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14426: MORGAN, CHARLES - First Love
4418: MOROZZI, GUIDO ET AL. - Santa Reparata, L'antica Cattedrale Fiorentina: I Resultati Dello Scavo Condotto Dal 1965 Al 1974
13574: MORRIS, ROBERT R. - Glendale, Wisconsin: "Rich Past, Bright Future" 1950-2000
21462: MORRIS, LYNDA & CHRISTOPH GRUNENBERG - Picasso: Frieden Und Freiheit
17722: MORRONI, FRANCESCO ET AL. - Sotheby's: La Collezione Vivolo Importanti Porcellane E Maioliche, Milano, 13 Novembre 2007
22376: MORTON, LISA - The Samhanach
14010: MOSELEY, LLOYD W. - Customer Relations, 5th Ed.
25885: MOUSER, BRUCE L. (ED.) - A Slaving Voyage to Africa and Jamaica: The Log of the Sandown, 1793-1794
26920: MOW, ALBERT - Reincarnation: A Rebuttal and Jeanie
26708: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS; TRANS. & ED. BY ROBERT SPAETHLING - Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life
26367: MUELLER, LAURA J. ET AL. - Competition and Collaboration: Japanese Prints of the Utagawa School
20815: MUHLHAUSLER, PETER - Growth and Structure of the Lexicon of New Guinea Pidgin
26141: MUIR, JOHN; ED. BY EDWIN WAY TEALE - Travels in Alaska
9028: MUKHTYAR, G.C. - Life and Labour in a South Gujarat Village
13498: MULLINS, VERA COOPER - Kala and the Sea Bird
14800: MULTON, J.-L. (ED.), TRANS. BY DENIS DOCHAIN - Quality Control for Foods and Agricultural Products, 2nd Ed.
22847: MUMAU, THAD - An Indian Summer: The 1957 Milwaukee Braves, Champions of Baseball
25494: MUNDY, PETER; ED. BY RICHARD CARNAC TEMPLE - The Travels of Peter Mundy, in Europe and Asia, 1608-1667, Vol. Iii, Parts I-Ii: Travels in England, Western India, Achin, Macao and the Canton River; Travels in Achin, Mauritius, Madagascar, and St. Helena, 1634-1638
21027: MUNSON, KENNETH - Mcdonnell Douglas a-4 Skyhawk
22331: MUNTHE, AXEL; INTRO. BY TIM BURNETT - The Story of San Michele
20611: MURDOCH, JAMES WITH ISOH YAMAGATA - A History of Japan During the Century of Early Foreign Intercourse (1542-1651)
22980: MUROMOTO, WAYNE M. (ED. ) - Furyu: The Budo Journal of Classical Japanese Martial Arts and Culture, Summer-Fall 1997, #8
20701: EURIPIDES; ED. BY GILBERT MURRAY - Euripidis Fabulae, Tomus I: Cyclops, Alcestis, Medea, Hippolytus, Andromacha, Hecuba
6496: MUSGRAVE, FLORENCE - Like a Red, Red Rose
15975: MUTHESIUS, ANGELIKA (ED.) - Jeff Koons
13038: MUZZI, ANDREA - Arte E "Assimilatio" Nei Dipinti Religiosi Del Correggio: Una Lettura Del "Riposo" Degli Uffizi E Di Altri Soggetti
10029: MYERS, PAUL BENTON, JR. - Geology of the Vermont Portion of the Averill Quadrangle, Vermont,
21518: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner
19463: NABORS, JIM - Takin' Spring Longbeards
26670: NAEGELE, FRANZ CARL; TRANS. BY ALFRED M. HELLMAN & GEORGE MUSA - The Obliquely Contracted Pelvis, Containing Also an Appendix of the Most Important Defects of the Female Pelvis
3099: NAESS, HARALD S. & SIGMUND SKARD (EDS. ) - Scandinavian American Interrelations
26676: NAMES, LARRY D. - The History of the Green Bay Packers, Book I, the Lambeau Years: Part One
26049: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF; WITH AN APPENDIX BY OTTO SVERDRUP - Farthest North: Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship "Fram" 1893-96, and of a Fifteen Months' Sleigh Journey, Popular Ed.
7227: NARANJO, RUBEN (ED.) ET AL. - Parana, El Pariente Del Mar
26805: NELSON, MARK A. & MARK VERHEIDEN - Aliens Portfolio: Seven Plates, Plus a Mini-Comic
23065: NELSON, DOUGLAS W. - Heart Mountain: The History of an American Concentration Camp
18943: NELSON, GAYLORD; WITH SUSAN CAMPBELL & PAUL WOZNIAK - Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise
26150: NEMATI, PARVIZ - The Splendor of Antique Rugs and Tapestries
22775: NÉMETH, J.; ADAPTED & TRANS. BY T. HALASI-KUN - Turkish Grammar
23443: NESBIT, E. - The Railway Children
26990: NESBIT, E.; INTRO. BY NOEL STREATFEILD - The Bastables: The Story of the Treasure Seekers, the Wouldbegoods
25129: NEUENSCHWANDER, JOHN A. (ED.) - Kenosha County in the Twentieth Century: A Topical History [Wisconsin]
22599: NEWCOMB, REXFORD - Architecture of the Old Northwest Territory: A Study of Early Architecture in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Part of Minnesota
26465: NEWELL, A. DONALD - Gunstock Finishing and Care: A Textbook, Covering the Various Means and Methods By Which Modern Protective and Decorative Coatings. . .
23696: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - The Church of the Fathers
24609: NICHOLSON, PHILIP YALE - Labor's Story in the United States
15050: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON & THOMAS J. WISE (EDS.) - Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century: Contributions Towards a Literary History of the Period, 2 Vols.
14346: NIELSEN, ALFRED C. - Life in an American Denmark
15427: NISARD, M. (ED.) - Oeuvres Completes D'horace, de Juvenal, de Perse, de Sulpicia, de Turnus, de Catulle, de Properce, de Gallus Et Maximien, de Tibulle, de Phedre Et de Syrus; Avec la Traduction En Francais
19598: NISSENBAUM, HELEN FAY - Emotion and Focus
26663: NIVEN, DAVID; INTRO. BY PHILIP FRENCH - The Moon's a Balloon: Reminiscences
26632: NIXON, RICHARD - The Real War
25467: NIZZA DA SILVA, MARIA BEATRIZ (ED.) - Families in the Expansion of Europe, 1500-1800 (an Expanding World, Vol. 29)
21320: NOLAN, JEANNETTE COVERT; ILLUS. BY GEORGE JO MESS - Hoosier City: The Story of Indianapolis
26314: NOLLEN, SCOTT ALLEN - The Cinema of Sinatra: The Actor, on Screen and in Song
6718: NOONAN, PASCHALA - Signadou: History of the Kentucky Dominican Sisters
20104: NORRIS, FRANK - The Octopus
24757: NORTH, LIISA L. & ALAN B. SIMMONS (EDS.) - Journeys of Fear: Refugee Return and National Transformation in Guatemala
25684: NORTH, JESSICA NELSON - Morning in the Land
26850: NORTHRUP, JOANNE ET AL. - Tales of Yellow Skin: The Art of Long Nguyen
14032: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: From Bruneval to the Falklands (New Edition)
23872: NORTON, ANDRE - Sorceress of Witch World
14312: NORWOOD, ROBERT - The Witch of Endor: A Tragedy
23136: NOURMAND, TONY & GRAHAM MARSH (EDS.) - Film Posters of the 50s: The Essential Movies of the Decade
16444: NOWLIN, WILLIAM - The Bark Covered House, Or Back in the Woods Again; Being a Graphic and Thrilling Description of Real Pioneer Life in the Wilderness of Michigan
26261: NYSTUEN, JOHN T.; TRANS. BY GEORGE J. ARNESON; ED. BY ROBERT MOYLAN - Reminiscence, Confluence of Two Worlds: An Autobiography of John Torstenson Nystuen
26972: OCKHAM, WILLIAM; ED. & TRANS. BY PHILOTHEUS BOEHNER - Ockham: Philosophical Writings
18837: ODISHELIDZE, ALEXANDER & ARTHUR LAFFER - Pay to the Order of Puerto Rico: The Cost of Dependence to the American Taxpayer
13: ODUM, HOWARD T. & ROBERT F. PIGEON (EDS. ) - A Tropical Rain Forest: A Study of Irradiation and Ecology at El Verde, Puerto Rico
7621: OGURA, RYOZO - The Lively Art of Ink Painting
26756: OH, SADAHARU; DAVID FALKNER - Sadaharu Oh: A Zen Way of Baseball
26136: OLIVER, PAUL - Broadcasting the Blues: Black Blues in the Segregation Era
27112: OLIVIER, GEORGES; TRANS. BY M.A. MACCONAILL - Practical Anthropology
14164: OLSON, DON - Bambi's Bombers: The First Time Around
25956: OLSON, NELS - Time in Many Places: Wood Has Been Kind to Me
24091: OLWEUS, DAN; JACK BLOCK; MARIAN RADKE-YARROW (EDS.) - Development of Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior: Research, Theories, and Issues
26182: OMOND, GEORGE W.T.; ILLUS. BY AMEDÉE FORESTIER - Liege and the Ardennes
17233: ONACEWICZ, WLODZIMIERZ - Empires By Conquest, Vol. I: Ninth Century-1905 and Vol. Ii: 1905-1945
14009: ORCUTT, T.L. - Jamayah: Adventures on the Path of Return
18174: ORELLANA, SANDRA - The Tzutujil Mayas: Continuity and Change, 1250-1630
21965: ORLEBAR, A. H. - Schneider Trophy: A Personal Account of High-Speed Flying and the Winning of the Schneider Trophy
24540: ORLEMANN, ERIC C. - The Caterpillar Century
26933: ORMOND, RON & ORMOND MCGILL - Into the Strange Unknown
24966: ORR, LARRY - Pulk Skiing, Sled Skiing, and Ice Sledding for Persons with Mobility Impairments
22356: OSBORNE, LESLIE A. - The Best and the Worst Christmas: A Collection of Christmas Stories
7535: OSLER, STEPHEN (ED.) - Pangnirtung 1986 Prints
8419: OSMAN, LOREN H. - K.M. Royer, Dairy Innovator
6499: OTIS, JAMES - Found By the Circus
11661: OVERSTREET, DAVID F. (ED.) - Archaeological Studies on the Southeast Wisconsin Uplands
15650: OWEN, MARY ALICIA - Folk-Lore of the Musquakie Indians of North America, and Catalogue of Musquakie Beadwork and Other Objects in the Collection of the Folk-Lore Society
26242: EURIPIDES; ED. BY A.S. OWEN - Ion
10548: GREY OWL - The Men of the Last Frontier
26879: OZ, AMOS; TRAD. DE MARTA LAPIDES ET AL - No Digas Noche
26090: PADBERG, MARTINA ET AL. - Im Garten Der Kunst: Hommage Zum 125. Geburtstag Von Hans Thuar
19856: PAETSCH, LOUIS & MIKE WECKWERTH - The Rangers' Reign: A Glimpse of Semi-Pro Baseball in the '50s
26904: PAGÉ, VICTOR W. - The Modern Gasoline Automobile: Its Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance
24025: PAHLAVAN, FARZANEH - Les Conduites Agressives
26758: PAIGE, LEROY (SATCHEL) AS TOLD TO DAVID LIPMAN - Maybe I'll Pitch Forever
20242: PALEOLOGOU, ELENI; TRANS. BY EILEEN CRIST - Embroideries from Cretan Weavings
26275: PALMERIO, GIANCARLO; ANGELA LOMBARDI; PATRIZIA MONTUORI (EDS.) - Lima: The Historic Center. Analysis and Restoration/Centro Histórico. Conocimiento Y Restauración/Centro Storico. Conoscenza E Restauro
13910: PANTEL, AGAMEMNON GUS - La Cultura Taína
18732: PAPAZIAN, BERTHA S. - The Tragedy of Armenia: A Brief Study and Interpretation
22926: PAPE, UWE (ED.) - Organs in America / Orgeln in Amerika, 2 Vols.
10551: PAPPU, S.S. RAMA RAO & R. PULIGANDLA (EDS.) - Indian Philosophy: Past and Present
15476: PARGETER, EDITH - The Dragon at Noonday
26299: PARISH, HELEN L. - Monks, Miracles and Magic: Reformation Representations of the Medieval Church
17646: PARK, WILLIAM J. - Madison, Dane County and Surrounding Towns; Being a History and Guide to Places of Scenic Beauty and Historical Note. . . [Wisconsin]
17738: PARK, SUNG CHA - The Arts of Vegetable Flowers
13268: PARKER, DERRICK WITH MATT DIEHL - Notorious C.O. P. : The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from the Nypd's First "Hip-Hop Cop"
24724: PARKER, ARLITA DODGE - A History of Pemaquid, with Sketches of Monhegan, Popham and Castine [Maine]
1014: PARSONNET, AARON E. & ALBERT S. HYMAN - Applied Electrocardiography: An Introduction to Electrocardiography for Physicians and Students
26320: POLLWORTH PAT - Milwaukee County Street Names, Street Games
23637: PATERSON, KATHERINE - Of Nightingales That Weep
21514: PATERSON, KATHERINE - Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom
26785: PATTON, PHIL (ESSAY) - Bill Traylor: High Singing Blue
26097: PAULSON, LISA - An Unconventional Journey: The Story of High Wind, from Vision to Community to Eco-Neighborhood
17324: PAXTON, HARRY T. - The Whiz Kids: The Story of the Fightin' Phillies
19881: PEARCE, PHILIPPA - The Way to Sattin Shore
27076: PECK, GEORGE W. (ED.) - Cyclopedia of Wisconsin: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form
14073: PECKHAM, RICHARD - Murder in Strange Houses
26693: PEDEN, MURRAY - A Thousand Shall Fall (Wings of War)
27053: PEDEN, MURRAY - Fall of an Arrow
24992: PEEL, JOHN - The U.N. C.L. E. Files: The Girl from U.N. C.L. E. , 3 Parts
25043: PEEL, JOHN - The Avengers Files: Seasons Three and Four
19997: PEGLER, MARTIN M. - Christmas Displays & Promotions
17958: PEIRCE, DONALD C. (TEXT); BILL ROUGHEN (PHOTOGRAPHY) - English Ceramics: The Frances and Emory Cocke Collection
27123: PELETZ, MICHAEL G. - Reason and Passion: Representations of Gender in a Malay Society
26966: PELLOWSKI, ANNE; ILLUS. BY WENDY WATSON - First Farm in the Valley: Anna's Story
15987: PENCE, ROBERT LELAND (ART & TEXT) WITH JOHN T. GRIFFITH - Reflections of Myself
25797: PENDERGAST, TOM & SARA PENDERGAST (EDS.) - International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, Vol. 2: Directors, 4th Ed.
23000: PENNANT, THOMAS - Some Account of London: The Fifth Edition, with Considerable Additions
19387: PENTLAND, GEOFFREY & PETER MALONE - Aircraft of the Raaf 1921-78
20556: PEREDA, JUAN CARLOS; ANA LETICIA VARGAS ET AL. - Tamayo: Su Idea Del Hombre
17612: PEREZ ROJAS, JAVIER & MANUEL GARCIA CASTELLON - El Siglo Xx: Persistencias Y Rupturas (Introduccion Al Arte Espanol)
24385: PERI, DON - Working with Walt: Interviews with Disney Artists
27047: PEROGALLI, CARLO & MARIA GRAZIA SANDRI - Lombardia 3: Ville Delle Province Di Bergamo E Brescia
12978: PERRET, MAURICE - Portage County, of Place and Time: A Historical Geography of Portage County, Wisconsin
2597: PERRIN, RICHARD W. E. - Outdoor Museums
17212: PERRY, ARTHUR LATHAM - Origins in Williamstown, Vol. Ii
22206: PETER, JOSH - Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies & Bull Riders: A Year Inside the Professiona L Bull Riders Tour
14192: PETERS, HANS J.M. - Axiomatic Bargaining Game Theory
23666: PETERSEN, LOUISE STEVENSON & CHUCK HAJINIAN (EDS. ) - Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club, Delafield, Wisconsin: A Century in the Spirit of Sailing
18267: PETERSEN, WILLIAM J. - The Story of Iowa: The Progress of an American State, 4 Volumes
19748: PETERSON, RICHARD F. ET AL. - James Joyce 1882-1941: A Centenary Exhibition
26761: PETERSON, ROBERT - Only the Ball Was White
22598: PETERSON, CHARLES L. - Charles L. Peterson: Of Time and Place
23970: PETERSON, SUSAN - Smashing Glazes: 53 Artists Share Insights and Recipes
22924: PETERSON, CHRISTIAN A. - After the Photo-Secession: American Pictorial Photography 1910-1955
13104: PETRESCU, PAUL - Creatia Plastica Taraneasca
26038: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES - The Great Tyrconnel: A Chapter in Anglo-Irish Relations
23286: PETULLO, ANTHONY; JANE KALLIR; MARGARET ANDERA - Self-Taught and Outsider Art: The Anthony Petullo Collection
23635: PEVSNER, STELLA - Keep Stompin' Till the Music Stops
14878: PFAFF, TIM (TEXT) ET AL. - Settlement and Survival: Building Towns in the Chippewa Valley 1850-1925
22859: PHILIPPON, DANIEL J. - Conserving Words: How American Nature Writers Shaped the Environmental Movement
15590: PHILLIMORE, W.P.W. (ED.) ET AL. - Northamptonshire Parish Registers: Marriages, Vol. I
8258: PHILLIP, QUENTIN MORROW - We Who Died Last Night
17491: PHILLIPS, C. A. ET AL. - Early Domestic Architecture in Regina: Presentation Drawings and Plans
22810: PHILLIPS, ROGER & MARTYN RIX - The Botanical Garden, Vol. I: Trees and Shrubs & Vol. Ii: Perennials and Annuals
18450: HUANG YUNG-CHUAN; TRANS. BY CAROLYN J. PHILLIPS - The Art of Traditional Chinese Flower Arranging
26585: PHILLIPS, HENRY ALBERT - Germany Today and Tomorrow
21469: PHILLIPS, TOM; INTRO. BY HUSTON PASCHAL - Tom Phillips: Works and Texts
8989: PHILPOTT, STUART B. - West Indian Migration: The Montserrat Case
26363: PIACENTI, KIRSTEN ASCHENGREEN (INTRO. ) ET AL. - Salvatore Ferragamo: The Art of the Shoe 1898-1960
19992: PIASKOWSKI, VICTORIA D. ET AL. - How to Manage Your Land to Help Birds (Wisconsin, Midwest and Eastern United States Edition)
26319: PICCARD, BERTRAND & BRIAN JONES - Around the World in 20 Days: The Story of Our History-Making Balloon Flight
21394: PIENKOS, DONALD E. - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Pna, the Story of the Polish National Alliance
13257: PIERCE, EM. - Poems of the Turf and Other Ballads
26953: PIERCE, BESSIE LOUISE - A History of Chicago, Vol. I: The Beginning of a City 1673-1848
18918: PIERROT, JEAN; TRANS. BY DEREK COLTMAN - The Decadent Imagination 1880-1900
16370: PIGNATTI, TERISIO (TRANS. BY CLOVIS WHITFIELD) - Giorgione: Complete Edition
25268: PIJAUDIER-CABOT, JOELLE (CURATOR) ET AL. - Franck Scurti: Works of Chance
24572: PIKE, ZEBULON M.; ED. BY MILO MILTON QUAIFE - The Southwestern Expedition of Zebulon M. Pike
14287: PIKULIK, J. (ED.) - Etat Des Recherches Sur la Musique Religieuse Dans la Culture Polonaise
26415: PINSKY, MAXINE A. - Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys, Volume Ii (2)
25992: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI; TRANS. BY ERIC BENTLEY; FOREWORD BY ALBERT BERMEL - Pirandello's Major Plays: Right You Are, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Emperor Henry, the Man with the Flower in His Mouth
18172: "BB"; ILLUS. BY D.J. WATKINS-PITCHFORD - Ramblings of a Sportsman-Naturalist
9718: PITKIN, MRS. ELIZA A. (ED.) WITH MRS. JULIA A. PYE - Invalid Cookery: A Manual of Recipes for the Preparation of Food for the Sick and Convalescent; to Which Is Added a Chapter of Practical Suggestions for the Sick-Room, By Mrs. Julia A. Pye
22855: PIVANO, FERNANDA & ALLEN GINSBERG - Beat & Pieces: A Complete Story of the Beat Generation, in the Words of Fernanda Pivano with Photographs By Allen Ginsberg
19233: PIXLEY, R.B. (ED.) - Wisconsin in the World War: Official War History of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
16090: PLANE, ANN MARIE - Colonial Intimacies: Indian Marriage in Early New England
14886: PLATT, RICHARD - The Ordnance Survey Guide to Smugglers' Britain
26172: PLUM, CAMILLA - The Scandinavian Kitchen: 100 Essential Ingredients with 200 Authentic Recipes
24510: PODELL, JANET & STEVEN ANZOVIN (EDS.) - Speeches of the American Presidents, Vol. I
25995: PODOLL, BRIAN A. - The Minor League Milwaukee Brewers, 1859-1952
25823: VAN DER POEL, HALSTED B. ET AL. - Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum, Pars Iii a: The Insulae of Regions I-V
23372: POHLE, ROBERT W. & DOUGLAS C. HART - Sherlock Holmes on the Screen: The Motion Picture Adventures of the World's Most Popular Detective
12941: POLLACK, DAVID & JIMMY A. RAILEY - Chambers (15ml109) : An Upland Mississippian Village in Western Kentucky
27023: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - History of the Battles of America in Words of One Syllable
22718: POLLARD, GEORGE - The Journal of a Portrait Painter and His Family of Artists
23506: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - The Life of George Washington, in Words of One Syllable
26877: POLOVTSEFF, GENERAL PIERRE - Monte Carlo Casino
16159: POMAREDE, VINCENT (ED.) ET AL. - Mélanges En Hommage à Dominique Brachlianoff
4492: PONNAMPERUMA, CYRIL (ED.) - Comparative Planetology
25154: POPE, PETER E. - The Many Landfalls of John Cabot
14420: POPE, WHITNEY - Durkheim's Suicide: A Classic Analyzed
25827: POPOV, GENNADY; TRANS. BY ARTHUR SHKAROVSKY-RAFFE - Tver Icons: 13th -17th Centuries
5429: PORTER, ANDREW P. - Elementary Monotheism, I & Ii
25594: PORTER, MAE REED & ODESSA DAVENPORT - Scotsman in Buckshin: Sir William Drummond Stewart and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
743: POSOKHIN, M. V. - Cities to Live in
21165: POTOK, CHAIM - Davita's Harp
8741: POTTER, LINCOLN - Tolerance
15065: POTTER, KARL H. - Bibliography of Indian Philosophies
19450: POTTER, SANDRA LEITZKE ET AL. - Oconomowoc, Book Ii: 1920-1960; a Brief Look at the People, Places and Events in the History of Oconomowoc [Wisconsin]
14019: POTTER, SANDRA LEITZKE ET AL. - Historic Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: A Brief Look at the People, Places and Events in the History of Oconomowoc
27013: POWELL, ROBERT BLAKE - Antique Shaving Mugs of the United States
26217: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Impassioned Clay
20165: POYNTER, J.W. - The Reformation, Catholicism and Freedom: A Study of Roman Catholic and Other Martyrs, and of the Struggles for Liberty of Conscience
25260: PRAKASH, OM (ED. ) - European Commercial Expansion in Early Modern Asia (an Expanding World, Vol. 10)
4847: PREEDY, GEORGE R. - The Life of Rear-Admiral John Paul Jones
1897: PRENTICE, E. PARMALE - American Dairy Cattle, Their Past and Future
15101: PRESS, SUSANNE - [I]Nough Is Not [E]Nough! Die Proklitischen Vokale in Amerikanischen Englisch: Eine Phonologische Und Akustische Untersuchung
24759: PREUSS, GUNTER & EVELYN - Broussard's Restaurant Cookbook
19172: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-45
19241: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire Mark I/Ii Aces 1939-41
23064: PRINDL, ANDREAS (ED. & COMPILER) - A Companion to Angoulême and the Angoumois
25718: PRITCHARD, DORIAN J. & BRUCE R. KORF - Medical Genetics at a Glance, 2nd Ed.
26921: PRITCHETT, WENDELL - Brownsville, Brooklyn: Blacks, Jews, and the Changing Face of the Ghetto
14405: PRPIC, GEORGE J. - South Slavic Immigration in America
26944: PRUDDEN, T. MITCHELL - On the Great American Plateau: Wanderings Among Canyons and Buttes, in the Land of the Cliff-Dweller, and the Indian of to-Day
25012: PRUSSIN, LABELLE ET AL. - African Nomadic Architecture: Space, Place, and Gender
26058: PUNWAR, ALICE (ED. ) - Forests, Farms and Families: A History of the Midvale Heights Neighborhood [Madison, Wisconsin]
5616: PURKIS, JOHN - A Preface to George Eliot
19478: QUAIFE, MILO M. (ED) - The Journals of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Sergeant John Ordway, Kept on the Expedition of Western Exploration, 1803-1806
19422: QUAIFE, MILO M. (ED.) - The Movement for Statehood 1845-1846
18731: QUANDT, VAL (ED.) - Wisconsin Cars and Trucks: A Centenary
23294: QUINNEY, RICHARD - Things Once Seen
23106: QUINNEY, RICHARD - A Farm in Wisconsin
15516: QUINSAC, ANNIE-PAULE (TEXT) - Millet, Corot and the School of Barbizon
24400: QUIRARTE, JACINTO - Diferencias Arquitectónicas En Dos Ciudades Mayas: Uxmal Y Chichén Itzá
19029: RADIN, PAUL - The Origin Myth of the Medicine Rite: Three Versions; the Historical Origins of the Medicine Rite
4198: RAFTERY, GERALD - Twenty-Dollar Horse
25696: RAGON, MICHEL - Goldberg: Dans la Ville / on the City
25501: RAHMAN, H. - The Emergence of Qatar: The Turbulent Years 1627-1916
14568: RAHNER, KARL (TRAD. DI ALFREDO MARRANZINI) - La Penitenza Della Chiesa: Saggi Teologici E Storici
18293: RAMLOW, ROBERT A. - Wild Rose, Wisconsin Centennial 1873-1973
4876: RATUSHINSKAYA, IRINA - Pencil Letter
16399: RAY, ANNA CHAPIN - In Blue Creek Canon
17416: READ, HELEN CALVERT MAXWELL; ED. BY CHARLES B. CROSS, JR. - Memoirs of Helen Calvert Maxwell Read
23919: READER, TED - Le Livre Napoléon Des Hamburgers
25352: READIO, SKIP - Tex Smith's How to Do Electrical Systems, 2nd Ed.
27114: REED, HENRY - A Map of Verona and Other Poems
22197: REED, CHESTER A. - Nature Studies in Field and Wood
26325: REED, JAY; ED. BY MARK BENO - Thor & More
26289: REED, ROBERT & CLAUDETTE - Vintage Postcards for the Holidays: Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Ed.
18040: REES, RONALD - Historic St. Andrews
23739: REFF, THEODORE & FLORENCE VALDÈS-FORAIN - Jean-Louis Forain: The Impressionist Years, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens Collection
21269: REGNERY, DOROTHY F. - The Battle of Santa Clara, January 2, 1847
20644: REID, STUART & MARKO ZLATICH - Soldiers of the Revolutionary War
8548: REINCKE, GERHARD (ED.) - Archäologische Bibliographie 1966 (Beilage Zum Jahrbuch Des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Band 82, 1967)
24711: REINFELD, FRED - Practical End-Game Play
19982: REINKE, DORIS - Images of America: Elkhorn [Wisconsin]
19545: REISER, LYNN - Earthdance
11634: REISS, STEPHEN - Aelbert Cuyp
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