Impressionen
58022: MATSUMOTO GEN, MASAO KOTANI - Nerve Membrane : Biochemistry and Function of Channel Proteins
73607: MATSUOKA, JACK - Rice-Paddy Daddy : The Adventures of G.I. "Bill" in Japan; (Text by "Bill" Himself)
52172: MATTIELLO, JOSEPH J. - Protective and Decorative Coatings, Volume V: Analysis and Testing Methods
66322: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Travel Books
72678: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE ; LAFCADIO HEARN (TRANSLATED BY) - The Tales of Guy de Maupassant (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
68804: MAVITY, NANCY BARR - A Dinner of Herbs (Signed)
66753: MAXWELL, SAMUEL L. MAXWELL (SR.) - Lever Action Magazine Rifles Derived from the Patents of Andrew Burgess
62575: MAYNARD, OLGA - The Ballet Companion (Signed)
60425: MAYNARD, CHRISTOPHER; SCHELLER, BILL - Manifold Destiny: The One! the Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine
69359: MAYO, ROY F. - Gold Mines of Southwest Oregon
72639: MAZZOLA, ANTHONY T. AND FRANK ZACHARY (EDS.) AND KATHLEEN MADDEN - High Society : The Town and Country Picture Album, 1846-1996
71851: MCARTHUR, CLIFTON N. (PAT) - University of Oregon Monthly, Volume X, Issue 2
56094: MCCALEB, CHARLES S. - Surf, Sand & Streetcars : A Mobile History of Santa Cruz, California (Interurbans Special , No. 67)
72742: MCCARDELL, CLAIRE - What Shall I Wear : The What, Where, When and How Much of Fashion
73441: MCCARTHY, MARY - Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
52688: MCCLURE, MICHAEL - The Grabbing of the Fairy: A Masque by Michael Mcclure
57115: MCCORD, JOAN (ED.) - Coercion and Punishment in Long-Term Perspectives
71363: MCCREIGHT, TIM - Metals Technic : A Collection of Techniques for Metalsmiths
60158: MCELROY, C. J. - Mcelroy Hunts Africa
72870: MCINERNY, RALPH - Aquinas Against the Averroists : On There Being Only One Intellect
58353: MCINTYRE, ANNE - Herbs for Common Ailments
56953: MCLANATHAN - The Art of Marguerite Stix
57135: MCLEAN, DONALD B. - American Small Arms Research in World War Two, Vol. I: Hand & Shoulder Weapons, Helmets & Body Armor
63359: MEIGE, HENRY AND E. FEINDEL - Tics and Their Treatment
70869: MELLER, HORST AND RUDOLF SÜHNEL (EDS.) ; ARTHUR BROWN, RICHARD SCHADE - British and American Classical Poems in Continuation of Ludwig Herrig's Classical Authors
69215: MELLINKOFF, RUTH - The Horned Moses in Medieval Art and Thought
64310: MELNIKOFF, PAMELA - The Star and the Sword
73035: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life; Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas; Mardi and a Voyage Thither; Subscribers Slipcased Edition
55466: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick
73025: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Redburn: His First Voyage; White-Jacket: The World in a Man-of-War; Moby-Dick or, the White Whale; Subscribers Slipcased Edition
72952: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick or the Whale
72680: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Billy Bud and Benito Cereno (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
70258: MENCKEN, HENRY LOUIS - The American Language Corrected, Enlarged, and Rewritten) an Inquiry Into the Development of English in the United States (Fourth Edition, Signed by Author
73153: MENCKEN, H. L & GEORGE JEAN NATHAN (ED. BY) - The American Mercury : A Monthly Review, Vol. 1, Number 1
73695: MENNINGER, FLO V. - Days of My Life : Memories of a Kansas Mother and Teacher
71172: MERCER, HENRY - The Discovery of Aboriginal Remains at a Rockshelter in the Delaware Valley Known As the Indian House
73017: MERES, FRANCIS - Palladis Tamia (1598)
73478: MESSENT, CLAUDE J.W. - The Weather Vanes of Norfolk & Norwich
63598: MEYER, ALFRED - Historical Aspects of Cerebral Anatomy
73433: MICHAEL, ARCHBISHOP - The Orthodox Church
72339: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Space : A Novel (Signed)
73168: MIFUNE, KYUZO (KODOKAN 10TH DAN) - The Canon of Judo: Classic Teachings on Principles and Techniques
72956: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Don Quixote de la Mancha : The Ingenious Gentleman
73437: MILLER, JOHN C. - Origins of the American Revolution (an Atlantic Monthly Press Book)
73737: MILLER, JOAQUIN AND ALAN ROSENUS (ED. WITH INTRO. BY) - Selected Writings of Joaquin Miller
62980: MILLER, HENRY - The Rosy Crucifixion : Sexus, Nexus and Plexus (Three Volumes, Complete)
69275: MILLER, WILLIAM R. AND STEPHEN ROLLNICK - Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People to Change Addictive Behavior
68440: MILLER, PAUL EDUARD - Down Beat's Yearbook of Swing
71998: MILLMAN, S. (EDITOR) - A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System: Physical Sciences (1925-1980)
64549: MILNE, A. A. (MUSIC BY H. FRASER-SIMSON) - Teddy Bear and Other Songs from "When We Were Very Young
72518: MILNER, THOMAS (REV.) - The Gallery of Nature : A Pictorial and Descriptive Tour Through Creation, Illustrative of the Wonders of Astronomy, Physical Geography and Geology
67370: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost
73099: MILTON, JOHN - The Complete Poetical Works of John Milton; with a Life of the Poet and Notes on His Works by Thomas Newton, D.D. , Bishop of Bristol
63990: MINOR, THOMAS C. - Athothis : A Satire on Modern Medicine
63388: MINTONYE, EDNA A. (EDITOR) - They Laughed Too (Signed)
63455: MINTONYE, EDNA A. (EDITOR) - They Laughed, Too
61869: MISE DE VILLENEUVE-ARIFAT (EMILE PAUL, EDITEUR) - Souvenirs D'Enfance Et de Jeunesse 1780-1792 Signè; (Memories of Childhood and Youth 1780-1792)
62448: MITCHELL, JONI - Joni Mitchell Songbook : Complete Volume Number I (1966-1970)
61986: MITREV, DIMITAR, FRAN PETRE, VLADIMIR POPOVIC, SIME VUCETIC (EDITORS) - Novija Jugoslavenska Poezija : Antologija
67578: MITSCHERLICH, ALEXANDER AND FRED MIELKE - Doctors of Infamy: The Story of the Nazi Medical Crimes
57295: MITSUHIRO, SIKI - Beyond the Full-Set Industrial Structure : Japanese Industry in the New Age of East Asia
72436: MITSUMASA, ANNO - My Journey Signed; (Original Japanese Title for Anno's Journey)
60938: MOCKLER, ANTHONY - The New Mercenaries : The History of the Hired Soldier from the Congo to the Seychelles
73567: MODOTTI, TINA - Tina Modotti (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Margerette Hooks
70233: MOLL, ERNEST G. - Native Moments and Other Poems
57139: MONTEFIORE, C.G. (ED.) - The Bible for Home Reading (Part I : To the Second Visit of Nehemniah to Jerusalem); with Comments and Reflections for the Use of Jewish Parents and Children
62811: MONTESQUIEU, CHARLES DE SECONDAT, BARON DE - Reflections on the Causes of the Grandeur and Declension of the Romans
72845: MONTGOMERY, PEARL E. - True Story of a Mountain Girl and Pioneer Happenings
72844: MONTGOMERY, PEARL E. - True Story of a Mountain Girl and Pioneer Happenings (Signed)
70551: MOOMAW, LEON A. - Pioneering in the Shadow of Chimney Rock (Signed by Author)
72966: MOON, GRACE AND CARL - Wongo and the Wise Old Crow
69899: MOORE, J. HAMILTON - The Young Gentlemen and Lady's Monitor, and English Teacher's Assistant ; Being a Collection of Select Pieces from Our Best Modern Writers
64434: MOORE, CLEMENT C. , AND ARTHUR RACKHAM - The Night Before Christmas
61414: MOORE, BRIAN - The Doctor's Wife (Signed)
61419: MOORE, BRIAN - The Mangan Inheritance (Signed Copy)
70017: MOORE, BRIAN - The Great Victorian Collection
69822: MOORE, BRIAN - Black Robe
63223: MORDEN, PHILLIP SANFORD - Egyptian Days : The Mystery and Romance of the East
72687: MORETTI, ONORIO - Notes on Training Field Artillery Details : Prepared Under the Direction of Captain Robert M. Danford
71613: MORGAN, MURRAY (WITH PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVEN C. WILSON) - Century 21 : The Story of the Seattle World's Fair, 1962
72064: MORGAN, ROSE (AS MEGAN MOORE) - Thrift Store Prospecting
57296: MORLAND, ANDREW - E Type Jaguar
73714: MORLEY, N.T. - The Administratrix
64415: MORPRUGO, A. V. (TRANSLATOR) - L'Haggada Illustrata
61889: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Real Losses, Imaginary Gains
72000: MORRIS, HENRY (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Trade Tokens of British and American Booksellers & Bookmakers with Specimens of Eleven Original Tokens Struck Especially for This Book
73703: MORRIS, J. M. - The Franklin & James Decade Review American Artists at Auction 5/88 -- 7/98
71802: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer : The Works of Love and the Huge Season
67213: MORRIS, CLYDE T. AND SAMUEL T. CARPENTER - Structural Frameworks
72489: MORRIS, HENRY (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - The Private Press-Man's Tale
72144: MORTIMER, FAVELL LEE - Far Off : Asia Described with Anecdotes and Illustrations
72540: MOSHER, THOMAS BIRD (EDITOR) - The Bibelot: 6 Dozen Assorted Individual Issues Dated 1903 to 1909
71767: MOSKOWITZ, IRA - Great Drawings of All Time : Volume III: French, Thirteenth Century to 1919
71734: MOSKOWITZ, IRA - Great Drawings of All Time : Oriental, Spanish, English, American and Contemporary, Volume IV
54512: MOTHER EARTH NEWS - The Mother Earth News (Issues 1 Through 10)
73678: MOTLEY, MARY PENICK ; HOWARD DONOVAN QUEEN (FOREWORD) - The Invisible Soldier : The Experience of the Black Soldier, World War II
62405: MOULTON, JAMES HOPE / TURNER, NIGEL - A Grammar of New Testament Greek, Vol. III, Syntax
62406: MOULTON, JAMES HOPE - A Grammar of New Testament Greek, Vol I, Prolegomena
62407: MOULTON, JAMES HOPE & WILBERT FRANCIS HOWARD - A Grammar of New Testament Greek, Vol II, Accidence and Word-Formation with an Appendix on Semitisms in the New Testament
70919: MOZESON, ISAAC E. - The Word : The Dictionary That Reveals the Hebrew Source of English
71074: MÜHLBACH, L. - The Works of Mûhlbach ( 18 Volumes, Complete)
72532: MUIR, JOHN - My First Summer in the Sierra (Sierra Club Books)
72519: MULLAN, JOHN - Reports to Hon. George Stoneman Governor of California, of Certain Claims of the State of California Against the United States, Nov. 1, 1878 to November 1, 1886
62683: MÜLLER, K.M., THE RIGHT HON. PROFESSOR F. MAX - Last Essays, Second Series : Essays on the Science of Religion
68209: MULLER, MARCIA AND BILL PRONZINI - The Web She Weaves: An Anthology of Mystery and Suspense Stories by Women
62682: MÜLLER, K.M., THE RIGHT HON. PROFESSOR F. MAX - Last Essays, First Series : Essays on Language, Folklore and Other Subjects
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73135: NERUDA, PABLO - Residencia En la Tierra (1925 - 1935)
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62545: PATERSON, DANIEL - A New and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principle Cross Roads in England and Wales (Paterson's Roads) ; Containing: I. An Alphabetical List of All the Cities, Towns and Remarkable Villages; with Their Market-Days, and the Counties in Which They Are Situated. II. The Direct Roads from London to All the Cities, Borough, Market, and Sea-Port, Towns; Shewing the Distance from Each City, Town, or Village, to the Next on the Same Road; with Their Distance from London, and an Account of the Remarkable Seats That Are Near the Road. III. The Cross Roads of England and Wales. IV. The Circuits of the Judges in England. V. An Index to the Country Seats. VI. A Post-Table, in French and English, Showing Instantly, without the Trouble of Calculating, the Expence of Travelling Any Stage, with Post-Chaises and Saddle-Horses. The Whole on a Plan Entirely New, and Far Preferable to Any Work of the Kind Extant
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71681: PICARD, EMILE - Traité D'Analyse (Tome II)
71682: PICARD, EMILE - Traité D'Analyse (Tome III)
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72552: PIKE, ALBERT : T. W. HUGO - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Prepared for the Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States and Published by Its Authority
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72717: POE, JOHN WE - The Death of Billy the Kid
73029: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Poetry and Tales; Subscsubscribers Edition. Issued in Cream-Colored Slipcase with No Dustjacket in a "... Neat, Handsome and Unpretentious Format... Books Will Last for Generations and Withstand the Wear of Frequent Use. The Rigorous Design and Manufacturing Standards Established for the Series Have Been Recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (Aiga). The Paper Is Acid-Free and Meets the Requirements for Permanence Set by the American National Standards Institute; It Will Not Turn Yellow or Brittle. The Books Are Bound with the Grain of the Paper to Ensure That They Open Easily and Lie Flat without Crinkling or Buckling. The Binding Boards Are Flexible Yet Strong and Make the Book Light, Easy to Carry, Trim in Appearance, and a Pleasure to Hold. The Page Layout Has Been Designed for Clarity As Well As Elegance. The Typeface, Galliard, Is Exceptionally Readable and Easy on the Eyes. The Binding Cloth Is Durable Woven Rayon, Dyed in the Thread for Richness of Color. Handsome Endsheets Match the Binding Cloth and Add to the Visual Unity of the Series. The Books Are Smyth-Sewn with Waxed Thread for Permanence and Flexibility, and Each Includes a Ribbon Marker.  the Text Block of Each Volume Measures 4 7/8" X 7 7/8" (Cloth Boards 5 1/8" X 8 1/8") This Trim Size Is Based on the "Golden Rectangle," Which the Ancient Greeks Considered to Be the Ideal Proportion. This Perfect Relation of Height and Width Is Found Throughout Nature and Has Been Used Through the Centuries by Artists, Sculptors, Architects, and Designers. " (from Publisher's Descriptions). Ribers Slipcased Edition
68230: POE, EDGAR ALLEN - The Works of Edgar Allen Poe: With Introductions, Recollections of Poe by Richard Henry Stoddard, Biography, Notes and Illustrations
63821: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Essays and Reviews; Subscribers Slipcased Edition
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68629: POPPER, K. R. - The Open Society and Its Enemies: Volume I -- the Spell of Plato: Volume 2--the Open Society and Its Enemies
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65445: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
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64307: PRICE, WILLARD - Gorilla Adventure
62740: PRICE, WILLARD - Safari Adventure
59534: PRINCE, HOWARD (WITH PENCILS BY PHIL AVELLI AND INKS BY STRAIN - The Woody Allen Story / the Mia Farrow Story
73105: PRISONER 4382 (VANTIFFIN) - Prison Tours and Poems: A Sketch of the Oregon State Penitentiary
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73065: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - The Golden Cockerel
72379: PUTNAM, GEORGE HAVEN, LITT.D. - Memories of a Publisher 1865-1915 (Signed)
58999: RABBI MORDECHAI KATZ - Lilmod Ul'Lamed -- from the Teachings of Our Sages: Joshua; on Nevi'IM: A Compendium of Insights, Homilies and Interpretations on the Prophets: Joshua
59000: RABBI MORDECHAI KATZ - Lilmod Ul'Lamed -- from the Teachings of Our Sages: Judges; on Nevi'IM: A Compendium of Insights, Homilies and Interpretations on the Prophets: Joshua
58998: RABBI MORDECHAI KATZ - Lilmod Ul'Lamed -- from the Teachings of Our Sages : Joshua; on Nevi'IM: A Compendium of Insights, Homilies and Interpretations on the Prophets
70404: RACINE, BRUNO - Living in Rome
72718: RADZIWILL, LEE - Happy Times
70907: RAIVAAJA PUBLISHING - Who's Who Among Finnish-Americans : A Biographical Directory of Persons of Finnish Descent Who Have Made Noteworthy Contributions to the Pattern of American Life
72572: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE AND MA SATYA BHARTI (ED.) - Meditation : The Art of Ecstasy
73739: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - Roots and Wings : Talks on Zen
68432: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE - What Is, Is, What Ain't, Ain't: A Darshan Diary
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72640: RALL, GÜNTHER (AND KURT BRAATZ) - My Logbook: Reminiscences 1938 - 2006 (Signed)
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72291: RANDOLPH, VANCE & G. LEGMAN (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY) - Roll Me in Your Arms, "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs and Folklore, Volume I : Folksongs and Music ; Blow the Candle out, "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs and Folklore, Volume II : Folk Rhymes and Other Lore. Two Volume Set, Complete
59684: RAPACKIEGO, JOZEFA - Krajobrazy Polski
72726: RAPER, HENRY - The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy
72578: RASH, RON - Eureka MILL
69283: RASMUSSEN & COMPANY - New Universal Price List of Sash, Doors and Blinds and Hand Book of Millwork (Effective February 10th, 1908)
73568: RAY, MAN - Man Ray (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Jed Perl
72705: RAY MACKLAND (PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA LEEN) - Lucky: The Famous Foundling
73570: RAY, MAN - Man Ray (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Jed Perl
67981: READ, OPIE AND FRANK PIXLEY - The Carpetbagger, a Novel
72028: RECLUS, ELISEE (EDITED BY A.H. KEANE) - The Earth and Its Inhabitants: Africa: Volume II: North-West Africa
72029: RECLUS, ELISEE (EDITED BY A.H. KEANE) - The Earth and Its Inhabitants: Africa: Volume III: West Africa; Illustrated by Numerous Engravings and Maps
64797: RECLUS, ELISEE (EDITED BY A.H. KEANE) - The Earth and Its Inhabitants: Africa: Volume II: North-West Africa
61493: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy : An Adventure
72337: REEP, EDWARD - A Combat Artist in World War II
68939: REGARDIE, ISRAEL - A Garden of Pomegranates: An Outline of the Qabalah (Second Edition)
72516: REID, MAYNE (CAPT.) - The Man-Eaters and Other Odd People: A Popular Description of Singular Races of Man
66528: REIF, F. - Statistical Physics : Berkeley Physics Course Volume 5
73157: REIMER, EDWARD F. - Matching Mountains with the Boy Scout Uniform : The Official Boy Scout Uniform Badges, Insignia and Awards
68527: REJAI, MOSTAFA AND KAY PHILLIPS - Loyalists & Revolutionaries: Political Leaders Compared
59652: RENAN, M. ERNEST - De L'Origine Du Langage
66288: RENOIR, JEAN (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY NORMAN DENNY) - The Notebooks of Captain Georges (Signed)
61669: RENOIR, JEAN - The Notebooks of Captain Georges (Signed)
71060: REYNARDSON, C.T.S. BIRCH - Down the Road, or, Reminiscences of a Gentleman Coachman
73123: REYNER, J.H. (JOHN HEREWARD) - Gurdjieff in Action
73347: REYNOLDS, MALVINA - Malvina Reynolds Songbook (Signed)
71103: REYNOLDS, RICHARD D. - The Ancient Art of Colima, Mexico
64732: RHODE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Rhode Island Historical Society : Sketch of Its History with List of Papers Read at Its Stated Meetings
67209: RHODES, JAMES FORD - History of the CIVIL War 1861-1865
71174: RHYS, ERNEST (ED.) - Everyman's Library (22 Volumes)
72867: RICE, ANNE - The Vampire Lestat : The Second Book in the Vampire Chronicles
73152: RICHARDS, EUGENE - The Knife and the Gun Club : Scenes from an Emergency Room
72847: RICHARDSON, FRANCES E. - Sir Eglamour of Artois (the Early English Text Society No. 256)
72030: RICHIE, DONALD & MEREDITH WEATHERBY (EDITORS) - The Masters' Book of Ikebana: Background and Principles of Japanese Flower Arrangement; with Lessons by Japan's Three Leading Masters and a Treasury of over 400 Photographs
72944: RICOEUR, PAUL - Time and Narrative, Volumes 1, 2, & 3
71999: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Letters to a Young Poet
71813: RIPLEY, M. M. - The World's Worship in Stone : Temple, Cathedral, and Mosque. One Hundred and Fifty Engravings from the Best Artists with Descriptive Text
63201: RIST, JOHANN - Rist's Hauptsprache - in Bound Photocopy, Obviously Modern-Day. Baptistae Armati, Vatis Thalosi, Rettung Der Edlen Teutschen Hauptsprache : Widfer Alle Deroselben Muhtwillige Verderber Und Alamodesirende Auffschneider... (Bound Photocopy)
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73453: RODALE, J.I. - Stone Mulching in the Garden
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72433: ROWLEY, HUGH (THE HON.) - Gamosagammon; or, Hints on Hymen: For the Use of Parties About to Connubialize
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72597: RUSCHA, ED - Every Building on the Sunset Strip
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72618: SCOTT, JAMES LEANDER - A Journey of a Missionary Tour, Vol. 80, March of America Facsimile Series
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62688: SIDDI SHAYKH MUHAMMAD AL-JAMAL AR-RIFA 'I AS SHADHILI - The Teachings of Siddi Shaykh Muhammad Al-Jamal Ar-Rifa'i As Shadhili : The Guide of the Peace and the Love
66137: SILVESTER, PETER P., AND RONALD L. FERRARI - Finite Elements for Electrical Engineers
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72485: SIMPSON, CHRISTOPHER - Blowback : America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War
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73718: SIMPSON, JACQUELINE - Everyday Life in the Viking Age
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62049: SIRDAR IKBAL ALI SHAH - Black and White Magic : Its Theory and Practice
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72893: SPAETH, LOUISE M. - Marriage and Family Life Among Strange Peoples : Studies of Actual Savage Life
71934: SPECHT, JIM AND JOHN FIELDS - Frank Hurley in Papua : Photographs of the 1920-1923 Expeditions
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69140: SPURGEON, C. H. - The Treasury of David : An Original Exposition of the Book of Psalms ; a Collection of Illustrative Extracts from the Whole Range of Literature ; a Series of Homiletical Hints Upon Almost Every Verse ; and List of Writers Upon Each Psalm. (6 Volumes)
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70902: STEINBECK, JOHN - Cannery Row
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69970: STING - Broken Music : A Memoir
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72372: STODDARD, LOTHROP - Europe and Our Money
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73358: STOWE, C. (CALVIN) E. - Origin and History of the Books of the Bible Both the Canonical and the Apocryphal (the New Testament, Illustrated); Designed to Show What the Bible Is Not, What It Is, and How to Use It
72539: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin
72496: STRATHMORE - The Strathmore Century: 100th Anniversary Issue of the Strathmorean
66016: STRAUB, S.W. - The Golden Rule : A Collecton of Songs, Hymns, and Chants, for Sunday-Schools, Juvenile Concerts, Festivals, Anniversaries, and the Home Circle
63721: STRECKER, EDWARD A. AND FRANCIS T. CHAMBERS - Alcohol: One Man's Meat
72001: STUMPF, M. - Self Instructor for the Tenor or Plectrum Banjo
73764: SULLIVAN, JAMES - New Tricks with Playing Cards, or Revelation of the Secrets of Celebrated Magicians and Renowned Card Players; a Hand-Book of Instruction for the Amusement of the Amateur in General and the Pecuniary Profit for the Professional in Particular
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63440: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH (EDITED BY E.D. CUMING) - The Hunting Tours of Surtees
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73518: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels : A Voyage to Lilliput a Voyage to Brobdingnag
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61633: SYNGE, JOHN M. - Four Plays
73002: SZYMANSKI, FREDERICK J. - Centennial History of American Dermatological Association 1876 -- 1976
70622: T. NORTHCOTE TOLLER - An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary: Supplement
62783: TAFFIN, JOHN - Action Shooting: Cowboy Style : An in-Depth Look at America's Hottest New Shooting Game (Illustrated)
67510: TAKEYAMA, MICHIO - Harp of Burma
64647: TAMA-ITI, ARII-PEU - Fire Walking from the Inside
62748: TARASSUK, LEONID AND CLAUDE BLAIR (ED.) - The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons
72856: TARKENTON, FRANCIS A. - No Time for Losing (Signed)
71153: TARTAKOVER, DAVID - Produce of Israel
73015: TASCHEN - Gustav Klimt Poster Book
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63980: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - Greek Biology and Medicine
73341: TAYLOR, BERT LESTON AND W. C. GIBSON - The Log of the Water Wagon or the Cruise of the Good Ship "Lithia
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60842: TEIXEIRA, LAUREN S. - The Costanoan/Ohlone Indians of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area : A Research Guide
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65597: TENNYSON ALFRED - The Poems of Alfred Tennyson
59562: THAYER, TIFFANY - Call Her Savage
68942: THE CATHOLIC PRESS, INC - The Lives of the Saints: For Every Day of the Year (Three Volume Set, Complete)
61088: THE ARCHIMANDRITE GREGORY (GRIGOL) PERADZE - An Account of the Georgian Monks and Monasteries in Palestine As Revealed in the Writings of Non-Georgian Pilgrims; (from Georgica, Autumn, 1937, Nos. 4 & 5, Pp 181-246)
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73456: THOELE, MICHAEL - Bohemia: The Lives and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture; (Signed by Author Michael Thoele)
73150: THOELE, MICHAEL - Bohemia : The Lives and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture
73457: THOELE, MICHAEL - Bohemia: The Lives and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture; (Inscribed & Signed by Author Michael Thoele)
73455: THOELE, MICHAEL - Bohemia: The Lives and Times of an Oregon Timber Venture; (Signed by Author Michael Thoele)
72953: THOMAS NELSON & SONS - Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: American Standard Version
73735: THOMAS, DAVID HURST (ED. BY) - Columbian Consequences : Archaelogical and Historical Perspectives on the Spanish Borderlands West, Volume 1
73080: THOMAS, D. H. - Pictures at an Exhibition
73447: THOMAS NELSON - Good News Bible : The Bible in Today's English Version, Giant Print
72900: THOMPSON, ALLYN J. - Making Your Own Telescope
62824: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - The Cowardly Lion of Oz
70659: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY (ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN R.NEILL) - The Giant Horse of Oz; Founded on the Continuing the Famous Oz Stories of L. Frank Baum
69803: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - Speedy in Oz
73733: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - The Rum Diary : The Long Lost Novel
58476: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY ; [BAUM, L. FRANK] - The Cowardly Lion of Oz
58474: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY ; [BAUM, L. FRANK] - The Yellow Knight of Oz
73752: THORNE-THOMSEN, KATHLEEN AND PAUL ROCHELEAU - A Shaker's Dozen : A Counting Book
73388: TICHENOR, MARY WALKER - Dedicated to the Memory of All the Boys Who Sailed "the Seven Seas" on... The Battleship "Oregon" "the Bull Dog of the Navy
57299: TIFFANY STUDIOS - Antique Chinese Rugs
59831: TILLIS, MALCOLM - The Emergence of the New Master Darshan Singh
69360: TISCHENDORF - Novum Testamentum Graece: Ad Antiquissimos Testes Denuo Recensuit (Editio Critica Minor Ex VIII, Maiore Desumpta)
67278: TOILET REQUISITES - The Tr Register, (Toilet Requisites)1926 Edition: A Reference Book for Buyers of Perfumeries, Cosmetics, and Toilet Articles
61705: TOLBERT, FRANK X. SIGNED - The Staked Plain
59668: TOLEGIAN, ARAM (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - Armenian Poetry Old and New: A Bilingual Anthology (Signed)
68768: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Return of the King : Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings
70092: TOLKIEN, J. R. R., AND CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN (ED.) - The Silmarillion
68771: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Fellowship of the Ring Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings
72671: TOLSTOY, LEO - Anna Karenina (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
61554: TOOLE, JOHN KENNEDY - A Confederacy of Dunces
57245: TOWNSEND, W.G. PAULSON - Plant & Floral Studies for Designers Art Students and Craftsmen
73173: TRAPP, JACOB - Tao Teh Ching: The Wisdom of Lao Tzu: A Version and an Interpretive Essay (Signed)
73648: TRAVERS, P.L. - Mary Poppins from a to Z.
63596: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Badger's Wood
63587: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Badger's Beech
67189: TRIPLETT, FRANK - The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James: The Only Correct and Authorized Edition, Giving Full Particulars of Each and Every Dark and Desperate Deed in the Career of This Most Noted Outlaw of Any Time or Nation
72838: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY (BETTY JANE SLEMP BREYER, ED.) - Anthony Trollope : The Complete Short Stories (Five Volumes, Complete)
73502: TROOST, LINDA V. (EDITOR) - Eighteenth-Century Women : Studies in Their Lives, Work and Culture : Volume 5
71033: TRUCHOT, THERESA - Charcoal Wagon Boy
73343: TRUEBLOOD, TED - The Ted Trueblood Hunting Treasury
72735: TUCKER, GEORGE F. - The Boy Whaleman (the Beacon Hill Bookshelf)
72722: TULLEY, HENRY C. - Handbook on Engineering. The Practical Care and Management of Dynamos, Motors, Boilers, Engines, Pumps, Inspirators and Injectors, Refrigerating Machinery, Hydraulic Elevators, Electric Elevators, Air Compressors, Rope Transmission and All Branches of Steam Engineering
65119: TUPPER, TRISTRAM - A Storm at the Crossroads and Other Stories
72656: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers & Sons (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written Collector's Edition)
69319: TURNBULL, COULSON - Sema-Kanda : Threshold Memories (a Mystic's Story)
73348: TURNER, LIZ - The Librarian and Her Boys: A Rated X Book (Signed)
72154: TURNER, NOEL D. - American Silver Flatware 1837 -- 1910
61552: TUTU, DESMOND - The Rainbow People of God : The Making of a Peaceful Revolution
73027: TWAIN, MARK - Mississippi Writings: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Life on the Mississippi; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Pudd'Nhead Wilson. ; Subscribers Slipcased Edition
73498: TWAIN, MARK - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Tom Sawyer's Companion]
73515: TWAIN, MARK - Tom Sawyer Abroad and Other Stories
65331: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad,; or the New Pilgrims' Progress; Being Some Account of the Steamship Quaker City's Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land ; with Descriptions of Coutnries, Nations, Incidents and Adventures, As They Appeared to the Author
72675: TWAIN, MARK ; - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Tom Sawyer's Companion] (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
73115: TWAIN, MARK - A Horse's Tale
71728: TWAIN, MARK - Life on the Mississippi
70270: TWITCHELL, PAUL AND DARWIN GROSS - The Eck-Ynari: The Secret Knowledge of Dreams
63008: TYL, JOSEF KAJETÀN - Chudí Lidè
73122: TYNDALE HOUSE - The Living Bible : Paraphrased, Large Print Edition
70610: TYRER, JOHN H. AND JOHN M. SUTHERLAND - Exercises in Neurological Diagnosis
72935: U. S. WAR DEPARTMENT ; G. C. MARSHALL (FOREWORD) - Omaha Beachhead (6 June -- 13 June 1944) American Forces in Action Series
69046: U. S. ARMY - Fort Ord California U.S. Army Training Center Infantry : Headquarters and Headquarters Co. 2d Battalion 3d Brigade
73495: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY AND DANIEL RICHMAN - Report of the Department of the Treasury on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Investigation of Vernon Wayne Howell Also Known As David Koresh
73070: U. S. WAR DEPARTMENT ; G. C. MARSHALL (FOREWORD) - Omaha Beachhead (6 June -- 13 June 1944) American Forces in Action Series
73071: U. S. WAR DEPARTMENT - St - Lo (7 July -- 19 July 1944) America in Action Series
72936: U. S. WAR DEPARTMENT - St - Lo (7 July -- 19 July 1944) America in Action Series
73431: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, LEROY R. ALLDREDGE (PREFACE) - Essa Symposium on Earthquake Prediction Rockville, Maryland February 7, 8, 9, 1966
72943: U. S. ARMY - Fort Ord California U.S. Army Training Center Infantry : Company a, 2nd Battle Group, 1st Brigade
72979: UELSMANN, JERRY - Other Realities
72560: (UNDER TITLE) - The Boy's Playtime Book: A Miscellany of Entertaining Stories and Sketches
72576: UNDERGROUND SPACE CENTER UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA - Earth Sheltered Housing Design Guidelines, Examples, and References
71053: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS T. - Driving for Pleasure -- or, the Harness Stable and Its Appointments
72965: UNDERWOOD, TOM R. (ED.) - Thoroughbred Racing & Breeding : The Story of the Sport and Background of the Horse Industry
72124: UNKNOWN - Antiphonariu
69978: UPDIKE, JOHN - Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories
73738: URIS, LEON - Exodus (Signed)
61183: URQUHART, D.H. - Cocoa (Tropical Agriculture Series)
73710: VACCARI, ORESTE AND MRS. ENKO ELISA VACCARI - A.B. C. Japanese-English Dictionary (Parts I and II, Complete); an Entirely New Method of Classification of the Chinese-Japanese Characters
71988: VALENTINE, CHRISTOPER ; CHRISTIAN VON LAHR - If You Could Only See... A Gnome's Story : A Groundbreaking First Person Account of the Nature Kingdom As Told by the Gnomes, Leprechauns, Elvs and Faeries Themselves
73118: VAN GOGH, VINCENT - The Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh with Reproductions of All the Drawings in the Correspondence (Volumes One, Two and Three, in Slipcase)
70145: VAN LEEUWEN, JEAN - Emma Bean
63875: VAN TRUMP, JAMES D. - Majesty of the Law : The Court Houses of Allegheny County
71240: VAN GELDER, J. G. - Dutch Drawings and Prints -- with 224 Plates in Black and White
72274: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Black Jack : The Life and Times of Colonel John J. Pershing (2 Vols. , Complete)
72975: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Rebel Brass : The Confederate Command System (CIVIL War Book Club)
58603: VARADAN, KOMALA - Komala Varadan
71847: VARIOUS - The Makers of Canada (11 Volumes)
67546: VARIOUS - Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information (Eleventh Edition, 28 Volumes Plus Index Volume); Deluxe Edition, Limp Leather Covers
71047: VARIOUS - The Repertory of Arts, Manufactures, and Agriculture, Volume XVI - Second Series; Consisting of Original Communications, Specifications of Patent Inventions, Practical and Interesting Papers, Selected from the Philosophical Transactions and Scientific Journals of All Nations. Monthly Intelligence Relating to the Useful Arts, Proceedings of Learned Societies, and Notices of All Patents Granted for Inventions
73145: VARIOUS - Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information (Eleventh Edition, 28 Volumes Plus Index Volume, Complete
64806: VARIOUS AUTHORS - American Wit and Humor by One Hundred of America's Leading Humorists (5 Volume Set); (Introduction by Joel Chandler Harris)
73528: VARIOUS - The Everyday Story Book : A Group of Present-Day Stories
59512: VATSYAYAN, KAPILA (DR.) - Classical Indian Dance in Literature and the Arts
73655: VAUGHN, WADE - Seattle - Leschi Diary
58257: VELAZQUEZ DE LA CADENA, MARIANO - A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages (Seoane's Neuman and Baretti by Velazquez)
71980: VERGHESE, ABRAHAM - Cutting for Stone : A Novel; Signed
72970: VERNE, JULES - A Voyage Round the World : Australia
67215: VIDEOFREEX - The Spaghetti City Video Manual: A Guide to Use, Repair, and Maintenance
67301: VIETOR, JOHN A. - Time out: American Airmen at Stalag Luft 1
73524: VINCENT, MARVIN R. - Word Studies in the New Testament (4 Volumes, Complete)
67797: VINES, JEFF - Dinner with Skeptics: Defending God in a World That Makes No Sense
60918: VINKEN, P.J. AND G.W. BRUYN (EDS.) - Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Diseases (Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Volume 9)
59998: VOLBOUDT, PIERRE - Chillida
60559: VON UNRUH, FRITZ - The End Is Not Yet
71683: VONNEGUT, KURT - Breakfast of Champions
73566: W. EUGENE SMITH - W. Eugene Smith (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Jim Hughes
66321: WALDRON, R. A. - The Theory of Waveguides and Cavities
73366: WALKER, BRIAN - The Comics Since 1945
72634: WALKER, DEWARD E. AND DANIEL N. MATTHEWS - Blood of the Monster : The Nez Perce Coyote Cycle (Signed)
65291: WALLACE, EDGAR - Terror Keep
72565: WALLACE, ERNEST - Charles de Morse : Pioneer Editor and Statesman
73474: WALLACE, HELEN, MARK A. POLLACK AND ALASDAIR R. YOUNG - Policy-Making in the European Union (Seventh Edition); (the New European Union Series)
71831: WALLACE, W. STEWART - Encyclopedia of Canada (Six Volumes, Complete)
68343: WALSH, LAWRENCE E. (INDEPENDENT COUNSEL) - Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters: Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions
68344: WALSH, LAWRENCE E. (INDEPENDENT COUNSEL) - Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters: Volume II: Indictments, Plea Agreements, Interim Reports to the Congress, and Administrative Matters
70870: WALTON, ISAAC - The Works of That Learned and Judicious Divine, Mr. Richard Hooker : With an Account of His Life and Death (Two Volumes)
71855: WALTON, ANN T., JOHN C. EWERS, ROYAL B. HASSRICK - After the Buffalo Were Gone: The Louis Warren Hill, Sr. Collection of Indian Art
64114: WALTON, JOHN N. (FOREWARD BY SIR CHARLES SYMONDS) - Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
73100: WARD, MARIA (PSEUDONYM) - Female Life Among the Mormons; a Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience, by the Wife of a Mormon Elder, Recently from Utah
73513: WARD, AILEEN - John Keats : The Making of a Poet
73462: WARD, LYND - Gods' Man: A Novel in Woodcuts (Signed)
71852: WARD, ARTEMAS (COMPILER) - The Grocers' Hand-Book and Directory for 1886
72741: WARHOL, ANDY & BOB COLACELLO (ED.) - Andy Warhol's Exposures
72604: WARHOL, ANDY - Andy Warhol : Death and Disasters
67980: WARREN, ELIZA SPALDING - Memoirs of the West: The Spaldings
73163: WARREN, ARTHUR - George Westinghouse, 1846 -- 1914 : A Tribute
73471: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Up from Slavery : An Autobiography
70256: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Up from Slavery: An Autobiography
73761: WATANNA, ONOTO - A Japanese Blossom
72624: WATERMAN, WATKINS & CO - History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania. With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Chicago, Waterman, Watkins, & Co. 1884)
72926: WATKINS, SYLVESTRE C. - Jeeps a Dog for Defense
67494: WATTERSON, HENRY - Marse Henry" an Autobiography (Volumes I & II, Complete)
73011: WATTLES, GURDON WALLACE - Autobiography of Gurdon Wallace Wattles Genealogy
64552: WAUGH, ALICE - Planning the Little House
70345: WEAVER, CARL - Greenberg's Layout Building Handbook for Operators of Marklin H O Trains (#10-6880)
68626: WEBER, MAX - The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations
60843: WEBSTER, C. C. AND P. N. WILSON - Agriculture in the Tropics
73730: WEBSTER, NOAH - Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language: Second Edition, Unabridged (India Paper Edition)
72860: WEBSTER, KENNETH G. T. - Guinevere : A Study of Her Abductions
70378: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - The Violin
73365: WEHLE, HARRY B. , BOLTON, THEODORE - American Miniatures 1730 -- 1850 One Hundred and Seventy-Three Portraits Selected with a Descriptive Account and a Biographical Dictionary of the Artists
72548: WEHR, JULIAN (ILL.) - Hansel and Gretel : Animated by Julian Wehr
71414: WEINGREEN, J. - Classical Hebrew Composition
66535: WELFORD, W.T. - Aberrations of the Symmetrical Optical System
73429: WELLS, H. G. - The Bulpington of Blup : Adventures, Poses, Stresses, Conflicts, and Disaster in a Contemporary Brain
71422: WELTGE, SIGRID WORTMANN - Women's Work : Textile Art from the Bauhaus
66190: WESSON, D.B. (MAJOR) - Burning Powder
62016: WEST, LOUIS J. (EDITOR) - Hallucinations
73675: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters (21 Titles)
73676: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Mexican Idol
73165: WHITE, HENRY KIRKE ; ROBERT SOUTHEY (ED. BY) - The Life & Remains of Henry Kirke White Late of St. John's College, Cambridge
52118: WHITE, ERNEST, (SOUL BROTHER #44) - Why We March: An Angry Protest from Black America
65950: WHITE, ARED - Agent B-7: A Story of the American Secret Service; a Black Rand Mystery
64285: WHITNEY, LEON F. - The Case for Sterilization
70979: WHITSELL, LEON O. - One Hundred Years of Freemasonry in California (4 Volumes, Complete)
70257: WIER, ALFRED E. - The Piano: Its History, Makers, Players and Music
70351: WIER, ALBERT E. (ED.) - The Symphonies of Haydn, Schubert and Mozart in Score (the Miniature Score Series)
67676: WILBUR, CURTIS D. - The Bear Family at Home and How the Circus Came to Visit Them
73486: WILBUR, EARL MORSE - Thomas Lamb Eliot 1841 -- 1936
72631: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - New Thought Pastels
72598: WILCOX, R. TURNER - The Mode in Hats and Headdress Including Hair Styles, Cosmetics and Jewelry (Revised Edition)
66014: WILCOX, R. TURNER - The Mode in Hats and Headdress Including Hair Styles, Cosmetics and Jewelry (Revised Edition)
62428: WILDE, WILLIAM R. - The Beauties of the Boyne and Its Tributary the Blackwater
73401: WILDE, OSCAR ; HESKETH PEARSON (ED. BY) - Essays by Oscar Wilde
71097: WILDER, MARSHALL P. - The Wit and Humor of America (Ten Volume Set, Complete)
63327: WILDER, THORNTON - The Bridge of San Luis Rey
73748: WILHELM, JAMES J. (ED. BY) - The Romance of Arthur : An Anthology of Medieval Texts in Translation (New, Expanded Edition)
68522: WILKINS, LEE - Shared Vulnerability: The Media and American Perceptions of the Bhopal Disaster
73339: WILKINS, PATRICK C. - Somewhere in Oregon
70694: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years : The Autobiography of an American Woman (1839 -- 1889)
73508: WILLEFORD, WILLIAM - The Fool and His Scepter : A Study in Clowns and Jesters and Their Audiences
70588: WILLIAMS, VERNON (ED.) - The Oregon Democrat, Vol. XI, No. 1 -- 12
72881: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa
58965: WILLIAMS, DYFRI AND JACK OGDEN - Greek Gold : Jewelry of the Classical World
72386: WILLIAMS, WRIGHT - Nobody's Baby
63235: WILLIAMS, LEWIS R. - Chinook by the Sea
71696: WILLIAMS, J.R. - Kids out Our Way
71080: WILSHIRE, GAYLORD - Wilshire Editorials
66566: WILSON, RUFUS ROCKWELL - Lincoln in Caricature: 165 Poster Cartoons and Drawings for the Press
73741: WILSON, INGEBORG BEIFY - Growing Up Under Hitler (Signed)
70181: WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY - Winchester Repeating Rifles, Carbines and Muskets, Repeating Shot Guns, Single Shot Rifles, Metallic Cartridges, Paper and Brass Shot Shells, Gun Wads, Primers, Percussion Caps, Loaded Shot Shells, Etc. , Catalogue No. 58
65568: WINTERBERG, FRIEDWARDT - The Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosive Devices
60243: WISE, FRANCIS H. - Black Crow; Park the Car; Sit by Me; the Beach; Ike and Mike (11th - 15th Dr. Wise Learn-to-Read Books- Ages 4-7)
61097: WISTER, OWEN - The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains
63077: WOLF, GENE - The Sword of the Lictor (the Book of the New Sun (Vol. Three): Signed Copy ; Advanced Uncorrected Proof
63078: WOLF, GENE - The Citadel of the Autarch (the Book of the New Sun (Vol. Four): Signed Copy ; Advanced Uncorrected Proof
61421: WOLF, GENE - The Claw of the Conciliator (the Book of the New Sun (Vol. Two): Signed Copy ; Advanced Uncorrected Proof
70650: WOLFE, DAVE - The Handloaders' Bullet Making Annual, Volume I, Number 1 (January 1990)
73008: WOLFE, GILLIAN - Look! Seeing the Light in Art
66533: WOLFE, WILLIAM L. AND GEORGE J. ZISSIS - The Infrared Handbook
66838: WOLFE, DAVE - The Art of Bullet Casting from Handloader & Rifle Magazines 1966-1981
73139: WOLLASTON, WILLIAM - The Religion of Nature Delineated, the Seventh Edition, to Which Is Added a Preface Containing a General Account of the Life, Character, and Writings Fo the Author. Also a Translation of the Notes Into English
70515: WOLSELEY, ROLAND E. - The Black Press, U.S. A.
71745: WOOD, MATTHEW - The Magical Staff : The Vitalist Tradition in Western Medicine
73337: WOOD, J. R. - J.R. Wood & Sons, Diamond Cutters Wedding Ring Makers Manufacturer's of Fine Gold & Platinum Jewelry
69447: WOODWARD, IAN - The Werewolf Delusion
73088: WORCESTER, J. E. - Elements of History, Ancient and Modern : With Historical Charts
73492: WRIGHT, SUSAN - Georgia O'Keeffe : An Eternal Spirit
70843: WRIGHT, S. FOWLER - The New Gods Lead
72614: WYETH, JOHN B. - Oregon ; or a Short History of a Long Journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Region of the Pacific, by Land ; Drawn Up from the Notes and Oral Information of John B. Wyeth, One of the Party Who Left Mr. Nathaniel J. Wyeth, July 28th, 1832, Four Days' March Beyond the Ridge of the Rocky Mountains, and the Only One Who Has Returned to New England
4329: WYETH, BETSY JAMES - Wyeth at Kuerners
64860: WYK, BEN-ERIK (VAN) - Food Plants of the World : Identification, Culinary Uses and Nutritional Value
72723: YATES, KATHERINE M. - Up the Sunbeams
72724: YATES, KATHEINE M. - Along the Trail in Which Marjorie Finds That Everyone Does Not Hurry Past the Rough Places on the Trail, -- and Why
72851: YERKOW, CHARLES - Modern Judo, Volume I. Basic Technique ; Volume II. Advanced Technique (Complete)
61413: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Stolen Apples (Signed)
68491: YOCHELSON, PH.D.,M.D., AND STANTON E. SAMENOW, PH.D. - The Criminal Personality: Volume II: The Change Process
72338: YOLEN, JANE & MICHAEL HAGUE (ILL.) - Dream Weaver
72340: YOLEN, JANE & ED YOUNG - The Emperor and the Kite
70662: YORAN, SHALOM (TRANSLATED BY VARDA YORAN) - The Defiant: A True Story (Signed)
71864: YOUNG, JOHN WESLEY - Totalitarian Language : Orwell's Newspeak and Its Nazi and Communist Antecedents
72848: YOUNG, S. HALL - Alaska Days with John Muir
73458: ZAMORA, DAISY - La Violenta Espuma (Poemas 1968-1978)
73716: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - They That Walk in Darkness" (Ghetto Tragedies)
73132: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - How to Fly Like a Bird, Even If You'Re Only a Boy
73133: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - How to Fly Like a Bird, Even If You'Re Only a Boy
73134: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - How to Fly Like a Bird, Even If You'Re Only a Boy
72894: ZIMRING, CARL A. AND WILLIAM L. RATHJE (EDS.) - Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste : The Social Science of Garbage, Vol. I & II
73356: ZONDERVAN - New American Standard Bible (Nasb) Thinline Bible (in Original Box, Still in Publisher's Shrinkwrap)
64129: ZULCH, K. J. AND WOOLF, A. L. (EDITORS) - Die Klassifikation Der Hirntumoren : Bericht Uber Das Internationale Symposion in Koln Vom 30. August Bis 1. September 1961 / Classifications of Brain Tumors : Report to the International Symposium at Cologne 30th Auguest - 1st September 1961

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